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Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 15 July 2017

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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, wear the bracelet of purity and you will receive the tilak of sovereignty. Make a promise to remain pure.
Question: With which bond do you children now have to tie yourselves?
Answer: The bond of remembering the Father. By tying yourselves with this bond, all your sins will be absolved, you will be saved from committing further sin and you souls will become pure.
Question: What is the fashion of the path of devotion?
Answer: To celebrate birthdays etc. is a fashion of the path of devotion. However, there is no benefit in that, because they don’t know accurately the ones whose birthday they celebrate.
Song: You are the Ocean of Love. We thirst for one drop.

Om shanti. You children heard the song. These songs are created by those on the path of devotion. When Bharat was elevated and worthy of worship, there were no signs of the path of devotion. There were no Vedas or scriptures, tapasya or pilgrimages, donations or charity; there was none of that. All of those things have emerged on the path of devotion. In the song, they first say: You are the Ocean of Love. When He gives us a drop of that, we go from here to the pure world. However, love cannot be given to drink. Love is a feeling. It is the nectar of knowledge that is given to drink. Baba is also the Ocean of Knowledge. Who is the creator of all of these rivers that have emerged? It would definitely be said to be the ocean. All the rivers have emerged from that. Therefore, the Ocean of Knowledge is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. You Ganges of knowledge have emerged from Him. They sing His praise: You are the Ocean of Love and the Ocean of Happiness. When You give us knowledge to drink, we go to heaven; we attain salvation. The Father says: Remember Me, the Ocean of Knowledge, and your sins will be absolved. You will become pure. Who hears this first? This is something incognito. People sing: You are the Mother and Father. He is the Father, but why is He called the Mother? It is fine to say that He is the Father, but whom would you call the Mother? Who drinks the nectar of knowledge first? That One comes and enters this one. When He speaks knowledge, who hears it first? It must definitely be this one. Therefore, this one is the mother. His ears hear first. In fact, his body is not that of a female, so where would the mother come from? This is why the World Mother, Saraswati, is remembered. Saraswati has a sitar. She is a Brahma Kumari. A kumari is praised a great deal. Brahma isn’t praised as much. There aren’t as many gatherings for him as there are for the World Mother. The urn of nectar is placed on the one who is gyan-gyaneshwari (goddess of knowledge). He is the Ocean of Knowledge and He alone is called the Purifier. The iron-aged world is impure and the golden-aged world is pure. In the golden age there was the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. How did they receive the tilak of the kingdom? It is remembered that the bracelet of purity is worn when the Ocean of Knowledge comes. The sister considered to be the main one sits and ties a rakhi on the other brothers and sisters. The Purifier Father says: Become pure and you will receive the tilak of sovereignty. This refers to the confluence age when people call out to the Purifier to come. There is no kingdom here. The Father says: If you change from corrupt and impure and become pure and elevated, you will receive the tilak of sovereignty. The tilak is not actually applied; it is just explained to you. In the impure world it is the rule of the impure over the impure. Now make a promise that you will become pure. The word ‘promise’ is just said for the sake of it, because it is a matter of knowledge. You children know that you have become the children of the Father, the Purifier, the Ocean of Knowledge, and so you must definitely become pure. Otherwise, there is no point in tying a rakhi or applying a tilak on the day of Raksha Bandhan. You don’t apply a tilak. They have just created that system on the path of devotion. They don’t understand the meaning of anything at all. Who received the tilak of sovereignty and when? Here, everything is a matter of knowledge. So you have to go and explain this. This is the duty of you Brahmins. A sister ties a rakhi on her brothers, but she herself doesn’t remain pure. When a girl is a kumari, she is pure and then she becomes impure. Mothers and kumaris all go to tie rakhis. Does that mean they are pure? Mothers are impure anyway. If an impure person ties a rakhi on an impure person, there is no benefit. They have created memorials of whatever happened in reality, just as they later celebrate Krishna’s birthday that took place. To celebrate birthdays and memorials is just a fashion. There is no benefit in that; there is just expenditure. They celebrate Shiva Jayanti, that is, they celebrate His birthday but they don’t know anything. Was there the night of Shiva or Shiva’s birthday in reality? There is benefit in reality. There is only loss in unreality. This is the false world. They celebrate the festival of Rakhi in a false way. In fact, it is a matter of purity. A promise is made for purity. This has only just begun now. Previously, you didn’t even know who the Purifier is or how He comes and ties rakhi. Therefore, you must never become impure. You tell everyone: Promise that, from today, you will definitely claim the self-sovereignty of heaven from the Father who makes you pure. We will definitely become pure. The army of Ravan who makes you impure causes you a lot of trouble. The Father says: Now, by remembering Me, you will continue to become pure and your sins will be absolved. God speaks: Constantly remember Me alone and you will become pure through this fire of yoga. There is no question of tying a rakhi for this. The Purifier Father says: By remembering Me, your sins of the past will be absolved and you won’t commit any sin in the future because you will remain pure. You Brahma Kumars and Kumaris explain so well. Men are Brahma Kumars. There is praise given to the mothers. There cannot be just one mother who is a guru. This is the family path. All the festivals they have continued to celebrate have been based on blind faith in order to earn money. Previously, a brahmin priest would bring just one type of rakhi and he would tie it on both males and females. He used to earn a paisa by doing that. Some wealthy ones would perhaps give an anna (6 paisas) or two. A very wealthy person would give one rupee. Look at what they do now! A sister ties a rakhi and puts a tilak on him and the brother then gives her a very good gift. Sometimes, he even gives a guinea (golden coin), or even 50 rupees. The system was changed as it is in fact the duty of a brahmin priest. You Brahmins are the true mouth-born creation, whereas those brahmins are born through the womb. Only you Brahmins become deities. After becoming Brahmins, you begin to become pure. Only the one Father is the Purifier. If a kumari goes to tie a rakhi and she then becomes impure, she loses her tilak; she cannot receive a sovereignty. Here, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, issues an ordinance: Those who become pure will become the masters of the pure world. Only you become pure. Therefore you first have to explain that Raksha Bandhan is a symbol of purity. Conquer that enemy of lust and you will become pure. Continue to remember Me. The bond of remembrance is very strong, because you have a burden of the sins of many births. Only the Father explains how you were pure in the golden age and the silver age and how there was the pure sovereignty and how you claimed that sovereignty. This is how the cycle of the dramaturns. The Purifier Father has come and told everyone to become pure. Those who are the mouth-born creation of Brahma, who live at home like a lotus with their families, who become pure and continue to remember the Father, will claim a high status. It happened like that 5000 years ago. It has to happen now too. Look what the world of today is like! There is the song: What has happened to the people of today? Look how much difference there is between new Bharat, heaven, and old Bharat, hell. There, they all used to love one another because that was the land of happiness. This is the land of sorrow; Ravan snatched your kingdom away. The story of Rama and Ravan had to be created. There used to be the kingdom of Rama 5000 years ago; there was self-sovereignty. The Father says: Now constantly remember Me alone! While living at home with your family, become as pure as a lotus and you will receive the tilak of sovereignty of the pure world. We are studying Raja Yoga. This is the study to attain self-sovereignty. Those are tilaks that brahmin priests give. They have many different types of tilak of self-sovereignty. You children receive the kingdom; that is, if you obey the Father. This is why you are asked: What is your relationship with the parlokik Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul? The Father alone is the Purifier. He says: Become pure and become a master of the pure world. The Father is making you pure at the confluence age. It is now the confluence age and death is just ahead of you. That is why you are told to belong to the Father. You are given advice. This is a matter of understanding. We are the creation of God and so the inheritance we receive from the Father is heaven. There truly was heaven.



You say that God will come and take the devotees to His land. There are two lands: the land of liberation and the land of liberation-in-life. Bharat was liberated in life; all the other souls were in the land of peace at that time. This was the land of happiness; the land of sorrow did not exist at that time. That land of happiness has now become the land of sorrow. This cycle continues to repeat. After the iron age comes the golden age. Only the one Father establishes the golden age. He alone is the Purifier. The pure world will be created from the iron-aged impure world. The kingdom of Rama will begin. The elevated versions of God are: Become as pure as a lotus and conquer lust, the greatest enemy. However, those brahmins, and all brothers and sisters are impure. Impure ones tie a rakhi on impure ones. It is only at this confluence age that the Father comes and makes you make a promise for purity. How could you receive self-sovereignty until the Purifier Father comes? Baba explains to you how you can explain to others. Tell them: You first of all call out to the Purifier to come here. So, to whom do you call out? You sing: You are the Mother and Father. Whose praise do you sing? Surely, it must be that of God. He alone is called the Purifier. When He comes, He makes you make a promise for purity. Secondly, you have a burden of sins of many births. There is the kingdom of Ravan for half the cycle. By becoming more unhappy and impure day by day, you have now become completely degraded. Your lifespan has become short. There has also continued to be untimely death. You have become those who indulge in sensual pleasures (bhogis). In the golden age you were yogis. You used to live at home with your family. They were said to be full of all virtues and that was the viceless world. There, it is the family path. They rule the kingdom there. Marriages must also take place there. That is the pure kingdom. Sit and understand how the Purifier Father makes the impure world pure. A rakhi is tied for purity. They say: Salutations to the mothers. A kumari also becomes a mother. Here, all the kumaris, mothers and men become pure from impure. The Purifier Father comes and inspires you to make a promise for purity: Manmanabhav! Become pure and remember Me! There is no other way to have your sins absolved. If you experience punishment, you won’t receive a royal status. Those who stay in yoga and become conquerors of sinful actions will become the kings who are conquerors of sin (King Vikramajeet). The period of Vikramajeet begins from year 1 and continues for 2500 years. Then, there is the period of King Vikram which continues from the year 2500 to the year 5000. People don’t know the different periods. The kingdom of Vikramajeet (conqueror of sin) continues in the golden and silver ages. People have said that that age lasts for hundreds of thousands of years and that the Vikram period (the era of sin) lasts for just 2000 years. In fact, it should be half for each. All of these things have to be understood. The first thing is: Who is the Purifier? Impure human beings remember Him. Pure ones don’t remember Him. There, they have happiness and they therefore don’t remember Him. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Stay in yoga and become a conqueror of sinful action. Only by gaining victory over your sins will you become a king who is a conqueror of sinful actions. Give yourself the tilak of self-sovereignty.
  2. Become pure and tie a rakhi for purity on everyone. Remain like a lotus.
Blessing: May you be an angel and remain light by finishing the dirty burden of the consciousness of “mine” even in your thoughts.
The expansion of “mine” is itself a burden. When there is any consciousness of “mine” such as “my nature, my sanskars, my nature”, that is a burden and those who have a burden cannot fly, they cannot become angels. If you still have the awareness of “mine” in your thoughts, then you should understand that you have become dirty. Anything that is covered with dirt, the dirt itself makes it a burden. So, hand over all your burdens to the Father and finish the dirt of the consciousness of “mine” and you will become angels.
Slogan: Those who pass fully in every situation are master almighty authorities.

*** Om Shanti ***


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