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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

To be a true Vaishnav means to be one who constantly picks up virtues.

Today, BapDada was creating a rosary. Which rosary? He was making a rosary of the elevated virtues of every elevated soul because BapDada knows that every elevated child of the elevated Father has his or her own speciality. Each of you is claiming your elevated reward at the confluence age on the basis of your own virtues. Today, BapDada is especially looking at the virtues of the infantry group. Even if it is said to be the last group in terms of effort, they too definitely have some special virtues, and it is on the basis of those virtues that those souls have come to belong to the Father. So BapDada did not go into depth from the first number to the last number; but He saw the virtues of each one from the last to the first. Even up to the last number, all were virtuous. It is not possible for a child of God not to have any virtues. It is on the basis of those virtues that you are leading a Brahmin life, that is, that you are still alive. According to the drama, it is those virtues that have made you a child of the highest-on-high Father. It is because of those virtues that you are loved by God. This is why Baba was making a garland of virtues. In this way, by seeing the speciality of every Brahmin soul, you will easily and automatically have the feeling that that soul is an elevated soul, because the basis to be an elevated soul is virtues. Some souls know about virtues, but, because they have had the habit of seeing rubbish for birth after birth, they don’t see virtues, but only see defects. However, to see weaknesses and to imbibe weaknesses is a mistake, just like accepting impure food. If you accept impure food as part of your diet, you feel that’s a big mistake. You then write to Baba, saying that you are weak in the dharna of your food and diet. You realise that it was a mistake, do you not? In the same way, if you imbibe someone’s weakness or defects in yourself, understand that you are someone who accepts impure food. You are then not a true Vaishnav, not one who belongs to the dynasty of Vishnu. You would then become part of Rama’s army. This is why you constantly have to be an image of virtues, who always picks up virtues.

Today, BapDada was seeing the children’s clever games. Can you remember your games? The biggest thing is to look at and know the weaknesses of others. You think this is being very clever; you think this is being knowledge-full. However, to know means to change. If you know and you become knowledge-full for a few moments, then what do you do as a result of being knowledge-full? Knowledge is said to be light and might. You came to know that someone has a weakness but did you burn your own weakness or the weakness of others with the power of knowledge? Did you transform it? Did you demonstrate it by changing it in yourself or in others, or did you seek revenge? If you don’t use the light and might of knowledge, then would you call that knowing or being knowledge-full? To know without using the light and might of knowledge is like the knowledge of the scriptures that the scholars of the copper age have. Those who don’t know anything about weaknesses are better than those who know about them in this way. Within the Brahmin family, such souls are jokingly considered to be ‘buddhus’. You say to each other: You are a buddhu, you don’t know anything. However, it is good to be a buddhu in this respect. Such souls will not see any weaknesses, nor imbibe them, nor do they come in the list of those who gossip about them. Weaknesses are rubbish. If you do notice them and you have the power to burn them, then be a master sun of knowledge and become one who has positive thoughts about others. If there is the slightest rubbish in your intellect, you won’t be able to keep the remembrance of the clean (pure) Father in it. You won’t be able to achieve anything. Once your intellect instills the habit of imbibing rubbish, your intellect will repeatedly be drawn to rubbish against your conscious wish; and what would the result of that be? It would become a natural sanskar. It would then take effort and time to transform that sanskar. To speak about the weaknesses of others means to allow yourself to be influenced by the weakness of thinking about others. However, at that time, you don’t understand that to speak about the weaknesses of others means to show your own weakness in the power to accommodate. Always see any soul as an image of virtues. If someone does have a weakness and is doing something against the code of conduct, then bring that to the Supreme Court created by BapDada. Don’t become a lawyer or a judge yourself! You forget the relationship of brotherhood and become a lawyer or a judge and this is why you are unable to maintain the vision of brotherhood. You are not forbidden to present a case, but don’t allow there to be any mixture or dishonesty in that. As much as possible, give a signal with good wishes. Don’t keep it in your mind and don’t become an obstruction to others becoming “Manmanabhav”. So, what are the clever games that you play? You spread whatever you should accommodate within yourself, and you merge within yourself what you should spread and say, “This is within everyone!” So, always keep yourself well away from any kind of uncleanliness. Any type of impurity in your thoughts, words, deeds or connections and relationships will deprive you of the elevated attainment of the confluence age. Time will pass and you will then have to come in the list of those who say, “I have to attain.” You will not then be in the list of those who are embodiments of all attainments. Would you like it if, as children of the Master of All Treasures, you have to come in the list of those who lack attainment? This is why you must engage yourself in attaining everything. Be one who has positive thoughts about others. Don’t be influenced by any vice and don’t show your wrong kind of cleverness. This wrong cleverness will make you happy for a temporary period or even make your companions sing the praise of your cleverness, but always be aware of the philosophy of karma. Wrong cleverness will make you hang upside down. If you show your cleverness for a temporary period now, you will then have to cry out in distress instead of simply managing do. Some show such cleverness that they tryto manage BapDada, Didi and Dadi in every situation. They know all of these methods. You may be able to make them accept something that gives you the wrong type of attainment for a temporary period, but what did you gain through that and what did you lose? You may gain a name for yourself for two or three years, but you lose out on gaining a name for an elevated status for many births. So, is that attaining something or losing something?

Should Baba tell you of the other cleverness? At such a time, you use points of knowledge and say, “At least attain the instant fruit now, we will see about the future later.” However, the instant fruit of supersensuous happiness is for all time, not just for a temporary period. No matter how much someone challenges you to eat the instant fruit, as well as eating the fruit of temporary name and happiness, you will also definitely be eating thorns of discontentment at the same time. You will not be able to experience satisfaction or contentment of the mind. So, don’t play such games of the descending stage. BapDada feels mercy for such souls. What have you come here to become and what are you becoming instead? Always keep the aim to check whether the actions you perform are going to be liked by God. Since God has chosen you, it is the duty of you children to perform every action in a way that is going to be liked by the Father, by God. Wear the garland of virtues that the Father places around your neck, not the garland of pebbles. Wear the garland of jewels. Achcha.

To those who are constantly images of virtues, to those who are loved by God, to those who are constantly true Vaishnavs and who claim a right to the kingdom of Vishnu, to those who easily keep the vision of brotherhood constant by having constant good wishes, to those who always have the vision to pick up virtues, to those who become constantly equal to the Father, to the jewels who are close, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Group Meetings :

Children of the h ighest-on- h igh Father, instead of playing with mud, swing in the swing of supersensuous joy.

Do you constantly experience yourselves to be embodiments of all attainments? To be an embodiment of attainment means to be one who swings in the swing of supersensuous joy. You will then constantly experience the company of the one Father and none other. Since the Father has become yours in all relationships, you should have the constant company of the Father. No matter how big the adverse situation may be, or how big a mountain may be, simply continue to fly above it with the Father and you will never come to a halt – just as mountains cannot stop an aeroplane. Those who climb the mountain will have to make a lot of effort, whereas those who fly will easily be able to go over the mountain. In this way, no matter how big the situation in front of you may be, continue to fly with the Father and you will be able to overcome it in a second. Never get off the swing; otherwise you will get dirty. How can those who are dirty meet the Father? You have been separated for a long time and are now celebrating a meeting (mela), and so how can those who are celebrating a meeting become dirty (maila)? BapDada wants to see every child as a lamp of the clan, a number one child. If you keep getting dirty over and over again, so much time will be wasted in getting clean again. Therefore, constantly stay in this meeting. Why do you put your feet in the mud? How can the children of such an elevated Father be dirty? Who would then believe that you are the children of that highest Father? So, past is past. Whatever happens in the next second is finished. Don’t get confused about anything. Keep thinking about the eternal self; don’t listen to gossip and don’t engage yourself in gossip. It is this that makes you dirty. Finish question mark s now and put a full stop. Become a point and fly with the Father, the Point.

2. Serve souls who are free with patience and you will achieve success.

You will have to make a little effort to serve those who are in the stage of retirement, who have retired and are free. They will not come through your just distributing cards to them. You have to serve those who are free by giving them time, because they consider themselves to be experienced because they are in the stage of retirement. They have the arrogance of their experience. This is why you will have to give a little more time to serve them. And the way to serve them has to be with friendship and having a sneh-milan (gathering of love), not as though you are explaining to them. Meet them as friends. Do not tell them that they don’t know about this, but you do. Share experiences. Listen to them and they will feel that you are giving them regard. In order to bring anyone close, speak of their specialities, then tell them your own experience and bring them close. If you tell them to do the course and listen to knowledge, they will not listen, and so tell them your experiences. Present a bouquet of such souls who are in the stage of retirement to BapDada. Make them co-operative as friends and invite them here.

3 . Be humble and the task of construction will continue to move forward.

Do you constantly move along considering yourself to be an instrument for service, a decoration for service? What is the main speciality of servers? To be a server means to be a humble soul who constantly carries out the task of renewal – one who brings about renewal and one who remains humble. Humility itself is the means for success in service. By becoming humble, you will stay constantly light in service. If you are not humble and have a desire for regard and respect, there will be a burden. Those who have a burden constantly keep stopping; they cannot go fast. So, the sign of whether someone is humble or not is lightness. If there is the experience of any type of burden, you can understand that you are not humble.

4. A true spiritual server is one who experiences all relationships with the Father and gives others this experience.

You have all relationships with the one Father. Do you experience the Father to be constantly; ever present in front of you? “I eat with You, I sit with You and I listen to You”: you do have this experience, do you not? When the Father Himself has become your true Friend, there is no need to make others your friends. Whatever relationship you need, BapDada is constantly ever present and personally in front of you in that particular relationship. So, a teacher means to be one who experiences the sweetness of all relationships with the one Father. This is known as being a true server. When you have this experience yourself, you will be able to give others this experience. If instrument souls lack any type of sweetness, then the souls who come would also have that weakness. So, experience the sweetness of all forms and also give that experience to others. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be free from all bondage and experience liberation and liberation in life with the treasures of knowledge.
The treasure of the jewels of knowledge is the most elevated treasure of all. It is only at this time that you can experience liberation and liberation in life with this treasure. A knowledgeable soul is one who finishes all reasons and excuses for sorrow and peacelessness, cuts the many strings of bondage and experiences liberation and liberation in life. To remain constantly free from the many wasteful thoughts, sinful thoughts and sinful actions is to have the stage of being liberated and having liberation in life.
Slogan: World transformers are those who transform the atmosphere with their powerful attitude.


*** Om Shanti ***


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