Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 14 DECEMBER 2017

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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

You r eceiv e all attainments by eating Godly fruit of the confluence age.

Today, BapDada has come into the gathering of the children to give His loving children the return of that love, to celebrate a meeting, to give the instant visible fruit of His love and the elevated fruit for those devotional feelings of love. In devotion too, as devotees, you had love and bhavna, but in the form of devotees, you performed bhakti, but you had no shakti (power). You had love, but you had no recognition or elevated relationship. You had feelings of love, but they were filled with temporary desires. You still have love and bhavna, but you now have love on the basis of a close relationship. You have pure elevated feelings (bhavna) with the power of being those who have all rights and also of being authorit ies of experience. The feelings of being a beggar have changed, the relationship has changed and you now have the faith and intoxication of being ones who have all rights. Such constantly elevated souls have attained instant visible fruit. Are all of you souls those who have experienced receiving instant visible fruit? Have you tasted the instant visible fruit? You will receive other fruit in the golden age too, and you have already eaten many fruits of the iron age. However, if you don’t eat Godly fruit, the instant visible fruit, now, at the confluence age, you won’t be able to eat it throughout the whole cycle. BapDada is asking all of you children: Have you eaten Godly fruit, the imperishable fruit, the fruit filled with the sweetness of all powers, all virtues and the love of all relationships? Have all of you eaten this or have some of you been left out? This fruit is God’s magic: when you eat this fruit, you change from iron not just into gold, but into something greater, a diamond. With this fruit, whatever you think of, you can attain. It is imperishable fruit, imperishable attainment. Those who eat this instant visible fruit are constantly healthy and free from any illness of Maya. You have received the immortal fruit of being constantly far away from sorrow, peacelessness and all obstacles. As soon as you belong to the Father, you attain this most elevated fruit.

Today, BapDada is pleased to see the special Pandava Army that has come. Along with this, there is always a party and a picnic with Brahma Baba’s equals. So, today, you are having a picnic with this Godly fruit. Even Lakshmi and Narayan will not have such a picnic. This is a unique picnic of Father Brahma and the Brahmins. Father Brahma is happy to see his equals. However, you have to be real equals. Those who follow the father at every step are equal companions, that is, they are equal. You are such equals, are you not? Or, are you thinking about what you are going to do and how you are going to do it? Are you those who think about it or those who make others equal? Are you those who make a bargain in a second or those who still want more time to think about it? Have you come having made a deal or have you come to make a deal? Who has received permission? Did all of you fill in your forms? Or, have you come having sweet-talked your younger teachers? You tell very sweet stories in this way. The stories of the cleanliness of your mind and also your cleverness reach BapDada. You have to come here having made a deal according to the disciplines. However, some still come to Madhuban to make a deal. Instead of having made a deal before coming here, they come here to make a deal and this is why BapDada, while seeing the quantity, is looking at the quality. The speciality of quantity is its own and the speciality of quality is its own: both are needed. A bouquet is beautiful because of the varieties of flowers of various colours. If there are no leaves, the bouquet would not look good. Therefore, all of you are the decoration of BapDada’s home. The word “Baba” emerges from everyone’s lips. Children are the decoration of the home. Even now, look how beautifully decorated this hall of Om Shanti Bhavan is because of you children. So, the decorations of the home, the decorations of the Father, remain constantly sparkling. Now, transform quantity into quality. Do you understand? Today was just the day of a meeting but, nevertheless, Father Brahma likes all of you equals, and this is why he had a picnic with you. Achcha.

To those who have all rights to Godly fruit, to those who, like Father Brahma, constantly make a deal in a second, to those who are karma yogis in every action, to those who follow Father Brahma, to the special souls who are equal to the Father, to the children of quantity and quality everywhere, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Avyakt BapDada meeting Adhar (Half) Kumars:

Do you constantly experience yourselves to be a handful out of multi millions in the whole world? Whenever you hear the words, “A few out of a handful and a handful out of multimillions”, do you each consider yourself to be one of those? Since the part repeats identically every cycle, then all of you would have special roles in that part that is repeated every cycle, would you not? Let there be such firm faith. Those who constantly have faith in their intellects remain carefree in every respect. The sign of having faith is of being carefree. All worries have now ended. The Father has saved you from the pyre of worries. He lifted you off the pyre of worries and seated you on the heart-throne. You have developed love for the Father and, on the basis of that love, all your worries ended in the fire of love in such a way that it is as though they never existed. They ended in a second. Do you experience yourselves to be souls who have positive thoughts in this way? You don’t ever have any worries, do you? No worries of the body, no wasteful worries in the mind and no worries about money, because all you want is to eat daal and roti and sing the Father’s praise. You will definitely receive daal and roti. So there are no worries about money, there’s no distress in the mind and no worry about the suffering of karma through your bodies because you know that this is the final birth and that these are the final moments. Everything has to be settled at this time and this is why you constantly have positive thoughts. You don’t have any worries about what is to happen. You now know everything with the power of knowledge. Since you now know everything, the question about what is to happen has ended. You have the knowledge that whatever will happen will be the best of all. So, constantly be those with positive thoughts and, with faith in your intellects, remain constantly beyond all worries and also be carefree souls. This is the life to lead. If you are not carefree in your life, what kind of life would it be? Do you experience your life to be so elevated? You don’t have any worries about your family, do you? Every soul is settling or creating his own karmic accounts. Therefore, why should you worry about anything? There are no worries. At first you were burning on the pyre. The Father has now sprinkled nectar and made you die alive from the burning pyre. He has revived you. It is said that God brought the dead back to life. The Father gave you nectar and made you immortal. You were like corpses and look what you have now become! From corpses you have now become great. Previously, you had no life and so it would be said that you were like corpses. Also look at the language you used! People who don’t have knowledge would say: Die! Or, they would say: It would be better if I were dead! You have now died alive and become special souls. You have this happiness, do you not? Instead of burning on the pyre you have become immortal. This is not a small thing. Previously, you used to hear that God brought the dead back to life, but you didn’t understand how He did it. You now understand that you yourselves have come back to life. Therefore, constantly maintain that intoxication and happiness.

BapDada meeting a group of teachers: What is the speciality of servers? A server means that, as soon as you open your eyes, you experience being constantly with the Father and having a stage equal to the Father’s. You are the special servers who know the importance of amrit vela. The praise of special servers is that they know the special time of blessings and experience special blessings. If there isn’t this experience, you are ordinary servers, not special. If you want to become a special server, you can do so by claiming this special right. Those who are aware of the importance of amrit vela, of their thoughts, time and service and of everything else are special servers. So, understand the importance of this and become great. Know the importance of this, become great and also make others aware of the importance of this, give them an experience of it and help them become great. Achcha. Om shanti.

Personal avyakt elevated versions :

Use everything in a worthwhile way and become an image of success.

Based on his faith and spiritual intoxication, Father Brahma came to know his fixed destiny and used (surrendered) everything of his in a worthwhile way in a second; he did not keep anything for himself, but used everything in a worthwhile way. You saw the practical proof of it: even on his last day, he served with his body by writing letters and spoke elevated versions. Even on the last day, he used his time, thoughts and body in a worthwhile way. To use something in a worthwhile way means to use it for something elevated. Those who use everything in a worthwhile way like this automatically achieve success. The special basis of attaining success is to use your every second, every breath and every treasure in a worthwhile way. Whatever you want to achieve success in – your thoughts, words, deeds, relationships and connections – continue to use them in a worthwhile way for yourself and for other souls. Do not let anything go to waste, and you will automatically continue to experience the happiness of that success because to use something in a worthwhile way means to become an image of success at the present time and to accumulate for the future.

In order to achieve success in service, you need a carefree stage and to have the intention of surrendering. Do not let the consciousness of “mine” be mixed in service even slightly. Do not worry about anything because those who worry waste their time and energy: they lose their energy and also the task. That is, whatever task you worry about, that task would be spoilt. Secondly, the means of constantly being an image of success is to have one strength and one Support. Faith makes you constantly carefree and whatever task those who have a carefree stage embark upon, they will definitely be successful in that. For instance, Father Brahma achieved success in every task by having determination. Determination became the basis of success. F ollow the f ather in the same way. Use every treasure, virtue and power and they will continue to increase. Use a method of saving and accumulating and the account of waste will automatically be transformed and everything will be used in a worthwhile way. Donate all the treasures you have received from the Father. Never, even by mistake in your dreams should you consider God’s gift to be yours. To have the consciousness of “mine” – ‘this is my virtue, this is my power’ – means to lose that treasure. Use your Godly sanskars in a worthwhile way and wasteful sanskars will automatically go away. Do not keep the Godly sanskars in the locker of your intellect; use them and let them be used in a worthwhile way. To use something in a worthwhile way means to save and increase it. Use everything in a worthwhile way with your mind, with your words, in your relationships and connections, in your deeds, your elevated company and your very powerful attitude. To use everything in a worthwhile way is the key to success. You have the elevated treasures of time and thoughts, so use these with the method of “greater glorification with less expenditure” and use everything in a worthwhile way. Let there be less expenditure of thoughts and yet greater attainment. What ordinary people are able to achieve successfully after thinking for two to four minutes, you can do that in one or two seconds. Similarly, with your words and deeds, let there be less expenditure and greater success for only then will people sing the wonder of you. So, whatever property you have – time, thoughts, breath, body, mind and wealth – use all of these in a worthwhile way. Neither waste them nor keep them for a time of need. Use your wealth of knowledge, wealth of powers and virtues in a worthwhile way by becoming detached from the consciousness of “mine” at every moment and you will continue to accumulate. To use everything in a worthwhile way means to experience multi-million fold success.

In this Brahmin life:

Those who use their time in a worthwhile way, claim a right to the fortune of the kingdom for the full time as a result of using their time in a worthwhile way.

Blessing: May you be a double  light angel who remains constantly light by transforming “mine” into “Yours”.
While walking and moving around, always have the awareness, “I am an angel”. Remain constantly aware of what the form, words and deeds of an angel are, because since you now belong to the Father, you have made everything “mine” into “Yours”. Therefore, you have become light (angels). In order to fulfil this aim, simply remember one expression: “Everything belongs to the Father, nothing is mine.” Wherever you used to use the word “mine”, now say “Yours” and you will not feel any burden but will constantly fly in the flying stage.
Slogan: Wear the garland (haar) of surrendering (balihaar) yourself to the Father and you will not be defeated (haar – defeat) by Maya.


*** Om Shanti ***




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