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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

Receiving blessings by keeping balance.

Today, the Father, the Ocean of Love, has come into this happy gathering of love to give the return of love and remembrance of the children who are embodiments of love and embodiments of remembrance. This happy gathering of spiritual love is a gathering where the meeting of spiritual relationships takes place. Only at this time in the whole cycle can this be experienced. At no time, apart from in this one birth, can you attain this spiritual love from the spiritual Father. This spiritual love gives spirits true comfort. It shows them the true path. It enables them to attain all true attainments. Did you ever even think that the face-to-face spiritual meeting of souls with the Supreme Soul would take place on this physical earth, in this birth and in such an easy way? Just as you heard about the Father that He is the Highest on High and that He is very bright, that He is the greatest of all, in the same way, because you thought that the method to meet Him would be difficult and require a lot of practice, you became disheartened. However, the Father put hope into the children who had become disheartened. He made disheartened children powerful. They asked: ‘When will we meet Him?’, and He enabled them to experience meeting Him now. He gave them the right to all His property. Now, you souls who have rights know your rights, do you not? Do you know them very well or do you still have to know them?

Today, seeing the children, Bap and Dada had a heart-to-heart conversation: All the children have constant faith, they also have love; they have that love for remembrance and enthusiasm for service. Their aim is also elevated. If you ask any of them what they want to become, everyone would say that they are going to become Lakshmi or Narayan. None of them say that they will become Rama or Sita. In their hearts, they would not like to be part of the rosary of 16,000. Everyone has the enthusiasm to become the beads of the rosary of 108. When it comes to doing service and to studying, no one considers him or herself to be any less worthy than anyone else. Nevertheless, you become numberwise when it comes to constantly experiencing a stable stage, constantly experiencing the flying stage, being constantly lost in the One, being constantly detached from your body and any temporary attainments of the body and always forgetting all consciousness of perishable things. Why is this? BapDada saw the special reason for this. What reason did He see? The reason is of just one word.

You know everything. Everyone has attained everything. You have knowledge of the method and you also have knowledge of the success. You have knowledge of both action and its fruit, but you don’t know how to keep a constant balance. Not having this balance stops you from observing the Godly principles at the right time. This is why you don’t receive elevated blessings from BapDada and all the elevated souls in every thought and every deed. You have to make effort. You don’t experience success easily. What do you forget to keep in balance? One is the balance of remembrance and service. To serve whilst in remembrance is the balance of remembrance and service. However, you remain busy in service and then stay in remembrance depending on the time. If you have time, you remember Baba, otherwise, you just consider service to be remembrance – This is called imbalance. It is one thing to say that service itself is remembrance, and another that there is remembrance in service. This slight difference in the method changes the result. Then, when you are asked the result of what your percentage of remembrance was, what do you say? You were so busy in service that you didn’t remember anything else. You didn’t have time for anything else. Or, you say: The service was the Father’s and so, of course, I was remembering the Father anyway. However, whatever time you spent in service with that deep love, did you also have a powerful experience of remembrance? To the extent that you had self-respect in service, in the same way, did you have a feeling of humility? Was there this balance? To think that you did very great service very well is of course good self-respect, but let there be as much humility as there is self-respect. Karavanhar Father became the instrument and made the service happen through you. This is being a humble instrument. You became an instrument, very good service took place, there was expansion and you became an embodiment of success: this self-respect is good. However, let there not be just self-respect; let that also be balanced with humility. This balance will easily and constantly make you an embodiment of success. Self-respect too is essential; not arrogance of the body, but self-respect. However, because of not having a balance of self-respect and humility, self-respect changes into arrogance about oneself. Let there be happiness when service takes place and there is success: “Wah Baba! You made me an instrument. I didn’t do it”. The consciousness of “I”, changes self-respect into arrogance about oneself. Those who keep a balance of remembrance and service also keep a balance of self-respect and humility. So, do you understand what makes the balance fluctuate?

In the same way, because you are wearing the crown of responsibility, you have to fulfil total responsibility in every task. Whether it is a lokik or an alokik activity, or an activity of Godly service, you have to remain as detached as you are loving in fulfilling the respective responsibilities of both activities. Let there be this balance. It is essential to fulfil every responsibility, but the more responsibility you have, the more you have to be doublelight. Whilst fulfilling your responsibility, remain detached from any burden of it. This is known as being loving to the Father. Don’t be afraid: What should I do? There is so much responsibility! Should I do this or not? What should I do? It is very difficult to do this and also do that! To experience this means to have a burden. So that is not being doublelight. To be doublelight means to be detached. Let there be no burden of upheaval in any responsibility. This is called being one who has a balance of being loving and detached.

Secondly, whilst you are moving along in effort, whilst you are experiencing attainment through the effort you make, you become very happy and intoxicated with that attainment. That’s it! I have attained everything. I have experienced everything. I have become a mahavir. I have become a maharathi. I have become gyani and yogi. I have become a server. This attainment is very good, but there is also sometimes carelessness in the intoxication of this attainment. What is the reason for this? You became gyani, yogi and a server but do you experience the flying stage in every action? For as long as you live, you have to be in the flying stage at every step. Whilst having this aim, was there newness in what you did today? Or, have you understood the point you have reached now to be the limit of perfection? In your making effort, you have to have the intoxication and happiness of the attainment but it is also essential to experience progress or the flying stage at every step. If there isn’t this balance, then carelessness will not allow you to experience blessings. Therefore, in your effort-making life let there be the intoxication of how much you have attained but also the experience of progress at every step. This is called a balance. Let there always be this balance. Don’t think that you know everything and that you have become experienced, that you are moving along very well and have become good. This is very good, but you still have to make further progress. Perform such special actions and become an example for all souls. Don’t forget this. Do you understand in which things you have to keep a balance? Through this balance you automatically continue to receive blessings. So, do you understand why it is numberwise? Some become careless about the balance of something and others about the balance of something else.

Residents of Bombay, you are not careless, are you? You are those who keep a balance in every situation, are you not? You are skilled in the art of keeping a balance, are you not? Balance is also an art. You are experts in this art, are you not? Bombay is called the land full of wealth. So, you are also full of the wealth of keeping your balance and the wealth of blessings, are you not? You have the blessing of Nardesavar. What speciality will those from Bombay reveal? There are many multimillionaires in Bombay. So, it is essential for those from Bombay to give those souls especially the experience of what it means to be an imperishable, spiritual multi-millionaire, a master of the mines of all treasures. Give them this experience. They are simply masters of perishable wealth. Tell those people the importance of these imperishable treasures and make them totally full of imperishable wealth. Let them feel that these treasures are elevated, imperishable treasures. You are doing such service, are you not? In the eyes of those with that wealth, let them experience you to be elevated souls who have imperishable wealth. Do you understand? Don’t think: They don’t have it in their parts! At the end, their partare also of awakening. They will not come into relationship with you, but they will be in contact with you. So, the time has now come to awaken such souls. Therefore, awaken them, awaken them very well because they are asleep in the sleep of the intoxication of their wealth. You repeatedly have to awaken those who are intoxicated. They won’t awaken by waking them up just once. So now, introduce the experience of imperishable wealth to the souls who are sleeping in the sleep of intoxication. Do you understand? Those of you from Bombay are conquerors of Maya, are you not? You have thrown Maya into the ocean, have you not? Have you thrown her right down into the ocean or is she still on the surface? If something is still on the surface, the waves bring it back to the shore. If you have thrown something to the bottom, it is sacrificed. So Maya doesn’t come back to the shore, does she? The residents of Bombay have to become examples in every situation. Be an example in every speciality. People come from far away to see the beauty of Bombay. In the same way, they will come from far away to see you. Become an example of the practical form of every virtue. If you want to see simplicity in life, go to this centre and see this family. If you want to see tolerance, go to this centre and see this family. If you want to see a balance, see these special souls. You are those who perform such wonders, are you not? Those from Bombay have to give double the return. One is of the sustenance you received from Jagadamba Maa and the other is of the special sustenance you received from Father Brahma. Those from Bombay have received special sustenance from Jagadamba Maa. So Bombay will have to give that much return, will it not? At every place and through every soul, the speciality of the father, the mother and special souls should be revealed. This is called giving a return. Achcha, welcome! Welcome to the Father’s home, to your home!

The Father is always pleased to see the children. Each child is a lamp for the world. You are not just a lamp for the clan, but a lamp for the world. Each one of you has become an instrument for world benefit and so you are lamps for the world, are you not? In fact, the whole world is an unlimited clan. In that case, you can also be called the lamps for the unlimited clan. However, you are not lamps of a limited clan. You can be called lamps for the unlimited clan or lamps for the world. You are like that, are you not? You are constantly ignited lamps, are you not? You are not those who flicker, are you? When you look at a flickering light, it ruins your eyes. You don’t like that, do you? So, you are constantly ignited lamps, are you not? BapDada is always pleased to see such lamps. Do you understand? Achcha.

To those who constantly keep a balance in every action, to those who constantly claim blessings from the Father, to those who experience the flying stage at every step, to those who are constantly merged in the Ocean of Love, to those who remain stable in an equal stage, to the multi-million times elevated and fortunate souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada speaking to Dadis:

All of you are jewels of the crown, are you not? You are always the lightest of all to the extent that you have the biggest crown of all. You are wearing such a crown that, even whilst performing every action, you can still wear it. You wear and take off the jewel-studded crown according to the time, but this crown is such that there is no need to take it off. Whilst sleeping you are wearing the crown and even when you wake up, you are still wearing your crown. You experience this, do you not? The crown is light, is it not? It isn’t heavy, is it? The name is great, its weight is light. The crown is such that it gives happiness. It is a crown that gives happiness. The Father crowns you in such a way that you continue to receive a crown for birth after birth. BapDada is pleased to see such children who are crowned. BapDada has celebrated the coronation day now and created the discipline of this system for all time. The coronation day will be celebrated in the golden age too. The memorial of the coronation day that is celebrated at the confluence age will continue eternally. Baba is a server in the subtle region for he retired from the corporeal world, did he not? The father himself retired from the corporeal world; he gave the children the crown and the throne and went away to the subtle region. So, that was the coronation day, was it not? This drama is unique, is it not? If Baba had told you before he went, it wouldn’t have been a wonderful drama. It is such a unique drama that you cannot take a photograph of it. The unique Father has such a unique part that you cannot take a photograph, even through the thoughts in your intellect. This is known as unique – without an image. This is why this coronation is unique. BapDada always sees the mahavir children in their crowned form, the ones who are going to be crowned on their coronation day. When it comes to giving His company, BapDada has not hidden Himself away but He has Himself from the corporeal world and risen to the subtle region. There is the promise for all time of staying together and going back together. This promise can never be broken. This is why Father Brahma is still waiting for you. Otherwise, because he has become karmateet, he could go there. He doesn’t have any bondage, does he? However, there is a bond of love. Because of this bond of love and in order to fulfil his promise of going back with you, the father has to wait for you. He has to fulfil his responsibility of companionship and also go home together with you. You experience this, do you not? Achcha. Each one is special. If Baba were to speak of each one’s specialities, there would be so many – a rosary would be created. This is why He keeps them in His heart; He doesn’t speak about them. Achcha.

Blessing: : May you be a double-light,avyakt angel who remains free from words that are wasteful that disturb others.
In order to become an avyakt angel, finish for all time speaking wasteful words that no one likes. A situation may be of just a few words, but to make the situation bigger by continuing to speak about it is wasteful. Whatever can be achieved with just four words, do not speak twelve to fifteen words about it. Speak less, speak slowly… Keep this slogan around your neck. Become free from speaking wasteful or disturbing words and you will receive help in becoming an avyakt angel.
Slogan: Success becomes a garland around the necks of those who surrender themselves to God out of love.


*** Om Shanti ***

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