Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, the Father, the Innocent Lord, is the only One who fills your aprons with jewels of knowledge. He alone is the Seed of the kalpa tree. He cannot be compared to anyone else.
Question: How and why do many children try to deceive the Father?
Answer: Because of not recognising the Father accurately, they make mistakes and then hide them. They don’t tell Baba the truth. They secretly sit in the gathering. They don’t realize that Dharamraj Baba knows everything. To tell the true Baba the truth is also a way to reduce punishment.
Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord.

Om shanti. You children have understood that Shiva is always called, the Innocent Lord, Shiva, the Innocent Treasurer. Shankar cannot be called the Innocent Lord nor can anyone else be called the Ocean of Knowledge. The Father says: I alone come and give you children knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end. So, there is only the One who is the Ocean of Knowledge. It is neither Shankar nor avyakt Brahma. Avyakt Brahma resides in the subtle region. Many are confused about why Dada is called God Brahma. However, even avyakt Brahma cannot be called God. The Father now explains: I alone am your parlokik Father. Parlok (the world beyond) is neither heaven nor hell. Parlok, where souls reside, is the land that is completely beyond everything. Why that One is called the supremely beloved, parlokik Supreme Soul is because He resides in parlok. When people on the path of devotion pray to God, they definitely raise their eyes upwards. The Father explains: I am the Seed of the whole kalpa tree. No one, apart from Shiva, can be called the Creator. He alone is the Creatorand all the rest are His creation. It is the Creator who gives the inheritance to His creation. Everyone says that God or Khuda created them. So, everyone would call that God ‘Father . They would not call Gandhi the Father. The unlimited Father, the Creator, is only the One. He Himself explains: I am your parlokik Supreme Father. All souls are the same; they are neither smaller nor larger. There are the Sun of Knowledge, the moon of knowledge and the stars of knowledge. There is a difference between the size s of the physical sun and moon, but the size of all souls is the same. Baba says: I am no bigger in size but, because I reside in the supreme abode, I am called the Supreme Soul. The Supreme Soul has all the knowledge. He says: Just as I am bodiless, in the same way, you souls also reside bodiless in the supreme abode for a short while. However, you stay on the stage for a longer time. Just as you souls are like stars, I too am the same. If I were any bigger, I wouldn’t fit in this body. Just as all souls come here to play their part s, I too come in the same way. Baba’s part begins when the path of devotion begins. He doesn’t have a part in the golden or silver age. He Himself has now come to give us our full inheritance. He raises us up a few steps even higher than Himself. He makes us into the masters of both Brahmand and the world. It is the duty of every father to make his children worthy. Parents serve their children so much. When parents have seven children and some become doctorsengineers, lawyers etc., the parents can’t contain their happiness. People would praise the father for how he educated the children and made them worthy. However, not all can be the same. Some become one thing and others become something else. Baba says: I make you so worthy! Look what that Baba is like! He doesn’t have a physical name or form. He enters the body of someone else and teaches us. This study place exists identically as it did in the previous cycle. Therefore, the God of the Gita definitely created the Gita pathshala where He fed everyone the grass of knowledge, the nectar of knowledge. Some speak of the cowshed of Krishna. Others speak of the cowshed of Brahma. However, it is just because Shiv Baba doesn’t have a body that they have mixed Him up with Brahma. There is no need for Krishna to graze cows. Krishna is not called the Purifier. Gandhiji would take up the Gita or chant the names of Sita Rama because he believed that God was in Rama, Krishna and in fish and alligators etc. Previously, we used to think in the same way. The locks on our intellects, too, were closed. The Father has now come and awakened us. He removes everyone from the graveyard and takes everyone back, like insects. Then they gradually come down at their own time. The Father explains: Remember Me alone. Even students remember their father and teacher. The Father is teaching you. He is also your Guru. There is the force of all three. In spite of that, you forget such a Father. There are children who call themselves full caste but who don’t remember the Father for even five minutes. This is why it is said: Oh Maya! I open the locks on the children and you then lock them again. If you indulge in vice even slightly, the locks on your intellects become locked. Nevertheless, telling the truth does reduce your punishment. If you voluntarily confess to the judge, the punishment would be reduced. Baba does the same thing. If someone does something bad and hides it, there is severe punishment for that. Therefore, you mustn’t hide anything from Dharamraj. There are many who indulge in vice and then come secretly and sit in the gathering. However, can they hide anything from Dharamraj? When they don’t have faith they try to deceive such a Father. They may deceive the corporeal one, but incorporeal Baba knows everything. He is the One who is giving you teachings through this body. Many people ask you how God enters the body of Dada. He was a householder; he had children etc. Why does God enter him? Why doesn’t God enter the body of a sage or holy man? However, God has to purify the impure. He is making worshippers worthy of worship. This is like turning a somersault. Brahmins become deities, then warriors, merchants and shudras etc. These clans are in Bharat. These clans don’t exist anywhere else. I have now spoken for 15 minutes. You can also explain in the same way. Baba tells you everything directly. You would say that Shiv Baba explains in this way. Also explain to them that Shiva is distinct from Shankar. You have to explain this very clearly. This is giving Baba’s introduction. The Government has the book ‘Who’s Who’printed. Similarly, who is who in the preordained drama? We would say that the Highest on High is Shiv Baba, then Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar, then Lakshmi and Narayan, then Rama and Sita and then the founders of religions. The world continues to become old in this way. You deities go onto the path of sin. The Father now comes and awakens you. He says: Surrender everything to Me and follow My directions. Shrimat is the directions He gives. Lakshmi and Narayan and Rama and Sita whom people remember went onto the path of sin. Who else could give shrimat? It is Baba who fulfils the desires of the devotees. Even though the devotion of some is for fish and alligators etc., I fulfil their desires. They have taken this to mean that God is in fish and alligators etc. Baba explains to you many secrets but those who understand it are numberwise and so their status is also numberwise. The deity kingdom, not a religion, is being established. Religions are established by those of other religions. Shiv Baba makes you into the kings of kings through Brahma. The meaning of ‘kings of kings’ has been explained to you. The kings who indulge in vice worship you. Therefore, you receive such a high status! You very much enjoy the sweet things that Baba tells you, but, as soon as you get up from here and drink tea, your intoxication decreases. By the time you reach your village, it has completely finished. Here, it is as though you are sitting in Shiv Baba’s home. There is a lot of difference there. When someone’s husband goes abroad, she sheds tears. He doesn’t give real happiness; this Baba gives you so much happiness. Therefore, when you have to leave Him you cry. Many say that they just want to stay here. So, where would your children etc. go? They say: You look after them! How many people’s children would I look after? However, wait, become serviceable and arrangements will be made for your children. In the beginning, there were very few and so Baba looked after their children. However, there are now so many of their children to look after. Then, if one of them were lost, they would blame Baba for losing their child. The one who was appointed to look after children would also ask: Why should I look after the karmic bondages of someone else? OK, just look after the one Child Shiva and He will look after your children. However, you must never divorce Baba. Many children have divorced Baba in this way; they are called incarnations of fools. Even if you sulk with some Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, you must never sulk with Shiv Baba. He has come to give you your fortune of the kingdom. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Surrender everything you have to the Father and follow shrimat fully. Do not perform any bad action and then hide it. By telling the truth to the judge, your punishment is reduced.
  2. Never sulk with the Father. Become serviceable. You yourself have to cut your bondages of karma.
Blessing: May you be an embodiment of awareness and power and experience transformation, happiness and lightness by having powerful remembrance.
Powerful remembrance gives you double the experience at the same time. On the one hand, remembrance becomes a fire and does the work of burning everything and transforming everything and, on the other hand, it also gives the experience of happiness and lightness. Only such powerful remembrance performed in the right way is called accurate remembrance. The children who are embodiments of awareness and have such accurate remembrance are powerful. This awareness and power enables you to claim a right to a number one prize.
Slogan: Someone whose heart is strong and mature is said to be experienced.

*** Om Shanti ***

Invaluable versions of Mateshwari

The time of God’s predestined programme o f com ing .

People sing the song, “O God of the Gita, come to fulfil Your promise.” Now, the God of the Gita has come Himself to fulfil His promise of the previous cycle and He says: O children, when there is extreme defamation of religion in Bharat, it is definitely at that time that I come to fulfil the promise I made. My coming does not mean that I come in every age. Defamation of religion does not take place in all ages. Defamation of religion only takes place in the iron age. Therefore, you have to understand that God comes at the time of the iron age. The iron age comes every cycle and you have to understand that I come every cycle. There are four ages in a cycle; this is known as the kalpa. For half the cycle, in the golden and silver ages, it is satoguni and satopradhan; there is no need for God to come then. Then, from the third age, the copper age, it is the beginning of all other religions. At that time too, there isn’t extreme defamation of religion. This proves that God does not come in those three ages. There remains the iron age and extreme defamation of religion takes place at the end of this age. God comes at this time, destroys irreligiousness and establishes the religion of truth. If He had come in the copper age, then, after the copper age, there should have been the golden age. So, why is it the iron age now? It wouldn’t be said that God came and established the extreme iron age. This cannot be the case and this is why God says: I am the One and I only come once, to destroy irreligiousness and the iron age and establish the golden age. So, the time of My coming is the confluence age.

2) It is God who creates kismet (fortune) and human being s themselves who spoil their kismet (fortune).

We know who it is that creates the fortune of human souls and who spoils their fortune. We would not say that it is God Himself who creates fortune and who also spoils our fortune. Definitely, it is God who creates our fortune and human beings themselves who spoil their fortune. How can this fortune be created? And how did we fall down? All of this is explained. When people know themselves and become pure, they then once again create the fortune they had spoilt. When we speak of the fortune that is spoilt, it proves that our fortune was created at some time and that it has now become spoilt. So, God Himself comes and makes our fortune that had been spoilt. Some say that God Himself is incorporeal, and so how can He create our fortune? It is explained as to how incorporeal God comes and, through the physical body of Brahma, gives imperishable knowledge, creates our fortune which had been spoilt. It is God’s duty to give us this knowledge. However, human beings cannot awaken the fortune of one another. It is God alone who awakens everyone’s fortune and this is why the temple of His memorial is there for all time. Achcha.




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