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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, give your honest and true account to the true Father. Take shrimat for every aspect, for only then will there be benefit for you.
Question: What deal do you make with the Father and how?
Answer: You become those with surrendered intellects and say to the Father: Baba, I belong to You. This body, mind and wealth are all Yours. Baba then says: Children, the sovereignty of heaven is yours. This is the deal you make. However, an honest heart is needed for this. There also has to be firm faith. You have to give your honest and true account to the Father.
Song: You are the Mother and Father.


Om shanti. The Father sits here and explains to the children. You children understand that you, Brahma Kumars and Kumaris have now understood the meaning of shrimat. Through Shiv Baba’s directions, you are once again establishing the original eternal deity religion. Each one of you knows that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, definitely comes cycle after cycle and adopts children through Brahma. You Brahmins are the adopted Brahmins; you have gone into his His lap. By following shrimat we are now, once again, establishing the original eternal deity religion which had disappeared. Whatever act took place, whatever teachings were given a cycle ago, they are now happening again identically. We are also acting according to the drama plan. You understand that by following shrimat you are establishing your divine self-sovereignty. Within this army, some are satopradhan effort-makers, some sato and some rajo; it depends on each one’s effort. Some are elephant riders, some are the cavalry and some are the infantry; these names are given. You children have the happiness that you are incognito. Physical weapons are not used; the weapons etc. with which the goddesses are shown are the weapons of knowledge. The use of weapons is the use of physical force. People do not understand that they did not use physical swords etc. These are called the arrows of knowledge. The conch shell of knowledge, the discus of knowledge and the mace of knowledge are also shown as the ornaments of the four-armed image; they are all aspects of knowledge. It has also been explained that, while living in a household, you should remain like a lotus flower. This is why they also show the lotus flower. You are now acting this out in a practical way. While remaining in households like a lotus flower, your intellects have the knowledge that you must remember the one Father. This is karma yoga with renunciation. You have to take care of your creation as well. You now understand that your interaction was previously that of sorrow. You kept causing sorrow for one another. The happiness here is as dirty as the droppings of a crow. Everyone has become as dirty as insects. You children understand that there is the difference of day and night. The Father is making us into the masters of heaven. Now we are the masters of hell. What happiness can there be in hell? Only you children listen to these things and understand them. The Father is explaining this knowledge to the children. Heaven is only for the children. Only the children understand clearly, numberwise, according to their efforts. Faith is needed first of all. An intellect with faith is victorious. If faith is firm, then faith is maintained. One is that they will have remembrance of Shiv Baba and the mercury of happiness will remain high, and then they will also have surrendered intellects. Children say: Baba, I belong to You; this mind, this body, this wealth, everything is Yours. The Father also says: The kingdom of heaven is yours. Look what a deal it is! You must become a true and honest child. The Father should know everything about what a child has. What are you giving to Baba? What do you have? The Father explains very clearly. I am the Lord of the Poor. The hearts of wealthy ones shrink over surrendering, but the poor ones tell everything straight away. When people do business etc., they set aside one, two or four pennies from their income. Those who have a lot of interest in giving donations set aside more for charity. Whatever they give, they say that it is in the name of God. This is why they receive temporary happiness in their next birth. If people build a college, a pilgrim rest house or a hospital etc. they receive the reward of that in their next birth, because they have done something charitable. Their health will remain good or they will study well at a college. I give all of that as well. I am also the One who grants visions. I have the accounts of everyone and these are determined at the beginning according to the drama. If people have a lot of wealth they may even build a temple etc. This is what it means to set something aside for charity. They put money aside from the earnings of their factory etc. and then build a temple. Some also build their own college etc. They say that they are giving a donation in the name of God and that God will give something in return. Many people say they are doing selfless service, but it is not selfless service. Where did the word ‘selfless’ come from? The Father has explained that it is not possible for anyone to do selfless service, because the fruit of it is definitely received. You now have to stay in your household. You have to do a job and take care of everything. The children should give their accounts etc. to the Father of how much they have saved. The Father will then say: Achcha, if you are poor, if you don’t have an income, if you are not able to sustain your creation fully, then just give one penny, for this is your imperishable income for 21 births. The other was for temporary happiness, whereas this is for 21 births. This is also direct. The Father says: You have to plant the seed. Sudama gave a handful of rice and received a palace in return for 21 births. He was poor, but it is the same thing as a wealthy person giving a handful of diamonds. The Father does not say anything, but each one is given individual directions to do so much. Some people are asked how they pay their expenses and, if only a little is saved, then they are given advice accordingly. Keep something for yourself because it will be useful at a time of need. You will be given directions what to do. I am responsible for all the rest. Make a good hall in your home where daughters can come and do service. Large hospitals are built, and these places too will have to be large because many people will come. If you have a lot of money, open this hospital or college. As is the village, so will be its requirements. So many children will come to claim their inheritance of health and wealth, and by doing such things we will claim the kingdom. Many will receive benefit. You will become like this for 21 births. You must take full care of your children. Sages and holy men do not understand these matters; whatever they are given, it is only used for themselves, to expand their sannyas family, to create their own places. Here, according to the effort each of you makes, you become a master of the throne. This is the inheritance that you receive. All of you children receive the inheritance from the Father. The Father simply says: Children, you have forgotten Me. You have been wandering around so much. By searching for Me in pebbles and stones, people have worn out their feet. This too is fixed in the drama and it will happen again. You went into the sun dynasty, then the moon dynasty and so expansion continued; you continued to take rebirth. All of this is in your intellects. I am the One who gives the fruit of devotion as well. What can a non-living image of stone give? After belonging to the shudra caste, you now belong to the Brahmin caste. You know that, by following shrimat, we are once again establishing the original eternal deity religion. We also did this a cycle ago, and then we went into the cycle of 84 births. Islam and Buddhism etc. are all by-plots; the entire play is based on Bharat. You were deities and you have become devils. Due to the entry of Ravan, you fell on to the path of sin, you became vicious and corruption began. Corruption was satopradhan to begin with, then it became sato, then rajo and then tamo. The Father explains: At this time, the entire tree has reached its point of decay, and so it now has to finish. The deity religion, which has ceased to exist, is being established once again. It is established cycle after cycle, but it is not accurately mentioned anywhere. The main thing is that these are the versions of God. However, there is only one God. Devotion cannot continue once there is the concept of omnipresence. To whom do they say “O God!”? If He were omnipresent, they could not even say “O God!” Everyone has to go through the satopradhan, sato, rajo and tamo stages. This is why everyone is now impure and sings: O Purifier, come! The Father comes in order to make you pure. You are now becoming pure. Everyone remembers God at a time of sorrow. They remember God “O God!” when difficulties arise, but they do not know Him. You are now receiving knowledge. You are once again becoming deities. This is the time of settlement; everyone’s karmic accounts have to be settled. Everyone is now in the graveyard. The Father comes and awakens everyone. No one else has this knowledge, but more will come to you; they will become Brahmins and expansion will take place. You can ask Baba: What would my status be if I were to leave the body now? However, you can understand this from your own stage. There is still a lot of margin in which to remember Baba. All of you are effort-makers in remembering Baba. You will become complete by the end. Once the examination is over, the war will begin. When you come close, many will receive visions. You will understand what status each of you will claim. It is a question of understanding. Souls have become senseless. The Father is now making you sensible in order to change you from worthless shells into diamonds. The Father says: Children, this is a battlefield and many storms will come. All kinds of diseases will break out. Become clever with your talents. No master is going to help you. Victory and defeat are in your own hands. The Teacher says: This is your battle with Maya. Maya will make you fall very hard. Against your conscious wish, even after you have been on this path for five or six years accurately, storms still come with such force that you will even lose sleep. The courageous ones must not get tired; they must not fail. People also play small games, where Ravan pulls from one direction and God (Rama) pulls from the other direction. You want to stay in remembrance, but Maya brings storms; that will happen anyway but you must continue to battle. You are karma yogis. Wake up early in the morning and practise remembering Father. Everything of yours is incognito. Your incognito army is remembered. You are the unknown warriors, but very well known. The Dilwala Temple is your memorial; the temple in memory of the unknown warriors, not of Lakshmi and Narayan. It is these who later become Lakshmi and Narayan. Everything of yours is incognito. There are no physical swords etc; there is just the use of the intellect. It is also sung that souls have been separated for a long period of time from God. Human beings become gurus, but only the incorporeal One is the Satguru. He is called the Purifier. So He is the Satguru and all the rest are those who belong to the iron age. Everyone calls out, claps and sings: The Purifier, Rama of all Sitas, is only One. All the knowledge is now in your intellects. You should check your own stage: Do I have any defects? The evil spirits of anger and lust should not exist. Some write: I don’t know what happens; many storms come. Baba says: Many storms will come and bring you a lot of distress, but you must be very cautious. You must remember Baba. Baba, it is Your wonder! No one knows how you are establishing the kingdom. We are God’s helpers of Bharat. People celebrate the birth of incorporeal Shiva, but they do not know when or how He came. You understand that Shiv Baba is giving you the inheritance through Prajapita Brahma. This is the inheritance from the Grandfather. Generally he is called “Baba, Baba”. There are Dada and Baba. Baba is spiritual and Dada is corporeal. The Supreme Spirit is giving the inheritance through this one. This should remain in your intellects. You must follow shrimat. The significance of “Manmanabhav” and the cycle is very easy ( to understand). You must also become swadarshanchakradhari. You are swadarshanchakradhari, but the ornaments have been shown on Vishnu because you have not yet become complete. Faith is first needed that He is our Father and Teacher and that He is teaching us and that the Satguru Himself will then take us back with Him. He does not have a father, teacher or guru Himself. Everything is explained so clearly, but, even then, it does not sit in your intellects. While living in a household, be free from attachment. We belong to the one Father: let only this stay in your intellects. You must become sticks for the blind. Whenever you talk to a friend or relative etc., ask him: What is your relationship with the Purifier, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul? That is your lokik father, but whose Father is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul? They would definitely say: Ours! Achcha. The Father is the Creator of heaven. Bharat was definitely heaven but is no longer so. Now claim your inheritance from the unlimited Father once again. This is your right. By remembering Him, you will go there. There are so many points. Your intellect must imbibe all of them. Achcha.

To the sweetest beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Remove any defects of lust or anger you may have and become a true helper of God. Beware of storms; do not become defeated by them.
  2. By following the Father’s directions , give a handful of rice like Sudama did, and claim the kingdom for 21 births.
Blessing: May you be a successful master of the self who controls your physical senses with the power of knowledge.
Hold a court every day of your co-operative workers and check that none of your physical organs or workers are repeatedly making the same mistake. When you carry out a wrong task again and again, that sanskar becomes firm. Therefore, together with checking with the power of knowledge, change it and you would then be said to be a successful master of the self. All souls who come into contact with such souls who are successful in controlling their sovereignty are content with them. So, they become worthy of everyone’s thanks.
Slogan: When you remember Karankaravanhar Baba at every moment, the ego of “I” cannot come to you.

*** Om Shanti ***



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