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Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 13 August 2017

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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

When you remember the mantra of “o ne  , the One will be visible in each one of you.

(Avyakt BapDada meeting teachers)

Today, Baba has come into the gathering of the children to take the fragrance of their love, co-operation and determination to transform. BapDada’s happiness lies in the happiness of the children. You children have had the imperishable thought to have this imperishable happiness and imperishable fragrance constantly with you at all times, have you not? Do you remember what you used to write and say to one another at the beginning of establishment? What words did you used to write? “Dear original soul”. This was the easy way to become and make others become soul conscious. You didn’t see the name or form. Do you remember your practice of those days? That was such a natural form! Did you have to make any effort? Put into practice the words of the beginning period with their deep significance and you will automatically become an embodiment of awareness. The mantra of one is: one Father, one home, one direction, constant (ek ras), one kingdom, one religion, one name – soul, one form. What will happen when you constantly remember the mantra of one? Others will see the One in each one of you. This is easy, is it not? When only One is visible in all of you, then the song that you sing, “Mine is one Father and none other”, will become automatic. You have had such a thought, have you not?

BapDada has come to meet you through the eyes. The children called and the Father came. The Father gave you children the response of your love. Whatever you requested happened, did it not? You all sent a message to Baba asking Him to come for even a few moments. Everyone’s message reached Baba. As soon as you had the thought, BapDada heard it. It reaches BapDada before it comes into sound.

(Baba s poke looking at Sister Jayanti): What does coming from abroad signify? When the heart is not far away, then even the land is not far away. The heart is close. That is why this is also the proof of being close to one another. You are showing the practical form of being companions. This is a sign of dearly beloved children. BapDada is congratulating you special instrument souls who constantly increase zeal and enthusiasm with the visible proof of it. It is not only you who Baba is seeing, but the hearts of all the children are here, even though their bodies are there. BapDada is seeing all the children in this gathering. Baba’s remembrance reaches them in any case. Nevertheless, Baba is seeing them and giving special love and remembrance to all the children who are tied with the thread of love and who are constantly close. In the same way, the hearts of the children in this land who are not here in the physical form are also here. BapDada is also giving them special love and remembrance. Achcha.

BapDada meeting Brother Nir w air.

This one is also going abroad. You have become ever-ready, have you not? This is called the sweet drama. You received a gift of the tilak of three dots from the moment you had the thought and, according to the drama, the tilak of the three dots was applied again. This tilak has already been applied and it is being applied once again. This imperishable tilak is constantly applied on your forehead, is it not? All three dots are together. BapDada has already welcomed you with this tilak in the subtle region. Is that OK? With what form are you especially going to give the message? What lesson will you especially remind everyone of?

“Constantly continue to fly with zeal and enthusiasm!” Teach everyone this special lesson from your experience. A lesson learnt through experience becomes an imperishable lesson. Let the special newness be to stay in that experience and to give others the same experience. Studying through words has continued for a long time. Everyone now needs this study. Take everyone into the flying stage with this method, because experience is the greatest of all authorities. Those who have the authority of experience cannot be attacked by any other authorities. The authority of Maya cannot work on them. Therefore, as you tour around, especially keep this method in your awareness. This will become the newness because, whenever someone goes somewhere, everyone there expects to have some newness. Speak and make others into embodiments whilst you yourself are an embodiment – let both take place simultaneously. This is your preference too, is it not? Consider the time that, according to the drama , is now fixed to be the right time for service. Your other thoughts have now finished, have they not? You are ever ready and have made all preparations in a second, have you not? All physical facilities are there. They are ready-made facilities. If something is left behind, it is not a big thing. Even if you leave here with just two sets of clothes, it doesn’t matter; you can get them ready-made there. Your subtle preparations have been made, have they not? Physical preparations are not a big deal.

Give them good news. They don’t want destruction to take place. They think that there should just be the establishment of that world. Why is there fear of destruction? It is because they think that their world will end that they are afraid. However, a new world is going to come in its place. Let them receive the good news of your thought, of your world constantly continuing to grow and becoming better and better still, for this thought has already reached the Father, the Creator of the World. The Master of the World is carrying out the task of establishing peace in the world. The desire that all of you have is for there to be one world: where there is love, where there is no fighting. The time has now come for that desire of all of you souls to be fulfilled. However, now you just have to understand how that will happen. When the method is accurate, there will also be success. You will be successful, but you don’t know how you are going to achieve it. You have already seen the result of conferences, but that thought doesn’t leave your mind. If the seed of fighting and battling were to finish, then, although weapons etc. are available, they would never have to use them, because it is not weapons that cause damage, it is anger that causes damage. The seed is anger. Therefore, if the seed is finished in this way, success is then already accomplished; the seed of fighting and battling would finish. The time for the desires of all souls to be fulfilled has now come. Time is inspiring everyone’s intellect. The incognito task that is taking place is pulling everyone towards itself, but they don’t know why they have those thoughts. Why do they have thoughts of making those things and then not using them? The task of establishment is inspiring them, but they don’t know that. You can understand yourselves that for the task of transformation, establishment cannot take place without destruction taking place. This is their wish too. Have regard for their feelings and give them this good news. However, the way you tell them is that peace can only be established by the Ocean of Peace. We are all one. On what basis will the feeling of this brotherhood be created, so that they neither have such thoughts nor have to labour? Let even the thoughts of whether they should use the weapons or not come to an end and let there be brotherhood. When it becomes a brotherhood, the Father is there in any case. Tell them everything in the form of good news. They will have to learn the lesson of peace. (Peacelessness will finish with the method of peace.) However, how can that peace come? A mantra has to be given for that. You teach the lesson of peace, do you not? I am peace, the home is peace, the Father is the Ocean of Peace and your religion is peace. So, teach them this lesson. The lesson of peace and only peace. They will experience this for a moment or two, will they not? When they have the experience of dead silence for even a moment or two, they will thankyou over and over again. Because they are very distressed, they will begin to consider you to be God. The more intellectual they are, the more distress they have. When such distressed souls receive even a handful, that will become a blessing for their lives. Whoever has a chance, take them into silence whilst speaking. Take them into that experience for even a second and they will give you many, many thanks. Create such an atmosphere that everyone experiences rays of peace. When they experience that for even just a second or half a second, they will experience it in the atmosphere. They will not be able to stay in that for a long time. Let the atmosphere become so light, for even one second or half a second, so that they give many thanks from deep inside, because they are in a state of great upheaval. BapDada feels a lot of compassion when He sees them. They cannot sleep at night or during the day; they can’t eat their meals as they should. It is as though they have a burden on them. “What will happen? How will it happen?” If such souls receive even a glimpse, what would they consider that to be? For them it would be as though the sun has come down for them. They just want one glimpse. They won’t even be able to take in that power for long. It is just a matter of a few seconds, just like waves coming and going. If they experience even this much, that would be a lot for them, because they are very distressed. The support of even something as little as a straw is a lot for them. Achcha.

Has your wish been fulfilled? The Father’s happiness lies in the happiness of the children. You are an embodiment of success, are you not? Success is always with you. Since the Father is with you, where else would success go? All success is where the Father is.

Do you know how to put a full stop or is there a question mark put on top of the full-stop? In the world nowadays, they use such explosives that from just a tiny dot a big snake (long lasting effect) is created. The full-stop should also be put here. Everything becomes merged in the point. If a matchstick is applied to their thoughts, it becomes a snake. Don’t use a matchstick and then it won’t become a snake! BapDada continues to watch the children’s games. Benefit is merged in whatever happens. There are no questions of “Why?” or “What?” You have experienced whatever you had to experience. You have transformed yourself, so now move forward. This is what it means to put a full stop. Show all the people abroad this game. They like such things!

(Dadiji and Dadi Chandermani are sitting next to Baba): This is the beauty of the procession. This is the special decoration of BapDada. In front of all of you, who is the decoration of the family? It is these Dadis, is it not? What thought do all of you especially have in your minds for these special souls? That they may live for ever. They constantly continue to give all of you co-operation by becoming immortal. Even when something happens to only one Dadi, everyone has thoughts about that. These instruments are like canopies in a physical way. In fact, you have the Father’s canopy of protection, but these experienced souls are instruments as master canopies of protection. When the sun is hot or it rains, you go under a canopy. What do all of you do when you have a problem? You have to go to them physically. You have a heart-to-heart conversation with the Father, but you still write a letter to Madhuban, do you not? You must have seen how, when people go on excursions, they put up a canopy every now and then and have entertainment programmes. It is the same here. There are umbrellas everywhere. When there is a programme, entertainment is also provided. In Madhuban, you laugh, dance and sing. So, BapDada is also pleased to see the children enjoying themselves. This love attracts everyone to the Father. Just as they are instruments, in the same way, all of you should consider yourselves to be canopies of your places. Whoever you are instruments for should experience a means of safety. They shouldn’t be dependent, but you do have to give them support. To give support and co-operation as an instrument is one thing, but don’t give them support as a bestower of support. There is a difference between giving support as an instrument and giving it as a bestower of support. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a support, and yet the other one considers you to be his or her support, then both names would be mentioned, would they not? If you give support in the right way as an instrument by considering it to be service, then that giving support increases their zeal and enthusiasm and there won’t be a report. However, when others begin to feel that you are their everything or that you are their only support, that is known as giving support by becoming a bestower of support. To consider it to be service and to give the co-operation of support as an instrument is a different matter. So, which one are all of you?



At the end, all the actors will come onto the stage together, whether they are servers through their bodies or through other different bodies. All actors coming onto the stage together will mean that there will be cries of victory and completion. Their part s are to co-operate in the task of establishment in an incognito way. You are in the visible form. They are playing their part s of establishment in an incognito way. It won’t be revealed now, because the time for the curtain to be opened will be when everyone is ever ready and complete. When the curtains are opened, completion will take place. Are all of you ready in this way? Is everything ready for the curtains to be opened? Is the rosary of heir-quality souls ready? The 108 are very close to completion. You now have to become completely perfect. Even in terms of time, you are close to perfection. Do you think so? What is the sign of that? What is the speciality of the rosary? What special sign is visible when the rosary is complete? All the beads are joined together one beside the other. That is the sign of a rosary. The speciality of your rosary is to be close to one another in your sanskars. Let the beads be joined together, next to each other. Is that preparation made? Whichever bead you see, even if it is the 108th bead, it is still together with the rest. You are together in this way. Let everyone feel that all of you beads are threaded in the rosary. Don’t question how you can all come close to one another when you all have various sanskars; no. Even whilst having a variety of sanskars, you must be seen to be close. The numbers are being created on the basis of variety, but the beads are still close to one another. A rosary cannot be created unless the beads are touching one another. If even one bead comes out of a rosary, it would be a broken rosary. It would not be a rosary that is worthy of worship. If the beads are apart from each other, it would be said that that rosary is not worthy of worship. If even the 108th bead is a little distant, it would be said that the rosary isn’t yet ready. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a master almighty authority who easily achieves success by keeping all the powers under your orders.
To the extent that you remain seated on the seat of a master almighty authority, accordingly, all the powers will remain under your orders. Whenever you give an order to your physical organs, they function according to your orders. Similarly, let the subtle powers also work under your orders. If all the powers are under your orders from now, you will be able to achieve success at the end, because where there are all powers, you have success as a birthright.
Slogan: In order to be able to stabilise yourself easily in the subtle and incorporeal stages, become egoless.
*** Om Shanti ***



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