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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, become nightingales of knowledge and continue to chirp knowledge throughout the day and you will be able to show (reveal) your physical and spiritual mothers and fathers.
Question: It is said: Grind your own ingredients and your intoxication will rise. What is the meaning of this?
Answer: To grind your own ingredients means not to let your intellect’s yoga wander here and there, but to remember the one Father. If only the one Father remains in your intellect, your intoxication can rise. However, body consciousness causes a lot of obstacles in this. When some are even a little ill, they become distressed. They begin to remember their friends and relatives and this is why their intoxication doesn’t rise. If they were to stay in yoga, their pain would lessen.
Song: You wasted the night in sleeping and the day in eating. 

Om shanti. All of these things are also written in the scriptures. They even explain them to one another. Gurus give many types of direction. Many very good devotees sit in a little room with their hand in a little cloth bag, which they call a gaumukh and turn the beads of a rosary. That too is a fashion they have been taught. The Father now says: Renounce all of that. The soul has to remember his Father. There is no question of turning the beads of a rosary in this. The best song is: Salutations to Shiva. It is only in this song that they have said: You are the Mother and Father. God alone is called the Father, the Creator. Since He is called the Creator, what does He create? Surely, everyone understands that He would only create the new world. People also sing: You are the Mother and Father and we are Your children. So, first of all, God is the Father of all. Since there is the Father, the M other is also needed. He cannot create without the Mother. It is just that people don’t know how He creates. Secondly, we all are brothers and sisters. So, then, there cannot be any vision of vice. There is the one Mother and Father. So, these points are very good to understand and then explain. Thirdly, the Father must definitely have created the world. We were His children and we have now become that once again. After completing the cycle of 84 births, we now belong to the Mother and Father, whom the people on the path of devotion remember. The Mother and Father create the world, we become His children and so He must definitely give us a lot of happiness. No one knows that God becomes the Mother and Father. He is also the Teacher and also the Satguru. We children of Brahma are brothers and sisters among ourselves. We are called Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. He is also the One who creates us. We are studying Raja Yoga from the Mother and Father in order to receive a lot of happiness. Only when we are in sorrow can we receive a lot of happiness. It is not that He will come here in the future, when we are happy, to give us these teachings. It is when we are in sorrow that we receive the teachings for going into happiness. That Mother and Father comes and gives us happiness. Adam and Eve are very well known. They too are definitely the children of God. So, who then is God? You children know that the knowledge the Father gives is for those of all religions. The intellect’s yoga of the whole world has broken away from that Father. Maya, the ghost, doesn’t allow you to connect your intellect’s yoga. Instead, she breaks the intellect’s yoga away even more. The Father comes and enables you to conquer the ghost. Nowadays, there are many people in the world with occult powers. This is the world of ghosts. The ghost of the vice of lust makes you cause sorrow for one another from its beginning, through the middle to the end. It is the work of a ghost to make you cause sorrow for one another. Ghosts don’t exist in the golden age. It has been explained that a ghost is also mentioned in the Bible. Ravan means the ghost. This is the kingdom of ghosts. There are no ghosts in the golden age, the kingdom of Rama. There is a lot of happiness there. The song “Salutations to Shiva” is very good. Shiva is the Mother and Father. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar cannot be called the Mother and Father. Shiva would still be called the Father. Adam and Eve, that is, Brahma and Saraswati, are here. There, the Christians pray to God, the Father. This Bharat is the land of the Mother and Father. His birth takes place here. So you have to explain: Since you remember the Mother and Father, we are brothers and sisters. He creates creation through Prajapita Brahma. He adopts them. Saraswati is also adopted. Prajapita Brahma has adopted us and this is how so many have become Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. Shiv Baba continues to have us adopted. Only through Brahma is the new world created. There are many methods with which to explain, but you don’t explain fully. Baba has told you many times: Play the song “Salutations to Shiva” everywhere. How are we the children of the Mother and Father? The Father sits here and explains this. The new world was established through Brahma. It is now the end of the iron age and we are establishing the golden age once again. This has to be imbibed by the intellect. K nowledge is very easy. Storms of Maya do not allow you to stay in knowledge and yoga. The intellect is amazed. You should always explain: God, the Creator of all, is One. Everyone would call Him the Father, would they not? That incorporeal One is beyond birth and death. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar have subtle costumes. It is here that people take 84 births; they don’t take them in the subtle region. You know that we are the children of the Mother and Father. We are new children. The Father has adopted us. Since he is Prajapita, the Father of the People, there would be so many people! He must surely have adopted them. They portray Brahma with many arms, but they don’t understand the meaning of that. All the images and scriptures that have emerged have to be based on the drama. It was the day of Brahma and then the path of devotion began. That has been continuing. Only the Father comes and teaches us this Raja Yoga. This should remain in your intellects. It is said: Grind your own ingredients and your intoxication will rise. However, your intellect’s yoga has to be connected to the Father. Here, the intellect’s yoga of many wanders; they remain trapped in the friends and relatives of the old world or in body consciousness. When they become even slightly ill, they become greatly distressed. Oh! but if you were to stay in yoga, your pain would decrease. If there is no yoga, how can you become free from illness etc? You should think about it: The mother and father who become the number one pure souls are the ones who come down the furthest. They have to go through a lot of settling of karma. However, because of staying in yoga, their illnesses continue to be removed. Otherwise, they would have had to have the maximum suffering of karma. However, their suffering is removed with the power of yoga, and they have a lot of happiness: We are receiving a lot of happiness of heaven from Baba. Many children don’t consider themselves to be souls. Throughout the day, they only think about their bodies. Baba comes and teaches you how tochirp knowledge. So you have to become nightingales of knowledge. Outside, there are many very good, very young daughters who continue to chirp this knowledge. It was through the kumaris that Bhishampitamai was given knowledge. The little children have to be made to become alert and active. Little children show (reveal) their physical mothers and fathers and the spiritual Mother and Father. Then, both this world and that world are glorified. So the physical mothers and fathers also have to be uplifted. You will see how little daughters uplift their mothers and fathers. Kumaris are given respect. Everyone bows down to kumaris. In the Shiv Shakti Army, all are kumaris. Although some are mothers, they are still called kumaris. Very good kumaris will emerge. It is the young daughters who will show everyone. Some young daughters are very good but some also have a lot of attachment. This attachment is very bad. This too is an evil spirit that turns you away from the Father. It is the business of Maya, the ghost, to turn you away from the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. This song “Salutations to Shiva” is the best song of all. It is in this that they say: You are the Mother and Father. Generally, in the Radhe and Krishna Temple, they show the form of a couple. There is no mention in the Gita of Radhe together with Krishna. The praise of Krishna is separate: Full of all virtues, sixteen celestial degrees full… The praise of Shiva is different. When people sing an arti (form of worship with a steel plate (thali) with a lamp on it) to Shiva, they sing so much praise, but they don’t understand the meaning of it at all. They have become tired by worshipping all the time. You know that Mama, Baba and you Brahmins are the ones who have done the most worship. You have now come and become Brahmins. It is numberwise in this too. There is also the suffering of karma which has to be settled through yoga. You have to break your body consciousness. You have to remember the Father and stay in a lot of happiness. We receive a lot of happiness from the Mother and Father. This Brahma says: I receive the inheritance from Baba. Baba has taken my chariot on loan. So Baba would offer special hospitality to this chariot. Previously, I used to think: I, the soul, am feeding this chariot. This is also a chariot. Now it would be said: That One is the One who feeds this one. This chariot has to be looked after. After a lord sits on a horse, he would also feed it with his own hands. Sometimes, he would rub its back. They look after them well because they ride them. Baba rides this one and so, would Baba not offer him that special hospitality? When Baba bathes, he thinks: I am bathing and I also have to give a bath to Baba because He has taken this chariot on loan. Shiv Baba says: I also give a bath and feed your body. I don’t eat but I do feed the body. Baba feeds it, but He Himself doesn’t eat. Baba has all of these different thoughts at the time of bathing and while walking around. This is something of his experience. Baba Himself says: I enter this one at the end of his many births. This one doesn’t know about his births; I know them. You say that Baba is once again giving you knowledge. You have to claim your inheritance of heaven. In the golden age there are kings and also subjects. You have to make effort to claim your full inheritance from the Father. If you don’t claim it now you, will miss it every cycle. You won’t be able to claim such a high status. It is a deal for birth after birth. Therefore, you have to follow shrimat so much! You will become instruments every cycle. You have been receiving your inheritance every cycle. This study is for cycle after cycle. You have to pay a lot of attention to this. You can keep the aim for seven days and then also study the murli at home. It is made very easy for you. The drama should remain in your intellects. This is called The W orld U niversity,so if you go anywhere, even to America, you can claim your inheritance from the Father. You simply just have to imbibe this for a week. You are the children of God and so you are brothers and sisters. There is Prajapita Brahma and so all of his children are brothers and sisters. When you live at home with your family as brothers and sisters, you would surely remain pure. It is very easy. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. In order to save yourself from Maya, the ghost, remain engaged in knowledge and yoga. Renounce the evil spirit of attachment and show the Father. Chirp knowledge.
  2. Pay full attention to the study and claim your inheritance from the Father. Under no circumstances should you lose this chance every cycle.
Blessing: May you become a victorious jewel who gains victory over the suffering of karma with the stage of a karma yogi.
When you become a karma yogi, any suffering of karma through the body is not experienced as suffering. If some has an illness in the mind, that person would be said to be ill. However, if your mind is free from any form of illness, you are then constantly healthy. Simply lie down on the bed of the snake like Vishnu and churn knowledge and remain cheerful. With churning power, you will have the chance of diving even deeper into the ocean. Only such karma yogis are able to gain victory over the suffering of karma and become victorious jewels.
Slogan: Make courage your companion and you will achieve success in every deed.

*** Om Shanti ***

Sweet elevated versions of Mateshwari

What people pray to God for and what they attain

“You are the Mother and Father and we are Your children, and due to Your grace, we have an abundance of happiness” To whom is this praise sung? Definitely, this is sung to God because God Himself came in the form of the Mother and Father and gave limitless happiness to this world. Definitely, God created a world of happiness at some point, for this is why they call out to Him as the Mother and Father. However, people do not know what happiness is. When there was limitless happiness on this earth, there was also peace on the earth, but there isn’t that happiness any more. People definitely have that desire for happiness. However, some then ask for wealth, some ask for children and some even ask that they remain a faithful wife, that they never become widows, their desire is only for happiness. So, God will definitely fulfil their desires at some point. In the golden age, when there is heaven on earth, there is constant happiness there, where women are never widowed. So, that desire is fulfilled in the golden age where there is limitless happiness. Otherwise, it is hell at this time. At this time, human beings are only suffering in sorrow. Achcha.

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