Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 12 NOVEMBER 2017

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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

Let spiritual light and the water of knowledge reach every place in the world.

Today, Bap and Dada had a heart-to-heart conversation in the subtle region. As well as that, they also looked at the splendour of the children. They were very pleased to see the splendour of the variety of children in Madhuban, the land of blessings, at the present time. Just as there are many connections of lightfrom a physical powerhouse, soBapDada saw how many connections have gone from the power house of Madhuban. In how many corners of the world have connections of light already been made and in how many places have there not been any connections made? Government s today try to make sure that there is definitely light and water everywhere, in every corner and village of their countries. So, what is the Pandava Government doing? The Ganges of knowledge are going everywhere. The connections of light with the P owerhouse are going everywhere. When you look at cities and towns from up above, you can see that some places have light. It is very clearly visible whether there are lights close to one another or whether they are spread out far apart. BapDada also saw the view from the subtle region – of how many places the light has reached and how many places still have to receive it. All of you also know the result and how there are still many places that need to be given that connection in this land and abroad. Unless a place has light and water, it has no value. In the same way, what is the condition of living souls where there is no supply of spiritual light or water of knowledge? They are in darkness and wandering around very thirsty and desperate. What value would you say there is of such souls? You have created a picture showing souls as worthless as shells and as valuable as diamonds. When they receive the light and the water of knowledge they change from shells into diamonds and their value thereby increases. BapDada saw that the children who have come from this land and abroad are going back to their respective places having taken special power from the P owerhouse.

On the one hand, out of love for the children, BapDada feels that the decoration of Madhuban, that is, the decoration of BapDada’s home, is leaving. Whenever children come to Madhuban and their sweet home, what is the splendour of Madhuban? You children also understand that your loving companions have come to increase the splendour of Madhuban. All of you remember Madhuban while doing everything and that memory remains constantly fresh. In the same way, BapDada and the Madhuban residents always remember all of you, too. As well as love, service is also a special subject and this is why, out of love, you feel that you just want to stay here. However, in terms of service, you have to go everywhere. The time will come when you won’t need to go anywhere but all the moths will automatically come to the Flame from everywhere in one place. You see how Abu belongs to you! This is just a small sample. You now had to rent places for accommodation, but even then, you only saw a little sparkle. The time will come when angels will be visible everywhere. Now, it is the part of service through words that is being played and a little of that still remains to be done. This is why you have to go far, far away. You were told earlier about elevated service through thoughts. At the end too, it will be this form of service that will be clearly visible. They will feel that someone is calling them, that someone is calling them with pure thoughts through a divine intellect. Through that divine intellect they will be able to see the Father and the place. Everyone will very quickly reach their elevated destination with both types of experience. What will you do this year?

You have made effort well. This year you will give light to every place that remains anyway, but you have to reveal the speciality of every place this year. This year, reveal the speciality of every place. The big service centres, in particular, must have an aim. Just as you sometimes have an aim for a religious conference in order to gather people of all religions, or to invite politicians and scientists and have different sneh-milans (loving gatherings or meetings), similarly, this year, in every place, prepare people of all types of different occupations and form relationships with them. At present, you say that, here, you have those from the East and also the West, that in the one place, you have people from all castes, countries, religions, etc. In the same way, they should say that you have people here from all occupations. Let all the special souls be visible in just one bouquet of various flowers. Let there be a gathering of special souls of every occupation at every centre so that the sound spreads throughout the world that the one Father and this one true knowledge is so easy for those of all occupations That is, let people of all different occupations be visible together on the stage at every service centre. No occupation should be left out. Let the unique sparkle be visible of having all varieties from the poor to the wealthy, from those from villages to those from big cities, from labourers to senior administrators. Let all special souls of all varieties be there, so that no one can ask, “Is this spiritual knowledge only for certain types of people?” The Father of all is for everyone. Everyone, from children to great-grandfathers, should experience this knowledge to be especially for them. Just as only one sound emerges from the minds and hearts of all of you Brahmins, and that is, “Our Baba”, in the same way, let souls of every occupation in every corner of the world say from their hearts that the Father has come for them and that this knowledge is the support for them. This is the sound that should emerge from all types of souls everywhere about the Bestower of Knowledge and the knowledge itself. You do continue to serve those of all the different occupations, but let there be every type of variety at every place. Then, bring a bouquet of all those from the variety of occupations to BapDada. Then, every centre will become a special living museum of the gathering of all the souls of the world. Do you understand? Form relationships with all of those who are in contact with you and then bring them onto the stage of service. From time to time, continue to bring onto the stage of service all the VIPs and journalists who have come. Then, when those souls themselves speak through their lips, that will become the way to bind them to God. If they just say that this is very good once, and then become distant, they forget. But if they continue to say, “This is good, this is good” many times in front of others, then those words will also become a means to increase their enthusiasm to become good. As well as that, there is also a subtle law that however many are influenced by them, the one who influences them also receives a share, that is, a treasure-store is accumulated in his or her account of charity. That treasure-store of charity, that is, the charitable, elevated deeds, will continue to pull that soul to become elevated. Therefore, whatever they themselves have taken directly from the Father’s land, whether a little or a lot, enable them to donate it, that is, enable them to do this service. Just as they receive the fruit of donating physical wealth in the form of a birth in a kingdom, in the same way, donating the wealth of knowledge and their experiences – will make them worthy of coming into the new kingdom. They became very impressed! Now, make the souls who have been impressed do service and make them move forward with the strength of that service, and make them instruments for many others. Do you understand what you have to do? Service is increasing and will continue to increase. However, now create a variety of students in each class.

Now, in this year’s season, the turn of all those from abroad meeting BapDada in the corporeal form is coming to an end. However, those from this land are being invoked, because as you were told, the system has to be according to the time in the corporeal world, whereas in the subtle region, you are free from this bondage. Achcha.

To all the serviceable children everywhere who have zeal and enthusiasm, to the souls, the children, who are close and who constantly experience themselves to be with the Father, to the elevated souls who remain constantly stable in remembrance of One, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

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BapDada meeting brothers and sisters who run Gita Pathshalas:

Today, the Supreme Soul has come to meet His great souls. BapDada sees all the children as great souls. What are the souls who are considered to be great souls in this world seen as, compared with you great souls? Do you know what the greatest speciality is through which you have become great souls?

Souls who have been considered unworthy (by the world), especially mothers, have been made into worthy souls, that is, those who have a right to the Father. The Father has made those who were considered to be the shoes of the feet into the lights of His eyes. There is a saying: If there is no light (sight), there is no world. In the same way, BapDada is showing the world: If there are no incarnations of the Mothers, the Shaktis, in Bharat, then Bharat cannot be uplifted. Such unworthy souls have been made into worthy souls. Therefore, you have become great souls, have you not? All those who now know the Father and have thereby made Him belong to them, are great. Do you Pandavas know Him and have you also made Him belong to you? Or, do you just know Him? All are in the list of knowing Him, but it becomes numberwise in making Him belong to you.

To make Him belong to you means to experience your rights, and to experience your rights means for all types of dependency (bondages) to finish. There are many types of dependency. One is the dependency of the self on the self. The second dependency is of forming a relationship with everyone. There is the dependency of coming into contact and forming a relationship with knowledgeable or non-knowledgeable souls. The third dependency is through matter and adverse situations. If you are influenced by any one of these dependencies, it proves that you don’t have all rights.

Therefore, now check yourself to see whether the experience of making the Father belong to you, that is, of being one with all rights is constantly with you and in all aspects. Or, is it that you only experience this sometimes and only in certain situations and not in other situations? BapDada is pleased to see the elevated fortune of the children because you have been saved from the many types of fire in the world. Today’s human beings are burning in many types of fire, whereas you children are sitting on the shores of the cool Ocean. You are merged in the cool waves of the Ocean and have the attainment of supersensuous joy and peace. The atomic bombs and all the different fires of the bomb of which people are afraid are just a matter of minutes. Nowadays, the fires of all the different types of things that hurt souls, such as sorrow, worries and problems make souls experience themselves to be burning alive; they are neither alive nor dead. They are neither able to let go of anything nor create anything. You have moved away from such a life and now have an elevated life. This is why you constantly have mercy for everyone and have made your homes into centres. You have all kept a very good aim of service. Now, there are centres in every village and district. However, let there now be a study place of knowledge in every street. On the path of devotion, they create places for deities, whereas here; there has to be a Brahmin soul in every home. In every home, they may not have anything else, but they would definitely have a picture of deities. In the same way, let there be a real Brahmin soul in every home. When there is a study place of knowledge in every street, the flag of revelation will be hoisted in every street. A lot of service now remains to be done. Nevertheless, you children have maintained courage. BapDada congratulates you courageous children for whatever service you have done so far. He also gives you pure blessings to move constantly forward by constantly taking help. When you come here after you have celebrated Deepawali by igniting all the lamps in every home, BapDada will give you a prize.

BapDada is pleased to see that you are playing a practical part of challenging the great souls, of giving the proof of a pure household, of making your limited home into a place for the Father’s service and of being worthy children. This is why BapDada is constantly pleased to see such serviceable children. In this too, the majority is of mothers. If the Pandavas go ahead in any situation, then the Shaktis are always happy. BapDada also places the Pandavas at the front. The Pandavas themselves feel that it is essential to keep the Shaktis in the front. What is the first thing you try to do? Who will read the murli? You follow Father Brahma in this too. Father Shiva placed mother Brahma in the front and mother Brahma placed mother Saraswati in the front. So, this is following mother and father, is it not? Always have the awareness that your moving forward is merged in making others move forward. Since BapDada cast His vision on the mothers, even people of the world have started chanting the slogan, “Ladies first“. They do say this, do they not? If you look at the politics of Bharat, you will see that all the men sing praise of women. In one way, even the Pandavas are females; each soul is a female and the Supreme Soul is a male. So, what does this mean? You say, “The soul says”, using the female gender, not the male gender. You may become what you want but you are females. In front of God, a soul is a female. Are you not lovers? You are those who fulfil all relationships with the one Father. You have made this promise, have you not? BapDada was having a heart-to-heart conversation with the children. All of you long-lost and now-found children are those who stay in the experience of constantly belonging to the one Father and none other. Only such children become elevated souls equal to the Father. Achcha.

To all those who constantly maintain zeal and enthusiasm in service, to those who constantly have elevated feelings of benevolence, to the souls who through their elevated courage are worthy of BapDada’s help, to the great souls who are instruments for such service places, love, remembrance and namaste from the Supreme Soul.

Blessing: May you be filled with good wishes and pure feelings and remain constantly alert with the awareness of your responsibility.
You children are responsible for transforming matter and the attitudes of human souls. However, you will only be able to fulfil this responsibility, when your attitude is filled with good wishes and pure feelings, and is satopradhan and powerful. The awareness of this responsibility keeps you constantly alert. To grant liberation and liberation in life to every soul, to enable them to claim a right to the inheritance is a huge responsibility. Therefore, let there be no carelessness and do not let your attitude be ordinary.
Slogan: Reveal the Father, the Bestower of Support, through your every deed and many souls will then find their destination.


*** Om Shanti ***


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