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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

To be a complete conqueror of vice means to go beyond all limited desires.

Today, BapDada is looking at His most elevated arms. All of you arms with your love and power are engaged in the task of world transformation. All of you are the arms of the One and this is why you all have the one desire to re-awaken your brothers and sisters of your own Godly family who, because of not knowing the Father or their real family, are deprived of attaining their fortune from the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, even though they are His children. Introduce them to the Father with a drop of one right or another because all of you are the seniors of the whole dynasty. So, elder children are said to be equal to the Father. This is why elders automatically have mercy and love for their ignorant younger brothers and sisters. Just as the elders of limited families always pay attention to the family, in the same way, all of you seniors of the unlimited family also pay this attention, do you not? This is such a big family. Does the whole, unlimited family stay in front of you? You are master suns who spread rays of mercy, rays of spiritual good wishes and rays of blessings to everyone, are you not? For as long as the sun is high, it is able to spread its rays everywhere. When it goes down, it is not able to spread its rays everywhere. In the same way, only when you highest-on-high ones remain stable in an elevated stage, like the Father, can you spread unlimited rays, that is, can you become unlimited servers. All of you are such unlimited servers, are you not? You are Kamdhenus who fulfil the desires of all, are you not? You, who fulfil everyone’s desires, are not still busy fulfilling the desires of your own minds, are you? If the desires of your own minds are not fulfilled, how would you fulfil the desires of others? Your greatest desire was to attain the Father. Now that that elevated desire has been fulfilled, all the other smaller, limited desires were included in that one elevated desire. Can any limited desires remain in front of this elevated, unlimited desire? Those limited desires don’t allow you to oppose Maya. Those limited desires don’t allow you to do unlimited service in an unlimited stage. Check with precision the way the limited desires: generally, there is some trace or progeny of the vice of lust. Therefore, because of being under the influence of desires, you are unable to oppose it. You cannot then become those who fulfil the unlimited desire. To be a conqueror of lust means to be a conqueror of limited desires. You are the special souls who fulfil such desires. With the stage of “Manmanabhav”, you will be able to fulfil any limited desires of the mind, that is, you will be able to end them and fulfil the desires of others. Now, by remaining stable in the stage beyond sound, you can become conquerors of lust in the stage of retirement, that is, you can become samples in front of the world. Your younger brothers and sisters are looking to you elders with this desire. They are calling out to you: Fulfil our desires! Fulfil our desires for happiness and peace! So, what will you do? Fulfil your desires or fulfil their desires? Let the elevated slogan emerge in everyone’s heart – not by someone saying it or in line with the atmosphere of the gathering’s code of conduct, but let it emerge in your heart: “ignorant of the knowledge of desires.”

Some children are very clever. They even become clever with the One who is the cleverest of all. It is their limited desire, but they would say: It is like this or it is like that, it is a pure desire, it is a desire for service. It is their own desire but they give it an external form of service. This is why, smilingly, knowingly, seeing everything, and understanding their cleverness, BapDada doesn’t give some children signals externally. However, according to the drama, they definitely do receive a signal. How is that? When their limited desires are fulfilled, the form is of attainment, but one internal desire continues to create many other desires. This is why they continue to receive signals in the form of confusion in the mind. No matter how much they continue to eat, drink and sing because of some limited external attainment, it is just a means of their hiding the confusion in their minds. Their minds are not content. They would be content for a temporary period, but they cannot have a stage of contentment all the time, they cannot sing the song from their hearts, “Having found the Father, I have found everything.” They even say to the Father: I have found You, but I definitely want this too. Their desires, “I want, I want”, are never satisfied. Now, according to the time, let there be the same sound from everyone, “ignorant of the knowledge of desires”, for only then will you be able to fulfil the desires of others. Now, in a short time, the world will experience each of you elevated souls to be a living treasure store. They will come in the form of beggars. The sound will emerge: Only you are an overflowing treasure-store. Even now, they are still looking for someone, but they are not able to understand clearly where that One is or who that One is. However, the arrow of time will now be put up. Just as there are road signs like an arrow which show in which direction to go, in the same way, everyone will experience: Go there! Have you become such overflowing treasure stores? Time will also co-operate with you; it will not be a teacher, but it will co-operate. Before time, BapDada wishes to see all the children in their perfect form, in the form of overflowing treasure-stores, ignorant of the knowledge of desires and as contented souls. This is because, if you don’t fill yourselves with those sanskars now, then, at the end, you will not be able to become those who have a right to the attainment of having had those sanskars for a long period of time. This is why you are the images of support for the world. You are the lights of the world. You are the lamps of the clan (kul-deepak) of the world. All of you souls who have a right to all the elevated praise must now become revealed to the world in your complete form. Do you understand?

BapDada, with His loving form, welcomes with love all the special, serviceable children who have come. He is shaking hands with equality with the children who are right hands. Welcome. Achcha.

To all those who fulfil the desires of the world, to the constantly complete and contented souls, to those who are images of support for the world, to those who remain stable in the elevated desire for world benefit at all times, to those who become master world protectors in front of the world and protect everyone, to all the most elevated, great souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting brothers and sisters who have come for the meeting:

Serviceable children would already have made plans for service in their minds. However, you will speak about them in the meeting to make them practical. Whatever service is taking place, every type of service would be said to be the best of all. For instance, as time is coming close, it is bringing upheaval into everyone’s intellect. According to such times, make such a powerful plan that you are able to plough the land. The field is always ploughed before the seeds are sown. What happens when you plough fields? There is upheaval and after the seeds are sown they easily grow. In the same way, now use the plough of upheaval. Which upheaval? You were told today that everyone has the understanding, “There is someone.” However, let the now have the understanding, “This is the One” or “This One is the only One.” The plough of this upheaval has not been used as yet. They have now reached the point where they say, “There are others, and there is also you.” However, now shoot the arrow so that they say, “This is the only one.” Let souls who have received such a touching now come in front of you. Revelation will take place when there is such upheaval. What is the method for this? All types of methods are used when you have different programmes. You hold conferences and you are invited onto the stages of others. You also create your own stage and have yoga camps. All of these facilities have brought people close and they have become free from whatever doubts they had. They have come close. However, let them should now come close to the stage of claiming a right to the inheritance. They have become those who say, “Wah, wah!”, but let them now become heirs. Let it now be heard loud and clear that you are the only ones who will show the true path, that you are the ones who will enable them to meet the Father. You are those who will save them, not those who will make them run away from their homes. So, let the method and the atmosphere now be like this. Let the form of the stage be like this. Everyone should have the same thought. Let the impact of the atmosphere be powerful. The atmosphere of love is there, but you now have to add a little more peace and power to it. In terms of the world, they do experience peace, but let them now be shot with such an arrow of peace that they cannot stay without the Ocean of Peace. They like the colour of your company for that length of time, but you must now make them become firmly coloured and this colour should continue to pull them, bring them close and into a relationship with you. You were told: Whatever you have done so far has been the best of all. However, although you have prepared the golden jewellery, it now has to be studded. In today’s world, they want practical proof. Therefore, let them experience peace and power as the practical proof. Even if it is for a moment, experience is such that the power of that experience will definitely bring them into a close relationship. So, you will make plans. BapDada is pleased with the courage and enthusiasm of you children. You are the children who are keen to serve. You have deep love for serving. Everyone definitely thinks that there is now a need for some newness. In order to bring about newness, let everyone first of all have unity of thought. Someone says something and everyone accepts it. Always remain determined in this unity of thought. If even one brick shakes, it makes the whole wall shake. If the thought of even one person becomes weak due to circumstances or any other reason, then the whole programme becomes weak. Therefore, have determination within yourself and then think: I have to do this. I will receive everyone’s co-operation. Then try it out. BapDada is pleased with your service. There isn’t anything serious, but the jewels now need to be set in the gold so that they can attract from a distance.

Abroad, too, children have very good courage. They laugh amongst themselves that their “mike” has reached here, the sound has been created. However, someone who makes only a little sound has arrived. Someone who makes a loud sound has not yet arrived. Even so, you have reached this far. You have good courage. Achcha.

Your worthy-of-worship forms must now be revealed. You are worthy of worship, not worshippers. People should now experience: These are our especially beloved deities, our ancestors, our worthy-of-worship ones and they are the ones who will fulfil all our desires. You were told: Your limited thoughts and desires now have to finish. Only then will this wave spread. Even now, there is still a little of “mine”. Now finish “My sanskars, my nature.” The Father’s sanskars are my sanskars. Those are the original sanskars, are they not? The transformation of Brahmins is the basis of world transformation. So, what will you now do? You definitely have to give lectures, but when you start to speak, let them go beyond sound. Let your lectures be like this. You will have to speak. You will come into sound and they will go beyond sound. Let it not just be words, but words filled with experience. Let this wave spread in everyone. For instance, when someone relates something and it creates a wave of laughter, or of crying or of disinterest, that is temporary. However, that wave still spreads. In the same way, let a wave of experience now spread. This is what has to happen. For instance, at the beginning of establishment, they used to start the chant of “Om” and very many would have trance visions; a wave of that would spread. In the same way, let a wave of experience spread in the gathering. For some, let there be the experience of peace and for others power; let this wave spread. Let them not become those who just listen, but let there be a wave of experience. For instance, anyone who goes under a spring of water would experience coolness and freshness. In the same way, let them continue to experience peace, love, power, bliss and supersensuous joy. Today, science is able to give you the experience of hot and cold; a whole room would have the same temperature. So, can so many of you Shiv Shaktis and Pandavas, you master oceans of peace, power and everything else, not spread this wave? Achcha.

So many with broad and unlimited intellects have gathered here. The Shakti Army is also big. It is not a small thing for so many elevated souls to come together in Madhuban at the same time. Now, at present, you are ordinary with each other and so you find everything to be ordinary. Each one of you is such an elevated soul. There cannot be such a gathering of so many elevated souls at any other time throughout the whole cycle. The importance of each one is no less. You now consider one another to be ordinary. As you progress further, you will consider each one to be a special soul according to his or her speciality. Now, you note trivial things about people a lot more than their specialities. Sit and think about it: each one of you is an ancestor of so many devotees. All of you are especially beloved deities, are you not? Each especially beloved deity would have so many devotees. You are not small personalities, are you? Even one idol has so much importance. Therefore, if so many especially beloved deities come together, what would happen? You are powerful, but you are hidden amongst yourselves and therefore hidden from the world. In fact, the value of each one is countless. When BapDada sees the importance of the children, He is very proud that each child is so great. You understand who you are at times and not at other times. Otherwise, you are very great. You are not ordinary personalities. When even a little revelation takes place, you too will know who you are. The Father sees your greatness. All of you are revealed to the Father. Achcha. Conduct a class too on what the speciality of each one of you is. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a Brahmin who is to become an angel who maintains imperishable intoxication and experiences spiritual pleasure and joy.
You Brahmins who are to become angels are even higher than the deities. Knowledge of the Father will not emerge in the lives of a deities. There won’t even be the experience of a meeting with God. Therefore, now, always have the intoxication that you are Brahmins who are to become angels and are even higher than the deities. Only this imperishable intoxication will enable you to experience spiritual pleasure and joy. If you don’t constantly have this intoxication, then you will sometimes be in pleasure and sometimes confused.
Slogan: Surrender even your service to the Father and you will then be called a surrendered soul.


*** Om Shanti ***

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