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Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 12 August 2017

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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, the religion and action of you Brahmins of the confluence age is to drink the nectar of knowledge and also to give it to others to drink. You do the service of changing residents of hell into residents of heaven.
Question: Of which deep philosophy of karma have you Brahmins been given knowledge?
Answer: If, after belonging to the Father, you ever perform a sinful act through your senses, there will be one hundred-fold punishment for each sin committed. You Brahmins have this knowledge and this is why you cannot perform any sinful acts. The aim of you Brahmins is to become full of all virtues. Therefore, you have to make effort to remove your defects.
Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord.

Om shanti. The name of the unlimited Father is the Innocent Lord. He is definitely the same One who makes human beings into deities. All human beings are part of the devilish community. They cannot change human beings into deities. It is of that One that it is sung: It didn’t take Him long to change humans into deities. Deities reside in the land of immortality whereas this is the land of death. The Father would surely come into the land of death to tell you the story of immortality to make you immortal. Now, it didn’t take Him long to change human beings into deities; who would this be said of? He definitely adopts shudras, and so it would be said that He brings the human beings who belong to the shudra clan into the Brahmin clan. All of you many children say: We are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, the children of Brahma. Prajapita (Father of Humanity) exists and so he would definitely have adopted children. They are all mouth-born creation; nevertheless the mother and Father are definitely needed. It would also be said to be the mouth-born creation of Mama. You are the mouth-born creation of Baba and also the mouth-born creation of Dada. There is no mention of a creation born through a womb. Iron-aged brahmins are created through a womb whereas you Brahmins are mouth born. Those brahmins tie one another with a bond in order to make them drink poison, whereas you Brahmins make them tie a bond with God to enable them to drink nectar. There is so much difference! They are those who make others into residents of hell whereas you are those who make others into residents of heaven. With the nectar of knowledge, you change from human beings into deities. We become children of God and so we also receive help. There are real children and stepchildren. Stepchildren do not receive as much help as real children. Only real children receive the Father’s love. If someone doesn’t have a real child, he would love his brother’s children, or he would adopt a child. You now know the castes. Although they show the variety-form image, no one can show you their history and geography or what happens through that. The Father now explains to you: This cycle continues to turn. You took this many births in the deity religion and this many births in the warrior religion. Here, there is no question of lies. You explain and prove the 84 births. Everyone definitely has to become satopradhan and then go through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. The deities who were satopradhan have now become tamopradhan. This human world tree has now reached a state of total decay, that is, it has become a graveyard. This is the time of settlement. The old karmic accounts of everyone have to be settled and a new birth taken. They keep an account book of their wealth, whereas here, you have an account of actions. It is an account of half the cycle. The accounts of all the sins that people have been committing have been continuing. It isn’t that the account is settled by experiencing punishment just once; no. How did souls become sinful? The burden of karma increased day by day and souls have become completely tamopradhan. Some then say: Since sannyasis adopt renunciation, why should they be tamopradhan? However, the Father says: Their renunciation is rajopradhan. You now receive shrimat. Those directions are of human beings. People say that they attain eternal liberation, but how? All actors definitely have to be present here. No one can return home. They have written many such things in the Gita. The first thing is that of omnipresence. You children now have remembrance of the Father in you. There is the Father, the Creator, and, together with Him, are His creation. There isn’t just the Father, but even His creation has to be remembered. You are doing your business and, together with that, you also know the incorporeal world, the subtle region, Shiv Baba’s biography and you also know Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. Then you also know Jagadamba and Jagadpita of the confluence age. Jagadamba, Saraswati is remembered. There are many pictures of her. In fact, the main one is Jagadamba, Saraswati. This Brahma is corporeal and then he becomes angelic. After that, the angelic Brahma becomes the corporeal emperor Shri Narayan and the 84 births begin. You now continue to do your business and so you mustn’t perform any such sinful acts through your physical senses that they become sins. Otherwise, you won’t be able to become full of all virtues. It is remembered: I am without virtue; I have no virtues. At this time, it is the land of falsehood. It is only the one Father who establishes the land of truth. At this time, all human beings have become orphans. You children should now not have any defects. The first defect is body consciousness. It takes a lot of effort to become soul conscious. All other vices come due to body consciousness. Ego is the number one enemy. The Father tells you directly: Beloved children, renounce the ego of the body. I don’t have a body. I come and speak to you through these organs. You listen and understand through your organs. The unlimited Father is now giving you directions: Remember Me and your sins will be absolved. Don’t perform any such sinful acts that you would defame the name and also destroy your status. The Father says: Children, no one else can teach you Raja Yoga and make you into the masters of the world. The Father is now explaining the truth to you. You are sitting in the company of the Truth in order to listen to the truth and to become the masters of the land of truth. His name is the Truth. He is the Ocean of true knowledge. The Father says: I am the Ocean of Knowledge. You rivers of knowledge emerge from the Ocean of Knowledge. Those rivers emerge from an ocean of water. How can they be called the Purifier? The Purifier can only be God who is the Ocean of Knowledge. That Ganges does not go to the whole world. This is the task of the unlimited Father alone. You change from shudras into Brahmins. You Brahmins are the topknot, but you would not be called satopradhan at this time because all of you are effort-makers; you do service. You are God’s children and it is because you are the ones who make Bharat into heaven that there is great respect forBrahmins. It isn’t that Lakshmi and Narayan make Bharat into heaven. The Father makes it that through you Brahmins and not through the deities. The Father has to come into the old world to create a new world. The unlimited Father created the new building of heaven. Something new definitely has to become old. When a physical father builds a new home, it definitely becomes old. It isn’t that the father made it become old. From being satopradhan, everything definitely becomes tamopradhan. In the same way, the whole world will definitely become old from new. Now, renounce all the religions of the body and consider yourself to be a soul. The Father is telling all of you children: Your play is now coming to an end. You now have to return home. You haven’t forgotten, have you? That I have come to teach you easy Raja Yoga? We also met one another 5000 years ago. I taught you Raja Yoga. Do you remember that? You haven’t forgotten that, have you? I come and give you that sovereignty every cycle. I change you from shells into diamonds. Children say: Baba, can I not be liberated from this cycle? The Father says: No! This world cycle is eternal. If you became free from the cycle, the world would end. This cycle definitely has to turn. I have come once again. I continue to come at the confluence age of every cycle. They have written that I come in every age. They say: O Purifier, come and purify us! Take us to the land of happiness! In the impure world, there is nothing but sorrow. Achcha, I have two lands. Where would you like to go? The Father says: There is a lot of happiness in the land of happiness. Even if you go to the land of liberation, you definitely do have to come to play your part s. However, you will then descend when heaven has ended. Will you not come to heaven? Do you not have any desire for heaven? Do you only want to go into Maya’s kingdom, into hell? At that time too, everyone will first be sato, then rajo and then tamo. Pure souls who come down cannot experience sorrow at first. They would not commit sin as soon as they come, for souls have to go through the sato, rajo and tamo stages. This cycle too has to be understood. You cannot go into your final stage now. At school too, the final examinations take place every 12 months. Your stage will become firm at the end. There will be a lot of growth. So many centres have opened. Many people ask for centres. However, not that many teachers are ready. The first-class shift is that of amrit vela. If someone is unable to come in the morning, then, in desperate circumstances, he can come in the evening. At schooltoo, there are two shifts. OK children, did you understand? The Father is explaining to the children at all the centres. Children, write up your chart every night. Was my register spoilt today? Did I make any mistakes today? Then, ask the Father for forgiveness: Shiv Baba forgive me. You are so sweet. God says: I am making you into master gods and goddesses of heaven. Therefore, obey My orders. The number one order is: Become soul conscious! Don’t indulge in vice! It is a great enemy. If you don’t conquer it, your status will be destroyed and you will become someone who defames the name of the clan. Maya is very powerful. There is the battle of the flame and the storm. You have to show bravery in this. We now belong to Baba, so how can Maya create obstacles? Yes, she will create storms, but you must never perform any sinful acts through your physical senses. You receive a very high status. Just think about it. If you tell others that you are studying to change from an ordinary man into Narayan, they will all laugh at you. Here, you need to imbibe knowledge. Here, you have to make it firm that you are a soul, because only then will you become satopradhan and go to the Father, and He will then send you to heaven. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, those who are numberwise according to their efforts, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Pay attention that your register is not spoilt. Obey the Father’s orders and become soul conscious. Don’t make any mistakes through your physical senses.
  2. In order to become full of all virtues, don’t perform any sinful acts through your physical senses which would make you accumulate sin. You have to settle all your old karmic accounts.
Blessing: May you constantly be unshakeable and immovable and with the method of “nothing new”, experience a stage of pleasure in every situation.
To be Brahmins means to be those who are constantly in a stage of pleasure. Let the song constantly and naturally be playing in your heart, “Wah Baba. Wah my fortune.” Let there not be any exclamation mark (surprise) in any situation of upheaval in the world, but a full stop. No matter what happens, for you it is nothing new. Nothing is a new situation. Let your internal stage be so unshakeable that your mind does not become confused in “What?” and “Why?” you can then be said to be unshakeable and immovable souls.
Slogan: Let there be pure feelings and good wishes in your attitude and then pure vibrations will continue to be spread.

*** Om Shanti ***



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