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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, the Father is the Lord of the Poor. It is only you poor children who take a handful of knowledge from the Father and become wealthy. The Father makes you equal to Himself.
Question: How were the obstacles to the sacrificial fire of Rudra that have been remembered created by devils?
Answer: Human beings think that perhaps devils put all sorts of rubbish and cow dung etc. into the sacrificial fire, but it wasn’t like that. When a child here has ego or there are bad omens, it is as though rubbish is being thrown. When they become angry and speak useless things, these are the things that create the biggest obstacles in this sacrificial fire of Rudra. Some children keep bad company and make their lives worthless. Maya slaps them hard and makes them insolvent.

Om shanti. You children are sitting in remembrance and it is as though you are sitting in yoga. Each of you knows that you have to become satopradhan from tamopradhan. This is incognito effort. There is no question of greatness in this. The Father remains so egoless. The one He enters is also egoless. Prajapita Brahma has so many children and yet his behaviour is so simple; it is like that of an older person at home. It is also said of the incorporeal One: He is egoless; He is incognito. He doesn’t feel that He should have great external show. When there is external show for someone, everyone comes to know about that one. The name is glorified through external show. The Father says: All of those customs and systems are of iron-aged, body-conscious people. Here, He simply comes and goes in silence. Baba always says: No one should come to the station to welcome me. There should be no chaos. The Father says: Let Me remain incognito. Only in this way is there pleasure. People don’t take long to kill someone important or someone who has external show. Baba is the Highest on High and yet His activity is like that of the poorest of the poor. The Father is the Lord of the Poor and He only comes to meet the poor. Wealthy ones would only go to meet famous, well-known people. That One loves poor people. People have mercy for the poor, and so the Father has mercy for you poor ones. He gives you a handful of knowledge so that you can become wealthy. It is difficult for wealthy ones to remain here; they don’t care for this path of knowledge. Wealthy people help the Government a lot; they are well known. There, the names of those who give a lot of donations are published in the newspapers. Here, when a poor person donates something in charity, it should be published in the papers. They (like Sudama) gave a handful and received a palace in return. The Father is remembered as the Lord of the Poor. He meets everyone, whereas an important person would not meet someone who sells spices. However, here, there are only the poor; they are the ones who have to be made wealthy. The Father is incognito. Only the poor will claim their inheritance from the Father as they did in the previous cycle. It is fixed in the drama. The wealthy cannot sacrifice themselves. Yes, if one of them were to make Shiv Baba his Heir, he would show wonders. The Father says: I enter an ordinary body. It is sung: He is incorporeal and egoless. They sing of the Creator who comes wrapped in a quilt (the One who sits in someone else’s body). Just see how Baba sits in the cold with a quilt! No one knows the Purifier Father. Baba sits here and explains: O children of Bharat, who made you into the masters of heaven? The pictures of Lakshmi and Narayan are kept here. Here, you receive the imperishable wealth of knowledge and then you donate it. You surrender your bodies, minds and wealth, and so you must receive the return of that. Even on the path of ignorance, those who give a lot to charity take their next birth in a very important family. Here, you surrender everything to the Father, and so you take your next birth to those who become wealthy at the end. Then you will build palaces etc. there. The world will be the same one. Heaven is not somewhere on the ceiling! Ask them: Where has your father gone? They would say that he has become a resident of Kashi, or that he has attained liberation, that he has gone to heaven. However, you now understand that no one has received liberation or liberation-in-life. Everyone continues to come and go from here; they leave their bodies and take their next bodies according to their karma. The Father explains the significance of action, neutral action and sinful action. Whatever actions people perform in Ravan’s kingdom, they are sinful. An account is started in adolescence. A small child does not accumulate an account. When a child grows up, his parents make him use the sword of lust. That action is also sinful. Maya’s kingdom doesn’t exist there. Not a single human being knows this. The Father now teaches you children to become soul conscious. In no other satsang would they say that your soul has a full part recorded in it. A soul leaves his body, takes the next and plays his part. It is the soul that listens through the ears. You are now being made to have self-realisation. I, the soul, take 84 births. The soul has now developed faith, and so body consciousness ends. This is the first defect; it is due to your being body conscious that all the other vices cling to you. Therefore, you now have to become soul conscious. Baba, we souls have completed our 84 births and are now about to come to You. The drama has ended and we are now to receive a new birth. There should be this happiness. A snake sheds a skin and takes a new one. Sannyasis could never give this example. Here, before you take a new skin you have to shed the old one. Then, in every birth there, you will automatically shed the old skin and take a new one. You children understand that you will now shed your old skins and return home. Then, in heaven, you will leave your old bodies and take new ones at the right time. A snake sheds its skin many times. Here, you are made to practise this. This is the decayed skin of 84 births; it is called the ugly one. When the body is ugly, the soul is also ugly. When gold is real, 24 carat , the ornaments made from it are also real. Previously, it wasn’t allowed for gold to have alloy mixed in; people were able to obtain pure gold. These golden guineas etc. came from foreign lands. In foreign lands they never make coins out of real gold. Real gold coins were only made here. It has all become very expensive now and so they have to mix alloy into the gold. You have incognito happiness in your hearts that you will go and build golden palaces there. Just as you have stone walls here, so you will have walls of gold there. We become ones with divine intellects and so we make golden palaces. Everything old will be destroyed. You have to understand this drama with great wisdom. In the new world, everything is new. These are such easy aspects! Achcha, if you do not understand even this much, remember the Father with a lot of love. This is why Baba has explained all of these deep things last. In the beginning, everything He told you was very simple. You cannot ask why Baba didn’t tell us in the beginning that the soul was so tiny. According to the drama, whatever happens happened in exactly the same way a cycle ago. He is explaining to you exactly as He did previously. Human beings are tied in the bondage of this drama. He is explaining to you like this after a cycle and He will explain to you in the same way in the next cycle. On seeing the ordinary form (of Brahma), many children become confused and start saying wrong things. Maya slaps even very good children. They think that whatever God is, He must be incorporeal. They are right. If it weren’t for the incorporeal One, how could you and I be here? However, surely the incorporeal One needs a chariot. What could He do without a chariot? What could Shiv Baba do? Only when He enters a chariot can you meet Him. You say “I only hear from You” or “I only sit with You”, and so a chariot is definitely needed. Achcha, just try to remember the Incorporeal without the corporeal! Is it that you will receive knowledge through inspiration? In that case, why have you come to Me? This Baba also says that you have to claim your inheritance from Shiv Baba. Shiv Baba says: I sit in this ordinary body and teach you. Study is definitely needed. There are many good children who become arrogant. They open two or four centr e sand then they have ego and they then continue to say wrong things. Then, sometimes, it enters their intellects that what they said was not right, and so they repent. Baba says: How can I explain without the corporeal one? There is no question of inspiration in this. I am sitting in the form of the Teacher. They make so much effort for the poor. It is the poor who have to be given charity. If you are not able to explain something, just say: Achcha, I will ask Baba and let you know. At present, there is a lot of margin for knowledge. As you move forward you will continue to understand everything. Day by day, you will hear new points. You children have to remain completely egoless. Due to ego, all the rubbish inside comes out. It is as though there is a shower of rubbish. People say that devils put rubbish into the sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra; they think that they probably put cow dung etc. into it. In fact, the real cow dung is the wasteful things that they continue to say. They become angry and it is as though they are putting cow dung into the sacrificial fire. While some are moving along they experience bad omens and become orphans. Maya slaps them hard and makes them completely insolvent. While they are earning an income bad omens occur, and this is why it is said: They become amazed by the knowledge, they listen to it, they speak of it to others and then, by keeping bad company, they make their lives worthless. The Father says: You must remain very cautious. Good company takes you across and bad company drowns you. Baba absolutely forbids you (to keep wrong company). Many become enemies of those who are very well known and important people. Here, due to not receiving the food of poison, people become lustful and angry. Then they say: I will kill this one. The Father says: Lust is your enemy. You used to be pure deities and you now say that you are impure and unhappy. Baba says: There will be many obstacles created by devils in this sacrificial fire of knowledge. There have been obstacles from the beginning. The main aspect is that of purity. You call out: O Purifier, come! Therefore, I have come to make you pure. Then, why do you become impure again? From the beginning, there has been this battle going on because of this vice. Daughters even say: We will definitely claim our inheritance from the Father, no matter what happens. What would your father do? All he would do is beat you. So many die in a battle. A father would not kill you, but you definitely have to tolerate all of that. You need to become a mahavir (a brave warrior) for that. The song about the Shiv Shaktis applies to you. They call Adi Dev ‘Mahavir’ but they do not understand the meaning of that. You now understand that you are gaining victory over Maya and inspiring others to do the same. In the Dilwala Temple, there is Jagadamba. There are also the children in the small alcoves. The children of Mahavir are Brahmins. Your intellects have so many secrets. This is your accurate memorial. The Lakshmi and Narayan Temple is also a memorial. People celebrate the anniversary of Gandhi because he did a great thing. They say: Tagore was like this and he did good work. They have written such large biographies! There are so many volumes! Here, your intellects are of the biggest volume : The secrets of the beginning, the middle and the end of the whole world are in your intellects. It is the intellect that imbibes all the knowledge. Some have broad intellects; the intellects of others are less so, it is numberwise. This is new knowledge, which no one except the Father can give you. When you sacrifice yourselves to that Father, He makes you into the masters of heaven. The unlimited Father comes into the impure world in an impure body and makes so much effort on you children. Therefore, you children should definitely sacrifice yourselves. Shiv Baba is incorporeal; He is the Bestower. They say: Shiv Baba, I am sending this much money for the building that is being built. However, I (Shiv Baba) am incorporeal, and so I would definitely have it built through Brahma. I give directions for it to be built for you. I have only come for a very short while, and I will then return to the land beyond sound (nirvana). Baba sits here and explains with so much love! This is something so easy: Renounce your body and all bodily relationships and remember the one Father. If you wish, you can claim self-sovereignty or you can claim the status of a subject. It depends on your efforts. Each king and queen had subjects in the region of hundreds of thousands. Many will listen to this knowledge. You have to make effort to make others equal to yourself. You have to become pure here. You know that the Purifier Father has come. He is explaining to us as He did in the previous cycle. Baba gave us the kingdom but Ravan snatched it away from us. It is in your intellects how you were defeated and how you have to become victorious. Many children even forget this. Maya grabs them by their nose. They claim liberation-in-life in a second and then a life of bondage just as quickly; it doesn’t take long. The Father says: Children, remain cautious! Become rup-basant and let jewels of knowledge constantly emerge from your mouths. You should not even listen to rubbish. You should consider anyone who speaks such things to be your enemy. To listen to anything other than knowledge is evil. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Remove the foremost defect of body consciousness and become completely soul conscious.
  2. Donate the imperishable jewels of knowledge you receive from the Father. Become as egoless as the Father and only allow jewels of knowledge to emerge through your lips. Do not listen to anything evil.
Blessing: May you be a carefree emperor who accumulates all treasures and maintains spiritual intoxication.
All you children have received infinite treasures from BapDada. However many treasures you have accumulated within yourself, that much spiritual intoxication is visible in your activity and on your face; that spiritual intoxication of having accumulated is then experienced. However much spiritual intoxication you have, that much sparkle of being a carefree emperor is visible in your every action because where there is intoxication, there are no worries. The hearts of those who are such carefree emperors are constantly happy.
Slogan: A knowledgeable soul is one who performs the dance of harmonising sanskars, together with the dance of knowledge.

*** Om Shanti ***



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