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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, at this time, Bharat needs the Father’s shrimat. It is through shrimat that Bharat, which is worth shells, will become worth diamonds and everyone will receive liberation and salvation.
Question: Which power does the Father, the Almighty Authority, have that human beings don’t have?
Answer: Only the one Father, the Almighty Authority, and no human being, has the power to kill Ravan. Without Rama’s power, this Ravan cannot die. When the Father comes, He gives you children such power that you are able to gain victory over Ravan.

Om shanti. Sweet children, you know that this is the gathering of holy swans. All of you sitting here are Brahmins. Pure ones are called Brahmins whereas those who are impure are said to belong to the shudra clan. Those who are effort-makers (for purity) are called half-caste; they neither belong here nor there. If one foot is in a boat going to one bank and the other foot is in another boat going towards the opposite bank, you would be torn apart. This is why you have to decide which side you want to go to. If a devilish person is sitting here, he will create obstacles. Who is explaining this? Shiv Baba. It is for Shiva alone that the word “Baba” emerges from your lips. Shiv Baba alone is the One who fills your aprons. You definitely receive the inheritance from the Father. There are countless temples to Shiva. He is incorporeal, the Creator of the world. There used to be the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan in the world. Therefore, they must definitely have received the inheritance from the Father. You have now become Brahmins from shudras. Shudras are those who have stone intellects. Lakshmi and Narayan are ones with divine intellects. Maya completely kills your intellect. The well-known name for Maya in Bharat is Ravan. At this time, it is the kingdom of Ravan, that is, it is the devilish community, and this is why they try to kill Ravan. However, he doesn’t die. You cannot gain victory over Ravan without the power of Rama. Only from the Almighty Authority can you receive power. He is the one Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. He neither has a physical body nor a subtle body. How the incorporeal One comes in Bharat doesn’t enter anyone’s intellect. A soul cannot perform actions without organs. People don’t understand anything; this is why they are called ones with stone intellects. The Father sits here and explains that God is the Highest on High. His directions are the most elevated. Otherwise, why would they remember God? They remember His directions. Many human beings don’t understand that God too has to come here and play a part in the drama. Many people say that the Gita was spoken three thousand years before Christ came. In that case, tell us: To which nation was it spoken? In which age and by whom? “God Krishna speaks” is written in only one scripture. Then they also speak of the sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra. It is Shiv Baba who is called Rudra. Krishna can never be called the Father. You speak of Shiv Baba. Shiv Baba is the Knowledge-full and Blissful One; this is why devotees call out to Him. They think that they will meet God after doing devotion. Achcha. When does devotion begin? When do you meet God? No one knows when they have to go from the world of sinful souls to the world of charitable souls. You too belonged to the shudra clan. You are now called Brahmins, the mouth-born creation of Brahma. Who made you into Brahmins? Shiv Baba. He is the Creator. The Brahmin clan is the highest of all. Brahmins have a topknot because they too are in the corporeal form, but the One who created them is incorporeal. He is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, that is, He is God. Remember this firmly. According to the drama, I have to come when the world has become tamopradhan. I too am tied in the bondage of the drama. I come and make you pure from impure and give you the inheritance of peace and happiness. All the rest receive the inheritance of peace. The new world was definitely the golden and silver ages which Rama established. The words “Shiv Baba” are better than “Rama”. The words “Shiv Baba” are on everyone’s lips. Baba is the Creator of the new world. He comes and gives you the inheritance. The Gita can only be spoken to Brahmins. It can only be spoken when you change from shudras into Brahmins, the mouth-born creation of Brahma. The third eyes of knowledge of Brahmins have opened and this is why it is said, “When the Satguru gives the ointment of knowledge, the darkness of ignorance is dispelled.” Children say: Baba, take us away from this world of hell to heaven. These are the versions of God Shiva, the versions of Shivacharya (Shiva, the Teacher). Shivacharaya teaches you unlimited renunciation whereas Shankaracharya has limited renunciation. The unlimited Father says: Forget this old world. You now have to go to the world of constant happiness. They speak of the land of Krishna and the land of Kans. The golden age is the land of Krishna, whereas the iron age is called the land of Kans. The two cannot exist at the same time. How could Kans (a demon) exist in the golden age? Everything has to be considered with the intellect. The Father Himself has now come to give you the infinite happiness of heaven. Baba says: In this last birth you study to whatever extent you can, and the kingdom is then established. The Father comes and changes you from shudras into Brahmins and then into deities. Those people convert Hindus into Christians or Buddhists. Have you ever heard of the clan of shudras being converted into the Brahmin clan? This is Shiv Baba’s task. He is changing Brahmins into deities once again. Each of you should ask yourself: Which religion and which clan did I belong to previously? Who was my guru? Which scripture did I study? What mantra did I receive from the guru? When did Shiv Baba bring me into the Brahmin clan through Brahma? Make everyone write this. Now the Father says to you children: Remember Me! Maya, Ravan, made your state so bad. You have now become the Brahmin community and you will then become the deity community. The Incorporeal, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, has converted you. You children should make everyone write which religion they belonged to and who was it they worshipped previously and whether they had a guru or not. Who brought them into the Brahmin clan? This Baba also writes: I used to belong to the Hindu religion. I had many gurus and studied many scriptures. Those of the Sikh religion would say that they belong to the Sikh religion. It is only the people of Bharat who don’t know about their deity religion. It is not that those who belong to the Sikh religion would call themselves deities. They would all call themselves by the name of their own religion. Now the Father says: Tell all of this to the devotees of Shiva and to the devotees of the deities who are the creation of Shiva. Only they will listen properly. In the golden and silver ages, there were the sun and the moon dynasties. Their images also exist. In English, it is called deityism. Baba is now establishing the deity religion. You are now changing from the Brahmin clan into the deity clan. It is the people of Bharat who become worthy of worship and worshippers. In the golden age you were worthy of worship. Baba says: I am ever worthy of worship. You have now come here to study Raja Yoga and to claim an inheritance for your future 21 births from Shiv Baba. Therefore, you should follow Him. Unless you belong to the Brahmin clan, how could you be called Brahmins? Achcha, today is the day to offer bhog. There is also a system of feeding brahmin priests but that has no connection with knowledge. Here, there is the meeting of the Ocean of Knowledge and the Ganges of knowledge. In the subtle region, there is a meeting of you Brahmins and the deities. There is no question of becoming confused. The Father says: Continue to break your attachment away from your body and bodily relations. Remember Me alone and your final thought will lead you to your destination. I promise that I will send you to heaven. Ask in class every day: Will you make a promise to Shiv Baba? Shiv Baba says: Follow My directions. The Father’s shrimat is very well known. Shrimat means elevated directions. The directions of Brahma are also remembered. Shiv Baba, the Father of Brahma, is higher than Brahma. When you sit to have your meals, remember Shiv Baba. He is your most beloved Father. It is as though you are eating meals with Him. By having this remembrance, you will receive a lot of strength. However, you children repeatedly forget this. Bharat also needs Shiv Baba’s instructions now because only the Father is the Bestower of Salvation for All and the Purifier. Remember the Father and the inheritance! Maya creates many types of obstacle, but you must not be afraid of her. Knowledge is very easy, but it does take effort to stay in remembrance and to connect your intellect in yoga to One. It is better to remember Shiv Baba than to wander around elsewhere. It is not even a question of studying the Gita, since the Father Himself has come. All the other scriptures are its children and you cannot receive your inheritance through them. Only from the unlimited Father can you receive the unlimited inheritance. Achcha.

BapDada is sitting in front of the children. The Father says: I, your Father, am giving each one of you love and remembrance from Mama, Dada and the children through Brahma.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Keep the most beloved Father with you while eating your meals. Connect your intellect in yoga to the one Father. Follow the shrimat of One.
  2. Remove the unlimited old world from your intellect. That is what you have to renounce.
Blessing: May you be filled with unbroken peace and happiness and consider storms to be a gift for the flying stage.
In order to experience a life full of unbroken happiness and peace, become a master of the self, a self-sovereign. For those who are masters themselves, storms become a gift to make them experienced in the flying stage. They do not experience happiness on the basis of facilities, some salvation or praise, but they experience unbroken happiness and peace on the basis of their Godly attainments. No type of situation which could make someone peaceless can break their constant peace.
Slogan: In order to experience constant fullness, give blessings and receive blessings.

*** Om Shanti ***

Points on God of the Gita from Sakar Murlis – Part 3

1. The yoga of Bharat is praised a lot, but no one knows who teaches that yoga. In the Gita, they have mentioned the name of Krishna. By remembering Krishna, not a single sin will be cut away because he is also a bodily being. The body is made of the five elements and by remembering the body, you are remembering clay, you are remembering the five elements. Shiv Baba is bodiless and this is why He says: Become bodiless. Remember Me, your Father.

2. You remember Him saying, “O Purifier”. That Purifier God, the Creator, is only One. Even if any human being calls himself God, he would never say that all of you are his children. Either, he would say, “The same applies to you”, or he would say that God is omnipresent. I am God and you are God and wherever I look, I see only you. You are in the stones. They say this, but they cannot say that you are his children. Only the Father says: O My beloved spiritual children.

3. Just as there are books to become a barrister or a doctor, in the same way, Lakshmi and Narayan also became like that through the study. Their book is the Gita. And they have changed the name of the One who related the Gita. They celebrate Shiv Jayanti, but they don’t know that Shiva gave the knowledge of the Gita and made everyone into the masters of the land of Krishna.

4. Krishna was a master of heaven, but people don’t know heaven. This is why they say that Krishna spoke the Gita in the copper age. They have shown Krishna in the copper age, Lakshmi and Narayan in the golden age and Rama and Sita in the silver age. They do not show any calamities in the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. In the land of Krishna, they have shown Kans and in the kingdom of Rama, they have shown Ravan. No one knows that Radhe and Krishna become Lakshmi and Narayan. There is total darkness of ignorance.

5. When people listen to the Gita, they think those are the versions spoken by God Krishna. Everyone loves Krishna and they swing him in the swings. You now understand whom you swing. A child is made to swing in a swing, a father cannot be made to swing in the swing (like a cradle). Would you swing Shiv Baba? He doesn’t become a Child, He doesn’t come into rebirth. He is a point and so how can you swing Him?

6. Many have visions of Krishna. They have shown the globe of the world in the mouth of Krishna because he becomes a master of the world. Mother see the butter in the form of the world in his mouth.

7. God Shiva spoke the Gita. He teaches Raja Yoga through Brahma. People take an oath on the Gita thinking it is God Krishna who spoke it. Ask them: Should you think of Krishna being ever-present everywhere or God? They say: Know God to be present everywhere and speak the truth. That is confusion. By doing this, the oath they take becomes false.

8. The Father Himself, (Shiv Baba) is relating this knowledge of the Gita. There is no mention of the scriptures in this. This is a study. We do not have the book of the Gita here. The Father is teaching us, but He doesn’t have a book in His hands. So where did the name of the Gita come from? All the religious scriptures are written later. The Gita is remembered as the jewel of all scriptures. The knowledge-full Father is teaching us the knowledge of the Gita. He is not holding the scripture in His hands. He says: Children, remember Me, the Seed, and the whole tree will come into your intellect.

9. The main thing is the Gita. The teachings of God are in the Gita. The biggest thing in it is that of remembering. It has to be said again and again: Manmanabhav. You are now listening to the knowledge of the Gita. The part of the Gita is now being enacted and the Father (God) is teaching us. God speaks: God is just One. He is the Ocean of Peace. He resides in the land of peace where we souls also reside.

10. Krishna cannot be called God, the Father. The soul says: O God, the Father, and so He is incorporeal. The incorporeal Father says to the souls: Remember Me. I alone am the Purifier. You call out to Me, the Purifier. Krishna is a bodily being. I do not have a body of My own. I am incorporeal, not the Father of human beings, but the Father of souls.


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