Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 11 March 2018

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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The decoration of Brahmin life is cleanliness (purity) in awareness, attitude and vision.

Today, BapDada, is seeing the line of elevated karma of all Brahmin children and, together with this line of karma, how the lines of fortune of the present and the future are being drawn. Baba saw the line of karma, the history of karma and the account of karma of each Brahmin. In fact, all of you children have a right to the direct inheritance of the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, the Knower of the deep philosophy of karma. Along with this, BapDada, the Fortune Maker, has given all of you children a golden chance. Because you are the children of the Fortune Maker, each one of you has a full right to create as much fortune as you want and to become an embodiment of all attainments. It is not numberwise in terms of giving the right; there is freedom, that is, there is total freedom. As well as that, according to the drama, you also have the co-operation of this time that is blessed. Each one of you has that in equal measure. Nevertheless, whilst having such a golden chance, you bring the unlimited attainment into limitations, numberwise. The Father is unlimited, the inheritance is unlimited, the rights are unlimited, but those who are receiving these become numberwise. Why is this? In essence, there are two reasons for this. 1. There isn’t cleanliness in the intellect; it is not clear. 2. You are not cautious about every action, that is, you are not careful. You become numberwise because of these two reasons. The main thing is cleanliness. This is called purity or victory over the first vice. Since you have adopted Brahmin life, then, whether you call it the main basis, newness, spirituality or the decoration of your life, it is purity. The challenge in Brahmin life is to become a conqueror of lust. This is the sign of demonstrating making the impossible possible, of elevated knowledge and the elevated Bestower of Knowledge. Just as the signs of worldly brahmins are their topknot and their sacred threads, the sign of true Brahmins is purity and their codes of conduct. The sign of your birth and your life has to be kept for all time. The first, main point of the support of purity is the purity in your awareness. Not just, “I am a soul”, but “I am a pure soul! Everyone says the word “soul” but it is the Brahmin souls who always say “I am a pure soul. I am an elevated soul. I am a worthy-of-worship soul. I am a special soul.” This purity in your awareness is the image of support. So, have you made the first support strong? Do you constantly have this occupation in your awareness? Actions are automatically performed according to your occupation. First, there has to be cleanliness in your awareness; after that, in your attitude and vision. When you have purity in your awareness, “I am a worthy-of-worship soul”, what is the special praise of a soul who is worthy-of-worship? Completely viceless, full of all virtues, 16 celestial degrees full. This is the qualification of a worthy-of-worship soul. With what vision would such a soul naturally look at the self and others? Whether they are of the spiritual family or the worldly family, or souls who maintain a worldly awareness, always have the vision for everyone that these souls are supremely worthy-of-worship or that they have to be made worthy-of-worship. If there is any impure vision towards worthy-of-worship souls, that is, for souls of the spiritual family, it means the foundation of awareness is weak and this is a great, great, great sin. When there is any vision of impurity or body consciousness towards a worthy-of-worship soul, such as, “This server is very good”, or “This teacher is very good”, what is the goodness in them? The goodness is of the elevated awareness and elevated vision. If they don’t have this elevated vision, then what is the goodness? This is also a form of the golden deer form of Maya. It is not service, it is not co-operation, but it is the basis of separating yourself from everyone else. Repeatedly pay attention to this aspect.

Whether they are teachers who have been made instruments by the Father or brothers and sisters who are co-operative souls in service, the main qualification of server souls for service is renunciation and tapasya. On the basis of this qualification, constantly look at everyone with the vision of them being renunciates and tapaswis, not with body-conscious vision. This is an elevated family. Therefore, constantly have elevated vision because this great sin can never enable you to experience being an embodiment of attainment. Because of the defects and effects of one or another action, thought, relationship or connection, there will constantly be fluctuation and you will never be able to experience the perfect stage. So, constantly check that instead of being a charitable soul you have not become a sinful soul. From this one vice, all others vices are automatically born. If desires have not yet been fulfilled, then, anger, the companion, comes first. Therefore, don’t consider this subject to be an insignificant thing. Don’t be careless about this. Externally, you may think that it is a pure relationship, that it is a relationship of service, but don’t increase this royal form of sin. No matter who is to be blamed for this sin, don’t allow yourself to become careless by blaming others. Until you keep the caution, “I am to be blamed”, you will not be able to become liberated from this great sin. To be especially subservient in any way through your thoughts, words or relationships and connections is also a sign of attachment. “We are not doing anything, we are just talking.” This subservience in talking is also a percentage of attachment. Even if there is special subservience in terms of co-operation in service, that too is attachment. Then, when you receive a signal, let all signals end with a signal. If you become stubborn and try to justify yourself by giving an explanation, then understand that you are trying to clarify your sins. You are not clarifying the situation, but extending the line of sin even more. Therefore, since you are engaged in the task of world transformation, then, to transform the self is an act of being sensible. If it is nothing, then just leave it at that. That is, bring about transformation in yourself and finish all name and trace of that situation. “Why is this like this? Why is this like that? This happens all the time.” This is like pouring oil onto the fire of the atmosphere. It makes the fire flare up even more; it makes the situation bigger. Therefore, put a full stop. Don’t debate whether it exists or not but bring about transformation in your thoughts, words and connections. This is the way to save yourself from this sin. Do you understand? Let there be no name or trace of this sanskar in the Brahmin family. Achcha. Baba will tell you later what the great evil spirit of anger is.

These are the main things to pay attention to. All of you who have come have come especially to fill yourselves with power. You have come to finish off for all time any weak sanskars. So, before you go, have a completion ceremony of weak sanskars. You will celebrate this ceremony, will you not? This is a group of older ones, especially. When you celebrate your ceremony, the new ones will become enthusiastic. It isn’t that you will have to celebrate this ceremony every year. You celebrate this ceremony once, and then there is the completion ceremony. You will celebrate the completion ceremony for all time, will you not? Mothers and half-kumars are included in this. It isn’t just the Pandavas who will celebrate it. Kumaris and also teachers will celebrate it. Even half-kumaris will celebrate it. Everyone will celebrate this ceremony together. Is this OK? You kumaris are Shaktis, are you not? So, you will celebrate the ceremony of being Shaktis, will you not? Achcha.

To those who constantly have good wishes for the self, to those who are constantly first in the task of self-transformation and thereby claim number one in this lesson, to those who are constantly embodiments of unlimited awareness towards everyone in their thoughts, words and connections, to those who constantly maintain cleanliness and caution, to such pure and worthy-of-worship souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting group of kumars:

Do you constantly experience yourselves to be detached observers and the Father’s constant companions at every step? Those who are constantly detached observers will be detached from any bondage of karma and be loving to the Father whilst performing every action and taking every step. So, do you experience being a detached observer in this way? Let no physical senses tie you in bondage. This is known as being a detached observer. Are you such detached observers? When an action ties you in bondage, that is not called being a detached observer. That would be called becoming trapped – it wouldn’t be called being detached. Never let even your eyes deceive you. To come into a physical relationship means to be deceived by the eyes. Do not allow any of your physical senses to deceive you. Remain a detached observer and remain constant a companion of the Father. Remember the Father in every situation. Don’t remember great souls or instrument souls, but remember Baba alone. When any situation arises, do you first remember the Father or the instrument souls? Constantly belong to the one Father and none other. Souls may be co-operative but they are not companions. Only the Father is your Companion. It is wrongto consider co-operative souls to be your companions. So, they are constant companions for service, but the Father is your Companion in service. Be such embodiments of the awareness of being co-operative instruments. If you make any bodily being your companion, you cannot experience the flying stage. So, remember Baba in every situation. Are kumars double light? You don’t even have any burden of sanskars or nature! You don’t even have any burden of waste thoughts. This is known as being light. The lighter you are, the more easily you will be able to experience the flying stage. If you have to make effort even slightly, there is definitely some burden. Therefore, take the support of “Baba, Baba!” and continue to fly. This is your imperishable support.

The spiritual youth group is the benevolent peace-maker group. You are constant instruments for establishing peace throughout the whole world. Those people spread peacelessness, whereas you spread peace. Do you consider yourselves to be this? Politicians and even BapDada have hopes in the YouthGroup. You are those who fulfil these hopes, are you not? Children would always fulfil their father’s hopes. So, become stars of success and make the loud sound of your being victorious jewels reach the Government. Now, we shall see which group hoists this flag first and where. Never misuse your powers. Always remember that you have a huge responsibility. When one person becomes weak, then many others are connected with the one. Always have the awareness that you are responsible. Whatever you do, when others see you, they will also do the same. So, do not perform ordinary actions. You are those who constantly perform elevated actions and who remain unshakeable. Achcha.

Good morning to all the children at the time of bidding farewell.

Seeing all the elevated souls and special souls everywhere personally in Madhuban, the land of blessings, BapDada gives love and remembrance and says good morning to everyone. Good morning means that the whole day remains auspicious and elevated; you stay the whole day in the sustenance of love and remembrance. This love and remembrance is elevated sustenance. Constantly stay in this sustenance and give this Godly love and remembrance to all souls. Continue to give them elevated sustenance. Love and remembrance is the swing of sustenance in which sustenance is given. G ood morning is the powerful nectar, or medicine or a rich meal – call it what you will. The good morning is one that makes you very powerful, and the love and remembrance of sustenance is the swing. Constantly sit on this swing and always stay with this power. G ood morning in this way to all the children for constantly staying in this form. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a knowledgeable, trikaldarshi soul who performs every task while knowing its past and future.
The children who act while being trikaldarshi, that is, while keeping the knowledge of the three aspects of time in their intellects, and consider the past and present of that action, achieve success in every action. Let it not be that you were so busy that you started doing whatever task was in front of you. No; before doing anything, let there be the habit of considering the three aspects of that action. Act while being stable in the trikaldarshi stage and no action will be wasteful or ordinary.
Slogan: Do service with your contented and happy life and you will then be called a true server.


*** Om Shanti ***

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