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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, you are the spiritual army. No one apart from you can protect the world from Ravan. Maintain this pure intoxication.
Question: Which children’s greatness does BapDada praise?
Answer: Baba says: It is the greatness of the daughters in bondage (the innocent ones) who remember Shiv Baba even though they are beaten. By being beaten, they continue to become even greater destroyers of attachment and, due to this, their status becomes even higher. The Father gives patience to such children: Children, consider yourselves to be souls. Those bodies don’t belong to you. Now that you belong to the Father, your stage will continue to become strong. The Lord is pleased with an honest heart.
Song: Having found You, we have found the whole world. The earth and the sky all belong to us.

Om shanti. Children are sitting in front. You know that you are an army. Whose army? God’s army. What are you doing? You are gaining victory over Ravan. This means that you are liberating the whole world from Ravan’s kingdom and establishing your own kingdom. Look how ordinarily you are sitting. You aren’t using your hands or feet, but you are a very powerful army. You are God’s helpers. God is incognito and you too are incognito. He is also called the Emperor. Your war is so powerful and incognito that you conquer the vices and thereby conquer the whole world. You feel that, just as that is an army, so you, too, are the spiritual army. You understand that everything for Bharat depends on you, the army. If our army didn’t exist, others would conquer us. In that army they sometimes chase away the kings and make it a military rule. The military think that no one apart from them can protect their country. You too have the pure pride that without you, God’s army, no one can be protected from Ravan. Look at that military and look at yourselves. You are what you are. You don’t have any uniforms or weapons etc. Those people have so many uniforms. They even disguise themselves with face masks. They make face masks at Holi. They also show the army of Rama. They have given Hanuman the face of a monkey. That is just playing with dolls. You children now know that you are becoming free from the jail of Ravan, the five vices. One is the jail of Ravan. There is also the jail of those who follow the dictates of Ravan. There are the chains of devotion, then the chains of the gurus and then the chains of the husbands. You become so unhappy by following Ravan’s directions. You call out so much: Ravan is harassing us a great deal. You know that the more you souls stay in yoga, the more you souls become free from sorrow. Innocent ones are assaulted a great deal; they are beaten a great deal. Poor innocent ones call out: What should we do now? The Father gives them patience. It has been explained to you: Consider yourself to be a soul. That body is not yours. You have died. You now belong to the Father and so there is no other way. We belong to Shiv Baba. The stage of true children remains very strong. Their thoughts don’t go towards vice at all. Such children don’t accumulate sin if someone uses force on them and harms them. They call out: Baba, I belong to You. This body is like a corpse. Those who have such faith in their intellects claim a very high status, that is, if they have true hearts. The Lord would definitely be pleased with those who have such honest hearts. Here, too, daughters don’t remember Baba as much as those who are beaten do. Their call of being in bondage reaches the Father. Baba, liberate us from this bondage! Those who are liberated and free from bondage don’t remember Baba as much as those who are in bondage do. Only by having remembrance of Shiv Baba will your boat go across. Some say: Baba, they don’t even allow us to read the murli. Oh! but just continue to remember the Father. This is explained in the murli every day. The main thing is to keep a chartof remembrance: How long do I remember Baba? Many are unable to make this effort; they repeatedly forget to remember Baba. However, the daughters who are in bondage and experience beatings remember Baba even more. It is the greatness of the innocent ones who continue to remember Baba while being beaten. Baba says: Consider yourself to be a soul and continue to remember the Father. The more they beat you, the more you will continue to become a conqueror of attachment. The beatings enable you to claim a good status. Baba remembers such daughters. Yes, some are very good maharathis and serve many people and make them yogis. There is a lot of praise of yoga. You have to have mercy for everyone. You children refer to the Gita. They only have in their intellects that God Krishna taught Raja Yoga. You say that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, taught Raja Yoga. In order to prove this to them, ask them this question: What is your relationship with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul? You say that He is the Father. It is the Father’s order to have yoga with Him so that your sins are absolved. Don’t have yoga with any human beings. If the one who is teaching you is a human being, you won’t benefit. In the Gita, they have mentioned the name of a bodily being. We say that the incorporeal Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is teaching us yoga. You are not defaming anyone. You are praising the Father. However, those who explain have to be very clever and wise because even great scholars and pundits come there. There is also an army of sannyasis. The heads of all of them come. You children should be so clever that, even though you speak very little, the arrow strikes them. There is no need to say a lot because they also have a lot of anger. Their army is also big. If you receive an invitation from somewhere, you can go there. You children can understand which ones among you can challenge others very well. You simply have to explain the meaning of Alpha. There are just two things. Alpha, the Father, says: Remember Me, and you will become the masters of the world. Only God, Alpha, the Creator, can tell you this. He is Heavenly God, the Father. He says: Remember Me and your sins will be absolved. Your sins won’t be absolved by remembering Shri Krishna. Where is Krishna now? He shed a body and took another one. The incorporeal One is imperishable. The whole explanation is about this. They have made such a big mistake. God speaks: I give you the inheritance of the world. How could Krishna give everyone the inheritance? Krishna belongs to Bharat, but it is the whole world that is impure. The Purifier of all is the incorporeal One. All of these things are in your intellect. You also have the knowledge of the part of devotion. First of all, there is the worship of Shiva; they made a temple to Somnath. Who built such a big temple to Somnath? No one else has the power to do this. Surely, they must have been wealthy people at that time to build such a temple. You children have now understood that you truly were very wealthy. Such a big temple to Somnath was built; it must have been built by an emperor. The deities themselves were worthy of worship and they then became worshippers. They are the ones who will once again build temples for worship. It isn’t that only one Somnath temple was built. One started to build and then many others also did the same. Then many temples were looted. They obtained so much material from just one temple that they took away camel loads. When they attack, they try to capture the capital. Then they become victorious. It is now in your intellects that Delhi truly was Paristhan (the land of angels). Dharamraj established it. Delhi will become the land of angels once again. We are studying Raja Yoga for that. When you listen to these things, your intellects feel intoxicated; you understand that your kingdom is being established. Our name is glorified. It is said: This is the incognito army of nonviolence. No one understands such an important meaning. You neither use physical weapons nor the sword of lust. You are the non-violent Shakti Army who gains the kingdom with the power of yoga. In order to become the masters of the world, we follow shrimat and remember the one Father alone. You know that this play is now coming to an end; it will then begin anew. This is an imperishable play; it never finishes. However, it is certain that when the new world comes into existence the old world ends. The cycle continues to turn. This is an eternal drama. Just as they say of God that He is present everywhere, in the same way, they say this drama continues to turn. All the actors of this drama always exist. You know that the incorporeal world and the corporeal world exist all the time. The cycle goes through the golden and silver ages and then repeats. This is an imperishable drama. We actors also exist in the drama. We all have part s from the beginning to the end. Those are just small drama sthat become old. This one never becomes old. Does this imperishable drama ever become old? No, but we do continue to act out our part s. It becomes old from new and then new from old. You know that you truly were kings and queens. You have now become paupers. We then become kings from paupers. “Pauper” means a religious beggar. The Father comes and shows everyone the path. You should have a lot of intoxication. You are receiving this new knowledge and you only receive it once. You understand that you are establishing your sovereignty over this world by following directions. The Father says: Remember Me and remember your sovereignty. However, there will be those assaults. The assaults are also the suffering of karma. When a man beats a woman, would he do it just like that? You would probably have beaten him as well. That karmic account is being settled. All of this is the account of karma. You are now performing elevated actions by following shrimat. You mustn’t now perform any corrupt actions. The most elevated action of all is to give everyone the Father’s introduction. You have received the Father’s order: Constantly remember Me alone. Everyone has forgotten the Father. They continue to worship Shiva, but they don’t know anything. They have also created a big lingam at Amarnath. Is the Father’s form so big? They don’t know anything. You children have now accurately understood all of these things. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Always perform elevated actions according to shrimat. Take care that you don’t perform corrupt actions. Do the service of making many others into yogis.
  2. Have an honest heart. That body is like a corpse. Therefore, renounce the arrogance of it. Become a complete destroyer of attachment.
Blessing: May you be fortunate and make the line of your fortune the most elevated of all with remembrance and service.
In the horoscope of Brahmins, all three aspects of time are the best of all. Whatever happened was good, whatever is happening is even better and whatever is going to happen will be very, very good. The line of elevated fortune is drawn on each one’s forehead. Simply remain constantly busy in remembrance and service. Let both of these be as natural as breathing is for the body. The Bestower of Fortune Father has given you such a method for remembrance and service that you can create as much elevated fortune as you want.
Slogan: To sit on the seat of contentment and observe the games of adverse situations is to become a jewel of contentment.

*** Om Shanti ***



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