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Om Shanti

The basis of having good wishes for others (subh chintak) is to have

thoughts about the original self (swa-chintan) and pure and positive thoughts (subh chintan).

Today, BapDada is looking at the special children everywhere. Who are the special children who have good wishes for everyone by constantly having thoughts of the original self? Those who constantly have pure and positive thoughts automatically have good wishes for others. Pure and positive thoughts are the basis of becoming someone who has good wishes for others. The first step is to have thoughts of the original self. To have thoughts of the original self means constantly to be an embodiment of the awareness of the riddle, “Who am I?” that BapDada has told you about. For example, to know the Father and Dada, as they are and how they are, means to know them accurately and to know both of them is truly to know. In the same way, to know yourself as you are and how you are, that is, to know yourself in your original, eternal and elevated form and to have thoughts about that original self is called having thoughts about the original self. “I am weak, I am an effort-maker, I am not an embodiment of success, I am not a conqueror of Maya.” To think these thoughts is not having thoughts of the original self because to be a confluence-aged, most elevated Brahmin soul means to be a powerful soul. That weakness, lack of effort or slack effort is created by having body consciousness. The “self” means soul consciousness: when you are in this stage, those things of weakness cannot arise. Therefore, to think about the creation of body consciousness is also not having thoughts about the original self. Thoughts about the original self means: “As is the Father, so am I an elevated soul.” Those who have such thoughts about the original self are able to have pure and positive thoughts. Pure and positive thoughts means to churn the jewels of knowledge. It means to entertain yourself with the deep entertaining secrets of the Creator and the creation. One is simply to repeat them and the other is to move along in the waves of the Ocean of Knowledge, that is, to stay in the intoxication of being a master of the treasures of knowledge and constantly to continue to play with the jewels of knowledge. To experience every invaluable version of knowledge means constantly to make yourself great with the invaluable treasures of knowledge. Only those who play with such knowledge have pure and positive thoughts. Those who have such pure and positive thoughts automatically remain distant from wasteful thoughts and thoughts about others. Souls who have thoughts about the original self and pure and positive thoughts remain are so busy having pure and positive thoughts that they don’t have a second or breath to have any other thoughts. This is why such souls easily remain safe from thinking about others and having waste thoughts. They neither have that space in their intellects nor do they have the time. Their time is engaged in pure and positive thoughts and their intellects are constantly full of the jewels of knowledge, that is, filled with pure and positive thoughts. When there is no margin for other thoughts to come, that is what it means to be someone who has pure and positive thoughts. It means being someone who goes into the depths of the secret of every word, not someone who simply enjoys the sound of it. To hear the sound means one who goes into the significance of the word. For example, you enjoy physically listening to music a great deal. In the same way, you also enjoy the music of the murli of knowledge. However, those who understand the secrets as well as the music become the masters of the treasures of knowledge and remain absorbed in churning the knowledge. No obstacles can come in front of those who are absorbed in knowledge. In the same way, those who have pure and positive thoughts automatically become well-wishers for everyone. First are thoughts of the original self and then there are pure and positive thoughts. Such souls become those who have good wishes for others because those who maintain pure and positive thoughts day and night can never have bad thoughts or bad vision for others. Because their original sanskars and nature are pure, they naturally develop the habit of seeing and thinking about everything in a pure way with their attitude and vision. Therefore, they always have good wishes for everyone. Even though they see weak sanskars in other souls, they do not have impure or wasteful thoughts about that soul, such as: This one is always like that anyway. They always give such weak souls wings of zeal and enthusiasm, make them powerful and enable them to fly high. They always co-operate with such souls with their good wishes and pure feelings. One who has good wishes for others means to be one who makes those who have no hope into those who feel there is hope. With their treasures of pure and positive thoughts, they make weak ones full and enable them to move forward. They would not think: This one doesn’t have any knowledge; this one is not worthy of knowledge; this one will not be able to follow the path of knowledge. Someone who has good wishes for others would give them a leg of support with the powers they have received from BapDada and become an instrument to make lame ones walk. A soul who has good wishes, would make disheartened souls healthy with their stage of having good wishes by giving them dilkhush toli (happiness in the heart). You do eat dilkhush toli, do you not? You also know how to give that to others, do you not? Even whilst knowing the weaknesses of other souls, a soul who has good wishes would make those souls forget their weaknesses and give the power of his speciality and make them powerful too. They would not look at anyone with dislike. They always have the vision of uplifting souls who have fallen. They wouldn’t just be in the first stage of having pure thoughts or becoming powerful souls. That too is not being someone who has good wishes for others. To have good wishes for others means to use your treasures to serve many souls through your mind and words in your spiritual relationships and connections. Souls with good wishes for others are number one servers, true servers. Have you become such souls who have good wishes for others? Let your attitude always be pure, let your vision should always be pure; the world of elevated Brahmins will then also be seen as pure. Generally speaking, people commonly say: Speak pure words. Brahmin souls are anyway those who have a pure birth. You have been born at a very pure time. The moment and period of the birth of Brahmins is pure. The omens of fortune are also pure. Your relationships too are pure. Your thoughts and actions are also pure. This is why, for Brahmin souls, there is no name or trace of anything impure not just in their corporeal forms, but not even in their dreams. You are such souls who have good wishes for others, are you not? You have especially come for the Day of Remembrance. The Day of Remembrance means the Day of Power. So, you are special powerful souls, are you not? BapDada too says: You constantly powerful souls are welcome to celebrate the Day of Power. Almighty BapDada always welcomes the powerful children. Do you understand? Achcha.

To those who constantly stay in the spiritual intoxication of thoughts of the original self, to those who remain full of the treasures of pure and positive thoughts, to those who have good wishes for others and enable all souls to fly by first flying themselves, to those who always become bestowers and bestowers of blessings, like the Father and make everyone powerful, to such powerful and equal children, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting a group of mothers:

1) Mothers, you always remain happy seeing your elevated fortune, do you not? Do you always have the happiness that, from being the dust at the feet, you have become the crown of the head? Your treasure of happiness is never stolen, is it? Maya is clever at stealing. If you are always brave and clever, Maya cannot do anything. In fact, she would become a servant and she would become a server from an enemy. Are you such conquerors of Maya? You have remembrance of the Father, that is, you are those who remain constantly in His company and are coloured with spiritual colour. If there isn’t the Father’s company, there is no spiritual colour. So, are all of you destroyers of attachment coloured with the Father’s company? Or, is there a little bit of attachment? There may not be attachment to your children, but perhaps to your grandchildren. Serving the children has ended, and serving others has now begun. It doesn’t reduce. There is a queue formed of one after another. So, are you free from any bondage of that? Mothers have such elevated attainment. Those whose hands had become completely empty have now become wealthy with all treasures. You lost everything and have now once again attained all the attainments from the Father. So, what have you mothers become from what you were? Those who stay within the four walls have become the masters of the world. Do you have the intoxication that the Father has made you His own and that it is thereby such great fortune? When God comes and makes you His own, there could never ever be such elevated fortune anywhere else. So, you always remain happy seeing your own fortune, do you not? Just make sure Maya never steals this treasure.

2) Have all of you become charitable souls? The greatest charity is to give others power. So, always be a charitable soul for all souls, that is, be a great donor of all the treasures you have received. To the extent that you donate these to others, so your treasures accordingly increase multimillion times. So, this giving becomes a form of receiving. Do you have such enthusiasm? The practical form of this enthusiasm is constantly to continue to move forward in service. To the extent that you use your body, mind and wealth for service, to that extent you become a great donor and a charitable soul at present and accumulate for all time for the future. It is also in your fortune in the drama for you to receive a chance to accumulate everything. So you are those who claim this golden chance, are you not? If you think about something and then do it, that is a silver chance, whereas if you do something generously with a big heart, that is a goldenchance. Therefore, all of you become number one chancellors.

BapDada meeting double-foreign children: Every day BapDada gives the return of love to the loving children. The Father has so much love for the children that the children just have a thought, it doesn’t even come into words and the Father gives the return of that in advance. At the confluence age, He gives you love and remembrance for the whole cycle. He gives you so much love and remembrance that your aprons remain filled with love and remembrance for birth after birth. BapDada constantly gives co-operation to the loving souls and makes them move forward. When you become an embodiment of the love that the Father has given you and make someone loving, that person will belong to the Father. It is love that attracts everyone. The love of all the children continues to reach the Father. Achcha.

BapDada meeting a group from Mauritius:

All of you are lucky stars, are you not? How much fortune have you attained? No one else can have fortune greater than this because the Father, the Bestower of Fortune Himself, has become yours. You have become His children. Since the Bestower of Fortune Himself has become yours, what could be greater fortune than that? So, are you such elevated, fortunate shining stars? You are those who make everyone else fortunate, because when you have found something good, you cannot stay without sharing it with others. Just as you cannot stay without having remembrance, in the same way, you cannot stay without serving. Each child will ignite the lights of many others and create a rosary of lights. Deepmala (rosary of lights) is a sign of the tilak of sovereignty. So those who create the deepmala receive the tilak of sovereignty. To serve means to be one who has a tilak of sovereignty. Those who have zeal and enthusiasm for service can also give wings of zeal and enthusiasm to others.

Question: On the basis of which main dharna are you easily able to achieve success?

Answer: Make yourself humble-hearted, have humility and imbibe virtues from every situation and you will easily achieve success. Those who try to prove themselves right become stubborn and so, they can never become well known. Those who are stubborn can never achieve success. Instead of becoming well known, they are distanced.

Question: When you will claim a right to be praised by the world and the Godly family?

Answer: When all your questions for yourself and others have finished. Just as you do not consider yourself to be any less than others and consider yourself an authority in understanding, in the same way, claim a right in understanding and doing and you will claim a right to be praised by the world and the Godly family. Do not become one who asks for anything, but be a bestower. Achcha. Om shanti.

Blessing: May you experience the speciality of contentment in service according to shrimat and become an embodiment of success.
Whatever service you do, whether any students come or not, just remain content with yourself. Have the faith: If I remain content, the message will definitely work. Therefore, do not be unhappy. If the number of students does not increase, it doesn’t matter, at least it has accumulated in your account and they would have received the message. If you yourself are content, the expense has been worthwhile. You carried out the task according to shrimat and to obey shrimat is also to become an embodiment of success.
Slogan: Give weak souls power and you will receive their blessings.


*** Om Shanti ***

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