Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, you are karma yogis. While performing actions, stay in remembrance of the Father. By staying in remembrance, you won’t perform sinful actions.
Question: What is one main reason for not being able to connect your intellect’s yoga to the Father?
Answer: Greed. If there is greed for perishable things or an interest in eating good food or wearing good clothes, then that person’s intellect would not be connected to the Father. This is why Baba shows you a method: Children, just have greed for claiming your inheritance from the unlimited Father. Don’t have greed for anything else. If you do, the thing you love the most will be remembered at the end and your status will be destroyed.
Song: Awaken o brides, awaken! The new age is about to dawn.

Om shanti. You children know that the whole world says, “We are all brothers.” So, why are those souls not able to understand that they are children of the one Father; that He is the Creator and we are the creation? Animals wouldn’t say that they are brothers. It is human beings who understand and say that they are all brothers. The Father, the Creator, is only One. He is called the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. It is not possible that a sister would be called a brother. When all of you consider yourselves to be souls, you say that you are brothers. There couldn’t be anything other than souls. There couldn’t be so many physical children of one father. You now remember very well that you are all brothers. The Father sits here and teaches you children. God speaks: O children! Therefore, He is teaching many, is He not? He would not say, “O Arjuna”, to just one person. He would not mention the name of just one person. He is teaching everyone. In a school , the master would say: O children, study very well! They are students, but the teacher is mature and so he calls the students ‘children’. There, no one considers himself to be a soul. They just have physical relationships. Gandhiji was given the status of Bapu (father); a mayor is also called f ather. Such a status is given to many. Here, you souls understand that you are brothers. Therefore, brothers definitely need the Father. All souls know that He is their Father and that He is called God, the Father. Souls say: He is God, our Father. A physical father would not be called God. You know that you are souls. Baba has come to teach you. That is, He has come to purify the impure. He will make us pure from impure and make us into the masters of the pure world. No one knows these things. You know them here, but you forget them when you perform actions. Stay in remembrance and you won’t perform sinful actions. You are karma yogis. Sannyasis have renunciation of karma. They simply have yoga with the brahm element. However, they are unable to have yoga throughout the whole day. They have yoga in order to go to the brahm element. They feel that by remembering the brahm element they will merge into it. However, they’re unable to remember the brahm element throughout the whole day. Their sins cannot be absolved through that remembrance. The Purifier is remembered. Only the Father is that. They don’t call the brahm element or other elements the Purifier. Everyone calls the Father, the Purifier. No one calls brahm, the Father, nor does anyone do tapasya of the brahm element; they do tapasya of Shiva. There are temples to Shiva. Can a temple be built to the elements? Souls reside in the brahm element in their egg form and this is why the name ‘Brahmand’ is mentioned in the scriptures. That is not really a name, for it is the home. For instance, so many corporeal human beings reside beneath the sky element and so souls reside up there in the same way. You children know that you receive the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the whole drama from Baba. You come to know all the secrets; you understand the knowledge of the whole tree and then become master seeds. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, has all knowledge and we are His children. He sits here and explains to us how this kalpa tree is created, sustained and destroyed. When you speak of creation, it is as though He creates a new world. The word ‘establishment’ is better. He purifies the impure through Brahma. The word ‘Purifier’ is definitely needed. Everyone in the golden age is in salvation whereas everyone in the iron age is in degradation. Why? How did degradation take place? No one knows this. They sing that the Bestower of Salvation for all is One. The soul understands that this is a play. They sing praise of the Father as ‘Sada Shiva’ (Constantly Benevolent). Shiva is the One who gives happiness. He is remembered as the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. There used to be the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan in Bharat. It is no longer that. Lakshmi and Narayan are called a goddess and god. Who established their kingdom? God is incorporeal and souls receive the inheritance from Him. It is souls that take 84 births and continue to descend. While descending, they become degraded. You have to explain that God is not omnipresent. That Father is the Bestower of Salvation and we are all brothers; we are not the Father. It is not said that the Father adopted the form of brothers; no. This is why you first have to ask them: What is your relationship with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul? They all know their physical relations. The incorporeal One is the Father of souls. He is called Heavenly God, the Father. The Father must definitely have made you into the masters of the new creation. We are no longer the masters. We were happy. So, who made us unhappy? People don’t know this. Ravan’s kingdom has continued for half the cycle. Therefore this has become the condition of Bharat. Bharat is the birthplace of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. God came in Bharat. He must definitely have established heaven. The birthday of Shiva is also celebrated. You can even write: For example, we are now celebrating such and such a bir thday. People would be amazed at what you say. Also give them greetings and tell them that you are celebrating the birthday of the Purifier, the Bestower of Salvation, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, Shiva. On that day, you should have a lot of celebration and festivity. The birthday of the Bestower of Salvation for all is not a small thing. You should drop leaflets from aeroplanes over big cities; it would then also be printed in the newspapers. You should make very beautiful cards. You should write a lot of praise of the most beloved Father. He has come to make Bharat into heaven once again. That same Father is teaching Raja Yoga. He is the One who also gives the inheritance. You should print attractive cards for Shiva’s birthday. You can even print them on plastic. However, as yet, your intellects are very small (limited). Only a handful out of multimillions will become kings and queens whereas those who are careless will surely become subjects. There is the rosary of 108, but there will be many subjects. Don’t just think that you are careless, but make a lot of effort. Baba explains a great deal, but you scarcely put anything into practice. Here, you consider yourselves to be the children of God (Allah) but when you go outside, Maya makes you into bats (ullu). Maya is so strong. Only a few will emerge to claim the kingdom. Even the moon dynasty is considered to be of those who failed. You know everyone’s study and their status. Would anyone in the world know the status of Ramachandra? Baba explains to you very well how you should print firstclass invitation cards for Shiv Jayanti so that people are amazed by them. The churning of the ocean of knowledge has been remembered. Shiv Baba doesn’t have to churn the ocean. This is the duty of you children. Baba advises you: If something enters the intellect of someone, but he doesn’t put it into practice, Baba would call him a fool. You children know that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is making you into the masters of the land of Vishnu through Brahma. Destruction has to take place through Shankar. The Trimurti is up above. You are all guides who teach the spiritual pilgrimage. You can even write: Truth brings victory. Truly, the true Baba is teaching us how to gain victory, that is, He is enabling us to gain victory. If someone objects to this, you can explain to him. Baba was thinking about how Shiv Jayanti should be celebrated. The God of the Gita is Shiva, not Krishna. You have to make this widely known. That One is the Creator whereas this one is the creation. From whom would you receive the inheritance? Shri Krishna is the first creation. They have portrayed Krishna arriving on a pipal leaf floating on the ocean. This refers to the palace of a womb. In heaven, there is pleasure in the palace of a womb. Here, in hell, a child would be agitated in the jail of a womb. In the golden age, the womb is a palace whereas in the iron age the womb is a jail. The picture of Krishna is so good: he is kicking hell away. You have written about the 84 births of Krishna. God speaks: You don’t know your own births. I tell you about them. Therefore, I explain to those who have taken the full 84 births. It is so easy! Manners are also required. There should be greed for claiming your inheritance from the unlimited Father and not for anything else. Therefore, you mustn’t keep anything that would pull your intellect. Otherwise, your status will be destroyed. Remove your intellect from everything including your body. Remember the one Father. If someone has accumulated a lot of furniture , he would remember that when he dies. Whatever you have a lot of love for, that will definitely be remembered at the end. The Father explains to you children: Don’t keep anything hidden away due to greed. You can receive everything from the yagya. If you keep something secretly hidden away, your intellect will dangle after that. Baba’s orders are: This is Shiv Baba’s treasure-store. Children should receive everything from here. You shouldn’t even have the thought: So-and-so has a good sari, so I too should wear one like that. Oho, have you come to the Father to claim your inheritance of the kingdom or the inheritance of a sari? Everyone has great regard for those who do good service. Tell them: I cannot wear anything except that which I have received from Shiva’s treasure-store. I will receive everything from just the yagya. Then, there will be remembrance of Baba: I received this from Shiv Baba’s treasure-store. Otherwise, the habit of stealing will be instilled. Only if you sacrifice yourself here will you receive many firstclass things there. Sometimes, Shiv Baba even tests the children and sees how much body consciousness they have. You have promised: Whatever You feed me, whatever You give me to wear… You should understand in your hearts that Shiv Baba gave you that. You should have such a first-class stage. If you want to claim your full inheritance from Baba, then make full effort by following shrimat. Follow Baba’s advice. Since you say, “Mama, Baba”, follow them completely. Show everyone the path. We received our inheritance from Baba and we are receiving it once again. Continue to stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance. Baba explains: The more powerful you become, that much more strongly Maya will come to you. Why do you become confused? Baba writes to some children: You are going to do very good service. However, storms of Maya then come: Am I going to remain celibate all my life? Even in old age, your intellects will spin in this way: I want to get married; I want to do this. Maya makes even old ones become young again. She will harass them a great deal. Why are you afraid? No matter how many storms come, you will be saved by remembering Baba. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and goodmorning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Don’t keep anything secretly hidden with you due to greed. Continue to follow the Father’s directions.
  2. Whatever Baba feeds you and whatever He gives you to wear, take everything from Shiv Baba’s treasure-store. Don’t become body conscious. Follow Mama and Baba completely.
Blessing: May you be loving to the Father and the family and with the courage of truth, become trustworthy.
The boat of faith is truth. When there is honesty in your heart and head, there is then automatically love from the heart and trust from the Father and the family. Because of having that trust, such a soul is given full rights. Such souls are automatically loved by all and this is why you have to become trustworthy with the courage of truth. Do not try to prove the truth, but become an embodiment of success and you will continue to move forward at a fast speed.
Slogan: The wealthiest of all is one who has the treasures of peace and purity.

*** Om Shanti ***



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