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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The beauty is in the essence of the expansion.

BapDada is seeing the expansion and also the children who are in the form of the essence of the expansion. The expansion is the beauty of this Godly tree and the children who are in the form of the essence are the fruit of the tree. The expansion is always in a variety form and everyone always likes the splendour of the variety form. The splendour of the variety is definitely the decoration of the tree, but it is the fruit, the form of the essence that is powerful. You are always happy to see the expansion but when you see the fruit, there is the hope of being constantly powerful. BapDada too is seeing the essence amidst the expansion. The essence looks so beautiful amidst the expansion. All of you have experienced this. There is such a big difference between the percentage of the essence and the percentage of the expansion. You also know this, do you not? The speciality of the expansion is its own and the expansion is necessary, but it is the fruit, the form of the essence that is valuable. This is why BapDada is pleased to see both. He loves the leaves which are the expansion and He also loves the flowers and the fruit. This is why BapDada also has to become a server like you children in order to come here and meet you. Unless He becomes the same form as you, there cannot be a meeting in the corporeal form. Whether you are souls of the expansion or souls in the form of the essence, both types belong to the Father, that is, both have become His children, and this is why the Father definitely has to give all the children, numberwise, the fruit of their desire to meet Him. Since devotees definitely receive some temporary fruit of their devotion, you children too definitely have to attain your right as children.

Today, Baba has not come to speak a murli. All of you have come from far away and so Baba has come to fulfil His promise of celebrating a meeting. Some simply meet the Father with love, some with knowledge and some in the form of being equal. However, the Father definitely has to meet everyone. Today, Baba was seeing the speciality of all the children who have come from all directions. Firstly, Baba was looking at the speciality of Delhi. It is the place of the beginning of service and, even at the beginning, you servers found the banks of the River Jamuna in order to begin service. You went and served on the banks of the River Jamuna, did you not? The seed of service was first sown in Delhi on the banks of the River Jamuna. So the palace of the kingdom will also be by the banks of the River Jamuna. This is why, together with Gopi Vallabh, (the Father of the gopes and gopis) and the gopes and gopis, the banks of the River Jamuna are also remembered. BapDada was watching the TV of the powerful children of the establishment. So, those from Delhi have the speciality of the present time and also of the future. It is the place of the foundation of service and also the foundation of the kingdom. You residents of the place of the foundation are so powerful, are you not? Those from Delhi have the responsibility of remaining constantly powerful. You instrument souls who are residents of Delhi constantly have this crown of responsibility, do you not? You don’t sometimes take the crown off, do you? To be a resident of Delhi means to be one who constantly wears a crown of responsibility. Do you understand the speciality of being a resident of Delhi? Constantly put this speciality into practice. Achcha.

The other long-lost and now-found children are those from Karnataka. They perform very good plays of devotion and love. On the one hand, there is deep devotion (faith) and they are very, very loving souls. On the other hand, in terms of the world, well-known, educated souls are also in Karnataka. So, there are both, those with loving feelings and also those with a position. Therefore, the sound can spread from Karnataka. The land is one that makes a loud sound because, even though those souls are VIPs, because that land is one of love and faith, they are humble, and so they can easily become the means. The land of Karnataka is instrumental in this special task. Simply always keep your speciality of love and humility with you in service. Never let go of this speciality, whatever the atmosphere. These two are the oars of the boat of Karnataka. Keep both of these together all the time, not one ahead and the other one behind. Then the boat of service will show the success of the speciality of this land. The balance of the two will glorify your name. Achcha.

To those who constantly make themselves the form of the essence, that is, the form of the fruit, to those who remain constantly stable in the stage of the essence and who also enable others to become stable in the stage of the essence, to the constantly powerful souls, to the powerful servers who are embodiments of powerful remembrance, to such elevated souls who celebrate a meeting in the form of being equal, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

The first elevated creation of God is Brahmins.

Today, the Father, the Creator, is seeing His creation, that is, He is seeing His first creation of Brahmin souls. You elevated Brahmin souls are the first elevated creation and are therefore more loved than the rest of creation. The highest creation of all through Brahma is you mouth-born creation, you great souls, you Brahmin souls. Brahmin souls are praised as being even more elevated than the deities. It is Brahmins who then become angels and then deities. However, the Brahmin life is the first confluence-aged life through Adi Pita (the First Father). The first residents of the confluence age are Brahmin souls; they are embodiments of knowledge, trikaldarshi and trinetri. The souls who meet with the Supreme Soul in the corporeal form in the corporeal world experience fulfilling the responsibility of love in all relationships and have the right to all of God’s treasures. This is the song sung by Brahmins in the corporeal form. “We saw and we attained Father Shiva through Father Brahma” is not thesong of deity life. To see both Fathers with your physical eyes in the corporeal world, to eat with them, to walk with them, to speak to them, to listen to them, to experience every divine activity and to see the One without an image in the image is the elevated fortune of only those living a Brahmin life.

It is only Brahmins who say: We saw God in the form of the Father. We saw Him in the form of the Mother, Friend, Brother and Bridegroom. Rishis, munis, tapaswis and scholars and those who have studied the scriptures all simply sang praise. They were left hoping for a darshan (glimpse): He will come some time; we will definitely meet Him some time. They continued to move around the cycle of many births in the hope of meeting Him. However, Brahmin souls say with a sparkle, with faith, intoxication and happiness from their hearts that they have found their Father. They are those who are thirsty for this, whereas you are those who celebrate a meeting.

  • To be living a Brahmin life means to be an embodiment of a life of all attainments that are imperishable, infinite, immovable and unshakeable.
  • Brahmin life is the foundation of this kalpa tree; it is the roots.
  • This tree grows on the basis of Brahmin life.
  • It is through the roots of Brahmin life that the whole variety of souls receive the water of the attainment of liberation and liberation-in-life from the Seed.
  • It is with the support of Brahmin life that the branches and twigs grow.
  • So, Brahmin souls are the ancestors of all the variety of dynasties.
  • Brahmin souls are the ones who carry out the renewal, the muhurat (inauguration), of the most elevated task of the world.
  • Brahmin souls are the elevated souls who create the sacrificial fire in which the horse is sacrificed for self-sovereignty, the sacrificial fire of knowledge.
  • Brahmin souls are those who know the horoscope of 84 births of every soul.
  • Brahmin souls are those who draw the elevated line of elevated fortune of all souls from the Bestower of Fortune.
  • Brahmin souls are instruments to take souls on the great pilgrimage towards liberation and liberation-in-life.
  • Brahmin souls are those who perform the engagement ceremony of all souls collectively to the Father.
  • Brahmin souls are those who tie the bond of putting their hands in God’s hand.
  • Brahmin souls are those who tie the bond for constant purity for birth after birth.
  • Brahmin souls relate the story of immortality and make everyone immortal.

Do you understand how great and how responsible you souls are? You are the ancestors. As are the ancestors, so is their dynasty who come after them. You are not ordinary. You are not only responsible for your family or your service place. You are not only responsible for such limited places, you are images of support and images of upliftment for the souls of the world. Each Brahmin soul has unlimited responsibility. If you don’t fulfil your unlimited responsibility, if you simply spend your time just looking after your lokik household or your alokik household sometimes having the flying stage, sometimes the ascending stage, sometimes the walking stage, sometimes the stopping stage – that is not being a Brahmin soul, but a warrior soul. Such souls constantly sing the wonder of their efforts saying, “I will do this, I will do that”, and they constantly try to stick to their goal. There is a difference between just continuing to aim at a target and actually hitting the target. They simply try to aim at their target. “I will do this now. I will do it in this way.” They continue to try to reach their target in that way. Such souls are called warrior souls. Brahmin souls don’t try to hit their target; they are constantly stable on the target. They always have their goal in their intellects. They become victorious with just a second’s thought. BapDada continues to watch the games of Brahmin children and warrior children. The game of Brahmins is of victory and the game of warriors is of constantly carrying the burden of a bow and arrow. They constantly have the bow of labour in their efforts. As soon as they solve one problem, another one arises. Brahmins are embodiments of solutions. Warriors are constantly engaged in finding a solution to a problem. In the physical form, Baba used to tell you an amusing story: What are the warriors doing? There is a story about this – when you remove a mouse, a cat comes. Today, there is a problem about money, tomorrow there is a problem with the mind, the day after that, there would be a problem with the body or with relations or connections. They remain constantly engaged in making effort. They would definitely always have one complaint or another, whether about themselves or others. Seeing the children from time to time constantly engaged in making effort for something or other, BapDada feels compassion for them through His merciful and compassionate form.

Brahmin life of the confluence age is the time for resting in the heart of the Comforter of Hearts. Sit in His heart comfortably. Eat Brahma bhojan and drink the nectar of knowledge. Do powerful service and sit on the heart throne comfortably in pleasure. Why do you become distressed? You don’t say, “Oh Rama!” (out of distress) any more, but you do say, “Oh Baba!”, “Oh Dadi!, Oh Didi!”, do you not? “Oh Baba! Oh Dadi! Didi, listen to me! Do something!” This is being distressed. This is the age to live in comfort. Have spiritual pleasure! Pass these beautiful days in spiritual pleasure. Don’t just have pleasure in perishable things. Sing and dance, but don’t wilt. If you don’t spend time in the pleasure of God now, then when would you do this? Sit in your spiritual honour (shaan). Why do you become distressed (pareshaan)? The Father is amazed that something so tiny as an ant reaches your intellects and disturbs your intellects’ yoga. Just as when an ant bites you physically, you would be disturbed and fidget with your body, in the same way, it disturbs your intellect. If an ant goes into the ear of an elephant, it makes the elephant unconscious. In the same way, Brahmin souls become unconscious and become warriors. Do you understand what games you play? Don’t become warriors! Otherwise you will receive a silver-aged kingdom. Whatever the golden-aged deities don’t consume and is left over, that is then received by the warriors of the silver age. It is the Brahmins who are to become deities who receive the first harvest from the field of action, whereas the warriors receive the second harvest. You already know the difference between the taste of the first harvest and the second harvest, do you not? Achcha.

Maharashtra and UP zone: Maharashtra has a speciality. As is the name Maharashtra, so they would present BapDada a beautiful bouquet of great souls. The kingdom of Maharashtra is beautiful and perfect. So Maharashtra has to bring such perfect, well-known souls into contact. This is why you are told to make souls into great souls and bring a beautiful bouquet in front of the Father. Now, at the end, those with all that wealth also have a part. They don’t have a part of having a relationship with you, but of being in contact with you. Do you understand?

UP has the Taj Mahal, a Wonder of the World, which is known here and in all countries abroad. Just as UP has a most wonderful thing in the world, in the same way, those from UP have to show the practical, visible wonderful fruit of service, so that you become very well known in this land and abroad and in the Brahmin world for doing something wonderful, for being wonderful ones of the world. You have to carry out such a wonderful task. Simply to have Gita pathshalas and centres is not wonderful. Only when you do something that no one else has yet done, will it be said that you did something wonderful. Do you understand? Those from abroad have become ever present in every season. Those from abroad will make both Fathers ever present in the world through the facilities abroad. To be present means they will be able to be seen by them with their physical eyes. So, you will make such a Father ever present in front of the world. Do those of you from abroad understand what you have to do? Achcha. Tomorrow, the whole gathering is going to leave. Eventually, the day will also come when helicopters will land here. All facilities are being prepared for you. Just as there will be a line (queue) of vimans in the golden age, so there is now a line of jeeps and buses here. Eventually, there will also be a line of vimans. Everyone will be afraid and come running here. They will depart having given everything to you. They will be afraid whereas you will fly. You have no fear of dying. You have already died. You saw a sample in Pakistan. All of them left their keys and went away. Therefore, you are going to receive all the keys. You will simply have to look after them. Achcha.

To those who put all the specialities of Brahmin life into their lives, to those who don’t just have physical rest but experience spiritual pleasure and spiritual comfort in the heart of the Father, the Comforter of Hearts, to those who constantly maintain the elevated honour of the confluence age, to those who remain absorbed in love to such an extent that their labour is changed into love, to such elevated Brahmin souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Blessing: May you be a holy swan who imbibes jewels of knowledge and finishes all waste.
Holy swans have two specialities. One is to pick up jewels of knowledge and the other is to distinguish water from milk with the power of discernment. To separate from water means to distinguish between the wasteful and the powerful. Wasteful is said to be like water and powerful is said to be like milk. So, to finish waste means to be a holy swan. Constantly let jewels of knowledge be in your intellect at every moment. When your churning is continuous, you will become full of jewels.
Slogan: Those who remain constantly stable in their elevated position and finish any opposition and are victorious souls.


*** Om Shanti ***

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