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Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 10 August 2017

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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, keep the vow of purity firm for as long as you live because this is your final birth. Become pure and go to the pure world.
Question: Which children does the Father love and have a right over?
Answer: The Father has the most love for those who study and teach others very well and who give the proof of that. Those who study well are the ones who will be threaded in the rosary.
Question: In order to attain a future deity status, what do you have to check in yourself?
Answer: Check which obstacles come when you are imbibing divine virtues. Find a way to remove those obstacles. Check yourself to what extent you have become pure. No thorn should create obstructions.
Song: Leave Your throne of the sky and come down to earth.

Om shanti. Devotees call out to God, that is, they call out to the Father. Why? Because they are unhappy. You understand that there is definitely going to be happiness after sorrow. There was happiness; it is no longer here. Therefore, people call out to Him to come and teach easy Raja Yoga. The Father who teaches it is definitely needed. The Father explains: I don’t take a body in the same way that you souls enter wombs and take bodies. I have to purify the impure and this is why I need a big body. I have to come to purify everyone. Maya, Ravan, has made you impure. Therefore, if you donate those five vices, the eclipse will be removed. The first main vice is body consciousness. Now consider yourselves to be soul conscious. I am speaking to you souls who are residing in bodies. I am giving you knowledge. I gave this knowledge 5000 years ago too. I taught Raja Yoga; I teach it every cycle. As soon as I come, My business is to purify the impure. The Father’s part is to come and purify you children. You know that you were pure deities and that you have to become pure again. Imbibe divine virtues! You will become the sun and moon dynasty princes and princesses in the future. This knowledge is for becoming future princes and princesses. So, you will become princes and princesses when you imbibe divine virtues. Check yourself as to whether you are imbibing them. What are the obstacles that come? Find a way to remove those obstacles. Attain your karmateet stage by having remembrance of the Father. Continue to move forward while removing the thorns that come in the way. Renounce body consciousness, become soul conscious and remember the Father. Your path will continue to become clear to the extent that you remember Him. While living at home with your family, live like a lotus. Never indulge in vice. The main thing is vice. Stop indulging in vice. No matter how many obstacles come, you definitely have to become pure. Women face more obstacles. They want to remain pure. They want to go to the land of Krishna. They rock Krishna with a lot of love on his birthday. They worship him and also hold a fast. That is a fast for just seven days. The Father says: You now have to make a vow of never indulging in vice. Observe the vow of purity for as long as you live. You know that this is now our final birth in this old world. It is not just our final birth, but the final birth of everyone in the world. You understand that we will now become pure and go to the pure world. Our next birth will be in the pure world. Those hatha yogi sannyasis don’t become pure with the thought that this is their final birth. Here, effort is required. While living together, never indulge in vice. Both have to make this vow. Innocent ones are assaulted so much. They call out. Men never call out: God, maintain my honour. It is the mothers who call out: Protect me from being stripped! Mothers call out to the Father: O Baba, save me from being stripped. These are the same things from the Bhagawad Gita, but it is just that they have put Krishna’s name by mistake. Krishna is not the Purifier. It is only the one Father who is the Purifier. You understand that beatings sometimes have to be tolerated in order to become pure. The same thing happened in the previous cycle and it is happening once again. There isn’t just one Draupadi; there are so many of you Draupadis. Many impure ones have to be purified. You mothers have become pure in order to become instruments to make others pure. You have to pay greater attention to the study. Uplift your equals. Sannyasis belong to the path of isolation. This is the family path. While living at home with your family, remain pure, study and teach others because you will claim a high status through this. The study is very easy. You have to explain why Bharat, that was like a diamond when it was the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan, has become so degraded. We will explain to you the unlimited history and geography. People aren’t even aware of what heaven will be like. No one knows that Lakshmi and Narayan, who were worthy of worship, have become worshippers. “Those who were worthy of worship became worshippers” does not apply to God. No one knows that those who were worthy of worship have become tamopradhan worshippers. Those who were worthy of worship must definitely have taken rebirth. The Father sits here and explains that those who go to the golden age have to take rebirth. We became the sun dynasty, then the moon dynasty and have now become the Brahmin dynasty and we will then become the deity dynasty. The Father has come and adopted this one and made him Brahma. Some may ask: How did you become this? Tell them: The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, has made us belong to Him through the mouth of Brahma. The Father alone purifies the impure. We now make a promise of purity. By remembering the Father, we become pure. Would the Father have mercy? He has mercy. He comes from the supreme abode to the impure world and enters an impure body. The Father says: I have now come. Therefore, study what I am teaching you. Remember Me and you will receive strength and your sins will be absolved. There is no question of blessings in this. Would you tell your teacher to have mercy so that you can pass with 100 marks? That One is also the unlimited Teacher. He is teaching you. What can He do if someone is unable to imbibe knowledge? If the Teacher were to have mercy on everyone, then everyone would pass. In that case, how would a kingdom be created? You children have to make effort. Follow the mother and Father! Remember the Father. There is no other way. Otherwise, why do you call out to the Father? All the sages and holy men say: Come and liberate us from sorrow! There will be great calamities when destruction begins. They will then understand that that same God is here in an incognito form. If it were Krishna, drums would be beaten throughout the whole world. Krishna cannot come here. The Father has to come. The Father has to speak knowledge till the end. He comes here in an incognito form. It cannot be Krishna. The incorporeal Father of all is One. He has come to purify the impure and to give them their inheritance. It is also your duty to tell everyone. You have to ask: What is your relationship with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul? The Father has so many children. The direction of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is: Firstly, remember Me and study well. Remember Baba very well and claim an elevated inheritance. He continues to explain unlimited history and geography to you children. You can also explain using the pictures. Bharat was crowned in the golden age. Sun-dynasty deities used to rule, and it then became the kingdom of the moon dynasty and the degrees continued to decrease. You also have to see that if you study well you will also learn. If you don’t study you will fail. Who will caution you? Nowadays, Maya makes you very careless. Truth cannot be hidden here. Anyone who performs sinful acts will continue to accumulate that karma. Sin and charity are definitely accumulated. It is according to these that you receive your next birth. If you perform sinful acts, you will receive a birth accordingly. This is why the Father says: If you perform any sinful action, instantly tell Baba. Don’t think that God knows everything. You have to tell the Father. The soul knows all the sins he has committed in this birth. The soul remembers everything he has done. Tell BapDada what you have done. The main thing is vice. To steal or cheat are small things. The main thing is the matter of vice. Lust is a great enemy. Those who indulge in vice are called impure. You first have to conquer those vices. Your enemy is Ravan who makes you impure. Now, in order to become pure, remember the Father. If you belong to the Father and then indulge in vice, you will be hurt a great deal. First of all, renounce body consciousness. Lust is a great enemy. The whole war is over this. Therefore, understand all of these things and then explain to others. Baba will ask: To how many have you related the true Gita, the story of the true Narayan and the story of immortality? There are many sinful souls. So, show this chart of yours so that Baba can understand that you have become Brahmins. How many have you made similar to yourselves? These are things of easy Raja Yoga. Give the Father’s introduction. No one in the world knows this. The Father continues to receive a certificate from many. They write: So-and-so explained to me in this way, and that one was my instrument guru to make me into a master of heaven. BKs give the proof, but do those who become this explain to anyone else? Do they bring others here? They have to bring others here. Those who have faith will instantly say: First of all, let them go into the Father’s lap. When Christian s have a baby, they have that baby christened. We too should become God’s adopted children. We should go into the lap of the Satguru. We are adopted by Him and we meet the Father and so this is our inheritance. Hardly anyone emerges with this much intoxication. You have to explain. As you make further progress, people will understand very well. You will have this strength. You will not then be able to stay without meeting the Father; you will instantly run to Him.



He is the Mother and Father, the Teacher and also the Guru. Become adopted by the Mother and Father! Those people go to their gurus, but they don’t receive the sovereignty of heaven from them. The sovereignty is received from the Father and the Father is also the Teacher and the Guru. So, why not claim the inheritance from all three? This is a wonder, is it not? You wouldn’t say that Krishna is the Father, Teacher and Guru. Krishna is just a young prince. You children here have in your intellects that that One is the Father, the Teacher and the Guru. He doesn’t have a father, teacher or guru of His own. Krishna had a mother and father. The Purifier is the one Father. Someone who has a mother and father cannot be the Purifier. Such a soul cannot be called God. God doesn’t have a mother or father. God, the Father , doesn’t have a father. Only God, the Father, can be called the Purifier and the Liberator. There is no one to liberate Him. This is the task of the Father alone. Human beings cannot be called God. It is the Father, the Creator, who creates Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. God is remembered as the Highest on High. He is the Father of all of us. Krishna would not be called the Father of everyone. We are all the children of the one incorporeal Father. He is the Creator of the new world. The new world is called the land of happiness. Then, from new, it becomes old. This is Ravan’s kingdom. People burn an effigy of Ravan, but they don’t understand anything. They don’t understand the meaning of all the festivals that they celebrate. The Father explains: This is the last of your many births. It is now also the end of Ravan. You will not create his effigy in the golden age. What type of enemy is this that they continue to burn him? When was he born? No one knows. They celebrate the birthday of Shiva, so they should also celebrate the birthday of Ravan. They don’t understand anything. Everything is explained to you. These things are the detail. Your intellects have to imbibe these. What will you study if you don’t come to class? If you don’t study and teach others, what status would you claim? A good child is one who studies and teaches others and gives the proof of that. All are children. You have to understand that if you serve many and make many others similar to yourself, you will receive love from the Father. The Father continues to give you love. Children, study well. There is a type of parrot that learns everything and has a rosary (band of colour) around its neck. It is the same here. Those who study well will be threaded in the rosary. If you don’t study, it is as though you are uneducated. In that case, you cannot become part of the rosary of victory. You children have to study well and also teach others. This is the true story which only the true Father tells you. He establishes the land of truth. They never tell lies in the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. While living at home with your family, live like a lotus. Definitely observe the vow of purity for as long as you live.
  2. Instead of asking for mercy, follow the mother and Father. Study with attention and also teach others.
Blessing: May you apply a tilak of victory on your forehead at amrit vela and become a master of the self and so a world sovereign.
Every day at amrit vela, apply a tilak of victory on your forehead, that is, put on a tilak of awareness. The sign of a devotee is a tilak and the sign of the fortune of being wed is also a tilak. The sign of receiving a kingdom is also a raj-tilak (tilak of receiving the kingdom). When you set out to achieve success in any auspicious task, a tilak is applied on you before you leave. All of you are married to the Father and this is why your tilaks are imperishable. Now be one who wears a tilak of self-sovereignty and you will receive a tilak of the kingdom in the future.
Slogan: To donate knowledge, virtues and powers is the greatest donation.

*** Om Shanti ***



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