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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, the unlimited Father teaches you this wonderful study. You should not have any doubt in the Father or His teachings. The first faith you need to have is in who it is that is teaching you.
Question: Why have you children received shrimat to stay constantly on the pilgrimage of remembrance?
Answer: Because Maya, the enemy, who made you fall, is even now chasing you. She will not leave you alone now and you must therefore not be careless. Although you are at the confluence age, you have belonged to her for half the cycle and she will therefore not leave you alone that easily. As soon as you forget to have remembrance, Maya makes you perform sinful acts. Therefore, you have to remain cautious. You mustn’t follow devilish dictates.

Om shanti. At this time, there are the children and also Baba. Baba says to all the children, “O children,” and all the children say, “O Baba!” There are many children. You understand that this knowledge is only for you souls. The one Father has so many children. You children know that the Father has come to teach you. First of all, He is our Baba, then the Teacher and then the Guru. The Father is always the Father. So, He teaches you the pilgrimage of remembrance in order to purify you. You children also understand that this is a wonderful study. No one, apart from the Father, can tell you the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of the drama. This is why He is called the unlimited Father. You children definitely have this faith. There can be no question of doubt in this. No one, apart from the unlimited Father, can teach you this unlimited study. You call out to Baba to come and take you to the pure world because this world is impure. The Father takes you to the pure world. There, you would not say, “Baba, come and take us to the pure world!” You children know that He is the Father of you souls. So, the consciousness of bodies breaks. Souls say: He is our Father. You should at least have the faith that no one except the Father can truly give so much knowledge. First of all, there has to be this faith in your intellects. It is souls that have faith in their intellects. Souls receive knowledge: “This is our Baba.” You children should have this faith very firmly. You don’t have to say anything. We souls shed our bodies and take others. All the sanskars are in the soul. You know that Baba has now come. He educates us and teaches us such actions that we will not return to this world. Those people believe that they will come back to this world. You don’t believe that. You listen to this story of immortality and go to the land of immortality. The land of immortality is where you are always immortal. The golden and silver ages are lands of immortality. You children should be so happy. No one except the Father can teach you this study. The Father is teaching us, whereas all other teachers are ordinary human beings. The Father, whom you call the Purifier, the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness, is now personally teaching you. How can you study the study of Raj Yoga without being personally in front of Him? The Father says: I come here to teach you sweet children. I enter this one in order to teach you. It is truly said that God speaks and so He would surely need a body. He doesn’t just need a mouth, but a whole body. He Himself says: Sweetest, spiritual children, I enter this ordinary body at the confluence age of every cycle. He is neither too poor nor too rich; he is ordinary. You children should have the faith that that One is our Baba and that we are souls. He is the Baba of us souls. He is the Baba of all the human souls of the world. This is why He is called the unlimited Baba. People celebrate the birthday of Shiva, but no one knows anything about that. Ask anyone from which time people have been celebrating the birth of Shiva and they will say, “From time immemorial”, but, even then, from when? There has to be a date! The drama is eternal, but there does have to be the time and date of any activity that takes place in the drama. No one knows this. Shiv Baba comes here, but people don’t celebrate Shiv Jayanti with that love. They celebrate the birthday of Nehru with so much love that they would even have tears. No one knows about Shiv Jayanti. You children are now experienced. There are so many people who don’t know anything. So many melas etc. take place. Those who go there can tell you what really exists there, just as Baba has told you about the example of Amarnath. He went there and saw what really happens there. Other people simply tell you what they have heard from others. Someone said that there is an ice lingam there, and they would say, “That is true.” You children are now experienced in what is right and what is wrong. Whatever you have heard and studied up to now has been unrighteous. It is sung: The body is false, Maya is false and the world is false…. This is the land of falsehood and that is the land of truth. The golden, silver and copper ages have now passed and the iron age is now continuing. Very few people know this. You have all of these thoughts in your intellects. The Father has all the knowledge. He is called the Ocean of Knowledge. He is giving you whatever knowledge He has through this body and making you the same as Himself. A teacher too would make others the same as himself. The unlimited Father also tries to make you the same as Himself. A physical father does not make you the same as himself. You have now come to the unlimited Father. He knows that He has to make you children the same as Himself. Just as a teacher makes students the same as himself, but they are numberwise, so that Father also says the same. You will become this, numberwise. What I am teaching you is the imperishable study. Whatever each one of you studies, it will not go to waste. As you progress further, people will tell you: I heard this knowledge four years ago or eight years ago and I have now come once again. Some then cling to Me. He is the Flame and so some moths totally sacrifice themselves to Him whereas others simply circle around and go away. In the beginning, many moths sacrificed themselves to the Flame. According to the dramaplan a bhatthi had to be created. It has been happening in the same way every cycle. Whatever happened in the past happened in the same way in the previous cycle and the same will happen in the future. However, each of you must have the firm faith that you are a soul and that the Father is teaching you. Remain firm in this faith! Do not forget! There wouldn’t be any human being who doesn’t consider his father to be a father. Even if he has become separated from his father, he would still think that he has become separated from his father. That One is the unlimited Father. We will never leave Him; we will stay with Him till the end. That Father grants everyone salvation. He comes every 5000 years. You understand that there are very few human beings in the golden age. All the rest reside in the land of peace. Only the Father speaks this knowledge. No one else can relate it. It cannot sit in anyone’s intellect. He is the Father of you souls. He is the Living Seed. What knowledge would He give? That of the world tree. The Creator would definitely give knowledge of creation. Did you know when it was the golden age or where it went? You are now sitting in front of Baba and Baba is speaking to you. Continue to have the firm faith: That One is the Father of all of us souls. He is teaching us. He is not a physical teacher. Incorporeal Shiv Baba who teaches us is present in this body. Even though He is incorporeal, He is the Ocean of Knowledge. People say that He doesn’t have a form. They also sing the praise: The Ocean of Knowledge, the Ocean of Happiness, but they don’t understand that. According to the drama, they have gone very far away whereas the Father brings you very close. This is a matter of 5000 years. You understand that Baba comes to teach you every 5000 years. You cannot receive this knowledge from anyone else. This knowledge is for the new world. No human beings can give it to you because they are tamopradhan. They cannot make anyone satopradhan. They continue to become tamopradhan. You now know that Baba enters this one and tells you everything. The Father says: Children, do not make any mistakes. Your enemies who made you fall are even now after you. They will not leave you alone. Although you are now at the confluence age, you have belonged to them for half the cycle and so they will not leave you alone that quickly. If you don’t remain cautious, if you don’t remember Baba, they will make you perform more sinful acts and you will then continue to be slapped in one way or another. Look at how people slap themselves and what they continue to say! They say that Shiva and Shankar are one and the same. What is the occupation of one and what is the occupation of the other? There is so much difference! Shiva is God, the Highest on High, whereas Shankar is a deity. So, how can they say that Shiva and Shankar are combined? The parts of both are completely separate. Here, too, many have double names such as Radhe Krishna, Lakshmi Narayan, Shiv Shankar….. They have given themselves both names. So, you children understand that whatever the Father has explained up to now that will repeat. However, there are a few more days remaining. The Father will not just sit here. Children will study, numberwise, and become completely karmateet. According to the drama, the rosary will be created. Which rosary? The rosary of all souls will be created and you will then all go back home. The number onerosary is of you. The rosary of Shiv Baba is very long. Souls will come down from there to play their parts, numberwise. You all continue to say, “Baba, Baba”. All of you are beads of the one rosary. Not everyone would be said to be a bead of the rosary of Vishnu. The Father sits here and teaches you. You definitely have to become part of the sun dynasty. Those who were in the sun dynasty and moon dynasty in the past will go into that again. You receive this status by your studying. You cannot receive this status without the Father’s teachings. There are the images, but no one’s activity is such that he or she can become like them. You listen to the story of the true Narayan. They have written such stories in the Garuda Purana which people continue to relate to one another. The Father says: That river of poison is the extreme depths of hell. Bharat in particular is called that. The omens of Jupiter are also over Bharat. The Lord of the Tree teaches the people of Bharat. The unlimited Father sits here and explains unlimited things to you. There are the omens. There are also the omens of Saturn and this is why it is said: Make a donation and the omens will be removed. The Father says: At the end of this iron age, there are the omens of Saturn over everyone. Now, I, the Lord of the Tree, have come to bring the omens of Jupiter to Bharat. In the golden age, there were the omens of Jupiter over Bharat. There are now the omens of Saturn. This is an unlimited matter. These things are not mentioned in any of the scriptures etc. Only those who have understood a little of this knowledge already will understand these magazines etc. After reading the magazines, they will come running to understand more. Others will not understand anything. Those who studied a little and then left will be awakened as soon as a little oil of knowledge is poured into them. Knowledge is also called oil. The Father has come and is pouring the oil of knowledge into the lamps that have almost been extinguished. He says: Children, storms of Maya will come and will extinguish your lamps. Some moths die on the Flame and some simply circle around and go away. That same thing is now happening in a practical way. All moths are numberwise. At first, you completely left your homes and came here and became moths. It was as though you had won a lottery. Whatever happened in the past, you will do the same again. Even if some have gone away, do not think that they will not go to heaven. They became moths and became the lovers and then Maya defeated them, and so their status will be reduced; it is numberwise. This would not be in the intellect of anyone in any other spiritual gathering. It is in your intellects that we are studying with the Father for the new world, numberwise, according to our efforts. We are personally sitting in front of the unlimited Father. You also know that you cannot see a soul. It is something subtle. It can only be seen with divine vision. I, the soul, am also a tiny point. However, to renounce body consciousness and to consider yourself to be a soul is a high study. In other studies, too, students fail the difficultsubjects. This subject is very easy, but some feel it to be difficult. You now understand that Shiv Baba is sitting in front of you. You too are incorporeal souls, but you have bodies. Only the unlimited Father tells you all of these things. No one else can tell you them. What will you do then? Give Him thanks? No. Baba says: This drama is eternally predestined. I am not doing anything new. I teach you according to the drama. It is on the path of devotion that one gives thanks. A teacher feels that if his students study well, his name will be glorified, and then thanks are given to the studentsThanks are given to those who study well and those who teach well. Students would then give thanks to their teacher. The Father says: Sweet children, may you stay alive and continue to do such service. You did this in the previous cycle. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Always have the intoxication and faith that it is not a physical teacher who is teaching you. The incorporeal Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, Himself, has become the Teacher and is teaching you. We have to become satopradhan through this study.
  2. Pour the oil of knowledge into the lamp of the soul every day. Remain constantly ignited with the oil of knowledge in such a way that even storms of Maya cannot make you fluctuate. Become true moths and sacrifice yourselves to the Flame.
Blessing: May you be free from confusion (jamela) and celebrate a meeting of the gathering (mela) by taking your mind and intellect away from confusion.
Some children think that when this confusion is over, their stage and their service will then become good, but that confusion is like a mountain. The mountain will not move, so take your mind and intellect away from the confusion with your flying stage and go over the mountain of confusion and you will experience that mountain to be easy. In the world of confusion, there will of course be much confusion, but you will remain free and you will then be able to celebrate a meeting of the gathering.
Slogan: Those who play hero parts in this unlimited play are hero actors.

*** Om Shanti ***

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