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Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 1 October 2018

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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, the Father’s desire is that you children become full destroyers of attachment. When you make this firm promise: Baba, You are mine and I am Yours, true love can be forged.
Question: What is the main difference between the sacrificial fire created by Rudra Shiv Baba and those being created by human beings?
Answer: 1) Whatever sacrificial fires human beings create are material sacrificial fires into which they put sesame seeds and other grains. This sacrificial fire that the Father has created is the imperishable sacrificial fire of knowledge into which the whole of the old world is to be sacrificed. 2) Those sacrificial fires continue for a short time whereas this sacrificial fire will continue until destruction takes place. When you children reach your karmateet stage, this sacrificial fire will end.
Song: This is a battle of the strong with the weak. 

Om shanti. You children now know that this is called a school as well as the sacrificial fire of knowledge. In terms of a school, an aim and objective is definitely needed. This is a sacrificial fire and also a school. This is the sacrificial fire of knowledge of Rudra which those people copy. They create material sacrificial fires. They pour offerings of sesame seeds and other grains into those. They also have another type of very big sacrificial fire which they surround with the scriptures. They do this on a very big piece of land. On one side, they keep the rice, ghee, flour etc. and, on the other side, they place all the scriptures. Whatever scripture you ask for, they will relate something from that, and then they will continue to pour offerings into the sacrificial fire. The Father says: Rudra is My name. They say that God Rudra created the sacrificial fire of knowledge. So, that was called the sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra, just as, they named a street Nehru Marg (road), and Nehru Park etc. after Nehru. Rudra is God Shiva. The sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra was created by Him. The whole of the old world is to be sacrificed into this sacrificial fire. This would not be in anyone’s intellect. It is such a big world and the cities are so far apart. Everything will be sacrificed into this imperishable sacrificial fire of knowledge. The old world is definitely to be destroyed and then the new world created. N atural calamities also help destruction take place. So this is the imperishable sacrificial fire of knowledge of Rudra in which the horse is sacrificed for receiving sovereignty. “Imperishable” means that it will continue until destruction takes place. No one else has such a sacrificial fire that continues all the time. At the most, they would make it continue for a month. They also relate the Gita for a month. The Father explains: I have created this sacrificial fire of knowledge. This is the horse that is sacrificed for sovereignty, that is, your chariot has to be sacrificed; it has to be surrendered. They have given it another name. They show the sacrificial fire of Daksh Prajapita in which they burn a horse. That is a long story. The Father explains: This is My imperishable sacrificial fire of knowledge. It is an imperishable sacrificial fire created by the imperishable One. It isn’t that it will continue all the time. This sacrificial fire will continue until the time comes when the whole of the old world is to be sacrificed. The Father is the Ocean of Knowledge. There are so many scriptures of the path of devotion. The Father is the Ocean of Knowledge and so He would surely have new knowledge. The Father gives His full introduction and He also explains how the world cycle turns through which souls become trikaldarshi. No one else can give the knowledge of being trikaldarshi. Firstly, you children have to imbibe this knowledge and secondly, with the power of yoga, you also have to become conquerors of sinful actions. It takes time for the burdens of sin of many births that are on your heads to be burnt. It has been so many years and you still haven’t become karmateet. When you reach your karmateet stage, the sacrificial fire will also end. This is a very important sacrificial fire. You can see signs of how preparations are being made. As you progress further, you will see that even the natural calamities are making their preparations. Sometimes, there will be very strong floods, sometimes earthquakes and sometimes there will be famine.Those people continue to tell lies about how they have made four-year plans and that there will then be a lot of grain available. Ah, but there will also be so many people eating all of that. It wouldn’t be just human beings eating it; there will also be locusts and insects etc. When there are floods, they cause a lot of damage. Those poor people don’t know anything. You know that there will definitely be famine etc. The signs of that are visible. If even a small war takes place, food stops coming in. In the earlier wars, so many steamers were sunk. They caused a lot of damage to one another. The Father says: This sacrificial fire was also created 5000 years ago and you also studied Raja Yoga. A sacrificial fire is created by brahmin priests. They have written stories of war in the Gita. They have also mentioned Sanjay. All of that is the paraphernalia of the path of devotion. That too is imperishable. The same paraphernalia will emerge once again on the path of devotion. The Ramayana etc. and the scriptures that have emerged will emerge again. All the kingdoms that have continued – the British, the Muslim etc., those who have come and gone, will come again. P artition will take place again. You can understand these things. You are numberwise too; some don’t understand anything at all. The Father explains how many sacrificial fires are created. You have to explain to them: In fact, the sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra, in which the horse was sacrificed for attaining sovereignty, was created by Rudra God Shiva, not Krishna. Krishna will receive that same form in the golden age. He cannot receive it at any other time because his name, form, place and time all continue to change. It is not possible that Krishna would come and call Himself the Purifier. Only the one Supreme Soul is the Purifier. You cannot ask: Why did He not reveal His form earlier? No; He would not tell you everything at the beginning. You would ask: Why did He not give us this knowledge earlier? Why does He not give us the knowledge in just one day? No; He is the Ocean of Knowledge, and so He will definitely continue to speak it little by little. It isn’t that you would study all of that at the same time. You would study, numberwise, and the study takes time. This is called the imperishable sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra. This is not written anywhere. In the scriptures these words are mentioned just for the sake of it. Ancient easy Raja Yoga of Bharat. Achcha, ancient means from when? From the beginning. So, surely, heaven would have been created from this imperishable sacrificial fire of knowledge. The Father says: I come at the confluence age of every cycle. They have then made a mistake and changed the time. They have given the golden age a duration of hundreds of thousands of years. They have told lies. There are four parts. There are also four equal parts in the swastika: knowledge and devotion. For half the cycle it is the day, knowledge, and for half the cycle it is the night, devotion. The reward of knowledge is butter and the reward of devotion is buttermilk. While gradually falling, some completely die. The new world definitely has to become old. The degrees continue to decrease. This is why this is called the corrupt, vicious world; it is the devilish world. You know that God cannot be found by your doing devotion etc. People have been doing devotion all the time; it never ends. If they were to find God, their devotion would end. Devotion has to last for half the cycle. All of these things have to be explained to human beings. You should use these pictures to make them see how the world becomes new. The new world is established and the old world is then destroyed. An exhibition etc. has to be inaugurated by an important person. You have to take their help. They are then also given thanks. Send them a telegram to convey your congratulations. They have such big titles given to them. They have even given themselves the title: Shri Shri. The Father, Shri Shri, explains: The world was elevated and it has now become corrupt. The Father has come to make it elevated once again. They give themselves the name, “Shri” in advance. In fact, Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan can only be said to be in the golden age. Kings never used to be given the title , “Shri”. They are called: His Highness. Even the kings worship the greatest His Holiness Lakshmi and Narayan because they are pure whereas they themselves are impure. Pure kings are called His Holiness. Now, instead of His Highness, they have given many other titles to everyone. They continue to say: Shri Shri. The unlimited Father is now making you Shri. By using the pictures, you can explain how the new world is established. “We are doing the service of making corrupt ones elevated, so please come and carry out the opening .  Explain to them that ‘Liberation-in-life in a secon d  has been remembered. Those who explain to them should be very active; they should be very alert. Those of the military remain so tiptop. The name of you children is very great: Shiv Shakti Army. This knowledge is received by weak ones and those with stone intellects. The things here are very wonderful. Look, it is God, the Highest on High, and see whom He is teaching! Hunchbacks and stone intellects! God speaks: I teach them Raja Yoga. This is fixed in the drama. However, not everyone considers himself to be a sinful soul. The Father says: If you become pure in this final birth, you will receive liberation-in-life in a second. Many people come. They are amazed by knowledge, they listen to it, they speak about it, they belong to Baba. Then they fall and leave. This has been happening from the beginning. In the morning, they say that they have firm faith and, in the evening, they would say that they have doubt and that they are leaving because they are unable to continue. “The destination is too high, so I am taking leave now.” This is the destination of the drama. They then divorce the Father. Maya is so powerful that she slaps you while you are moving along. Children say: Baba, tell Maya to become a little gentle. Baba says: I tell Maya to become very hot. The Father says: Remain cautious. It should not be that Maya slaps you and you become trapped. You have been asking to live in a household and attain liberation-in-life like Janak. The Father says: Become pure for one birth and you will become the masters of heaven. People love poison (the vices) so much. While moving along, they fall. If the kumaris don’t want to get married, the Government cannot do anything. They can explain: Why should we become impure that we would have to become worshippers and bow our heads in front of everyone? If I remain a kumari, everyone will bow down to me. So, why should I not remain worthy of worship? The unlimited Father says: Become pure and worthy of worship. There is just the one examination in Raja Yoga. So many ascend and then fall. Each one plays his or her own part. The result s will still be the same as they were in the previous cycle. This is the drama and we are actors. When you become full destroyers of attachment, full love can be forged with the Father. “Baba, I will now remember You alone. I will definitely claim my inheritance from You.” You have to make such a promise. Only then will both husband and wife become pure and go to the ashram of heaven. Both will sit on the pyre of knowledge. Many couples will become like that. Then the tree will begin to grow very quickly. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. You have to sacrifice everything you have, including your chariot, into this imperishable sacrificial fire of the knowledge. Remain very, very alert and active for service.
  2. No matter how hot Maya is, remain cautious and save yourself from being slapped by her. Don’t be afraid.
Blessing: May you be happy-hearted and constantly laugh, sing and fly by making the one Father your world.
It is said that the world changes with your vision, and so your world has changed with your spiritual vision. The Father is now your world. There is a difference between your world before and your world now: Previously you had your intellect wandering the world and now, the Father has become your world and so your intellect has stopped wandering. You have found the Father who enables you to attain unlimited attainments and so what more could you want? So, just laugh, sing and fly and remain constantly happy.
Slogan: When your heart is clean, your desires continue to be fulfilled. All attainments automatically come in front of you.

*** Om Shanti ***

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