Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 1 OCTOBER 2017

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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

Descriptions of an easy yogi and one who experiments.

Today, BapDada was looking at His co-operative arms. He was seeing how His co-operative arms are making His elevated task successful. Seeing the speed of the divine spiritual task of every arm, BapDada was pleased and began a heart-to-heart conversation. BapDada saw that some arms are co-operating constantly, tirelessly and intensely with elevated zeal and enthusiasm. Others continue to carry out the task but, every now and then, there is a difference in the intensity of their zeal and enthusiasm. However, when they see the zeal and enthusiasm of the arms who are working constantly and tirelessly at a fast speed, they too begin to carry out the task at a fast speed. With the co-operation of others they keep going and speed up.

Today, BapDada was seeing three types of children. One is of those who are constantly easy yogis. The second is of those who repeatedly experiment with every method. The third is of those who are co-operative. In fact, all three types are yogi souls, but they have different stages. Because of being in close relationship and having all attainments, an easy yogi constantly and automatically finds yoga easy. Because of constantly having a powerful form, they have the intoxication of constantly experiencing themselves to belong to the Father. They don’t have to remind themselves that they are souls, children of the Father. With the intoxication of constantly belonging to the Father, they each have the natural faith of being an embodiment of attainment. An easy yogi automatically experiences all success. This is why an easy yogi constantly has elevated zeal, enthusiasm and happiness. An easy yogi is constantly stable in the powerful stage of being an embodiment of one who has a right to all attainments.

The souls who experiment constantly experience every form, every point and every form of attainment while experimenting with them, but they sometimes experience success and at other times they experience it to be hard work. However, because they experiment and because their intellects are busy in the laboratory of practice, they remain 75% safe from Maya. What is the reason for this? Souls who experiment are interested in discovering for themselves new and different experiences. Because they have this interest, they remain safe from Maya in their laboratory. However, they are not constant. Sometimes, when they have an experience, they swing in happiness with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm, whereas at other times, when they have less attainment from the method they use, there is a difference in their zeal and enthusiasm. Because they lack zeal and enthusiasm, they find it hard work. This is why they are sometimes easy yogis and sometimes yogis who have to labour. Instead of saying with the guarantee, “I am His child”, they say, “I am this, I am this”. They constantly have to make effort to try to achieve success by thinking, “I am a soul”, “I am a child”, “I am a master almighty authority”. This is why they are sometimes stable in the stage of experiencing what they think. Sometimes, they experience that form by constantly and repeatedly thinking about it. This is known as being a soul who experiments. The form of one who has all rights is that of an easy yogi, whereas the form of one who constantly and repeatedly revises is of a soul who experiments. So, today, Baba was seeing who are easy yogis and who are the souls who experiment. A soul who experiments sometimes becomes an easy yogi, but not all the time. Whatever the position of the soul is at any time, the pose of the physical face also keeps changing accordingly. They look at the position of their mind and also their physical pose. Throughout the day, you change your pose so many times. Do you know your various poses? Do you look at yourself as a detached observer? BapDada constantly continues to watch this unlimited play whenever He wants.

In this physical world, you can see the various amusing poses of yourself in a particular game. Do you have this game abroad? You don’t play this game in a practical way here, do you? Here, too, when you have a burden, you sometimes get very heavy and, sometimes, because you have the sanskar of thinking too much, you become taller than you really are. Then, sometimes, when you get disheartened, you see yourself as very small. Sometimes, you become small, sometimes you become heavy and sometimes you become tall. Do you like that game?

Are all of you double foreigners easy yogis? Today, was your chart that of an easy yogi? You are not just those souls who experiment, are you? Are all of you double foreigners going back from Madhuban with the experience of being easy yogis for all time? Achcha. Co-operative souls are also yogis. Baba will tell you about this some other time.

(All the teachers are listening to the murli in the hall downstairs.)

Today, the groups of those who are BapDada’s companions, those who are instrument servers and instrument teachers, have also come. The younger ones are loved even more. Even though you are sitting down there, you are still sitting up above. BapDada is giving lots of love and remembrance to the young and old servers, who constantly maintain courage and keep themselves busy on the field of service. So, BapDada is seeing you as the servers who are special renunciate souls, those who prepare many other instruments to create the fortune of many more. To such special souls, together with special congratulations, also accept love and remembrance. What is the double wonder? One is the wonder of knowing the Father. Although you live behind the curtain of being in far-away countries, and although your religions, customs and systems and food and drink are all different, you have recognised the Father. This is why it is a double wonder. You were hidden behind the curtain. You have now taken birth for service. You didn’t make a mistake but, according to the drama, you were all dispersed for the sake of service. How else could so much service have taken place in all the lands abroad? You simply created a few karmic accounts in name for a short time just for the sake of service. This is why you are those who show double wonders and who are thirsty for the Father’s love. You constantly sing the song, “My Baba” from your heart. You are those who for twelve months constantly have the one concern, “I have to go there, I have to go there!” To the children who maintain such courage and become BapDada’s helpers, love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting servers:

So, did you eat the prasad (holy offering) of the great service of the great sacrificial fire? This prasad is never going to be less. Have you attained such imperishable great prasad? How many varieties of prasad have you received! Happiness for all time, intoxication for all time and the experience: have you had all these types of prasad? Prasad is always distributed amongst everyone and then eaten. Prasad is always raised to the eyes and the forehead with respect before it is eaten. Therefore, let this prasad merge in your eyes. Let it take the form of the awareness in your head, that is, let it become merged. Did you receive such prasad from this great sacrificial fire? Those who receive this great prasad are so greatly fortunate! How many souls receive such a chance? Very few, and you are amongst those few. Therefore, you are greatly fortunate, are you not? Just as you don’t remember anything except the Father and service when you are here, so always keep with you the experience you receive here. Generally, whenever you go somewhere, you definitely take back with you some memento or other as a souvenir. So, what special memento will you take back from Madhuban? You will constantly remain an embodiment of all attainments. So, will you stay the same when you go back? Or will you say that the atmosphere was like that or that the company was like that? Let yourself be transformed in the land of transformation before you leave. No matter what the atmosphere is like, transform that with your own power. You have this much power, do you not? Do not let the atmosphere influence you. All of you have to become complete before you leave. Achcha.

BapDada meeting mothers:

It is a matter of great happiness for the mothers, because the Father has come especially for the mothers. He has come as Gopal (One who looks after the cows) for the mother cows. The memorial of this has been remembered. No one else considered you to be worthy. Only the Father considered you to be worthy. Therefore, constantly continue to fly in this happiness. No waves of sorrow can come because you have become the children of the Ocean of Happiness. Those who are merged in the Ocean of Happiness can never have any waves of sorrow. You are such embodiments of happiness.

At the confluence age, the Father and Brahmins are constantly combined .

Today, BapDada has simply come to shake hands with His right hands. How long does it take to shake hands? Did all of you shake hands? At least you had the one determined thought and have now become brides of the true Bridegroom. It was only then that you became instruments to look after the task of world service. Because you are firm in your promise, BapDada too had to fulfil His promise. Your promise is fulfilled, is it not? Who are the closest of all of God’sfriends? All of you are extremely close friends of God , because you are carrying out the same task. Just as the Father does unlimited service, in the same way, all of you, young and old, are unlimited servers. Today, Baba has especially come for His young friends , because, although you are young, you have taken on a big responsibility. This is why young friends are loved more. There aren’t any more complaints now, are there? Achcha. (Sisters sang a song: You have to fulfil the promise you made. Jo vaada kiya vo nibhana padega.)

BapDada is constantly engaged in serving the children. He is with you now and will always be with you. Since you are combined, can anyone separate those who are combined? This form of the spiritual couple can never be separated. Brahma Baba and Dada are combined – can anyone separate them? In the same way, you elevated Brahmins who follow the Father are combined with the Father. This coming and going is a drama within the drama. In fact, according to the eternal drama, you have become the eternally combined form at the confluence age. For as long as it is the confluence age, the Father and the elevated souls are always together. So, you may sing this song as a play within a play, you may sing and dance, laugh and entertain yourself, but don’t forget the combinedform. BapDada sees the master teachers with very elevated vision. In fact, all Brahmins are the most elevated of all, but those who become master teachers and who serve day and night with love in their hearts as true servers are special amongst the special, and even out of those special ones, they are the most special! Create thoughts, speak words and perform actions whilst keeping this highest self-respect in your awareness. Always remember that you are the lights of the eyes, the jewels of the forehead, the beads of the garland of victory around the neck and the smile on the Father’s lips. Wherever all of you have come from, to all the young and loveliest friends, to all the children who have come, all of you accept your own personal remembrance. Whether you are sitting down below or up above, those down below are in the eyes and those up above are in front of the eyes. This is why all promises have been fulfilled. Now, to all friends and all companions, love, remembrance and namaste. It is good to meet just for a short time. You children had promised to do just this. (Song was sung: Please do not go now because our hearts are not yet full.) Will your hearts ever be full? Your hearts will become full with whatever you receive here. Achcha. (Looking at Didiji): Are you all right? Sakar Baba made a promise to Didi. So this too has to be fulfilled. When the heart becomes full of emotion, it will have to be emptied. It is good if you continue to make it full.

(Speaking to Didi) You are having many thoughts. Dadi and Didi have a lot more love for all of you young sisters. Didi and Dadi who are instruments have special love for all of you. You did well. BapDada is giving you thanks. The love that gave all of you this chance has also enabled you to meet Baba. It is not a big thing to come according to the programme. This special love that you are receiving is also a return. Therefore, through the enthusiasm that you came with, all of you have been given a golden chance in the drama. So all of you are golden chancellors, are you not? Those people are just chancellors whereas you are golden chancellors. Achcha.

Blessing: May you become an embodiment of success and attain the success of perfection and accumulate all the treasures by using the right method.
For 63 births, you wasted all the treasures and now, at the confluence age, you have to accumulate all the treasures by using the right method. The method to accumulate them is for you to use them with a pure attitude for yourself and for others. Do not just accumulate them in the locker of your intellect, but use the treasures. Use them even for yourself, otherwise you will lose them. So, accumulate them by using the right method and you will claim the success of perfection and become an embodiment of success.
Slogan: If you experience God’s love, no obstruction can stop you.

 *** Om Shanti ***



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