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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, Shiv Baba’s number one shrimat is: Awaken in the early morning hours and remember Me, the Father, and your boat will then go across.
Question: What are the signs of generous-hearted children?
Answer: They continue to benefit others. They have an interest in making donations. Only those who donate at this time accumulate charity. 2. Generous-hearted children are generous like Baba, the Innocent Lord. They give their bones to this sacrificial fire like Dadichi Rishi.
Song: Who has come with ankle bells to the door of my mind?


Om shanti. Who has come for the children? They say “Lord of the Morning” because He is the One who changes the night into the day. Ravan is the Lord of the Night. Note this down clearly, for only then will it sit in your intellects. There is a difference in everyone’s intellect. There are intellects that are satopradhan, sato, rajo and tamo. Some understand just from a signal. You understand that Baba is definitely the Lord of the Morning. He changes the night into the day. He now makes you into the masters of the day, that is, the masters of the new world. You will become the masters when you continually follow shrimat. When business people open their shops in the morning, they first bow their heads. People also do this at temples. They bow in front of their shops before entering, so that they may earn a good income. In order to earn a good income, they say: O Lord, send me a good customer to enable me to earn a lot first thing in the morning. You children know who that One is. We souls recognise Him. He is our Baba, He is our Sai (Lord) Baba, the One who changes the night into the day. Nowadays, there are many Sai Babas, but there is only one Sai Baba who changes the night into the day and He is very innocent. His name is Bholanath (Innocent Lord). He places the urn of nectar on the innocent mothers and kumaris. He gives them the inheritance and makes them into the masters of the world. You should wake up early in the morning and remember your Father so that your boat can go right across. He makes you into the masters of the world; He does not give you any difficulty. Simply continue to do this business; continue to give this message to everyone: The One who changes the night into the day, that is, the One who changes hell into heaven, says: If you remember Me, your sins will be absolved. You have to give this message. Previously, you gave this message to all. You can explain that God, the Father, has come to give us the inheritance. The unlimited Father definitely gives the inheritance of heaven, so simply remember the Father. He shows the innocent mothers such an easy method! Sweetest mothers, sweetest kumaris, sweetest children, I do not give any other difficulty; simply let go of the company of everyone else. You have been giving this guarantee on the path of devotion: When You come, I will belong to only You; I will belong to You and none other. People speak of beloved Lord Krishna, but this one is your Father. They have said that Krishna was someone who looked after cows. In fact, these are living cows (the mothers), and Shiv Baba sustains you with knowledge; Shiv Baba feeds you the grass of knowledge. This Krishna soul is now in the last of his many births. The name, the form, the place and the time continue to change with every birth. You change from shudras to Brahmins, then from Brahmins to deities. It can be called the clan of Radhe and Krishna or the clan of Vishnu. You were the rosary of victory of Vishnu, or you could even say the rosary of Radhe and Krishna. Now, having been around the cycle, you are becoming that once again. You have now become Brahmins and you will then become deities. In the sun dynasty, there is a king and queen and also their subjects who are numberwise according to their efforts. The Father says: Every one follows shrimat according to their capacity. The number one shrimat you receive is: Awaken in the early morning hours and remember Sai Baba, the Lord, the Innocent Lord. The Father says: You are souls. You adopt bodies and play your part s. You souls reside up above. You now understand that our Baba is teaching us souls. Shiv Baba comes cycle after cycle, but only once, at the confluence age. After a cycle you have to develop the faith that you are a soul. You have to remember the Father. There is the example of the genie who said: Give me work to do, otherwise I will eat you up. The Father says: If you don’t remember Me, Maya, the genie , will eat you up. It is not that you will be able to stay in constant remembrance. You are now effort-makers. This is easy Raja Yoga and knowledge. You receive both health and wealth: Manmanabhav and Madhayajibhav. The Father says: Remember Me and the inheritance; that is all. Why should you waste your time? For half a cycle, you wasted time on the path of devotion. For half a cycle, it is the day of Brahma and for the other half, it is the night of Brahma. They have said that the duration of the iron age is hundreds of thousands of years, and that the duration of the golden age is so many years, in which case it could not be half and half. The Father sits here and explains: At first, there was unadulterated devotion and then it became adulterated. People have even started to worship evil spirits, that is, they have even started to worship bodies made of the five elements. Baba has seen how they sit on the banks of the Ganges and allow themselves to be worshipped. There are also various Sai Babas. This Baba is incognito, but your hearts recognise Him. Baba says: I am the Father of you souls. I teach you Raja Yoga. He is H eavenly God the Father. He definitely establishes heaven. Ravan comes and establishes hell. Only you have this understanding. Human beings simply speak for the sake of it, without understanding anything. They say that it is an inverted tree and then they also call it the kalpa tree, but they cannot tell its age. No tree can be hundreds of thousands of years old; that is impossible! The Father sits here and explains with so much love and says: Sweetest, long-lost and now-found, beloved children. He says it just as a lokik father also explains with great love: Go to school and do this. However, everyone is now tamopradhan. At the rajopradhan stage, a teacher gives good teachings and the parents also give good teachings. They create children in order to bring them happiness. People say that they should have at least one child, but if they have a son, they then say: Now, we should also have a daughter, otherwise how would Lakshmi (wealth) enter our home? What is the situation now? Children cause so many difficulties. Such things do not happen in the golden age. What would heaven be otherwise? You sweetest children are now claiming the kingdom of heaven. You understand that the intellects of people have become stone because they do not recognise the Father. Among you too, you know Him, numberwise, according to the effort you make. It takes great effort to remember the Father. You forget again and again. Today, you recognise Him, so don’t say tomorrow, “I am not Your child.” Baba would then say: You are an unworthy child. A father never gives his wealth to an unworthy child. However many sacrificial fires, pilgrimages, donations and acts of charity etc. people have been doing in devotion, they have only continued to become impure through that. Many people do devotion, so why is the state of the world as it is? There is limitless devotion in Bharat. The Father says: Those who are old devotees and have worshipped Shiv Baba from the beginning are the ones who have continued to fall down and become impure. In the picture of the tree, the sun dynasty is also shown first of all, then the moon dynasty, and then the path of devotion. Then, by the time it is the end of devotion, they have become ugly. The world becomes ugly, iron aged. This is the game of the drama. Knowledge will definitely continue for half the cycle and devotion will continue for the other half. You children now have knowledge. The Lord of the Morning gives knowledge. In the world, there are various Sai Babas. Go around the large countries of the world and check it; you will find a variety of them in each place. They will say, “This is the very image of Sai Baba”, or that he is so-and-so. The purpose of the Satguru is to grant salvation, and the Satguru is making you into the masters of heaven. Who is explaining this? The soul says: Baba, You speak the truth. We follow Your shrimat and remember You alone. Cycle after cycle, we remember You and claim the inheritance from You. We have claimed the inheritance from You countless times before and we are claiming it once again. Remember that you truly do claim the inheritance from the Father and that, after 5000 years, you will lose it again in the same way. Then Baba will come and we will claim our inheritance once again. This is such an easy thing. The new home is built while you continue to live in the old home because it does take time. You children understand that Baba is building a new home; so, now, break your intellect’s yoga away from the old one. The golden age is the new home. We will go there and rule the kingdom. That is the unlimited new home, whereas this entire world is the unlimited old home. You children have unlimited disinterest in this old home. We are being removed from the relationships of the old, dirty world of the iron age and are making effort to enter into relationships with those beautiful flowers of the golden age. Therefore, you should make good effort. Souls should have so much love for the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. You should remove your love from all others and only have love for the One. All the Draupadis are calling out: Save us from being stripped! Innocent ones are assaulted a great deal. The Father says: It is when they have committed so much sin that the urn of sin becomes full and breaks and destruction takes place. This also happens according to the drama. All the animals and birds etc. also have their part sfixed. Whatever happens today also happened in the previous cycle. In the newspapers they write about all that has happened in the last 100 years. However, that is easy. They have the recorded history. They write about the main things. You can also write exactly what happened 5000 years ago. People read many things in the newspapers. You also have to explain to people what happened 5000 years ago. Whatever happened in the world, tell them: This happened 5000 years ago. They themselves say that Bharat was heaven, whereas you can prove it. Tell them: That same Bharat is now poverty-stricken. This war is not new; it takes place cycle after cycle. However, they will not believe you. Yes, there will be someone or other who will agree that this is accurate and will understand that death is just ahead. They feel that there is someone who is inspiring them to create these bombs etc. against their own conscious wish. The poor people are in total darkness. They do not know anything and they just say whatever enters their minds. Yet they consider themselves to be very clever. You understand that all of this is to be destroyed. Baba says: After the cries of distress, there will be the cries of victory. Then they will only remember God. People remember their special deity, but they do not know God. You understand that God is a point. He is such a tiny dot. It is such a wonder! You do not say that He is such a huge oval image, no. You say that He is a star. The soul is also a star and the part of 84 births is recorded in him. These are very subtle things. These things cannot be explained to people straightaway. First of all, explain: Remember the Father and you will claim the inheritance. These are very deep things. This is why Baba says: I am telling you deep aspects today. He continues to explain in different ways. Baba asked the question last night: How long does it take for Brahma to emerge from Vishnu’s navel, and how long does it take for Vishnu to emerge from Brahma? Yesterday, we were so ignorant; today, we are so knowledge-full. These are such wonderful things; you become sensible, numberwise. Some children also listen to Baba’s murli on tape; children have the desire to listen to the murli, word by word, by tape. Those who have a keen interest and are wealthy and generous will bring benefit to others. Whatever is given in donation now becomes a pure, charitable act, whereas in the iron age, whatever donation is made or charity performed, it makes that soul sinful. Our Sai Baba, the Lord, the Innocent Lord, is so generous hearted. You too must become generous hearted. You have to give your bones to this sacrificial fire like Dadhichi Rishi. The Father says: You are the sweetest, luckiest children in the world, the ones who are claiming their inheritance from the Father. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Have true love for the one Father. Remove your intellect’s yoga from iron-aged, impure relationships. Have unlimited disinterest in this old world.
  2. We are the luckiest children in the world, the ones who claim the inheritance from the Father. Remain in this intoxication and become generous hearted.
Blessing: May you be a powerful soul and protect yourself with the power of discernment from bad and wasteful company.
Some children are protected from wrong company, that is, bad company, but are influenced by wasteful company because wasteful things are entertaining and externally attractive. This is why BapDada’s teachings are: Do not hear anything wasteful, do not speak anything wasteful, do not do anything wasteful, do not think anything wasteful. Become so powerful that you are not influenced by the colour of any company except the Father’s. Use the power of discernment to recognize any bad or wasteful company in advance and transform it and you will then be called a powerful soul.
Slogan: In order to experience lightness constantly keep a balance of being a child and a master.

*** Om Shanti ***




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