Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 1 April 2018

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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The world of Brahmins is free from sorrow.

Today, the Carefree Emperor, the Emperor who is free from sorrow, has come to meet His master, carefree emperors. This gathering is of the emperors of the confluence age. It is through this sovereignty that you attain your reward in the future. BapDada was seeing whether all the children have become emperors who are free from sorrow, that is, those who are beyond all types of sorrow. The world of Brahmins is free from sorrow. Souls who have a right to the confluence-aged Brahmin world are carefree emperors. Have you become such carefree emperors that there is no wave of sorrow even in your thoughts? Do you experience yourselves to be the carefree emperors who are constantly on the bed of happiness in the world of happiness? There is no name or trace of sorrow in the Brahmin world or in Brahmin life because there are no Brahmin treasures that are unattained. The reason for sorrow is that something is unattained. Attainment is the means of happiness. So, to be an embodiment of all attainments means to be an embodiment of happiness. Have you become such an embodiment of constant happiness? The means of happiness are relationships and wealth in particular. Just think about it – you have attained the relationship of eternal happiness, have you not? In terms of relationships, if even one relationship is missing, there are then waves of sorrow. In the Brahmin world, all relationships with the Father are eternal. Is even one relationship lacking? All relationships are imperishable and so how could there be waves of sorrow? In terms of wealth, all the treasures, or the elevated treasure of all wealth is the wealth of knowledge through which you can automatically attain all types of wealth. Since you have attained wealth and relationships, you are in a carefree world. You are the children and the masters of the world of constant happiness, that is, you are the emperors. Have you become emperors or are you becoming that? What does BapDada think when He sees or hears of your waves of sorrow? That you are children of the Ocean of Happiness, that you are carefree emperors, so how can there be waves of sorrow? You must definitely have gone outside the boundary of the world of happiness. You got attracted to one artificial attraction or another or some artificial form, just as it is shown in the memorial of the previous cycle, that Sita was attracted and crossed the line of the code of conduct, that is, she crossed the boundary of the world of happiness, and where did she end up as a result of that? In the cottage of sorrow! When you are within the boundary, you experience happiness even in a jungle, and fortune even in renunciation; you are emperors without even as much as a shell. Even in the beggary life, you lead the life of a prince. You experience this, do you not? What do you experience when you come to Madhuban, away from the whole world? It is in a small place in a corner of the world, but as soon as you arrive here you say that you have reached a world that is even more elevated than the golden-aged world. So you experience happiness in a jungle, do you not? You experience the dry mountains to be a world of happiness as elevated as diamonds. You experience your world to have changed. In the same way, wherever you Brahmin souls may be, even amidst an atmosphere of sorrow, you are like a lotus. You are detached from sorrow, carefree emperors. No waves of the sorrow of some physical illness, now waves of the sorrow of a wasteful upheaval in your mind, no waves of the sorrow of a lack of attainment of perishable wealth, no waves of the sorrow of your weak sanskars and nature or those of others, no waves of the sorrow of the atmosphere or vibrations, or waves of sorrow based on relationships and contacts pull you to themselves, do they? You are detached from them, are you not? When your world changed, your sanskars changed. Your nature also changed and you therefore became part of the world of happiness. In fact, you became beggars, that is, not even your body – the home – belongs to you. You have become beggars, have you not? However, you also became the masters of all the Father’s treasures. You became self-sovereigns. Do you have such intoxication and happiness? This is known as being a carefree emperor. So, all of you sitting here are emperors, are you not? Is the condition of your kingdom fine? Are all the workers in your kingdom working under your orders? None of them are deceiving you emperors, are they? Are all the workers in your kingdom those who say, “Present, my lord!” or “Yes, my Lord!”? Do you hold your own court? A court of kings is held to check that all the workers are working correctly. Is your treasure-store full of all treasures? Is your treasure-store full to the extent that even if you constantly donate as a great donor, the treasure would still be unending? Do you check this? You have become Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, you have become yogis. Therefore, you don’t forget to check yourself in the intoxication of this carelessness, do you? Constantly check the activities of your kingdom. Do you understand? You know how to check, do you not? This gathering is of the majority of those who are mature and experienced. To be experienced means to have authority. What authority? The authority of self-sovereignty. You are those with such authority, are you not? You have just come today. You have come to have yourselves checked and to claim the certificate, have you not? To see that you are proper emperors, have you not? You will go back with a certificate for whatever type of king you are, will you not? Whether you are a king in name only or a king (ruler) in your activities as well, you will be able to see all of that for yourself in the palace of mirrors. Achcha.

To the carefree emperors who constantly stay in the world of happiness, to the powerful souls who constantly have a right to the kingdom, to those who are constantly beyond all waves of sorrow and who are loving to the Father, the Bestower of Happiness, to the elevated souls who are authorities of experience, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting Dadis: BapDada is pleased to see all the children who are equal to the Father. Souls who are constantly equal to the Father are loved a great deal. So this whole gathering is of souls who are equal. BapDada always sees the souls who are equal to Him as His companions. Such children are with Him when He tours around the world and also when He goes to look after the children. They are constantly with Him and this is why the souls who are equal are constant yogis. They are not those who have to have yoga, but they are always merged in love. They are never separate and so what would they remember? They have natural remembrance. When you are together, you automatically remember. So the stage of the souls who are equal is that of being together and of being merged. So, at every step, the children are constantly in the front and the Father is behind them. They are constantly in the front in every task. The children are in the front, and the Father not only gives a powerful current (sakaash) but also gives the experience of His constant company. Just as the Father gives a powerful current, so too, the children who are equal also become those who give a powerful current. This is such a gathering, is it not? This is the special rosary of the special beads. The rosary is being prepared by itself. It does not have to be prepared, but it is being prepared automatically. If numbers were announced or given, then questions would arise, but you are automatically being set, numberwise. Achcha.

BapDada meeting a separate group of kumars: Godly youth group. In the world, those youths carry out their task according to their own intellects, but their task is to destroy things. Your task is to remain constantly co-operative in the task of establishment. If any excuse or problem arises, are you able to find a solution to that easily? BapDada constantly has hopes in the group of kumars. If all the youth were to maintain courage and enthusiasm and be constantly victorious, they could hoist the flag of victory in the world and tour around the whole world. You are progressing in the constantly flying stage. None of you are in the stopping stage, are you? “Youth group” means those who do constantly powerful service. Youth can do whatever they want. Those youths do destructive things whereas you carry out the task of establishment. They create peacelessness, whereas you are embodiments of peace who spread peace. Many preparations are being made for kumars. You are such strong kumars that you never fluctuate. Let it not be that your name is glorified here but that as soon as you go there, you go back into the old world. Some kumars first move along in service with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm, but when there is the slightest conflict they then go back into the old world. Do you like picking up things that you have let go of? All of you have renounced the old world, have you not? If there are any strings tied, you would continue to move about. So constantly consider yourself to be a Godly youth group. If all you kumars become refreshed and go back having become filled with all treasures, then all those seeing you would say that you have come back as deity souls. Create such a plan of wonders. Even the Government is afraid of youth. You will become instruments to show the path to the Government. Let kumars always create powerful plansfor service. However, there also has to be constant balance of remembrance and service. Achcha.

When you have a good morning of remaining constantly free from obstacles, you will remain free from obstacles all the time. When it is the good morning of the golden age, you will remain free from obstacles. It is now the good morning for becoming free from obstacles. You say, “Good day”, do you not? Do you say, “Good morning“? It is good day and good night. So to be constantly free from obstacles means, “May you have a good morning of remaining free from obstacles.” Achcha.

BapDada meeting a group of kumaris:

A kumari life means a life of freedom. Do you constantly remain aware of what you receive through this freedom and what you receive from the One who makes your fortune elevated? Or do you think that you are still kumaris who are studying in college? Always have the awareness: As is the Father, so am I. What is the Father? The Server. So all of you do service, do you not? Are all of you kumaris the beads of the Father’s rosary? Are you sure? You will not become the garland around someone else’s neck, will you? Those who have become the garland around the Father’s neck cannot become the garland around anyone else’s neck. What thought have you had? You cannot go anywhere else even in your thoughts. Are you this strong? By belonging to the one Father, you receive a right to all treasures. Would you let go of all rights and chase after two paisas (a fraction of a rupee)? Those two paisas are also received when you are first beaten. First of all, there is the beating of sorrow and peacelessness and then you eat two chapattis. You don’t like such a life, do you? A kumari life is a fortunate life, and you have become doubly fortunate. You will now take all the papers in a practical way, will you not? Not that paper examination! Constantly have the awareness: I am constantly a Shiv Shakti, I am combined. Kumaris always have to go somewhere or other (after marriage, they go to another home). If you find such an elevated home, what more would you want? Kumaris think that they should find a good husband and a home that is prosperous. This home is so full and prosperous that nothing is lacking. Everyone should receive such fortune! Wah! My fortune! Continue to sing this song. Just as everyone loves the moonlight, so too, become those who give the light of knowledge. Become like a moon of knowledge. Just as the star of your fortune is sparkling, make the star of everyone else’s fortune sparkle too. Everyone will then give you blessings over and over again.

All of you kumaris will claim a scholarship, will you not? To claim a scholarship means to come into the rosary of victory. Make such fast effort that you come into the rosary of victory. You will give the return of all the sustenance you receive, will you not? The return of the sustenance is to become equal to the Father and to claim the scholarship. Therefore, constantly have the determination to be victorious and become a bead of the rosary of victory. Are all of you content with this life? You don’t ever remember that life, that food, drink, touring around etc., do you? Seeing others, you don’t feel like having a little taste of that, do you? That life is a life of coming down, whereas this is a life of climbing up. Who would go from climbing to falling? Remain constantly ever ready. Always remain ready in your own way. In terms of the study, there isn’t any bondage of interest. Where there is a gathering of kumaris, there is definitely growth in service. Wherever there are pure souls, there is always an auspicious task. All of you have passed in the subject of harmonising sanskars amongst yourselves, have you not? There are no complications and your vision and attitude are not drawn anywhere else! Kumaris especially have to claim the certificate of belonging to the one Father and none other. As is your name, bal-brahmcharni (kumaris celibate from birth), so too, let your thoughts also be just as pure. This is known as claiming a scholarship. Then you are right hands. You are the Shiv Shaktis who belong to the one Father and none other. Remember just this and no type of Maya will attack you. Achcha.

At the time of farewell: The mercy of the Satguru has become your inheritance. Therefore, you don’t even need to have the thought, “Have mercy!” You are the children of the Seed of the Tree, and so you have naturally attained the omens of Jupiter and the blessings of the Guru. There is no need to ask for them. You have become free from asking for them and have also been liberated from having any thoughts of them. Does anything remain for which you have to ask? You have become the crown of the Father’s head. What would such a child ask for? So, congratulations and love and remembrance to all the children for the day of the Seed of the Tree and the omens of Jupiter.

Blessing: May you be a knowledgeable soul who experiences spirituality by transforming your worldly attitude and vision.
While living with your worldly relations, do not look at any limited relationship but see the soul. When you see the soul, there will either be happiness or mercy. “This poor soul is under an external influence, ignorant and is innocent”, whereas, I am a knowledge-full soul. Have mercy on that ignorant soul and demonstrate it by transforming that one with your good wishes. To transform your attitude and vision is to have a spiritual life. You knowledge-full souls cannot do the things that ignorant people do. They should be coloured with the colour of your company.
Slogan: To glorify the name of the World Father with your elevated actions is to be a world benefactor.


*** Om Shanti ***

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