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Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 4 August 2018

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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, you do not have to say anything through your lips; just constantly remember the one Father with a true heart. The Lord is pleased with those who have honest hearts.
Question: Which manners are the best? Which divine manners do you have to imbibe?
Answer: The best manners are to remain constantly cheerful. Deities always remain cheerful; they never laugh loudly. To laugh loudly is also a vice. You children should remain in the incognito happiness of remembrance. The sanskar of familiarity also causes a great deal of damage. In order to be successful in service, you need to have an attitude that is free from attraction. There should not be the slightest odour of being trapped by anyone’s name or form. You need to have a very clean intellect. Your face remains cheerful when you have imbibed these things and you do service and make others similar to yourself.
Song: Neither will He be separated from us, nor will we experience sorrow.

Om shanti. You children understand, numberwise, according to your efforts. It is said that the Lord is pleased with those with honest hearts. The heart too is within the soul, is not? Therefore, remember the true Lord and you will receive happiness. Remembrance means to remember the Father internally. Chant the name of the Lord. To chant does not mean that you have to continue to say something; no. Just continue to have remembrance and you will receive a great deal of happiness. You also have to make others similar to yourself. It is very easy to explain to others. Just as a truly faithful wife does not love anyone except her husband, in the same way, you souls have to remember the unlimited Father from beyond with honest hearts. It is just as a lover and beloved love each other. They are attracted to each other’s name and form; it is not a question of vice. The lover remembers the beloved and the beloved remembers the lover, that’s all! Their intellects are not drawn anywhere else. Even though they are engaged in their business etc., their hearts are connected to each other. That is pure remembrance. Their bodies and intellects do not become impure. Such souls are also praised, but there are very few of them. Even in this knowledge, there are very few such true lovers. Maya is such that she gets hold of you by the nose. The example of Angad has been given. Ravan said: See if he can be shaken or not. Maya tries to make the powerful maharathis fall. Just as a mouse blows on you and then bites you in such a way that you don’t even feel it, in the same way, Maya is so powerful that if anyone behaves badly and unlawfully, then she locks that one’s intellect in an incognito way. You need a deep intellect to understand these things. You need to practise remembering Baba a great deal. There has to be full love for the Father. You have to do servicewithout becoming attracted. No matter how good some child may be, you mustn’t become trapped in his name or form. This causes a great deal of damage. The Father says: Consider yourself to be a bodiless soul and remember Me. Keep yourself very clean and pure. You belong to Shiv Baba and He is making you clean and pure. You have to remove the vices from within you. Your very name is Shiv Shaktis; you receive power from the Almighty Authority. Therefore, you have to have very good yoga with Him. The Father says: To have constant remembrance is not like going to your aunty’s home! So much effort is made to stay in remembrance at the time of eating, yet He is still forgotten. While eating, a great deal of effort is made to remember the Father the whole time. As He is our Beloved, why should we not eat in remembrance of Him? He would then remain with us. However, remembrance is still forgotten again and again. Even on the path of devotion, the intellect continues to wander in different directions. These are aspects of knowledge. Some children are also not able to understand these aspects properly and are still crawling on the floor. If your yoga were to be constant, it would be understood that your karmateet stage is coming close. However, remembrance doesn’t remain, and so a great battle takes place within. Baba sees that there are many whose intellects wander. It takes effort for them to become bodiless. There are very few who speak the truth; they are ashamed to speak the truth. Maya is very powerful. She doesn’t take long to scalp you. You shouldn’t say: “We are His children anyway.” You have also been shown methods. Firstly you have to reach the karmateet stage and then a status is received, numberwise. Baba knows that Maya harasses the children a great deal. She doesn’t allow remembrance to remain. It has been observed from the stages of many that they become trapped in someone’s name and form. You have to practise considering yourselves to be bodiless, because for a very long time you have not considered yourself to be bodiless. In the golden age, you will have the full knowledge that you are a soul and that you have to shed your old costume and take a new one. You also receive a vision at that time. Whether you have a vision (in a practical way) or invisibly (just through feelings), you will understand that the lifespan of that body is about to end. When someone is about to die, he says: I feel that I am about to die; I am unable to live any longer. There, when your body has become old, you will understand that you have to shed it. They shed their bodies happily when it is their time. They have full knowledge of the soul but they don’t have the slightest knowledge of the Father because that is not in the drama. Why should you remember the Father there? There would be no need. Here, human beings remember Him in sorrow whereas you have to consider yourself to be a soul and have yoga with the Father. This body is old. You should have total dislike for it. No matter how beautiful someone’s body may be, everyone is ugly because, according to the law, every soul has become ugly. This is something for the intellect to understand. Therefore, the Father explains: Let your intellects’ yoga be connected to the One. Just as people have love marriages, so this is also a love marriage for you souls. Then there is no love for this body. If there isn’t love for your own body, why should there be love for the bodies of others? Everything in the world functions on the basis of beauty. Some couples get engaged without seeing each other; then, when they do see each other, they don’t like each other and there is quarrelling and fighting: “What would I do with money? I want someone beautiful!” You understand that you are souls. You should have no attachment to your old bodies. All of those relationships are vicious. Your things are different from those of the people of the world outside. You ugly souls have now become engaged to the beautiful Traveller. You understand that every soul in this world has become totally ugly. Make the soul beautiful by forging a connection with the Beautiful One. The one Traveller makes multi-millions beautiful. Very good yoga is needed in order for ugly souls to be made beautiful. If you remain ugly, you will firstly have to experience punishment and secondly, your status will be destroyed. Here, you must not get caught up in the name or form of anyone. A great deal of disservice takes place when that happens. This is why Baba explains: Remain cautious. You get caught up in the web of Maya and yet you don’t even understand. That destiny will not leave you. You destroy your own status. The Father says: With the power of yoga, you have to make your souls pure. This is a furnace (bhatthi). Have yoga with the Father. However, if your intellects wander elsewhere your remembrance becomes adulterated. Then, neither will you be able to do service nor will you claim a high status. Alloy can only be removed with the fire of yoga. If you have yoga, knowledge will also remain in your intellects. Baba is Rup (the Embodiment of Yoga) and also Basant (the One who showers knowledge). The more rup (the embodiment of yoga) you children become, the more you will be able to imbibe knowledge. Firstly, souls have to be made pure. You continue to speak of yoga, but, even among you, there are many who don’t understand the meaning of yoga. You cannot purify yourselves or Bharat without yoga. Even though you do service and open centres, Maya catches hold of you by your nose. Some become arrogant and say that they have opened this many centres ; they become body conscious. The Father explains: Consider yourselves to be souls and have yoga with the Father. No sinful action should take place. If you forget Baba and then become trapped in someone’s name or form, a great deal of damage is caused. The destination is very high. It’s not a small thing to become a master of the world! The Father is praised a great deal. Many temples are built in His name. You know who built the Somnath Temple and when he built it. Temples too are built numberwise. After the Somnath Temple was built, the Lakshmi and Narayan Temple was built, and then the Jagadamba Temple. Human beings don’t know who created the temple to Somnath. God is the Incorporeal. Although worshippers of the Incorporeal worship incorporeal Shiva, they don’t understand anything. You children are also numberwise. Day and night, you should be concerned about service. Only when you stop being body conscious and become soul conscious will you have this concern. Have full yoga with the Father. To have total regardfor Him is not like going to your aunty’s home! The evil spirit of Maya breaks your yoga. Only the Father knows these things. There are some who are so sensitive that if they are told anything they become upset and quickly become traitors. They then destroy their own fortune. When they come to Baba, they become amazed, they belong to Him and then run away and begin to do disservice. It is also mentioned in the Bhagawad that while drinking nectar, some became traitors and caused harm. The Father has great concern that so-and-so is weak and can become a traitor at any time and cause harm. It has been seen how some become traitors and create a lot of harm and then innocent ones are beaten a great deal. Are there assaults in other spiritual gatherings? Here, the first aspect is of renouncing poison. Some don’t renounce it at all. People say that so-and-so has left for the heavenly abode, but no one knows what heaven is. It is as though they just speak without knowing the meaning of what they say. You have now received so much understanding. The Father knows who the good flowers are. There are some who don’t have any odour of being trapped in anyone’s name or form. They have no other interest apart from knowledge. You also need to have accurate yoga. Although some are already ugly, they become even more ugly. Within this army, there is an army of elephants, lions and lionesses and also horses and mares. There is a flock of sheep as well; there are all types. It is understood from the activity of some that they are goats; they don’t understand anything; nothing sits in their intellects. Their intellects are like the intellect of a buffalo. Baba explains in such an easy way that you are souls. Are you not able to remember the unlimited Father? O souls, remove your intellects’ yoga from everywhere else and remember Me. Are you not able to remember Me? You remember your friends and relatives etc., so what’s so difficult about remembering Me? Some say: Baba, Maya breaks my intellect’s yoga. But you will lose your inheritance! If your intellects’ yoga is forged completely, you will become the masters of the world. How can the Father ever be forgotten? It is only when you become body conscious that you forget Him. You are repeatedly told to consider yourselves to be souls and to remember the Father constantly. You don’t have to chant. You don’t need to make a sound. You have to go beyond sound. You come into body consciousness when you say “Rama, Rama” through your mouth. Remember the Father internally. You simply have to take the support of your organs and remember that you are souls. Remain in silence and remember the Father. Baba is the Ocean of Knowledge; He is knowledge-full. He has full knowledge and He also teaches you. By remembering the Father, you will become pure and will receive a holy crown (halo) and by knowing the cycle of the world you will receive a crown studded with jewels. You will become those with double crowns. It is by having remembrance that your sins will be absolved. Otherwise, you will be punished by Dharamraj and your status will be destroyed. Therefore, remember the Father. Your happiness has to be incognito. You should not laugh loudly. Lakshmi and Narayan are called cheerful. To be cheerful and to laugh are two different things. There is incognito happiness in remaining cheerful. It is bad to laugh loudly. It’s best to remain cheerful. To laugh loudly is also a form of vice and that vice too should not remain. Happiness should be visible on your faces. That will be visible when you make others similar to yourselves. Do service and more service. As soon as you are given service to do, you should run; nothing else. You children do service in order to transform thorns into buds. Baba continues to give you children very good points. You have to have the faith that it is Baba who is saying these things. This one also says: Don’t praise me; all the praise belongs to Shiv Baba. By remembering Him, you will become complete conquerors of sin. It is a very easy thing. Remember Baba and spin the discus of self-realisation. It is at the end that you become complete spinners of the discus of self-realisation, numberwise. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Create a method to keep the Father with you. Stay in remembrance at meal times. Practise becoming bodiless! Do not love your old body.
  2. Have total regard for the Father. Don’t be arrogant! Always stay far away from the sickness of becoming trapped in someone’s name or form. Stay intoxicated with knowledge and yoga.
Blessing: May you be a world transformer who comes into contact and relationship with others while wearing the glasses of seeing their specialities.
While coming into connection or relationship with one another, see one another’s specialities. Adopt the vision of only seeing other’s specialities. Nowadays, it is the fashion and also compulsion to wear glasses. So, wear the glasses of seeing specialities, so that you cannot see anything else. When you wear red glasses, even green things will be visible as red. So, wear the glasses of speciality and do not see rubbish, but only see the lotus and you will become an instrument for world transformation.
Slogan: Constantly stay away from the dust of thinking of others and seeing others and you will become a flawless, invaluable diamond.

*** Om Shanti ***


Daily Murli Brahma Kumaris Hindi – Today Murli 4 August 2018

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ओम् शान्ति


“मीठे बच्चे – तुम्हें मुख से कुछ भी बोलना नहीं है, सच्चे दिल से एक बाप को निरन्तर याद करना है, सच्चे दिल पर ही साहेब राज़ी है”
प्रश्नः- सबसे अच्छा मैनर (चरित्र) कौन सा है? किस देवताई मैनर्स को तुम्हें धारण करना है?
उत्तर:- सदा हर्षित रहना बहुत अच्छा मैनर है। देवतायें सदा हर्षित रहते हैं, खिलखिलाकर हंसते नहीं। आवाज से हंसना भी एक विकार है। तुम बच्चों को याद की गुप्त खुशी रहनी चाहिए। फैमिलियरटी का संस्कार भी बहुत नुकसानकारक है। सर्विस की सफलता के लिए अनासक्त वृत्ति चाहिए। नाम-रूप की बदबू जरा भी न हो। बुद्धि बहुत स्वच्छ चाहिए। इसी धारणा से जब सर्विस करते, दूसरों को आप समान बनाते तो चेहरा हर्षित रहता है।
गीत:- न वह हमसे जुदा होंगे…… 

ओम् शान्ति। बच्चे जानते हैं सो भी नम्बरवार पुरुषार्थ अनुसार क्योंकि कहा जाता हैं सच्ची दिल पर साहेब राज़ी। दिल भी आत्मा में है ना। तो सच्चे साहेब को याद करो तो सुख मिलेगा। याद माना अन्दर में बाप को याद करना है। जप साहेब को। जप का अर्थ यह नहीं कि मुख से कुछ बोलते रहो। नहीं, याद करते रहो तो बहुत सुख मिलेगा। औरों को भी आप समान बनाना है। किसको समझाना भी बड़ा सहज है। जैसे सच्ची पतिव्रता स्त्री सिवाए पति के और किसको भी लॅव नहीं करती है, वैसे ही आत्मा को उस पारलौकिक बेहद के बाप को सच्ची दिल से याद करना है। जैसे आशिक-माशूक का प्यार होता है। वह नाम-रूप पर मरते हैं, विकार की कोई बात नहीं रहती। आशिक माशूक को, माशुक आशिक को याद करते हैं। बस, और कहाँ बुद्धि नहीं जाती। भल धन्धाधोरी भी करते हैं परन्तु दिल एक के साथ रहती है। वह पवित्र याद होती है। शरीर और बुद्धि अपवित्र नहीं रहती। उसका भी गायन है, परन्तु ऐसे बहुत थोड़े हैं। इस ज्ञान में भी सच्चे आशिक बहुत थोड़े हैं। माया ऐसी है जो नाक से पकड़ लेती है। दृष्टान्त दिया हुआ है अंगद का। रावण ने कहा – देखें, यह हिलता है वा नहीं? जो तीखे-तीखे महारथी हैं उनको ही माया पछाड़ती है। जैसे चूहा काटता है, फूँक ऐसी देता है जो पता भी नहीं पड़ता है। ऐसे माया भी बड़ी जबरदस्त है। जो कोई बेकायदे चलन चलते हैं तो अन्दर से ही बुद्धि को गुप्त ताला लगा देती है। इसमें समझने की बड़ी बुद्धि चाहिए। बाबा को याद करने का बड़ा अभ्यास चाहिए। बाप में पूरा-पूरा लॅव चाहिए।

तुमको सर्विस करनी है अनासक्त होकर। भल कोई कितना अच्छा बच्चा है परन्तु ऐसे नहीं कि उनके नाम-रूप में फँस पड़ना है, इससे बड़ा नुकसान कर देते हैं। बाप कहते हैं अपने को अशरीरी आत्मा समझकर मुझे याद करो। अपने को स्वच्छ रखो। तुम शिवबाबा के बनते हो, वह तुमको स्वच्छ बनाते हैं। विकारों को निकाल देना है। तुम्हारा नाम ही है शिव शक्तियां। तुमको सर्वशक्तिमान से शक्ति मिलती है, तो अच्छी तरह उनसे योग लगाना पड़े। बाप कहते हैं निरन्तर याद करना मासी का घर नहीं है। भोजन करते समय कितनी कोशिश करते हैं फिर भी भूल जाते हैं। बहुत कोशिश करते हैं – सारा समय बाप की याद में खायें क्योंकि वह हमारा बहुत प्यारा है, क्यों न हम उनको याद कर खायें तो साथ में रहेगा। फिर भी घड़ी-घड़ी याद भूल जाती है। भक्ति मार्ग में भी बुद्धि और-और तरफ भटकती रहती है। यह तो है ज्ञान की बात। इन बातों को बच्चे भी पूरा नहीं समझते हैं। कई बच्चे अजुन रेगड़ी पहनते रहते हैं। अगर निरन्तर योग लग जाए तो समझा जाए कि अब कर्मातीत अवस्था आ रही है। परन्तु याद ठहरती नहीं है, बड़ी युद्ध चलती है। बाबा देखते हैं बहुतों का बुद्धियोग भटकता है, अशरीरी बनने में मेहनत लगती है। बहुत थोड़े हैं जो सच बोलते हैं। कहने में लज्जा आती है। माया बड़ी दुश्तर है। एकदम माथा मूड़ लेने में देरी नहीं करती है। ऐसे नहीं, हम तो बच्चे हैं ही। युक्तियाँ भी बतलाई जाती हैं। पहले तो कर्मातीत अवस्था में जाना है फिर है नम्बरवार पद। बाबा जानते हैं – बच्चों को माया बड़ा हैरान करती है, याद ठहरने नहीं देती है। बहुतों की अवस्था देखी जाती है। नाम-रूप में फँस पड़ते हैं। अपने को अशरीरी समझने का अभ्यास करना है क्योंकि बहुत समय से अपने को अशरीरी नहीं समझा है। सतयुग में यह ज्ञान पूरा रहता है कि मैं आत्मा हूँ, मुझे यह पुराना शरीर छोड़ नया लेना है। साक्षात्कार भी हो जाता है। परोक्ष, चाहे अपरोक्ष, समझते हैं – अभी शरीर की आयु पूरी आकर हुई है। जैसे कोई मरने पर होता है तो कहते हैं हमको ऐसा लगता है कि अब मरुँगा, रह नहीं सकूँगा। वहाँ फिर समझते हैं अब शरीर बड़ा हो गया है, इसको अब छोड़ना है। अपने टाइम पर खुशी से छोड़ देते हैं। आत्मा का ज्ञान पूरा है। बाप का ज्ञान बिल्कुल नहीं है। ड्रामा में है नहीं। वहाँ बाप को क्यों याद करें? दरकार ही नहीं। यहाँ तो दु:ख में मनुष्य याद करते हैं और तुमको फिर अपने को आत्मा समझ बाप से योग लगाना है। यह शरीर तो पुराना है। इससे तो बिल्कुल ऩफरत आनी चाहिए। भल कितना भी खूबसूरत, सुहाना (सुन्दर) शरीर हो, लेकिन लामुज़ीब तो सब काले हैं क्योंकि आत्मा काली है। यह बुद्धि से समझने की बात है। शरीर कोई सबके काले तो नहीं होते हैं। यह तो हवा पानी पर होता है। जहाँ ठण्ड जास्ती होती है वहाँ सफेद मनुष्य होते हैं। तो बाप समझाते हैं – बुद्धि का योग एक से लगाना है। जैसे लॅव-मैरेज करते हैं ना। यह भी तुम्हारी आत्मा की लॅव-मैरेज है। फिर इस देह के साथ भी लॅव नहीं रहता है। अपनी देह से ही लॅव नहीं तो फिर औरों की देह से क्या लॅव रखना है। दुनिया में तो काले और गोरे शक्ल पर भी चलता है। कोई-कोई बिगर देखे सगाई कर लेते हैं फिर जब शक्ल देखते हैं तो कहते हैं हमको ऐसी काली नहीं चाहिए। फिर झगड़ा हो जाता है – हम पैसे को क्या करें, हमें तो सुन्दर चाहिए।

अब तुम जानते हो – हम आत्मा हैं। इस पुराने शरीर से मोह नहीं रखना है। यह तो विकारी संबंध हैं ना। दुनियावी बातों से अपनी बात न्यारी है। अभी तुम्हारी काली आत्मा की सगाई हुई है गोरे मुसाफिर से। जानते हो इस दुनिया में सबकी आत्मा काली ही काली है। गोरे से संबंध जोड़ आत्मा को गोरा बनाना है। एक मुसाफिर सैकड़ों-हजारों को हसीन बनाते हैं। काली आत्मा को गोरा बनाना है। इसमें बड़ा अच्छा योग चाहिए। काला रह जाने से एक तो सज़ा खानी पड़ेगी और पद भी भ्रष्ट हो जायेगा। यहाँ किसके नाम-रूप में नहीं लटकना है। बड़ी डिस-सर्विस हो पड़ती है इसलिए बाबा समझाते हैं – ख़बरदार रहो, तुम माया की चकरी में आ गये हो, परन्तु समझते नहीं। भावी छोड़ती नहीं। अपना पद भ्रष्ट कर देते हैं। बाप कहते हैं – योग अग्नि से अपनी आत्मा को पवित्र बनाना है। यह है भट्ठी। बाप के साथ योग लगाना है। और तरफ बुद्धि जाती है तो व्यभिचारी ठहरा। सर्विस कर न सके। पद भी पा नहीं सकेंगे। योग अग्नि से ही खाद निकल सकेगी। योग है तो ज्ञान भी ठहरेगा।

बाबा रूप भी है, बसन्त भी है। तुम बच्चे भी जितना रूप बनते जायेंगे उतना ज्ञान की धारणा होगी। पहले आत्मा को पवित्र बनाना है। योग-योग कहते हैं परन्तु तुम्हारे में भी कई योग का अर्थ नहीं समझते। योग के बिना अपने को अथवा भारत को पवित्र बना नहीं सकेंगे। भल सर्विस भी करते हैं, सेन्टर खोलते हैं परन्तु माया नाक से एकदम पकड़ लेती है। अंहकार आ जाता है – हमने इतने सेन्टर खोले हैं। देह-अभिमान आ जाता है। बाप तो समझाते हैं अपने को आत्मा समझ योग लगाओ बाप से। कोई भी विकर्म न बन जाए। अगर बाबा को भूल कोई के नाम-रूप में फँसते हो तो बड़ा नुकसान हो जाता है। यह बड़ी मंज़िल है। विश्व का मालिक बनना कम बात है क्या! बाप की कितनी महिमा है! कितने मन्दिर बनाते हैं – उनके नाम पर! तुम जानते हो सोमनाथ का मन्दिर किसने और कब बनाया। मन्दिर भी नम्बरवार बनते हैं। सोमनाथ के बाद फिर है लक्ष्मी-नारायण का अथवा जगदम्बा का मन्दिर। मनुष्य थोड़ेही जानते हैं कि सोमनाथ का मन्दिर किसने बनाया? वह तो निराकार है। निराकार के पुजारी निराकार शिव को ही पूजेंगे। परन्तु जानते नहीं। तुम बच्चों में भी नम्बरवार हैं। रात-दिन सर्विस का ही ओना रहता है। ओना पूरा तब रहे जब देह-अभिमान टूटे। देही-अभिमानी बनना है। बाप के साथ पूरा योग लगाना है। उनका पूरा रिगॉर्ड रखना मासी का घर नहीं है। माया के भूत योग तुड़वा देते हैं। यह तो बाप ही जानते हैं। कितने तो ऐसे नाज़ुक हैं, जो कुछ कहो तो झट ट्रेटर बन बिगड़ पड़ते हैं। वह फिर अपना ही खाना खराब कर देते हैं। आश्चर्यवत् बाबा का बनन्ती, फिर भागन्ती हो जाते हैं। डिससर्विस करने लग जाते हैं। भागवत में भी मशहूर है – अमृत पीते-पीते ट्रेटर बन फिर सताते हैं। बाप को कितना ख्याल रहता है – यह फलाना कच्चा है, कोई भी समय ट्रेटर बन नुकसान कर सकता है। बरोबर देखते हैं ट्रेटर बन नुकसान करने लग पड़ते हैं फिर कितनी अबलाओं पर अत्याचार होते हैं। और सतसंगों में अत्याचार होते हैं क्या? यहाँ पहली बात है विष (विकार) छोड़ने की। विष छोड़ते नहीं हैं।

कहते भी हैं फलाना स्वर्ग पधारा। परन्तु हेविन क्या है, कुछ जानते नहीं हैं। जैसे बिगर अर्थ कोई बोल दे ऐसे ही कह देते हैं। अब कितनी समझ आई है। बाप जानते हैं कौन अच्छे-अच्छे फूल हैं। कोई हैं जिनमें नाम-रूप में फँसने की बदबू नहीं है। ज्ञान के बिगर और कोई बात नहीं। योग भी पूरा चाहिए। कोई काले तो पहले से ही हैं फिर और ही काले होते जाते हैं। इस लश्कर में हाथियों का भी लश्कर है, शेर शेरनियों का भी लश्कर है, घोड़े-घोड़ियों का भी है, बकरे-बकरियों का भी है। सब हैं। चलन से झट मालूम पड़ जाता है – यह तो जैसे रिढ़ (भेड़) हैं। कुछ भी नहीं समझते, बुद्धि में बैठता ही नहीं। जैसे भैंस बुद्धि हैं। बाप कितना सहज करके बतलाते हैं – तुम आत्मा हो। तुम बेहद के बाप को याद नहीं कर सकते हो? हे आत्मा, तुम और सब तरफ से बुद्धियोग हटाकर मुझे याद करो। तुम याद नहीं कर सकते हो? और मित्र-सम्बन्धियों आदि को याद करते हो, मुझे याद करने में क्या मुसीबत है? कहते हैं – बाबा, माया बुद्धियोग तोड़ देती है! अरे, वर्सा गँवा बैठोगे। तुम बुद्धियोग पूरा लगाओ तो विश्व का मालिक बनोगे। बाप को थोड़ेही कभी भूलना होता है। देह-अभिमानी बनने से ही तुम भूलते हो। तुमको बार-बार कहा जाता है अपने को आत्मा समझो, बाप को निरन्तर याद करो। जपो नहीं, आवाज नहीं करो। तुमको तो वाणी से परे जाना है। राम-राम मुख से कहा तो देह-अभिमान आ गया। अन्दर सिमरण करना है। आरगन्स का सिर्फ आधार लेना है। मैं आत्मा हूँ, शान्ति में रहकर बाप को याद करना है। बाबा है ज्ञान का सागर, नॉलेजफुल। उनमें सारी नॉलेज है। तुमको भी सिखलाते हैं। बाप को याद करने से तुम पवित्र बन जायेंगे, होली ताज मिलेगा और सृष्टि चक्र को जानने से रत्न जड़ित ताज़ मिलेगा। डबल सिरताज बन जायेंगे। याद से ही विकर्म विनाश होंगे। नहीं तो धर्मराज के डन्डे खाने पड़ेंगे। पद भी भ्रष्ट हो जायेगा इसलिए बाप को याद करना है। फिर खुशी भी चाहिए गुप्त। आवाज़ से हंसना नहीं है। लक्ष्मी-नारायण को हर्षित मुख कहा जाता है। हर्षितमुख रहना और हंसना अलग-अलग बात है। हर्षितमुख रहने से वह गुप्त खुशी रहती है। आवाज़ से हंसना बुरी बात है। हर्षित रहना सबसे अच्छा है। खिलखिला कर हंसना (आवाज से हंसना) भी एक विकार है। वह भी नहीं रहना चाहिए। खुशी चेहरे पर आनी चाहिए। वह आयेगी तब जब आप समान बनायेंगे। सर्विस और सर्विस। सर्विस मिली और यह भागा, दूसरी कोई बात नहीं। तुम बच्चे सर्विस करते हो, कांटों को कली बनाते हो। बाबा बच्चों को अच्छी-अच्छी प्वाइंट्स बताते हैं। यह निश्चय रखना है कि बाबा ही सुनाते हैं। यह भी कहते हैं मेरी महिमा नहीं करना। महिमा सारी शिवबाबा की है, उनको याद करने से ही पूरा विकर्माजीत बनेंगे। बहुत सहज बात है। याद करना है और चक्र फिराना है। स्वदर्शन चक्रधारी पूरे अन्त में बनते हैं नम्बरवार। अच्छा!

मीठे-मीठे सिकीलधे बच्चों प्रति मात-पिता बापदादा का याद-प्यार और गुडमॉर्निंग। रूहानी बाप की रूहानी बच्चों को नमस्ते।

धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार:-

1- बाप को साथ रखने की युक्ति रचनी है। भोजन पर याद में रहना है। अशरीरी बनने का अभ्यास करना है। अपनी पुरानी देह से भी लॅव नहीं रखना है।

2- बाप का पूरा रिगॉर्ड रखना है। अंहकार में नहीं आना है। नाम-रूप की बीमारी से सदा दूर रहना है। ज्ञान-योग में मस्त रहना है।

वरदान:- विशेषता देखने का चश्मा पहन सम्बन्ध-सम्पर्क में आने वाले विश्व परिवर्तक भव
एक दो के साथ सम्बन्ध वा सम्पर्क में आते हर एक की विशेषता को देखो। विशेषता देखने की ही दृष्टि धारण करो। जैसे आजकल का फैशन और मजबूरी चश्मे की है। तो विशेषता देखने वाला चश्मा पहनो। दूसरा कुछ दिखाई ही न दे। जैसे लाल चश्मा पहन लो तो हरा भी लाल दिखाई देता है। तो विशेषता के चश्में द्वारा कीचड़ को न देख कमल को देखने से विश्व परिवर्तन के विशेष कार्य के निमित्त बन जायेंगे।
स्लोगन:- परचिंतन और परदर्शन की धूल से सदा दूर रहो तो बेदाग अमूल्य हीरा बन जायेंगे।

TODAY MURLI 4 August 2017 DAILY MURLI (English)

Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 4 August 2017

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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, you know this unlimited play in the form of a drama. You are hero actors. The Father has now come and awakened you.
Question: What are the Father’s orders, which, if you obey, saves you from the suffering of vices?
Answer: The Father’s orders are: First of all, sit in a furnace (bhatthi) for seven days. When a soul, suffering from the five vices, comes to you, tell him: You need to give seven days of your time. Give a minimum of seven days so that we can explain to you how the illness of the five vices can be removed. Tell those who ask too many questions: First of all do the seven days’ course.
Song: Salutations to Shiva.

Om shanti. You children heard the Father’s praise. This is an unlimited play in the form of a drama and you children know its beginning, middle and end. Those people believe that God’s Maya is limitless. Your intellects have now been awakened and you now know the whole unlimited play. However, the Father explains accurately, but you children are only able to explain, numberwise, according to the effort you make. People chase after actors in order to see them. You understand that this is an unlimited drama and that people of the world don’t know it. It is remembered that people are sleeping in the devilish sleep of Kumbhakarna. You have now been enlightened and so you have awakened. You can also say that all of us were asleep. You now have to make effort. They say that God is omnipresent. They cannot talk to themselves about these things. You have to talk to yourself. We souls have now met the Father. The Father has awakened us so much. This is an unlimited play. You know who the principal Actor sDirector and Creator of it is. This is why you ask who the main actors in this play are. In the scriptures they have written who the main one of the Kaurava Army is and who the main one of the Pandava Army is. These are unlimited matters. You have to know the incorporeal world, the subtle region and the beginning, the middle and the end of the corporeal world. The part of Brahma and Vishnu is performed here. The form of Vishnu is your aim and objective. You have to claim that status. They sing: Salutations to the deity Brahma. Then they say: Salutations to the Supreme Soul Shiva. They refer to Him as the incorporeal One. Since they call Him the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, He is the Father. By simply calling Him the Supreme Soul, the word ‘Father’ is not included, and so they call Him omnipresent. This is why people are unable to understand anything, just as you didn’t understand anything. The Father comes and purifies the impure. No one knows about this. You children have now become so sensible. You now know everything from the beginning to the end. Those who go to see a drama (film) from the beginning will definitely see the beginning, the middle and the end and the things they see will remain in their intellects. Then, if they have a desire to see it again, they can do that. That is a limited drama. You now know the unlimited drama. You will receive your reward in the golden age. You will then forget this drama. You will then receive this knowledge at the right time. So, these are also matters that have to be understood. There is no need to ask questions about anything. Simply tell them about the seven days’ bhatthi. However, it is very difficult to sit for seven days. They become afraid simply on hearing about it. It is then explained why they are told to do that. It is because you have been diseased for half the cycle. You have been influenced by the evil spirits of the five vices and are now suffering from them. You will be shown the method to become free from the suffering caused by them. Remember the Father – your suffering will end for ever through this. The Father’s orders are: You have to sit in a bhatthi for seven days. People have a special reading of the Gita or the Bhagawad over a period of seven days. This is a bhatthi. Not everyone can sit here. Some are in one place and others are in another place. As you progress further, there will be a lot of growth. All of them are branches of the sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra. Just as they have given many names to the Father, in the same way, there are also many names given to this sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra. You understand that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is called Rudra. ‘Rajaswa Ashwamegh’ means that this horse (the chariot referring to the body) has to be sacrificed in the sacrificial fire. Then, just souls remain. The body of everyone has to be sacrificed. There is Holika (the fire created at the time of Holi). At the time of destruction, everyone’s body will be sacrificed in this sacrificial fire. Everyone’s body has to be sacrificed in the sacrificial fire. However, you first claim your inheritance from the Father. Everyone has to go back. Ravan’s family is very big. Yours is just the small deity family. The devil’s family is so big. They are not going to become deities. Those who have been converted to other religions will emerge. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, creates the mouth-born creation through the mouth of Brahma. Baba has explained: They always first adopta wife and then create a creation. That is a creation created through a womb. This whole creation is mouth born. You are higher because you become elevated beings. You simply have to remember the Father because Brahmins have to go to the Father. You know that you have to return home and then go to the golden age to play your part s of happiness. Many people understand this, but they still won’t give seven days. It is then understood that they are not those of the special ones of our clan. If a person were a special one of this clan, he would like it very much. Some stay here for five, eight or even 15 days. Then, when they don’t get that company, they disappear. As destruction comes closer, everyone will have to come back here. The kingdom has to be established. Just as you made effort, numberwise, in the previous cycle, so you will do that now too. It is in your intellects that you are claiming your inheritance from the Father according to the effort you make. To the extent that you remember Him and become karmateet, so you will accordingly claim a high status. At first the world was satopradhan. It is now tamopradhan. Bharat is said to be ancient. You know that you were deities and that you have now passed through 84 births. You have now come to the Father to claim your inheritance once again. The Father has come to purify you. It is Ravan that makes you impure. We are unlimited, main, allround actors. Those of the sun and moon dynasties have been around the cycle and have now come into the Brahmin clan from the sun dynasty. Brahmins are definitely needed. Brahmins are the topknot. Brahmins keep a topknot. The deity religion is also elevated. You have this in your intellects. We play allround part s in the unlimited drama. These clans are remembered in connection with Bharat. Generally, it is the image of Vishnu that they show; they have removed Shiv Baba and the topknot of Brahmins from that; they don’t show them. You now have the secret of the 84 births in your intellects. How many births do you take and how many births do those of other religions take? Not everyone can take the same number of births. Those who come later will take fewer births. Only those who come at the beginning will have 84 births. Not everyone will come in the sun dynasty. There is also this calculation. This is called the detail. Many children forget. There are first and second grades at school. A teacher’s vision will first fall on those who are firstgrade children. Therefore, you have total enlightenment in your intellects. However, you cannot go into the detail of each one. The main religions are explained to you. By keeping the play of the whole drama in your intellects, you now understand that you have to return home. When we reach our karmateet stage, we will be worthy of going to the golden age. By remembering the Father, we souls will become pure and we will then also receive pure costumes. While remembering the Father, we will go to the golden age. You have to check your own temperature. The higher you go, the more the mercury of your happiness will rise. By coming down, your mercury of happiness will also come down. From satopradhan, you gradually came down until you have become completely tamopradhan. The Father is now explaining to you but, in spite of that, Maya repeatedly makes you forget. This is a war with Maya. Many are influenced by Maya. The Father says: The Lord is pleased with an honest heart. So many innocent ones with honest hearts stay in remembrance of the Father. They have promised that they will never indulge in vice. There are many obstacles created. They create so many obstacles at the exhibitions. They come with great intoxication and this is why you have to look after everything very well. The attitudes of human beings are very bad. It is the rule of people over people. Then, in the golden age, there is the 100% religious, righteous, lawful, solvent, deity Government. You have to make a lot of effort. Many pictures also continue to be made. The pictures should be so big that people can read them from far away. These matters have to be understood and explained very well, so that people can understand that they truly were residents of heaven and that they have now become residents of hell and have to become pure again. Also explain the secrets of the drama: how this cycle turns and how long it takes. We were the masters of the world whereas today we have become completely poverty-stricken. There is the difference of day and night. This is also the fruit of your sins which has to be suffered. The Father has now come to make your stage karmateet. What was Bharat and what is it now? The whole world is now to be sacrificed in this war. You children now know this. The Father says: Make a lot of effort and definitely become emperors and empresses. Explain very well using the pictures. Let your intellects remember that you were so elevated and that you have now fallen so far. Many fallen ones will come to you. Those without virtues and those with stone intellects also have to be uplifted. Only when you uplift them will your name be glorified. As yet, it doesn’t sit in anyone’s intellect. The sound should emerge from Delhi. Your name will quickly become well known there. However, it seems that that will still take time. The Father comes and uplifts so much those who have stone intellects and are without virtue. Your name will be glorified when you uplift such people. Baba says: As yet, souls have only reached the rajo stage. You have to reach the sato stage. Baba says: Do something and show everyone. You children have to do a lot of service. However, while moving along, there is one bad omen or another. There are bad omens in earning an income.



Maya, the cat, makes you unconscious. There is the play of Gul-bakavli (a play in which a cat and mouse interfere.) You children can understand for yourselves who can be seated on the Father’s heart-throne. There is no question of doubt about how this can be. Some ask questions as to how this is possible. Ah! you yourself can see as a detached observer. Whatever part is fixed in the drama , that is going to be enacted. Some fall off the rails of the drama. Those who understand everything don’t fall. Why do you fall? Only that which is fixed in the drama happens. In Bharat, thousands have visions. What is that? Do that many souls leave their bodies and come? This whole plot of the drama has to be understood. There can be no doubt about this. So many have doubts and leave the study. They ruin everything for themselves. Under no circumstances should you develop doubts in your intellect. Once you have recognised the Father, can you then have doubt in Him? You children know that you go to the Purifier Father having become pure. It is remembered: The Purifier has to come to purify the impure. Those who become this will go to the pure world and become immortal. Those who don’t become pure will not become immortal. You become the masters of the immortal world. The Father gives you such an elevated inheritance. He makes you so pure that you remain pure for 21 births. Sannyasis still take birth through vice. They don’t become worthy of the land of immortality. Baba makes you worthy of the land of immortality. Only Baba, the Lord of Immortality, Shiva, tells you Parvatis the story of immortality. Children have come to the unlimited Baba. You have to claim your inheritance. You come here to the Ocean to be refreshed. You then have to go and make others similar to yourselves. So, this is also the business of you children. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Don’t have doubts about anything. Watch the drama as a detached observer. Never spoil your register.
  2. In order to reach your karmateet stage, make full effort to stay in remembrance. Have an honest heart and remember the Father. Check the temperatureof your stage by yourself.
Blessing: May you be a constantly satisfied soul who experiences contentment on the basis of being full.
Those who are constantly full are satisfied. No matter how much someone brings in front of them situations to make them discontented, fully satisfied souls will help those who make others discontent by giving them the virtue of contentment. Only such souls are merciful and, with their good wishes and pure feelings, they will try to transform those souls. This is the elevated action of spiritual, royal souls.
Slogan: Apply the double lock of remembrance and service and Maya will not be able to enter you.

*** Om Shanti ***



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