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Today Murli Brahma Kumaris: 22 August 2020

Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, the Father only loves you children. It is to reform you children alone that the Father gives you shrimat. Constantly follow God’s directions and make yourself pure.
Question: When and with which methods will peace be established in the world?
Answer: You know that only after the Mahabharat War will there be peace in the world. However, you have to prepare yourself for that in advance. Make effort to make your stage karmateet. Churn the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world and become completely pure by having remembrance of the Father. Only then will this world be transformed.
Song: Human beings of today are in darkness.

Om shanti. This song is sung on the path of devotion. They sing that they are in darkness and ask to be given the third eye of knowledge. They ask for knowledge from the Ocean of Knowledge. Otherwise, there is ignorance. It is said: In the iron age everyone is a Kumbhakarna sleeping in the sleep of ignorance. The Father says: Knowledge is very simple. They study so many Vedas and scriptures etc. on the path of devotion; they do hatha yoga and adopt gurus etc. All of those gurus now have to be renounced because they can never teach Raj Yoga. Only the Father gives you the kingdom. Human beings cannot give it to human beings. However, it is of this that the sannyasis say that happiness is like the droppings of a crow, which is why they run away from their homes and families. No one, but the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, can give this knowledge. Only God can teach this Raj Yoga. Human beings cannot purify human beings. Only the one Father is the Purifier. Human beings have become so trapped on the path of devotion! They have been doing devotion for birth after birth. They go to bathe in water; it isn’t that they only go to bathe in the Ganges. Wherever they see a lake, they consider that to be the Purifier. There is a Gaumukh here too, where water comes from a spring. There is water in a well too, but that cannot be called the Purifier Ganges. Human beings think that that too is a pilgrimage place. Many people go to bathe there with a lot of faith. You children have now received knowledge. Even when you tell them, they don’t believe you. They have a lot of arrogance of the body and say: “We have studied so many scriptures!” The Father says: Forget everything you have studied! How can human beings know anything about any of these things? This is why Baba says: Write down such points in the leaflets and drop them from an aeroplane. Nowadays, they all ask: How can there be peace in the world? When someone gives advice for this, he receives a prize, but he cannot establish peace. Where is peace? They continue to give prizes falsely. You now understand that there will be peace in the world after the war. This war can take place at any time because such preparations have been made. The delay is until you children reach your karmateet stage. It is this that requires effort. The Father says: Constantly remember Me alone and, while living at home with your families, become as pure as a lotus and continue to churn the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. You can also write: According to the dramaplan, peace in the world will be established as it was in the previous cycle. You can even explain that only in the golden age can there be peace in the world. Here, there is definitely peacelessness. However, there are some who won’t believe what you tell them. Because they are not going to go to heaven, they won’t even follow shrimat. There are many here who are unable to remain pure according to shrimat. You are receiving directions from God, the Highest on High. When someone’s behaviour isn’t good, others tell him: May God give you great wisdom! You now have to follow God’s directions. The Father says: You have been floundering in the ocean of poison for 63 births. The Father only speaks to the children. The Father only reforms His own children. How could He reform the whole world by Himself? He says the people outside: Learn everything from the children. The Father cannot speak to the people outside. The Father has great love for His own children. He doesn’t have as much love for stepchildren. A physical father gives wealth to his worthy children. Not all his children would be the same. The Father too says: I give this inheritance to those who belong to Me. Those who don’t belong to Me will not be able to digest it. They will not be able to follow shrimat; they are devotees. Baba has seen many such people. When well-known sannyasis come, they bring many followers; they collect funds. Each one gives funds according to his capacity. Here, the Father doesn’t tell you to collect funds. No, here, whatever seed you sow, you receive the fruit of that for 21 births. When people make a donation, they believe that they are doing it in the name of God. They either surrender that to God or to Krishna. Why do they mention the name of Krishna? Because they consider him to be the God of the Gita. They never say that they are surrendering everything to Radhe. They either say that they are surrendering it to God or to Krishna. They know that it is God who will give the fruit of that. When a child is born into a wealthy family, it is said that that child must have given a lot of donations in his previous birth, for that is why he has taken birth there. He can even become a king. However, that happiness is as temporary as the droppings of a crow. Sannyasis inspire kings to have renunciation by telling them that a woman is like a snake. However, Draupadi called out to be protected from Dushashan. Even now, innocent mothers call out for their honour to be protected. “Baba, he beats me a great deal!” They are even ready to kill for the sake of poison. “Baba, liberate me from this bondage!” The Father says: The bondage is to come to an end and then no one shall be stripped for 21 births. There is no vice there. This is the final birth in the land of death. This is the vicious world. The second thing that the Father explains is: Human beings have become so senseless at this time. When someone dies, people say that he has gone to heaven; but where is heaven? This is hell. If he became a resident of heaven, he must definitely have been a resident of hell. However, when you tell someone directly that he is a resident of hell, he becomes angry and gets upset. Write to such people: So-and-so became a resident of heaven, which must mean that you are a resident of hell. We can now show you the method with which you can truly go to heaven. This old world is now to be destroyed. Have it printed in the papers that there will be peace in the world after the war, exactly as there was 5000 years ago. There was only the one original eternal deity religion there. Those people say that devils such as Kans, Jarasanda etc. also existed there and that Ravan existed in the silver age. Who would beat their heads with such people? There is the difference of day and night between knowledge and devotion. This is such a simple thing and yet it hardly sits in anyone’s intellect! So, create such slogans. According to the drama, there will be peace in the world after this war. Every cycle, peace comes to the world, and then, by the end of the iron age, there is peacelessness. Only in the golden age is there peace. You can even write that it is only because of the mistake made in the Gita that Bharat has now reached this condition. The mistake was that they inserted the name of Shri Krishna who takes the full 84 births. They didn’t insert the name of Shri Narayan. He has a few days less than the full 84 births. Krishna takes the full 84 births. Shiv Baba comes to make the children become like diamonds. Therefore, there has to be a golden container into which the Father can come. How can this one become golden? This is why Baba instantly gave visions to him. He said: You are to become a master of the world. Now constantly remember Me alone and become pure. So, he immediately began to become pure. Unless one becomes pure, one cannot imbibe knowledge. A golden vessel is required to hold the milk of a lioness. This is the knowledge of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. One needs a golden vessel to imbibe this knowledge. Only when you become pure can dharna take place. When someone makes a promise to maintain purity and then falls, the pilgrimage of yoga ends. Even knowledge ends. That one cannot then say to anyone, “God says: Lust is the greatest enemy”. The arrow he shoots would not strike the target. Such ones become like cockerels who can only crow this knowledge! (They do not practise what they preach.) No vice should remain. Keep your daily chart! Just as the Father is the Almighty Authority, so Maya is also an almighty authority. Ravan’s kingdom continues for half the cycle. No one but the Father can enable you to conquer Ravan. According to the drama, there has to be Ravan’s kingdom. This drama is based on the victory and defeat of Bharat. The Father only explains this to you children. The principal thing is for you to become pure. The Father says: I come to purify the impure. People have portrayed a battle between the Pandavas and the Kauravas and have also shown them gambling etc. How could such things exist there? Could that be the study of Raj Yoga? Would there be a Gita Pathshala on a battlefield? On the one hand there is Shiv Baba, who is beyond birth and death, and, on the other hand, there is Krishna who takes the full 84 births. The Father comes and enters him in his final birth. This is so clear! While living at home with your family, you have to become pure. Sannyasis say that a couple living together cannot remain pure. Tell the sannayasis that it is because they don’t have any attainments that they’re unable to stay together. However, here, we receive the sovereignty of the world. The Father says: Preserve the honour of the clan for My sake! Shiv Baba says: Preserve the honour of this one’s beard. Remain pure in this final birth and you will become the masters of heaven. Each of you has to make effort for yourself. No one else can go to heaven. Your kingdom is being established. There are all types of people there, but there are no advisers there. Kings there don’t need advice. Impure kings have to have advisers. Here, there are so many ministers; they continue to fight among themselves. The Father liberates you from all complications. There will then be no war for 3000 years. None of the jails will remain. There won’t be any courts etc. There, there is happiness and only happiness. You have to make effort for that. Death is just ahead of you. Become conquerors of sinful acts by having the pilgrimage of remembrance. You are the messengers who have to give everyone the Father’s message of “Manmanabhav!”. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost, now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. In order to imbibe knowledge, become pure and clean the vessel of your intellect. Don’t become a cockerel gyani who can only crow knowledge (someone who doesn’t practise what he preaches).
  2. Surrender everything you have directly to the Father. Follow shrimat and claim a royal status for 21 births.
Blessing: May you constantly be victorious and free from obstacles and make the fortress strong by adopting the method of cleanliness.
In order for every soul to become victorious and free from obstacle in this fortress, have programmes for yoga simultaneously everywhere at particular times. No one will then be able to cut this string because the more you continue to increase doing service, the more Maya will try to make you belong to her. Therefore, just as they have cleanliness whenever they begin a task, in the same way, all of you elevated souls should have the one pure thought of being victorious. With this method of cleanliness the fortress will become strong.
Slogan: The instant and practical fruit of doing yuktiyukt and accurate service is happiness.

*** Om Shanti ***


Invaluable versions of Mateshwari



Do not now have a competition in performing sinful acts.



First of all, you definitely have to keep the aim that no matter how, you have to control your vices, for only then will you be able to stay in Godly happiness and peace. Our main effort is for us to remain peaceful ourselves and to bring peace to others, and we definitely need the power of tolerance for this. Everything depends on us. Let it not be that when someone says something you become peaceless. No. The first virtue of knowledge is to imbibe tolerance. Look, on the path of ignorance, it is said: No matter how much someone insults you, just think: I wasn’t hurt by that. The person who insulted you became peaceless himself, but his karmic accounts are his own. But, if I too become peaceless and say something, then that would be my sinful act. Therefore, I mustn’t have any competition of committing sin. We have to burn away our sins, not create more. We have been committing such sins for birth after birth and have been taking sorrow. We have now received the knowledge to conquer these five vices. There is a huge expansion of the vices and they come in a very subtle way. Sometimes there is jealousy and so you think: This one did this, so why should I not do the same? This is a big mistake. You have to make yourself free from making mistakes. If someone says something, then consider that to be a test for you, to see to what extent you have power of tolerance. If someone says, “I have tolerated a lot”, but become forceful even once, he you has ultimately failed. Whoever said something spoilt his own account, but I have to create my account, not spoil it and so let me make good effort and create a good reward for myself for birth after birth. Those who are under the influence of the vices have those devil spirits in them and such is the language that emerges from devil spirits. However, the language that emerges from those who are divine souls is divine. So, I have to make myself divine, not devilish. Achcha.


Today Murli Brahma Kumaris: 22 August 2019

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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, stop performing sinful acts because you now have to begin the era when no sinful acts are performed.
Question: In what one aspect should every Brahmin child definitely follow the Father?
Answer: Just as the Father, Himself, becomes the Teacher and teaches you, so, each one of you has to become a teacher, like the Father. You have to teach others whatever you learn. You are teachers, children of the Teacher, and also satgurus, children of the Satguru. You have to establish the land of truth. You are sitting in the boat of truth. Your boat may rock, but it cannot sink.

Om shanti. The spiritual Father sits here and has a heart-to-heart conversation with you children. He talks to you spirits because this is new knowledge. This is new knowledge, it is a study to change from human beings into deities. Who is teaching you this? You children know that it is the spiritual Father who is teaching you children through Brahma. You should not forget this. He is the Father and then He teaches you and so He is also the Teacher. You also know that you are studying for the new world. You should have faith in every aspect. It is only the Father who teaches you for the new world. The main thing is the Father. The Father is giving these teachings through Brahma. He would give them through someone. It is also remembered: God teaches Raj Yoga through Brahma. He establishes the original eternal deity religion through Brahma. That deity religion doesn’t exist now; it is the iron age now. So, this proves that heaven is being established. There are only those of the deity religion in heaven. There won’t be this many religions, that is, destruction will take place, because there are no other religions in the golden age. These things are in the intellects of you children. There are now innumerable religions. The Father is now making you into deities from human beings because it is now the confluence age. This is something very easy to explain. They too show establishment through Brahma in the picture of the Trimurti. Of what? It would definitely be establishment of the new world; it cannot be establishment of the old world. You children have the faith that only deities with divine virtues reside in the new world. We also have to imbibe divine virtues while living at home with our families. First of all, we have to conquer lust and become viceless. Yesterday, we would go in front of the images of those deities and say: You are completely viceless whereas we are vicious. We would feel ourselves to be vicious because we used to indulge in vice. The Father now says: You have to become as viceless as them. You also have to imbibe divine virtues. If you have the vices of lust and anger etc., you cannot be said to have divine virtues. To indulge in vice and to get angry are devilish traits. Would deities have greed? The five vices do not exist there. This is the world of Ravan. Ravan takes birth at the confluence of the silver and copper ages. Just as there is the confluence of the old world and the new world, so that too is a confluence of two ages. There is now a lot of sorrow and many illnesses in the kingdom of Ravan. This is called the kingdom of Ravan. They burn Ravan every year. While going on to the path of sin, they become vicious. You now have to become viceless. It is here that you have to imbibe divine virtues. Everyone receives the fruit of their actions. You children should not commit any sin now. One is the king who is the conqueror of sinful actions (Vikarmajeet) and the other is the king who performs sinful actions (Vikram). This is the era of sinful actions, that is, it is the period of Ravan and the vicious ones. Neither does anyone understand this, nor does anyone know the duration of the cycle. In fact, deities are conquerors of sinful actions. In 5000 years, there are 2500 years of King Vikram and 2500 years of King Vikarmajeet. Although those people say that half the cycle is of King Vikram, they don’t understand anything. You say that the period of King Vikarmajeet begins with the year one, and then, after 2500 years, the period of King Vikram begins. The period of King Vikram is now to end and you are now becoming emperors and empresses who are conquerors of sinful actions. When you have become that, the period of King Vikarmajeet will begin. Only you know these things. They ask you: Why have you made Brahma sit here? Oh! but why are you bothered about that? It is not this one who is teaching us. We are studying with Shiv Baba and this one too is studying with that One. The One who is teaching us is the Ocean of Knowledge. He is without an image. He doesn’t have an image, that is, He doesn’t have a body. He is called the incorporeal One. All incorporeal souls reside there. They then come here and become corporeal. Everyone remembers the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. He is the Father of souls. A physical father would not be called the Supreme. This is something to understand. School students pay attention to their studies. When someone has become a barrister etc. and claimed his status, his study ends. It isn’t that he would still continue to study after becoming a barrister. No, his study then ends. You too don’t need to study after you have become deities. The kingdom of deities continues for 2500 years. Only you children know these things. You then have to explain to others. You should also be concerned that if you don’t teach others, how you could be called a teacher!You all are teachers. Since you are children of the Teacher, all of you have to become teachers. So many teachers are needed to teach this. Just as the Father is the Teacher and the Satguru, similarly, you too are teachers. You are also satgurus, children of the Satguru. Those people are not satgurus. They are gurus, children of a guru. “Sat” means the truth. Bharat used to be called the land of truth. This is the land of falsehood. Baba alone establishes the land of truth. He is the true Sai Baba. When the real Father comes, false ones also emerge. It is remembered: Storms will come and the boat will rock, but it will not sink. It is explained to you children that many storms of Maya will come. You must not be afraid of them. Sannyasis never say to you: Storms of Maya will come. They don’t know where they will take the boat across to. You children know that you cannot receive salvation by performing devotion. People continue to come down even though they say that God comes and gives them the fruit of their devotion. Devotion definitely has to be performed. Achcha, what fruit of devotion does God come and give? He would surely grant salvation. People say this but they don’t know when or how He would grant it. If you ask anyone, they would say that it has continued eternally, that it has continued from time immemorial. When did they begin to burn an effigy of Ravan? They would say: From the beginning of time. When you explain to them, they say that your knowledge is new. Those who understood this in the previous cycle will quickly understand it. Leave aside Brahma, the birth of Shiva does take place and they refer to this as Shiva Ratri (Night of Shiva). The Father explains: My birth is divine and unique. I do not take birth like ordinary human beings because they all take birth through a womb; they become bodily beings. I do not enter a womb. No one, except the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, the Ocean of Knowledge, can give this knowledge. No human being can be called the Ocean of Knowledge. This praise belongs to only the incorporeal One. The incorporeal Father teaches and explains to you souls. You children have become body conscious while playing your parts in the kingdom of Ravan. The knowledge, that it is the soul that does everything, is forgotten. These are the organs. I am a soul and, if I want, I can make these organs work or not. In the incorporeal world souls remain seated there without bodies. You now know your home. Those people consider the home to be God. They are those who have knowledge of the brahm element and other elements. They say: We will merge into the brahm element. If they said that they will reside in the brahm element, God would then be separate, but they consider the brahm element to be God. This is also fixed in the drama. They even forget the Father. Should you not remember the Father who makes you into the masters of the world, because He is the One who creates heaven? You are now the most auspicious confluence-aged Brahmins. You are now becoming the most elevated human beings. The lowest human beings bow down in front of the highest beings. They go to the temples of the deities and sing so much praise. You now know that we are becoming deities once again. This is something very simple. The variety-form image has been explained to you. There is also the variety cycle. Those people simply remember the Brahmins, deities and warriors. There are the images of Lakshmi and Narayan etc. The Father comes and corrects everyone. He is also correcting you because whatever you have been doing on the path of devotion for birth after birth was wrong. That is why you became tamopradhan. This is the unrighteousworld. There is nothing but sorrow here because it is the kingdom of Ravan; all are vicious. The kingdom of Ravan is unrighteous whereas the kingdom of Rama is righteous. This is the iron age and that is the golden age. This is something to be understood. Have you ever seen that One taking up any scriptures? He has given you His own knowledge and has also given you the explanation of creation. Those who study the scriptures and relate them to others have the scriptures in their intellects. So, the Bestower of Happiness for All is the one Shiv Baba. He alone is the highest-on-high Father. He is called the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. The unlimited Father definitely gives you the unlimited inheritance. You became residents of heaven 5000 years ago and you are now residents of hell. The Father is called Rama; not that Rama (of the silver age) whose Sita was abducted. He was not the Bestower of Salvation; that Rama was a king, he was not even an emperor. The difference between an emperor and a king has also been explained to you. That one is 16 celestial degrees and this one is 14 degrees. In the kingdom of Ravan, too, there are emperors and kings. Those are very wealthy and the others are less wealthy. They cannot be called those of the sun dynasty or the moon dynasty. Amongst them, the wealthy ones receive the title of emperor. Those who are less wealthy receive the title of king. It is now the rule of people over people. There is no Lord or Master. The subjects used to consider their king to be their provider, the bestower of food, but that too has now disappeared. Now look at the condition of people! There is so much fighting and quarrelling etc. You now have all the knowledge from the beginning to the end in your intellects. The Father, the Creator, is now here in a practical way and there will then be a story made of this on the path of devotion. You too are now here in a practical way. You will rule for half the cycle, and it will later just become a story. The images of you still remain. Ask anyone when those ones ruled and they would reply that it was hundreds of thousands of years ago. Sannyasis belong to the path of isolation. You belong to the pure household ashram and you then have to go to the impure household ashram. No one knows about the happiness of heaven. Those on the path of isolation cannot teach anything about the family path. Previously, they used to reside in the forests and they had that power. Food used to be taken to them in the forests. Now, they don’t have any power left. Similarly, you had the power to rule there, but where is that power now? You are the same ones, are you not? You no longer have that power. The original religion of the people of Bharat does not exist now. There is now irreligion. The Father says: I come and carry out establishment of religion and destroy irreligiousness. I take those who have become irreligious into religion. All the rest that remain will be destroyed. Nevertheless, the Father explains to you children: Give everyone the Father’s introduction. The Father alone is called the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. It is only when you become very unhappy that the Father then comes and makes you happy. This play is eternally predestined. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. In order to become the most elevated beings at this most auspicious confluence age, make effort to become soul conscious. You have found the true Father and so do not perform any untrue or unrighteous acts.
  2. Do not be afraid of the storms of Maya. Always remember that the boat of truth will rock, but it will not sink. Become satguru, children of the Satguru, and take everyone’s boat across.
Blessing: May you become an embodiment of remembrance and full of happiness and attainments by remembering your fortune according to the time.
In devotion, in memory of you souls who are embodiments of remembrance, devotees even today remember the speciality of your every act and become lost in unique, spiritual experiences. Therefore, you must have had very many experiences in your practical lives. Simply become aware and experience the form according to the time and the act in an emerged form and you will become treasure-stores of unique happiness and attainments, the unlimited song will emerge from you hearts, “I have attained that which I wanted to attain.”
Slogan: If you want to become number one, simply continue to place your steps in Father Brahma’s footsteps.

*** Om Shanti ***


Daily Murli Brahma Kumaris Hindi – Today Murli 22 August 2019

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ओम् शान्ति


“मीठे बच्चे – अब विकर्म करना बन्द करो क्योंकि अब तुम्हें विकर्माजीत संवत शुरू करना है”
प्रश्नः- हर एक ब्राह्मण बच्चे को किस एक बात में बाप को फॉलो अवश्य करना है?
उत्तर:- जैसे बाप स्वयं टीचर बनकर तुम्हें पढ़ाते हैं, ऐसे बाप के समान हर एक को टीचर बनना है। जो पढ़ते हो उसे दूसरों को पढ़ाना है। तुम टीचर के बच्चे टीचर, सतगुरू के बच्चे सतगुरू भी हो। तुम्हें सच-खण्ड स्थापन करना है। तुम सच की नैया पर हो, तुम्हारी नैया हिलेगी डुलेगी लेकिन डूब नहीं सकती।

ओम् शान्ति। रूहानी बाप बैठ बच्चों के साथ रूहरिहान करते हैं। रूहों से पूछते हैं क्योंकि यह नई नॉलेज है ना। मनुष्य से देवता बनने की यह है नई नॉलेज अथवा पढ़ाई। यह तुमको कौन पढ़ाते हैं? बच्चे जानते हैं रूहानी बाप हम बच्चों को ब्रह्मा द्वारा पढ़ाते हैं। यह भूलना नहीं चाहिए। वह बाप है फिर पढ़ाते हैं तो टीचर भी हो गया। यह भी तुम जानते हो हम पढ़ते ही हैं नई दुनिया के लिए। हर एक बात में निश्चय होना चाहिए। नई दुनिया के लिए पढ़ाने वाला बाप ही होता है। मूल बात ही बाप की हुई। बाप हमको यह शिक्षा देते हैं ब्रह्मा द्वारा। कोई द्वारा तो देंगे ना। गाया हुआ भी है भगवान ब्रह्मा द्वारा राजयोग सिखलाते हैं। ब्रह्मा द्वारा आदि सनातन देवी-देवता धर्म की स्थापना करते हैं, जो देवी-देवता धर्म अभी नहीं है। अब तो है ही कलियुग। तो सिद्ध होता है स्वर्ग की स्थापना हो रही है। स्वर्ग में सिर्फ देवी-देवता धर्म वाले हैं, बाकी इतने सब धर्म होंगे ही नहीं अर्थात् विनाश हो जायेंगे क्योंकि सतयुग में और कोई धर्म था ही नहीं। यह बातें तुम बच्चों की बुद्धि में हैं, अब तो अनेक धर्म हैं। अब फिर बाप हमको मनुष्य से देवता बनाते हैं क्योंकि अब संगमयुग है। यह तो बहुत सहज बात समझाने की है। त्रिमूर्ति में भी दिखाते हैं – ब्रह्मा द्वारा स्थापना। किसकी? स्थापना जरूर नई दुनिया की होगी, पुरानी की तो नहीं होगी। बच्चों को यह निश्चय है कि नई दुनिया में रहते ही हैं दैवी गुण वाले देवतायें। तो अब हमको भी गृहस्थ व्यवहार में रहते दैवी गुण धारण करने हैं। पहले-पहले काम पर जीत पाकर निर्विकारी बनना है। कल इन देवी-देवताओं के आगे जाकर कहते भी थे कि आप सम्पूर्ण निर्विकारी हो, हम विकारी हैं। अपने को विकारी फील करते थे क्योंकि विकार में जाते थे। अब बाप कहते हैं तुमको भी ऐसे निर्विकारी बनना है। दैवी गुण धारण करने हैं। यह विकार काम-क्रोध आदि अगर हैं तो दैवी गुण नहीं कहेंगे। विकार में जाना, क्रोध करना यह आसुरी गुण है। देवताओं में लोभ होगा क्या? वहाँ 5 विकार होते नहीं। यह है ही रावण की दुनिया। रावण का जन्म होता है त्रेता और द्वापर के संगम पर। जैसे यह पुरानी दुनिया और नई दुनिया का संगम है ना, ऐसे वह भी संगम हो जाता है। अभी रावण राज्य में बहुत दु:ख है, बीमारी है, इसको कहा ही जाता है रावण राज्य। रावण को हर वर्ष जलाते हैं। वाम मार्ग में जाने से विकारी बन जाते हैं। अब तुमको निर्विकारी बनना है। यहाँ ही दैवीगुण धारण करने हैं। जैसा जो कर्म करता है ऐसा ही फल पाता है। बच्चों से अब कोई विकर्म नहीं होना चाहिए।

एक होता है राजा विकर्माजीत, दूसरा होता है राजा विक्रम। यह है ही विक्रम संवत यानी रावण विकारियों का संवत। यह कोई समझते नहीं। न कल्प की आयु का ही किसको पता है। वास्तव में विकर्माजीत होते हैं देवतायें। 5 हजार वर्ष में 2500 वर्ष हुए राजा विक्रम के, 2500 वर्ष राजा विकर्माजीत के। आधा है विक्रम का। वह लोग भल कहते हैं परन्तु कुछ भी पता नहीं है। तुम कहेंगे विकर्माजीत का संवत एक वर्ष से शुरू होता है फिर 2500 वर्ष बाद विक्रम संवत शुरू होता है। अभी विक्रम संवत पूरा होगा फिर तुम विकर्माजीत महाराजा-महारानी बन रहे हो, जब बन जायेंगे तो विकर्माजीत संवत शुरू हो जायेगा। यह सब तुम ही जानते हो। तुमको कहते हैं ब्रह्मा को क्यों बिठाया है? अरे, तुम्हारी इनसे क्यों आकर पड़ी है। हमको पढ़ाने वाला कोई यह थोड़ेही है। हम तो शिवबाबा से पढ़ते हैं। यह भी उनसे पढ़ता है। पढ़ाने वाला तो ज्ञान का सागर है, वह है विचित्र, उनको चित्र अर्थात् शरीर होता नहीं। उनको कहा ही जाता है निराकार। वहाँ सब निराकारी आत्मायें रहती हैं। फिर यहाँ आकर साकारी बनती हैं। परमपिता परमात्मा को सब याद करते हैं, वह है आत्माओं का पिता। लौकिक बाप को परम अक्षर नहीं कहेंगे। यह समझ की बात है ना। स्कूल के स्टूडेन्ट पढ़ाई पर अटेन्शन देते हैं। जब कोई मर्तबा पा लेते, बैरिस्टर आदि बन जाते तो फिर पढ़ाई बन्द। ऐसे थोड़ेही बैरिस्टर बनकर फिर पढ़ेगा। नहीं, पढ़ाई पूरी हो जाती है। तुम भी देवता बन गये फिर तुमको पढ़ाई की दरकार नहीं रहती। 2500 वर्ष देवताओं का राज्य चलता है। यह बातें तुम बच्चे ही जानते हो तुमको फिर औरों को समझाना पड़े। यह भी ख्याल रखना चाहिए। पढ़ाते नहीं तो टीचर कैसे ठहरे! तुम सब टीचर्स हो, टीचर की औलाद हो ना तो तुमको भी टीचर ही बनना है। तो कितने टीचर्स चाहिए पढ़ाने लिए? जैसे बाप, टीचर, सतगुरू है, वैसे तुम भी टीचर हो। सतगुरू के बच्चे सतगुरू हो। वह कोई सतगुरू नहीं हैं। वह गुरू के बच्चे गुरू। सत माना सच। सचखण्ड भी भारत को कहा जाता था, यह झूठ खण्ड है। सच खण्ड बाबा ही स्थापन करते हैं, वह है सच्चा सांई बाबा। जब रीयल बाप आते हैं तो झूठे भी बहुत निकल पड़ते हैं। गायन भी है ना – नैया डोलेगी, त़ूफान आयेंगे, परन्तु डूबेगी नहीं। बच्चों को समझाया जाता है, माया के तूफान बहुत आयेंगे। उनसे डरना नहीं है। सन्यासी लोग तुमको ऐसे कभी नहीं कहेंगे कि माया के तूफान आयेंगे। उनको पता ही नहीं है, नैया को पार कहाँ ले जायेंगे।

तुम बच्चे जानते हो भक्ति से सद्गति नहीं होती है। नीचे ही उतरते जाते हैं। भल कहते हैं भगवान् आकर भक्तों को भक्ति का फल देते हैं। भक्ति तो जरूर करनी चाहिए। अच्छा, भक्ति का फल भगवान क्या आकर देंगे? जरूर सद्गति देंगे। कहते हैं परन्तु कब और कैसे देंगे – यह पता नहीं है। तुम कोई से पूछो तो कह देंगे यह तो अनादि चलती आ रही है। परम्परा से चली आई है। रावण को कब से जलाना शुरू किया है? कहेंगे परम्परा से। तुम समझाते हो तो कहते है इन्हों का ज्ञान तो कोई नया है। जिन्होंने कल्प पहले समझा है, वह झट समझ जाते हैं। ब्रह्मा की तो बात ही छोड़ दो। शिवबाबा का जन्म तो है ना, जिसको शिवरात्रि भी कहते हैं। बाप समझाते हैं मेरा जन्म दिव्य और अलौकिक है। प्राकृतिक मनुष्यों सदृश्य जन्म नहीं मिलता है क्योंकि वह सब गर्भ से जन्म लेते हैं, शरीरधारी बनते हैं। मैं तो गर्भ में प्रवेश नहीं करता हूँ। यह नॉलेज सिवाए परमपिता परमात्मा, ज्ञान सागर के और कोई दे न सके। ज्ञान सागर कोई मनुष्य को नहीं कहा जाता है। यह उपमा है ही निराकार की। निराकार बाप आत्माओं को पढ़ाते हैं, समझाते हैं। तुम बच्चे इस रावण के राज्य में पार्ट बजाते-बजाते देह-अभिमानी बन पड़े हो। आत्मा सब कुछ करती है। यह ज्ञान उड़ गया है। यह तो आरगन्स हैं ना। मैं आत्मा हूँ, चाहे इनसे कर्म कराऊं, चाहे न कराऊं। निराकारी दुनिया में तो शरीर रहित बैठे रहते हैं। अभी तुम अपने घर को भी जान गये हो। वो लोग फिर घर को ईश्वर मान लेते हैं। ब्रह्म ज्ञानी, तत्व ज्ञानी हैं ना। कहते हैं ब्रह्म में लीन हो जायेंगे। अगर कहें ब्रह्म में निवास करेंगे तो ईश्वर अलग हो जाये। यह तो ब्रह्म को ही ईश्वर कह देते हैं। यह भी ड्रामा में नूंध है। बाप को भी भूल जाते हैं। जो बाप विश्व का मालिक बनाते हैं, उनको तो याद करना चाहिए ना क्योंकि वही स्वर्ग बनाने वाला है। अभी तुम हो पुरूषोत्तम संगमयुगी ब्राह्मण। तुम उत्तम पुरूष बनते हो। कनिष्ट पुरूष उत्तम के आगे माथा टेकते हैं। देवताओं के मन्दिर में जाकर कितनी महिमा गाते हैं। अभी तुम जानते हो हम सो देवता बनते हैं। यह तो बहुत सिम्पुल बात है। विराट रूप के बारे में भी बतलाया है। विराट चक्र है ना। वह तो सिर्फ गाते हैं ब्राह्मण, देवता, क्षत्रिय…….। लक्ष्मी-नारायण आदि के चित्र तो हैं ना। बाप आकर सबको करेक्ट करते हैं। तुमको भी करेक्ट कर रहे हैं क्योंकि भक्ति मार्ग में जन्म-जन्मान्तर तुम जो कुछ करते आये हो वह है रांग इसलिए तुम तमोप्रधान बने हो। अभी है ही अनराइटियस वर्ल्ड। इसमें दु:ख ही दु:ख है क्योंकि रावण का राज्य है, सब विकारी हैं। रावण का राज्य है अनराइटियस, राम का राज्य है राइटियस। यह है कलियुग, वह है सतयुग। यह तो समझ की बात है ना। इनको शास्त्र उठाते कभी देखा है क्या। अपना भी नॉलेज दिया, रचना की भी समझानी दी है। शास्त्र बुद्धि में उन्हों के होते जो पढ़कर औरों को सुनाते हैं। तो सबका सुख दाता एक शिवबाबा है। वही ऊंच ते ऊंच बाप है, उनको परमपिता परमात्मा कहा जाता है। बेहद का बाप जरूर बेहद का वर्सा देते हैं। 5 हजार वर्ष पहले तुम स्वर्गवासी थे, अब नर्कवासी हो। राम कहा जाता है बाप को। वह राम नहीं, जिसकी सीता चुराई गई। वह कोई सद्गति दाता थोड़ेही है, वह राम राजा था। महाराजा भी नहीं था। महाराजा और राजा का भी राज़ समझाया है – वह 16 कला, वह 14 कला। रावण राज्य में भी राजायें, महाराजायें होते हैं। वह बहुत साहूकार, वह कम साहूकार। उनको कोई सूर्यवंशी-चन्द्रवंशी नहीं कहेंगे। इनमें साहूकार को महाराजा का लकब मिलता है। कम साहूकार को राजा का। अभी तो है ही प्रजा का प्रजा पर राज्य। धनी धोणी कोई है नहीं। राजा को प्रजा अन्न दाता समझती थी। अभी तो वह भी गये, बाकी प्रजा का देखो क्या हाल है! लड़ाई-झगड़ा आदि कितना है। अभी तुम्हारी बुद्धि में आदि से अन्त तक सारी नॉलेज है। रचयिता बाप अब प्रैक्टिकल में है, जिसकी फिर भक्ति मार्ग में कहानी बनेगी। अभी तुम भी प्रैक्टिकल में हो। आधाकल्प तुम राज्य करेंगे फिर बाद में कहानी हो जायेगी। चित्र तो रहते हैं। कोई से पूछो यह कब राज्य करते थे? तो लाखों वर्ष कह देंगे। सन्यासी हैं निवृत्ति मार्ग वाले, तुम हो पवित्र गृहस्थ आश्रम वाले। फिर अपवित्र गृहस्थ आश्रम में जाना है। स्वर्ग के सुखों को कोई जानता नहीं। निवृत्ति मार्ग वाले तो कभी प्रवृत्ति मार्ग सिखला न सकें। आगे तो जंगल में रहते थे, उनमें ताकत थी। जंगल में ही उन्हों को भोजन पहुँचाते थे, अभी वह ताकत ही नहीं रही है। जैसे तुम्हारे में भी वहाँ राज्य करने की ताकत थी, अभी कहाँ है। हो तो वही ना। अभी वह ताकत नहीं रही है। भारतवासियों का असुल जो धर्म था वह अभी नहीं है। अधर्म हो गया है। बाप कहते हैं मैं आकर धर्म की स्थापना, अधर्म का विनाश करता हूँ। अधर्मियों को धर्म में ले आता हूँ। बाकी जो बचते हैं, वह विनाश हो जायेंगे। फिर भी बाप बच्चों को समझाते हैं कि सबको बाप का परिचय दो। बाप को ही दु:ख हर्ता सुख कर्ता कहा जाता है। जब बहुत दु:खी होते हैं तब ही बाप आकर सुखी बनाते हैं। यह भी अनादि बना-बनाया खेल है। अच्छा!

मीठे-मीठे सिकीलधे बच्चों प्रति मात-पिता बापदादा का याद-प्यार और गुडमॉर्निंग। रूहानी बाप की रूहानी बच्चों को नमस्ते।

धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार:-

1) इस पुरूषोत्तम संगमयुग पर उत्तम पुरूष बनने के लिए आत्म-अभिमानी बनने का पुरूषार्थ करना है। सत् बाप मिला है तो कोई भी असत्य, अनराइटियस काम नहीं करना है।

2) माया के तूफानों से डरना नहीं है। सदा याद रहे सत की नैया हिलेगी डुलेगी लेकिन डूबेगी नहीं। सतगुरू के बच्चे सतगुरू बन सबकी नैया पार लगानी है।

वरदान:- समय प्रमाण अपने भाग्य का सिमरण कर खुशी और प्राप्तियों से भरपूर बनने वाले स्मृति स्वरूप भव
भक्ति में आप स्मृति स्वरूप आत्माओं के यादगार रूप में भक्त अभी तक आपके हर कर्म की विशेषता का सिमरण करते अलौकिक अनुभवों में खो जाते हैं तो आपने प्रैक्टिकल जीवन में कितने अनुभव प्राप्त किये होंगे! सिर्फ जैसा समय, जैसा कर्म वैसे स्वरूप की स्मृति इमर्ज रूप में अनुभव करो तो बहुत विचित्र खुशी, विचित्र प्राप्तियों का भण्डार बन जायेंगे और दिल से यही अनहद गीत निकलेगा कि पाना था सो पा लिया।
स्लोगन:- नम्बरवन में आना है तो सिर्फ ब्रह्मा बाप के कदम पर कदम रखते चलो।


Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 22 August 2018

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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, you are now standing at a T-junction. On one side is the land of sorrow, on the second side is the land of peace and on the third side, the land of happiness. Now judge (decide) where you want to go.
Question: On the basis of which faith can you children remain constantly cheerful?
Answer: The first faith you need to have is who it is that you now belong to. After belonging to the Father, there is no need to read the Vedas, scriptures or religious books. The other faith you need is that your clan is the most elevated deity clan. With this awareness you can remember the whole cycle. Those who maintain the awareness of the Father and the cycle will remain constantly cheerful.
Song: Someone made me belong to Him and taught me how to smile. 

Om shanti. You children first of all have the happiness of who it is that you now belong to. It would not be said that you now belong to a guru. You have to belong to the Father. Even after you leave your body, you will then belong to another father. Here, too, you have to belong to the Father. There is no need for any Vedas or scriptures. As soon as a child is born, his father understands that the child is a master of his property. It is a matter of relationship. You children also know that, in fact, you are first of all the children of the Father from beyond, Shiv Baba. First, we are souls, and then we receive bodies. You each have a body and you have now found the unlimited Father. He has come and given you His introduction. You say: Baba, I belong to You and there are no other relationships. You have become the children of the Father. This one says: I am not a guru etc. On the board, the name Brahma Kumars and Kumaris is written and so there would surely also be the father. You write that you are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. This is a relationship. There has to be the relationship with the Mother and Father. It is sung: You are the Mother and Father and we are Your children. It is as though the soul remembers this eternally. When we become Your children, we will claim our inheritance. You know that you now belong to the Mother and Father. You are the children of Shiv Baba and so you definitely remember the Father and the inheritance. You are not taught from any religious books etc. You are just made to have faith. You now belong to the Father. Therefore, remember Him. The Father says: By remembering Me, you will become like them (Lakshmi and Narayan). This is so easy. You should have broad and unlimited intellects. He doesn’t explain anything else to you. He just tells you about your clans and how you go around the cycle of 84 births. He liberates you from studying the Vedas and scriptures etc. You have to continue to remember the Father. It is in your intellects how the world cycle turns. By knowing its beginning, middle and end, you become the highest on high; you become the masters of heaven. I make you cheerful for all time. This is so easy, but you still forget it. What is the reason for this? Children never forget their parents. Remember the Father and the inheritance and you will always remain cheerful. When there is sorrow, people remember the Father. The Father definitely gave you happiness. When someone causes sorrow, they say: Oh Baba! Oh God! You have been crying out in distress every birth. Everything is now explained to you children very easily. Even though you may not be healthy, even though you may be very ill, you can still do service. When someone is ill, people tell him to chant the name of Rama. Here, too, even when you are ill, you can tell others: Remember Shiv Baba. You definitely have to remind others of this. You can give this knowledge to others even if you are dying. You are children of the Supreme Soul. Remember Him! Shiv Baba is the unlimited Father and He alone will give you the inheritance. When you have an interest in doing servi ce, you would give knowledge to others even when you are dying. It shouldn’t be that you lie in hospital and stop speaking. Let something or other continue to emerge from your mouth. Your stage should be very good. Even when you are ill you can do a lot of service. When your friends and relatives come to visit you, you should tell them: Remember the Supreme Soul. He alone is the Protector of All. Therefore, remember Shiv Baba. He is the only One. Everyone receives the inheritance from just the One. In worldly relationships, the males receive an inheritance. A kumari is considered to be more elevated than a hundred brahmins. Donations are made to those who are pure. You kumaris are the purest of all. This is why it is said: I am donating my daughter. That is considered to be a great donation. In fact, that is not a donation. You are now making a donation. You say: I am giving my daughter to Shiv Baba for her to be made into an empress of heaven. However, the kumari should also be well educated. She should be someone from our deity clan who can quickly understand everything as soon as it is explained to her. She has to be serviceable. Baba is not going to look after little children. It is very easy to explain to anyone: Shiv Baba is your unlimited Father. The pictures are in front of you. Look, you are claiming the inheritance of this golden age. From where did Lakshmi and Narayan receive their inheritance? This is so easy and this is why Baba is having large pictures made. This play is now coming to an end. We have played our parts of 84 births. We are now going back to Baba and we will then go into the new world. Our Baba is the Creator of the new world. He is making us into the masters of that world. We are showing you the way you can receive the inheritance of constant happiness from the unlimited Father. Firstly, explain: I am a soul. I, the soul, am eating. I, the soul, am walking. You have to practi s e this very well. Body consciousness has to be broken. Those who are body conscious remember their physical relatives. Those who are soul conscious only remember their Father from beyond. While sitting, walking, moving around, let it remain in your intellect: I am a soul. You have to follow the Father’s directions. Shiv Baba is giving you directions: Consider yourself to be a soul. You have to make effort. You will become members of heaven. However, you mustn’t become happy with just a little. Although you will go to heaven, you have to become real children. Those who only remember BapDada are said to be real children. If anyone else is remembered, then you are stepchildren. There are many who continue to remember both. That One is the Father who gives you the imperishable inheritance of heaven. There is this clan and there is also that clan. You receive sorrow from that clan. However, you receive the inheritance of temporary happiness. You can now judge with your intellect: In which direction am I going? Where should I go? Towards the worldly (lokik) or beyond the world (Parlokik)? The intellect says: After belonging to the Father from beyond, why should I not go to heaven? You have to die alive to your worldly relatives. By belonging to the Father from beyond, you will become the masters of heaven. Here, you become the masters of hell. The soul says: Where should I connect my intellect? Should I go to our lands of peace and happiness or should I go here? In fact, there should not even be the thought to go here (land of sorrow). You have been staying here for birth after birth. We will now never let go of the parlokik Father. You children are personally sitting here in front of the Father. You have no worldly relatives. Your intellects say: We will go to Baba in the land of liberation and the land of peace. You should wake up in the early morning hours and sit and churn in this way. You will enjoy yourselves a great deal by sitting at that time. In which direction should I now go? Why should I go to hell? Maya deceives you a great deal in this. You now have an aim and objective. You are now standing on the shore. You know that there is nothing but sorrow on this side. On that side, there is happiness for 21 births. The Father says: Remember Me, because you have to come to Me. Maya says: You have to go to the world. Where should I go? You have found the path. On one side is the path to heaven and on the other side is the path to hell. There is the T-Junction. A T-junction is where three roads meet. In which direction should we now go? One road is to liberation, the second is to liberation-in-life and the third is to hell. This is like a confluence of three rivers. There are junctions of three roads and we are standing at one of those junctions. The example of the T-junction is good. Where should we now go? Hell is to be destroyed; there is a lot of sorrow here. We are now standing at the T-junction. We are not going to move backwards. Baba has removed us from the road of sorrow and brought us to the T-junction. You have come here having passed along the road of sorrow for birth after birth. Your intellects now say: We should go to liberation and liberation-in-life. We are not going to sit in the land of liberation for all time. It isn’t that we become free from playing our parts and do not come down again. It is not possible to become free from your part. According to the drama, you will definitely come down again and then return like a swarm of mosquitoes. Those who have seen so much sorrow should also be able to see just as much happiness. Baba has put an equal balance in the drama: There are even those who have small parts and only come here for one or two births and then go back. You are now standing at the T-junction. That is the land of peace and the other is the land of happiness. If you wish to go to the land of peace, then continue to remember the land of peace. You have to remember liberation. Those who come down later remember the land of liberation more because they have stayed in the land of liberation for a longer period of time. You would remember the land of liberation-in-life: We should go to heaven quickly. Those people desire to stay in liberation. Achcha. Just continue to remember the Father; there is benefit in that too. If someone wants to stay in the land of nirvana and doesn’t want to go to the land of happiness, then, you can understand that that one’s part (of heaven) is not visible. You are standing at the junction of the road leading to the land of happiness. You are making effort. People will like your true yoga. Achcha. Continue to remember the Father. There is no need to remember the cycle. This knowledge is for those of all religions. You understand that however much everyone claimed according to the drama, they will come and claim their status again. If you want to go to the land of liberation, remember the Father. If you want to remain constantly happy, there is peace and happiness there. Wherever someone belongs, he has to claim that inheritance. The Father is the Bestower of Liberation and Liberation-in-life for all. If someone is only going to take one or two births, he will experience both happiness and sorrow in that, just as a mosquito comes and goes. That is not called an invaluable life. You are those who remain constantly cheerful. You are lighthouses standing here. You can show both paths. You can go to the land of liberation or you can remember both: the land of liberation and the land of liberation-in-life. There is no need to study the scriptures etc. for this. This is very easy for the kumaris because they haven’t climbed that ladder. It is good to study in childhood because the intellect is good then; you don’t remember anyone else at that time. All of you are kumaris. You don’t have to do anything else. Simply become busy studying, that’s all! The boat will go across. Only the unlimited Father who makes us into the masters of heaven explains this to us. You have the pictures of what you have to become. The Father says: You will become deities through this study. This play is now going to end. People are in extreme darkness. You are now in the light. The Father has come and awakened you from sleep. This is awakening the intellect, the soul. The Father comes and awakens you: Wake up and make effort for the land of happiness. Those who belong to your clan will continue to come and there will continue to be expansion. You could calculate how many are becoming your subjects, but no, some listen to a lot, whereas others leave after hearing just a little. You cannot calculate this. You have everything in your intellects as to who becomes part of the big rosary, the small rosary, how the wealthy and ordinary subjects are created and who become those. Here, you are told all of the things about who will become the main sun-dynasty emperors and empresses, who will become part of the moon dynasty, how many subjects will be created, how the branches, twigs and leaves etc. emerge from the middle of the whole tree, that is, the cycle of all the religions. Leaves continue to emerge even now. The incorporeal world will then become completely empty and destruction will take place. Millions will die in the great war; countless will die. So many will die here, but only a few will come and rule in the golden age. There are now so many people. There isn’t even enough food for them all. You children know that Baba comes at the confluence age. The Father explains: Children, you have to perform actions for your livelihood. Continue to ask for advice about everything. Each one’s karmic accounts are his own. Continue to ask for shrimat from the eternal Surgeon. He will give each of you your own individual medicine. It is explained that this world has already ended. Now remember the Father and your boat will go across. The Father has come to destroy hell and to establish heaven. We are giving you advice. We are also giving you the shrimat that we have received from Shri Shri. The Father says: Remember Me and you will become the masters of heaven. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Have an interest in doing service. Stay in remembrance of the Father even in illness. Remind others to stay in remembrance. Continue to donate knowledge through your mouth.
  2. Become real children, that is, stay in remembrance of the one Father. Wake up early in the morning and churn the ocean of knowledge. Do not remember anyone else.
Blessing: May you be worthy of praise by tying even God with a bond of love and faith.
On the path of devotion, it is remembered that the gopis even tied God with a bond. That was a bond of love and faith which has been remembered as a divine activity. At this time, you children tie God to the kalpa tree with the strings of love and faith and this is remembered on the path of devotion. In return for this, the Father puts the strings of love and faith on to the seat of His heart throne. He makes it into a swing and gives it to you children. Constantly continue to swing in this swing.
Slogan: Those who mould themselves to every situation are real gold.

*** Om Shanti ***


Daily Murli Brahma Kumaris Hindi – Today Murli 22 August 2018

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ओम् शान्ति


“मीठे बच्चे – तुम अभी टिवाटे पर खड़े हो, एक तरफ है दु:खधाम, दूसरे तरफ है शान्तिधाम और तीसरे तरफ है सुखधाम, अब जज करो हमें किधर जाना है?”
प्रश्नः- किस निश्चय के आधार पर तुम बच्चे सदा हर्षित रह सकते हो?
उत्तर:- सबसे पहला निश्चय चाहिए कि हम किसके बने हैं! बाप का बनने में कोई वेद-शास्त्र आदि पुस्तकें पढ़ने की दरकार नहीं है। दूसरा निश्चय चाहिए कि हमारा कुल सबसे श्रेष्ठ देवता कुल है – इस स्मृति से सारा चक्र याद आ जायेगा। बाप और चक्र की स्मृति में रहने वाले सदा हर्षित रहेंगे।
गीत:- किसी ने अपना बनाके मुझको…… 

ओम् शान्ति। तुम बच्चों को तो पहले-पहले खुशी होती है – हम किसके बने हैं! ऐसे नहीं कहेंगे हम गुरू के बने हैं। बनना होता है बाप का। शरीर छोड़कर भी फिर बाप का बनना होता है। यहाँ भी बाप का बनना है। वेद-शास्त्र आदि किसकी दरकार नहीं। बच्चा पैदा हुआ तो बाप समझते हैं मेरी मिलकियत का यह मालिक है। सम्बन्ध की बात है। तुम बच्चे भी जानते हो हम वास्तव में पहले भी पारलौकिक बाप शिवबाबा के बच्चे हैं। पहले हम आत्मा हैं, पीछे हमको शरीर मिलता है। तुमको शरीर तो है। अब तुमको बेहद का बाप मिला है। उसने आकर अपना परिचय दिया है। तुम कहते हो बाबा हम आपके हैं और कोई संबंध नहीं। बाप के बच्चे बने हो। यह कहते हैं मैं कोई गुरू-गोसाई नहीं हूँ। बोर्ड पर भी ब्रह्माकुमार-कुमारियों का नाम लिखा हुआ है तो जरूर बाप भी होगा। लिखते हो हम ब्रह्माकुमार-कुमारियां हैं। यह संबंध हुआ ना। माँ बाप का सम्बन्ध चाहिए। गाते भी हैं तुम मात-पिता हम बालक तेरे…… आत्मा को जैसे वह अविनाशी याद है। हम आपके जब बालक बनेंगे तब हम वर्सा लेंगे। अभी तुम जानते हो हम मात-पिता के बने हैं। हम शिवबाबा के बच्चे हैं तो जरूर बाप और वर्सा याद आता है। तुमको कोई पुस्तक आदि नहीं पढ़ाया जाता, तुमको सिर्फ निश्चय कराया जाता है। बाप के बने हो तो अब उनको याद करो।

बाप कहते हैं मेरे को याद करने से तुम ऐसा (लक्ष्मी-नारायण) बनेंगे। कितनी सहज बात है। विशालबुद्धि होना चाहिए ना। और तो कुछ नहीं समझाते हैं सिर्फ अपने कुल की बात ही बतलाते हैं कि कैसे हम 84 के चक्र में आते हैं। बाकी वेद-शास्त्र आदि पढ़ने से भी तुमको छुड़ाते हैं। बाप को ही याद करते रहना है। यह भी बुद्धि में है कि सृष्टि चक्र कैसे फिरता है? उसके आदि-मध्य-अन्त को जानने से ही तुम ऊंच ते ऊंच बनते हो। स्वर्ग के मालिक बनते हो। तुमको सदैव के लिए हर्षितमुख बनाता हूँ। कितनी सहज बात है। परन्तु फिर भी भूल जाते हो। क्या कारण है? माँ-बाप को कभी बच्चे भूलते नहीं हैं। बाप और वर्से को याद करो तो सदैव हर्षित रहेंगे। जब कोई दु:ख होता है तो बाप को ही याद करते हैं। जरूर बाप ने सुख दिया है। कोई दु:ख देते हैं तो कहते हैं हाय बाबा, हाय भगवान्। हर जन्म में हाय-हाय करते आये हो। अब तो तुम बच्चों को बिल्कुल सहज समझाते हैं। भल तुम तन्दरुस्त न भी हो, कितने भी बीमार हो तो भी तुम सर्विस कर सकते हो। जैसे बीमारी में मनुष्य को कहते हैं राम-राम कहो। तुम भी बीमारी में फिर औरों को बोलो – शिवबाबा को याद करो। यह जरूर औरों को याद कराना पड़े। मरने की हालत में भी तुम यह नॉलेज औरों को दे सकते हो। परमात्मा के तुम बच्चे हो, उनको याद करो। शिवबाबा बेहद का बाप है, वही वर्सा देंगे। सर्विस का शौक होगा तो मरने समय भी किसको ज्ञान देंगे। ऐसे नहीं, हॉस्पिटल में पड़े रहें और मुख बन्द हो जाए। मुख से कुछ न कुछ निकलता रहे। कितनी अच्छी अवस्था होनी चाहिए। बीमारी में भी बहुत सर्विस कर सकते हैं। मित्र-सम्बन्धी आयेंगे उनको भी कहेंगे परमात्मा को याद करो। वही सबका रखवाला है इसलिए शिवबाबा को याद करो। वह एक है। वर्सा भी सबको एक से मिलता है। लौकिक सम्बन्ध में वर्सा मेल को मिलता है। कन्या है ही 100 ब्राह्मणों से उत्तम। पवित्र को दान दिया जाता है। तुम कन्यायें सबसे पवित्र हो इसलिए कहते हैं हम कन्या को दान देते हैं। वह बड़ा दान समझते हैं। वास्तव में वह कोई दान होता नहीं। दान तो अभी तुम करते हो। कहते हो हम अपनी कन्या शिवबाबा को देते हैं, स्वर्ग की महारानी बनने के लिए। परन्तु कन्या भी ऐसी अच्छी पढ़ी लिखी हो, अपने दैवी कुल की हो जो समझाने से झट समझ जाये। सर्विसएबुल चाहिए। छोटे बच्चों को तो नहीं सम्भालना है। कोई को भी समझाना बड़ा सहज है कि शिवबाबा तुम्हारा बेहद का बाप है। चित्र सामने हैं। देखो, यह ऐसा सतयुग का वर्सा पा रहे हैं। इन लक्ष्मी-नारायण को वर्सा कहाँ से मिला? कितनी सहज बात है इसलिए बाबा बड़े चित्र भी बनवा रहे हैं। अभी यह नाटक पूरा होता है। हमने 84 जन्मों का पार्ट बजाया, अब वापिस बाबा के पास जाते हैं फिर नई दुनिया में आयेंगे। हमारा बाबा नई दुनिया का रचयिता है, उसका हमको मालिक बनाते हैं। आपको भी तरीका बतलाते हैं कि बेहद बाप से सदा सुख का वर्सा तुमको कैसे मिलेगा? एक तो समझाओ मैं आत्मा हूँ। मैं आत्मा खाती हूँ, मैं आत्मा चलती हूँ। यह बड़ी अच्छी प्रैक्टिस चाहिए। देह-अभिमान टूट जाये, देह-अभिमानी को लौकिक सम्बन्ध याद आयेंगे। देही-अभिमानी को पारलौकिक बाप ही याद पड़ेगा। उठते-बैठते-चलते यह बुद्धि में रखना है – मैं आत्मा हूँ। बाप की मत पर चलना है। शिवबाबा मत दे रहे हैं – अपने को आत्मा समझो। मेहनत करनी है। स्वर्ग के भाती तो बनेंगे। परन्तु थोड़े में खुश नहीं हो जाओ। भल स्वर्ग में तो जायेंगे। परन्तु पक्के मातेले बनो। मातेला उनको कहा जाता है जो बापदादा को ही याद करते। दूसरा कोई याद पड़ता तो वह सौतेले हो जाते हैं। बहुत हैं जिनको दोनों याद पड़ते रहते हैं। यह बाप है अविनाशी स्वर्ग का वर्सा देने वाला। यह भी कुल है, वह भी कुल है। उनसे तो दु:ख ही मिलता है। बाकी अल्पकाल क्षणभंगुर सुख का वर्सा मिलता है। अब बुद्धि से जज करना है – हम किस तरफ जा रहे हैं और किस तरफ जायें? लौकिक तरफ वा पारलौकिक तरफ? बुद्धि कहती है पारलौकिक बाप के बनकर हम क्यों नहीं स्वर्ग तरफ जायें? लौकिक सम्बन्ध से जीते जी मरना है। पारलौकिक बाप का बनने से स्वर्ग का मालिक बनेंगे। यहाँ तो नर्क के मालिक बनते हैं। अब आत्मा कहती है बुद्धि को कहाँ जोड़े? अपने शान्तिधाम, सुखधाम में जायें या यहाँ जायें? वास्तव में यहाँ जायें….. यह उठना ही नहीं चाहिए। यहाँ तो जन्म-जन्मान्तर रहे हैं। अब तो हम पारलौकिक बाप को कभी छोड़ेंगे नहीं।

यहाँ तुम बच्चे सम्मुख बैठे हो। तुम्हारा लौकिक सम्बन्ध कोई है नहीं। बुद्धि कहती है हम तो बाबा के साथ मुक्तिधाम-शान्तिधाम जायें। सवेरे उठ ऐसे-ऐसे बैठ विचार सागर मंथन करना चाहिए। बैठने से बड़ा मजा आयेगा। अब किस तरफ जाना चाहिए? नर्क तरफ क्यों जायें? यह माया बड़ा धोखा देती है। अभी तो तुम्हारे पास एम ऑब्जेक्ट है। अभी तुम किनारे पर हो, जानते हो इस तरफ तो दु:ख ही दु:ख है, उस तरफ 21 जन्मों का सुख है। बाप कहते हैं मेरे को याद करो क्योंकि मेरे पास आना है। माया कहती है दुनिया तरफ जाओ। कहाँ जायें? रास्ता तो मिला है। एक तरफ है स्वर्ग में जाने का रास्ता, दूसरी तरफ है नर्क में जाने का रास्ता। टिवाटा होता है ना। तीन गली के बीच में टिवाटा होता है। अब हम किस तरफ जायें? एक गली है मुक्ति की, एक गली है जीवनमुक्ति की और एक है नर्क की। जैसे तीन नदियों का संगम है। तीन वाटिकायें हैं। एक वाटिका में हम हैं। टिवाटे का मिसाल अच्छा है। अब कहाँ जायें? नर्क का तो विनाश होना है। यहाँ दु:ख बहुत है। अभी हम टिवाटे पर खड़े हैं। पीछे तो नहीं हटेंगे।

दु:ख की गली से निकाल बाबा ने टिवाटे पर खड़ा किया है। दु:खधाम की गली से तो तुम जन्म-जन्मान्तर पास कर आये हो। अब बुद्धि कहती है मुक्ति-जीवनमुक्ति तरफ जायें। मुक्तिधाम में तो सदैव के लिए बैठना नहीं है। ऐसे नहीं, हम पार्ट से छूट जायें, आयें ही नहीं। पार्ट से छूटना नहीं हो सकता। ड्रामा अनुसार आयेंगे जरूर। तो फिर मच्छरों सदृश्य मरेंगे। इतना दु:ख देखा है तो फिर इतना सुख भी देखना चाहिए। ड्रामा में बाबा ने वजन ठीक रखा है, जिनका पार्ट ही थोड़ा है, आये एक दो जन्म लिए, यह गये। अभी तुम टिवाटे पर खड़े हो। वह शान्तिधाम, वह सुखधाम। अगर शान्तिधाम जाना चाहते हो तो शान्ति-धाम को याद करते रहो। मुक्ति को तो याद करना पड़े ना। पिछाड़ी वालों को मुक्तिधाम में जास्ती रहने कारण मुक्तिधाम ही जास्ती याद पड़ेगा। तुमको जीवनमुक्तिधाम याद पड़ता है। स्वर्ग में हम जल्दी जायें। वह चाहते हैं हम मुक्ति में रहें। अच्छा, बाप को याद करते रहो इसमें भी कल्याण है। निर्वाणधाम में रहना चाहते, सुखधाम नहीं आना चाहते तो इससे समझ जायेंगे, इनका पार्ट नहीं दिखता है। तुम तो सुख-धाम जाने वाले टिवाटे पर खड़े हो। पुरुषार्थ करते हो।

मनुष्यों को तुम्हारा सच्चा योग पसन्द आयेगा। अच्छा, बाप को याद करते रहो। चक्र को भी याद करने की दरकार नहीं। यह ज्ञान सब धर्म वालों के लिए है। समझते हैं ड्रामा अनुसार जिन्होंने जितना लिया है वही आकर अपना पद ले लेंगे। मुक्तिधाम जाना चाहते हैं तो बाप को याद करो। अगर चाहो हम सदैव सुखी रहें तो वहाँ शान्ति भी है, सुख भी है। जो जिस तरफ का होगा उनको वह वर्सा लेना है। सर्व का मुक्ति-जीवनमुक्ति दाता तो बाप है ना। एक-दो जन्म लेने होंगे तो इसमें ही सुख भी देखेंगे, दु:ख भी देखेंगे। जैसे मच्छर आया और गया। वह कोई अमूल्य जीवन नहीं कहेंगे। तुम तो सदैव हर्षित रहने वाले हो। तुम लाइट हाउस हो खड़े हो। दोनों रास्ता दिखा सकते हो। चाहे मुक्तिधाम चलो, चाहे मुक्ति-जीव-नमुक्ति दोनों को याद करो। इसमें शास्त्र आदि पढ़ने की कोई दरकार नहीं। कुमारियों के लिए तो बहुत सहज है क्योंकि सीढ़ी नहीं चढ़ी है। छोटेपन में पढ़ना अच्छा होता है क्योंकि बुद्धि अच्छी होती है। कोई की याद नहीं रहती है। तुम सब कुमारियां हो, तुम्हें और कुछ करना नहीं है, सिर्फ पढ़ाई में लग जाओ, बस, बेड़ा पार है। यह बातें बेहद का बाप ही समझाते हैं जो फिर हमको स्वर्ग का मालिक बनाते हैं। चित्र भी हैं हमको ऐसा बनना है। बाप कहते हैं इस पढ़ाई से तुम सो देवता बनेंगे। अभी यह खेल पूरा होना है। मनुष्य तो घोर अन्धियारे में पड़े हैं। तुम अब सोझरे में हो। बाप ने आकर नींद से जगाया है। यह बुद्धि को, आत्मा को जगाया जाता है। बाप आकरके जगाते हैं – जागो, सुखधाम के लिए पुरुषार्थ करो। जो तुम्हारे कुल के होंगे वह आते रहेंगे, वृद्धि को पाते जायेंगे। तुम्हारी प्रजा कितनी बनती है, तुम हिसाब लगा सकते हो? नहीं। कोई कितना सुनते हैं, कोई थोड़ा सुनकर चले जाते हैं। हिसाब थोड़ेही निकाल सकते हैं। बड़ी माला, छोटी माला, साहूकार, प्रजा कैसे बनती है, कौन बनते हैं, वह सब बुद्धि में है। मुख्य सूर्यवंशी महाराजा-महारानी कौन बनेंगे, फिर चन्द्रवंशी कौन बनेंगे, कितनी प्रजा बनना है – सब बातें तुमको यहाँ बतलाई जाती हैं। सारे झाड़ अथवा सभी धर्मों के चक्र के बीच से कैसे टाल-टालियां, पत्ते आदि निकलते हैं, अभी भी पत्ते निकलते रहते हैं। वहाँ निराकारी दुनिया एकदम खाली हो जायेगी। फिर विनाश होना चाहिए। बड़ी लड़ाई में करोड़ों मरे होंगे, अनगिनत। यहाँ तो कितने ख़लास होंगे। बाकी थोड़े सतयुग में आकर राज्य करेंगे। अभी तो कितने मनुष्य हैं। अन्न ही इतना नहीं।

तुम बच्चे जानते हो – बाबा आते ही हैं संगम पर। बाप समझाते हैं – बच्चे, शरीर निर्वाह अर्थ कर्म तो करना ही है। हर बात में राय पूछते जाओ। हर एक का हिसाब-किताब अपना-अपना है। श्रीमत अविनाशी सर्जन से लेते जाओ। सबको अपनी-अपनी दवाई बतायेंगे। समझाया जाता है – यह दुनिया ख़लास हुई पड़ी है। अब बाप को याद करो तो बेड़ा पार हो जायेगा। बाप आये ही हैं नर्क का विनाश कर स्वर्ग की स्थापना करने। हम आपको भी राय देते हैं, श्री श्री से मिली हुई श्रीमत हम आपको भी देते हैं। बाप कहते हैं मुझे याद करो तो तुम स्वर्ग के मालिक बनेंगे। अच्छा!

मीठे-मीठे सिकीलधे बच्चों प्रति मात-पिता बापदादा का याद-प्यार और गुडमॉर्निंग। रूहानी बाप की रूहानी बच्चों को नमस्ते।

धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार:-

1) सर्विस का शौक रखना है। बीमारी में भी बाप की याद में रहना है और दूसरों को भी याद दिलाना है। मुख से ज्ञान दान करते रहना है।

2) पक्का मातेला बनना है अर्थात् एक बाप की ही याद में रहना है। सवेरे-सवेरे उठ विचार सागर मंथन करना है। दूसरा कोई भी याद न आये।

वरदान:- स्नेह और भावना के बंधन में भगवान को भी बांधने वाले गायन योग्य भव
भक्ति मार्ग में गायन है कि गोपियों ने भगवान को भी बंधन में बांध दिया। यह है स्नेह और भावना का बंधन, जो चरित्र रूप में गाया जाता है। आप बच्चे इस समय बेहद के कल्प वृक्ष में स्नेह और भावना की रस्सी से बाप को भी बांध देते हो, इसका ही गायन भक्ति मार्ग में चलता है। बाप फिर इसके रिटर्न में स्नेह और भावना की दोनों रस्सियों को दिलतख्त का आसन दे झूला बनाए बच्चों को दे देते हैं, इसी झूले में सदा झूलते रहो।
स्लोगन:- स्वयं को हर परिस्थिति में मोल्ड करने वाले ही सच्चे गोल्ड हैं।

TODAY MURLI 22 August 2017 DAILY MURLI (English)

Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 22 August 2017

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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence: Sweet children, you have to become rup and basant (an embodiment of yoga who showers knowledge) the same as the Father. Imbibe knowledge and yoga and then donate according to the personality.
Question: What system continues from the copper age, a system which the Father stops at the confluence age?
Answer: The system of bowing at someone’s feet continues from the copper age. Baba says: Here, you don’t need to bow at anyone’s feet. I am Abhogta (beyond any effect of experience), Asochta (One who is free from thoughts) and Akarta (One who doesn’t do anything). You children are even greater than the Father because children are the masters of all the property of the Father. Therefore, I, the Father, salute you masters. You don’t need to bow down at all. Yes, regard does has to be given to young and old.
Song: The rain of knowledge is for those who are with the Beloved.

Om shanti. There is rain every year. That is the rain of water and this is the rain of knowledge which happens every cycle. This is the impure world, hell. It is also called the ocean of poison and it is because of this poison, that is, the fire of lust, that Bharat has become ugly. The Father says: I, the Ocean of Knowledge, make you beautiful with the rain of knowledge. Everyone in Ravan’s kingdom has become ugly. I make everyone pure once again. No impure soul resides in the incorporeal world. No one impure resides in the golden age either. This is now the impure world. So the rain of knowledge is needed for everyone. The whole world becomes pure through the rain of knowledge. No one in the world knows that they have become ugly and impure. There is no one impure in the golden age. The whole world there is pure. There is no name or trace of anyone impure and this is why they show Vishnu in ocean of milk. People don’t know the meaning of that. You understand that Vishnu is the dual-form of Lakshmi and Narayan. They say that rivers of ghee flow there and so there would surely be an ocean of milk also. People speak of God Vishnu. You wouldn’t call Vishnu God. It is said: Salutations to the deity Vishnu, salutations to the deity Brahma. You wouldn’t say: Salutations to God Vishnu. It is right to say: Salutations to the Supreme Soul Shiva. You have now been enlightened. The highest on high is said to be the Shri Shri 108 rosary of Rudra. At the top is the flower (tassel) and then there is the dual bead which represents Lakshmi and Narayan. Brahma and Saraswati cannot be called a couple. This is a pure rosary. The dual bead is Lakshmi and Narayan; it is the family path. Vishnu means the dynasty of Lakshmi and Narayan. They simply speak of Lakshmi and Narayan, but they would also have their own children. No one knows this. You children have now come away from the ocean of poison. That is also called Kalidah (a story about a poisonous serpent that lived at the bottom of the ocean). Nothing like that happens in the golden age. They say: He danced on a snake and did this and that! All of those are tall stories. They continue to worship dolls out of blind faith. They make many images of goddesses. They spend hundreds of thousands decorating goddesses. Some even decorate them with real gold jewellery because they then have to donate something to the brahmin priests. Brahmin priests are those who carry out the worship. They make people spend a lot of money. They create floats of the goddesses with a lot of splendour. People also create images of goddesses, sustain them, decorate them and then sink them. That is called the worship of dolls. In your lectures you can explain to people how that worship is blind faith. They even make very good images of Ganesh. There cannot be a human being with a trunk. They make so many images etc. They spend so much money. The Father explains to you children: I make you so wealthy and the masters of the world. The Supreme Soul sits here and explains to you souls. You also know that those who studied in the previous cycle and followed shrimat will do so again. If you don’t study but just continue to tour around, you will be spoilt. The maids and servants will claim a low status. I am now making you very wealthy with the imperishable jewels of knowledge. Those people don’t know the meaning of Shiva and Shankar. They go in front of Shankar and say: Fill my apron! However, Shankar doesn’t fill anyone’s apron. The Father is now giving you children imperishable jewels of knowledge. You have to imbibe them. Each jewel is worth hundreds of thousands of rupees. You have to imbibe those well and inspire others to do the same. You have to donate. Baba has explained: Donate according to the personality in front of you. Don’t waste your time trying to explain to those who don’t have any interest in listening to you. Try to donate to the worshippers of Shiva and the deities, so that your time won’t be wasted. Each of you also has to become rup and basant, just as Baba is Rup and Basant. His form is not that of an oval light (jyoti lingam), but is like a s tar. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, resides in the supreme abode. The supreme abode is the land beyond. Souls cannot be called the Supreme Soul. That One is the Supreme Soul. Souls who are unhappy here call out to the Supreme Father. He is called the Supreme Soul. He is just a point. It isn’t that He doesn’t have a name or form. He is the Ocean of Knowledge, the Purifier. The world doesn’t know this. Ask them: Where is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul? They would reply that He is omnipresent. Oh! you call Him the Purifier. So, how does He purify everyone? They don’t understand anything. This is called the city of darkness. Baba has liberated you from everything. Baba is Abhogta, Akarta (One who doesn’t do anything and Asochta (One who is free from thoughts). He never allows you to bow down at His feet. Nevertheless, that system has continued from the copper age. The younger ones have regard for the older ones. In fact, children become heirs to their father’s property. The Father says: You are the masters of My property. He salutes you masters. Although the Father is the Master, the true masters of all the property are the children. He would not tell you to bow at His feet and do this and that; no. When children come to meet Him, Baba says: Remember Shiv Baba and then come and meet Him. A soul says: I have been adopted by Shiv Baba. People are confused by these things. Shiv Baba adopts you children through Brahma. Therefore, this one is the mother. You understand that you have come to meet the mother and Father. You have to remember Shiv Baba. Therefore, this one is the first mother. You receive the inheritance from Shiv Baba. This one also stays in remembrance of Him. Imbibe everything that the Father explains to you. Become rup and basant. If you stay in yoga, imbibe knowledge and inspire others, you will become rup and basant, the same as Me. You will then go back with Me. You now have knowledge in your intellect and then, when you go to heaven, the knowledge will be finished. The reward will then begin for the part of knowledge will have ended. These matters are very incognito. Hardly anyone understands these things. The Father also explains to the old mothers: Just remember the One and none other. You will go to the Father and then to the land of Krishna. This is the land of Kans (the devil). It isn’t that Kans existed in the land of Krishna. All of those are tall stories. They show that Krishna’s mother had eight children. That is defamation. They have shown Krishna being carried across the river in a basket and that the River Jamuna then went down below. These things do not exist there. You children have now received light.



The Father says: Forget whatever you have heard until now. The Father says: No one can meet Me by having sacrificial fires and doing tapasya etc. When a soul becomes tamopradhan, his wings are cut off. The whole world is now to be set on fire. When they make a Holika (a fire at Holi), they cook sweet chapattis in it. That symbolises the soul and the body. Everyone’s body will be burnt but souls remain immortal. You children can now understand that there aren’t this many people or religions in the golden age. There is just the one original eternal deity religion there. Bharat is the greatest pilgrimage place of all. Many people go and sit at Kashi and think that they will now just reside in Kashi. They want to shed their bodies where Shiva is. Many holy men go and sit there. Throughout the whole day, they just sing the song: Victory to the Ganges, Lord of the Universe (Vishwanath Ganga). The water of the Ganges cannot emerge through Shiva. People prefer to die on Shiva’s doorstep. You are now on the doorstep in a practical way. No matter where you may be, continue to remember Shiv Baba. You know that Shiv Baba is your Father. While remembering Him, we will go to Him. So, there should be that much love for Shiv Baba. He doesn’t have a father or teacher of His own. Everyone else has. That Father is also the Creator of Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. A creation cannot receive an inheritance from a creation. An inheritance is always received by children from their father. You children know that you have come to the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge. The Father is now raining knowledge on you. You are now becoming pure. All the rest will settle their karmic accounts and go to their own land. There is the tree of souls in the incorporeal world. Here, there is the corporeal tree. There, there is the rosary of Rudra and here, there is the rosary of Vishnu. Then the smaller clans continue to emerge. As the clans (branches) continue to emerge, so the tree becomes big. Now, everyone has to return home. The deity religion then has to rule. You are now changing from humans to deities, the masters of the world, and so you should have a lot of happiness that God is teaching you. He is making you into the kings of kings through Raja Yoga and knowledge. He is making you into Lakshmi from an ordinary woman and Narayan from an ordinary man. The sun dynasty will then go into the moon dynasty. Baba explains to you every day and continues to enlighten you. You clouds come to the ocean to fill yourselves. You have to fill yourselves and then go and shower. If you don’t fill yourselves, you won’t claim a royal status but will become part of the subjects. Try to remember the Father as much as possible. Here, some continue to remember one whereas others continue to remember another; there are so many names. The Father comes and says: Salutations to the mothers. They have even shown God massaging the feet of Draupadi. When old mothers come to Baba, Baba asks: Child, are you tired? Only a few more days now remain. You can remember Shiv Baba and the inheritance while sitting at home. The more you remember Him, the more you will become a conqueror of sin. If you don’t make others similar to you, how would subjects be created? You have to make a lot of effort. You have to imbibe this and then make others similar to you. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Use your time in a worthwhile way in every aspect. Donate to worthy personalities. Don’t waste your time chasing after those who don’t want to listen to you. Donate knowledge to the devotees of the Father and the deities.
  2. Imbibe the imperishable jewels of knowledge and become wealthy. Definitely study. Each jewel is worth hundreds of thousands of rupees. Therefore, imbibe them and inspire others to do the same.
Blessing: May you be full of soul-conscious and pure feelings and increase your account of accumulation with every word you speak.
Both your intentions and your feelings are experienced from your words. If there are pure and elevated feelings in your every word, if there are soul-conscious feelings, then your account of accumulation increases with every word you speak. If your words are filled with feelings of jealousy or dislike to any percentage, there is then a greater loss in your account through your words. ‘Powerful words’ means words which have attainment and essence. If there is no essence in your words, then those words go into the account of waste.
Slogan: To find a solution to every cause and to remain constantly content is to be a jewel of contentment.

*** Om Shanti ***


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