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Today Murli Brahma Kumaris: 20 January 2020

Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence:Sweet children, if you want to become charitable souls, check your charts to see that you are not committing any sins and that you are accumulating truth in your account.
Question:What is one of the greatest sins?
Answer:To have bad vision for anyone is one of the greatest sins. You children who are becoming charitable must never have bad (vicious) vision for anyone. Check yourself to see how long you stay in yoga and whether you are committing any sins. In order to claim a high status, take care never to have vicious vision for anyone and that you completely follow the shrimat (elevated directions) that the Father gives you.
Song:Look at your face in the mirror of your heart. 

Om shanti. The unlimited Father says to His children: Examine yourselves within! People normally know how much sin and how much charity they have performed throughout their lives. Therefore, look at your chart daily and ask yourself: How many sins have I committed and how much charity have I performed? Did I upset anyone? Every human being can understand for himself what he has done in his life: how many sins have been committed and how much has been donated. When people go on pilgrimages, they make donations and perform charity. They try not to commit any sin. Therefore, the Father asks you children: How many sins have you committed and how much charity have you performed? You children now have to become charitable souls. Therefore, you must not commit any sins. There are innumerable kinds of sin. To have bad vision for anyone is also a sin. Bad vision is vision filled with vice; that is the worst of all. You must never have vicious vision for anyone. Normally, it is man and wife whose vision is vicious. Even kumars and kumaris sometimes have vicious vision. The Father says: You must not have any vicious vision. Otherwise, you would have to be called monkeys. There is the example of Narad. He asked if he could marry Lakshmi. You also say that you will marry Lakshmi, that you will become Lakshmi or Narayan from an ordinary woman or man. The Father says: Ask your own heart to what extent you have become a charitable soul. Are you committing any more sin? To what extent do you stay in yoga? It is because you children have recognised the Father that you are sitting here. No one else in the world recognises Baba, or that this is BapDada. You Brahmin children know that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, enters Brahma and gives you the treasure of the imperishable jewels of knowledge. The wealth that human beings have is perishable. That is what they donate. Those are just like stones, whereas these are jewels of knowledge. Only the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, has these jewels. Each jewel is worth hundreds of thousands of rupees. You have to imbibe the jewels of knowledge given by the Father, the Jeweller, and then donate them. To the extent that you take these jewels and donate them to others, you accordingly claim a high status. The Father explains: Examine yourself and see how many sins you have committed. Check that you are not still committing any sin. You must not have the slightest impure vision for anyone. Continue to follow completely the shrimat that the Father gives you. You have to be cautious. Storms of Maya will come but you must never act sinfully with your senses. If your vision becomes impure towards someone, you must never stand in front of that one, but walk away instantly. One can instantly tell when someone has vicious vision. If you want to claim a high status, you must remain very cautious. If you have impure vision you will become crippled. You have to follow the shrimat that the Father gives you. Only you children recognise the Father. For instance, if Baba goes somewhere, only you children would know that BapDada has arrived. Many other people look at Him, but they don’t know anything. Therefore, if they ask who it is, tell them, “It is BapDada.” Each of you should have one of these badges. Tell them: Shiv Baba donates imperishable jewels of knowledge to us through this Dada. This is spiritual knowledge. The spiritual Father, the Father of all spirits, sits here and gives us this knowledge. These are the versions of God Shiva. In the Gita, it has been incorrectly written that God Krishna speaks. Only Shiva is called the Ocean of Knowledge, the Purifier. Only through knowledge is there salvation. These are the imperishable jewels of knowledge. Only the one Father is the Bestower of Salvation. You should remember these words very well. You children understand that you know the Father and the Father also understands that He knows you children. The Father would say: All of you are My children. However, not all of you know Me. If it is in someone’s fortune, he would know Him later. If Baba goes somewhere, and people ask who it is, it would definitely be with a pure motive that they ask. Just tell them that it is BapDada. The unlimited Father is incorporeal. Until the Father comes into the corporeal world, how can we claim the inheritance from Him? Therefore, Shiv Baba adopts us through Brahma and gives us the inheritance. This one is Prajapita Brahma and we are the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. The One who is teaching us is the Ocean of Knowledge. We receive the inheritance from Him. This Brahma is also studying. He then changes from a Brahmin into a deity. It is so easy to explain these things. It is good to explain to anyone the significance of the badge. Tell them that Baba says: Remember Me and your sins will be absolved. You will become pure and go to the pure world. That Father is the Purifier. We are making effort to become pure. By the time destruction comes, we will have completed our studies. It is so easy to explain. When any of you are travelling, you should take some badges with you. Together with these badges, you should also have some small leaflets in which it is written: The Father comes into Bharat to establish the original eternal deity religion once again and have all the other innumerable religions destroyed in the Mahabharat War, as they were in the previous cycle, according to the dramaplan. Print two or four hundred thousand such leaflets so that you can give them to anyone. At the top, there should be the image of the Trimurti and on the other side, there should be the addresses of all the centres. You children have to be concerned about service throughout the day. You children heard in the song that you should examine your chart daily and ask yourself what your stage was like throughout the day. Baba has met many people who write an account of all day in their diary every night. They check whether they performed any bad acts. They write everything down because they think that if their biography is written in a good way, those who come later will learn from it. Only good people would write in this way. However, everyone is full of vices anyway. Here, it is not the same thing. You should check your chart daily and then send it to Baba so that you can make good progress and you will also pay attention for the future. Write everything clearly. Today, I had bad vision for someone. This happened. That happened. Baba calls those who make others unhappy deceitful. There is a burden of innumerable sins of many births on your heads. You now have to remove that burden of sins with the power of remembrance. Check yourself daily: How deceitful have I been throughout the day? To cause someone sorrow means to be deceitful; it means you have committed a sin. The Father says: Don’t be deceitful or cause sorrow for anyone. Examine yourself to see how many sins you have committed and how much charity you have performed. Show this path to anyone you meet. Tell everyone very lovingly: You have to remember the Father and become pure. Whilst living at home with your family, become as pure as a lotus flower. Although you are at the confluence age, this is still Ravan’s kingdom. Whilst living in this river of poison filled with Maya, you have to become as pure as a lotus flower. A lotus flower has many children (buds) but, in spite of that, it stays on top of the water. It is like a householder. It creates many things (various parts of the lotus are edible). This example applies to you. Remain detached from the vices. Become pure in this one birth and that will then become imperishable. The Father gives you imperishable jewels of knowledge, whereas everyone else just gives you stones. Those people only speak about devotional things. Only this One is the Purifier, the Ocean of Knowledge. Therefore, you have to love this Father so much. The Father has love for you children and you children love the Father. You should have no connection with anyone else. Stepchildren are those who don’t follow the Father’s directions fully. They follow Ravan’s dictates, and so those are not the directions of Rama. It has been Ravan’s community for the last half cycle and this is why this world is called corrupt. You now have to forget everyone else and follow the directions of the one Father. You yourself still have to check whether the directions you receive through a Brahma Kumari are right or wrong. You children have been given the understanding of what is right and what is wrong. Only when the Righteous One comes can He tell you what is right and what is wrong. The Father says: You have been listening to the scriptures for the last half cycle on the path of devotion. Now, are they right, or is what I tell you right? They say that God is omnipresent and I am telling you that I am your Father. Now judge for yourself who is right. All of this is explained to you children. You can only understand this when you become Brahmins. There are many in Ravan’s community, whereas you are very few, and that too is numberwise. Those who have impure vision for others belong to Ravan’s community. Only when their vision totally changes and becomes divine can they be considered to belong to the community of Rama. Each of you can understand for yourself what your stage is. Previously, you had none of this knowledge. Now that the Father has shown you the path, you have to see to what extent you donate these jewels of knowledge. Devotees donate perishable wealth. You now have to donate these imperishable jewels of knowledge, not perishable wealth. If you have perishable wealth, use it for this alokik service. By donating money to the impure, you too become impure. When you donate your wealth, you receive the return of that for 21 births in the new world. You have to understand all of these things. Baba keeps showing you many ways to do service. Have mercy for everyone! It is remembered that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, establishes the new world through Brahma. However, no one understands the meaning of that. They say that the Supreme Soul is omnipresent. Therefore, you children should be very interested in doing service. If you benefit many, you too will benefit. Day by day, Baba is making everything very easy. This picture of the Trimurti is very good. There is Shiv Baba and there is also Prajapita Brahma. He is establishing the divine kingdom of one hundred per cent purity, peace and happiness in Bharat once again through you Prajapita Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. All of the other religions are going to be destroyed in the Mahabharat War just as they were a cycle ago. Print such leaflets and distribute them. Baba shows you such an easy path. You should also give out leaflets at the exhibitions. It is easy to explain with leaflets. The old world has to be destroyed. The new world is being established; the one original eternal deity religion is being established. All the other religions will be destroyed just as they were a cycle ago. Wherever you go, you should always have some leaflets and badges in your pocket. “Liberation in life within a second” has been remembered. Tell them: That One is the Father and this one is Dada. By remembering that Father you will claim a golden-aged deity status. There is the creation of the new world and the destruction of the old world and they will then rule their kingdom in the new world, the land of Vishnu. It is so easy! People stumble along so much on pilgrimages etc. Even Arya Samajis go stumbling (on pilgrimages) with a train full of people. That is called stumbling in the name of religion. In fact, that is stumbling in the name of irreligion. There is no need to stumble in the name of religion. You are now studying. People do so many things on the path of devotion. You children heard the song: “Look at your face in the mirror of your heart.” No one but you can see that face. You can show it to God. These are things of knowledge. You are changing from ordinary humans into deities, from sinful souls into pure, charitable souls. Other people know none of these things. No one knows how Lakshmi and Narayan became the masters of heaven. You children know everything. If your arrows strike their intellects, their boats can go across. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. If you have perishable wealth, use it in a worthwhile way for alokik service. You definitely have to donate the imperishable jewels of knowledge.
  2. Check your chart to see:
  3. a) What your stage is like,
  4. b) Whether you did anything wrong throughout the day,
  5. c) Whether you caused anyone sorrow,
  6. d) Whether you had impure vision towards anyone.
Blessing:May you be honest and trustworthy and use every treasure according to the Father’s directions for any task.
An honest and trustworthy person is someone who doesn’t use the treasures he has received from the Father for any task without His directions. If you waste your time, words, deeds, breath and thoughts in following the dictates of others or under the influence of wrong company, if you think about others instead of thinking about yourself, if you are being arrogant about something instead of having self-respect, if you follow the dictates of your own mind instead of following shrimat, you cannot then be said to be honest. You have received all these treasures to benefit the world and so to use them for that task is to be honest.
Slogan:Opposition has to be against Maya and not the divine family.

*** Om Shanti ***

Special homework to experience the avyakt stage in this avyakt month.

While experiencing newness at every moment, also put new zeal and enthusiasm into others. Dance in happiness and continue to sing songs of the Father’s virtues. While sweetening your own mouth with the toli of sweetness, also sweeten the mouths of others with sweet words, sweet sanskars and a sweet nature.


Today Murli Brahma Kumaris: 19 January 2020

Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The easy way to attain success in every task is to have love.

Today, Baba has come to give the return of love to the especially beloved children. Baba has simply come to celebrate a meeting with the Madhuban residents as the special fruit of their tireless service. This is a practical example of love. The special foundation of the Brahmin family is this special love. At the present time, love is the easy way to attain success in every task of service. The foundation of a yogi life is faith, but the foundation of the family is love and it is this love that brings you close to someone’s heart. At the present time, together with the balance of remembrance and service, the balance of love and service is the method to use for success in service. Whether it is service in this land or service abroad, the method to use for success in both is spiritual love. You have heard the words “knowledge” and “yoga” from many, but for souls to experience love through drishti and elevated thoughts is something special and new. Today’s world needs love. No matter how arrogant a soul may be, love can bring him closer. People are beggars for love and beggars for peace, but it is only by having drishti filled with love that you can give the experience of peace. So, love automatically gives the experience of peace because you then become lost in love. This is why you automatically become bodiless for a short time. So, because of becoming bodiless, you easily experience peace. The Father too only gives a response to your love. Whether the chariot works or not, the Father has to give the proof of love. This is the instant visible fruit of love that BapDada wants to see in you children. Some have come back having been abroad on service (Gulzar Dadi, Jagdishbhai and Nirwairbhai) and others are now going (Dadiji and Mohiniben). Those souls are also receiving the fruit of love. According to the drama, you think one thing and something else happens. Nevertheless, you definitely receive the fruit. Therefore, the programme is automatically made. All of you came back having played your own parts very well. The predestined drama is fixed and so you easily receive the return. The foreign lands are also moving forward in service with deep love. They have very good courage and enthusiasm everywhere. Everyone’s thoughts of gratitude continue to reach BapDada because they too understand that there is such a need in Bharat, and it is this love for Bharat that gives them that co-operation. They say thanks from their hearts to the co-operative families for service in Bharat. To the extent that the land is far away, they are accordingly close in being worthy of receiving sustenance from the heart and this is why BapDada is giving love, remembrance and thanks to the children in return for their thanks. The Father sings your songs (of praise) too.

In Bharat too, they are playing very good parts on the peace march with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. Everywhere, there is great splendour and beauty in the service being done. Zeal and enthusiasm makes you forget your tiredness and enables you to achieve success. The success of service everywhere is very good. BapDada is also very pleased to see the children’s zeal and enthusiasm for service.

Jagdishbhai has just returned from Nairobi having met the Pope:

You gave drishti to the Pope, did you not? This is also a means for you to achieve success easily in serving the VIPs. In Bharat, the Prime Minister especially came. So, you can now say that they (VIPs) came in Bharat too. If, in lands abroad, influential leaders of the main religions in particular come into close contact with you, then anyone here can easily have the courage to say that they have also come into contact with you. So, a very good means was created for this land and that was also a special means for service abroad. So, according to the time, any obstruction that stops them from coming close in service will also easily end. At least you were able to meet the Prime Minister. So, this example also helps for serving the people of the world. Everyone’s question as to whether others have come is now finished. So, this year, according to the drama, this has become a means for easy revelation in service. They are now coming closer. Their names alone will do the work. So, the land has now been prepared for just their names to do the work. They will not spread the sound. The mikes who are to spread the sound are different. These people are the ones who will give light to the mikes. Even so, the ground has been well prepared. What you previously used to think about serving VIPs – that it’s difficult in lands abroad – you now experience that to be easy everywhere. This result is now good. Because of their names, the ones to do the work will become ready. Now, just see who becomes an instrument. You all went everywhere to prepare the ground. You placed your feet in different directions and prepared them. Now, preparations are being made to see from where the instant, practical fruit will emerge. The results of all of you are good.

Those on the pad-yatra (peace march) are also moving forward with one strength and one support. At first, it seemed difficult, but when it becomes practical, it becomes easy. So, Baba is giving special love and remembrance to all those who have come from this land and abroad, and to those who have been instruments for service and have come, having made many others loving and co-operative to BapDada. Each child’s blessing is his own. To all the children in Bharat who are going on foot on this peace march, to all the children everywhere abroad who are instruments for service, to the children who are residents of Madhuban and are instruments for elevated service, to all the children of Bharat who are instruments to give zeal and enthusiasm to those who are on the peace march, to all those children everywhere, Baba is giving special love and remembrance and congratulations for the success of service. Everyone has made effort at each place. However, these are the instruments for a special task and this is why they have especially accumulated in their account. Examples are being prepared in each country – Mauritius, Nairobi, America – and these examples will be co-operative in the future for revelation to take place. Those from America have not done anything less. Each of the little places, whatever they have done according to their power, they have done a great deal. Abroad, the majority is still of Christian states. Even if they have lost that power, they haven’t let go of their religion. They may have stopped going to church, but they haven’t let go of their religion. This is why the Pope is like a king there. When you reach the king, the subjects automatically have that regard for you. So, this is a good example for even those who are staunch Christians. This example will be an instrument for the Christians. There is a connection between Krishna and the Christians. The atmosphere in Bharat is a different thing; there is a lot of concern for security. However, he met you with love and that is good. To give that time with royalty, to meet officially has its own impact. This shows that time is now coming close.

Abroad, in London too, the numbers are very good and they especially have love for the murli and love for the study. That is the foundation. London is number one in that. No matter what happens, they never miss class. London gives the most importance to 4.00 am yoga and morning class. The reason for this is love. Because of love, all are pulled to come. You pay very good attention to making the atmosphere powerful. In any case, the faraway lands consider the atmosphere to be the support, whether it is of the centre or their own homes. If the slightest thing happens, you instantly check yourself and really make effort to make the atmosphere powerful. There, you have a very good aim of making the atmosphere powerful. You don’t spoil the atmosphere over trivial matters. You understand that, if the atmosphere is not powerful, there won’t be success in service. This is why you pay very good attention to this – in your own efforts and also in terms of the atmosphere of the centre. None of you are any less in maintaining courage and enthusiasm.

Wherever you set foot, there is definitely special benefit for Brahmins and also for that country. They receive a message and the Brahmins experience extra power and also receive sustenance. Everyone is happy to receive special sustenance in the corporeal form and you move forward in service with this happiness and achieve success. Sustenance is essential for those who live in faraway lands: they receive sustenance and fly. Those who are unable to come to Madhuban experience Madhuban whilst sitting there, just as both the bliss of heaven and the confluence age are experienced here. This is why, according to the drama, the part created of your going abroad is essential and there is success in that too. Let each and every child abroad accept special congratulations for service personally by name and a special return for the success of service in the form of love and remembrance. Each and every child is in front of the Father. Every child from every country is appearing in front of Baba’s eyes. BapDada is giving love and remembrance to each child. Seeing the wonders of the children who are desperate to come, BapDada constantly showers those children with flowers of love. The power of their intellects is so sharp. They don’t have the other vimans (means of travel) and so the viman of their intellects is sharp. BapDada is pleased with the power of their intellects. Each place has its own speciality. Sindhis too are now coming closer. Whatever happened in the beginning has to happen at the end.

The illusions they had of us not doing social work has now also been removed by them seeing the peace march. Now, preparations for a revolution are taking place with great force. Those of Delhi are also invoking those who are on the peace march. So many Brahmins will come to their home. Only fortunate ones have so many Brahmin guests. Everyone has a right to Delhi. Those who have a right have to be given respect. Your name will spread in the world from Delhi. Of course you are doing everything in your own areas, but in this land and abroad, it is the TV and Radio of Delhi that will become instrumental.

Speaking to Dadi Nirmalashanta:

This is a sign of the original jewels. Whilst always remembering the lesson of “Ha ji”, you gave power to the body and reached here. The original jewels have this natural sanskar. You never say “No”. You always say, “Ha ji”, and it is this “Ha ji” that has made you into a great lord. This is why BapDada is also happy. The Father gave help to the child who maintained courage and gave the fruit in this meeting of love.

To Dadiji:

Give everyone congratulations for their zeal and enthusiasm for service. Whilst constantly swinging in the swing of happiness, you constantly continue to move forward in happiness and with love for the revelation. Therefore, congratulations to everyone for your pure and elevated thoughts. The group of the first fruit that emerged through Charlie and Ken etc. is giving a very good return. Humility easily enables you to carry out the task of renewal. Until one becomes humble, one cannot carry out the task of renewal. This transformation is very good. To listen to everyone, to merge it and then to give everyone love is the basis of success. You have progressed very well. The new Pandavas have made very good effort. You have brought about good transformation in yourselves. There is very good growth everywhere. Now, make plans for further newness. This much fruit has emerged as a result of everyone’s effort. Those who weren’t interested in listening to anything have come closer and are becoming Brahmin souls. Now, a new method of service will become the means for revelation to take place. The gathering of Brahmins is also good. Growth of service is now increasing. Once this growth begins, that wave will continue. Achcha.

Blessing:May you be a contented soul loved by everyone and make the fortress of the gathering strong.
The power of the gathering is a special power. No one can shake the fortress of a gathering that is united in one direction. However, the basis for this is to be loving with one another and to give regard to everyone, to remain content yourself and to make others content. Let no one be disturbed and let no one disturb you. Let all of you continue to give one another the co-operation of good wishes and pure feelings and the fortress of this gathering will then become strong. The power of the gathering is the special basis for victory.
Slogan:When every act of yours is accurate and yuktiyukt, you would then be called a pure soul


*** Om Shanti ***

Special homework to experience the avyakt stage in this avyakt month.

On the basis of faith and spiritual intoxication, Father Brahma came to know the guaranteed destiny and used everything in a worthwhile way in a second. He didn’t keep anything for himself. So, the sign of love is to use everything in a worthwhile way. To use something in a worthwhile way means to use it for an elevated purpose.


Day Of Remembrance

18/01/20These sweet elevated versions are to be read in the morning class on the Day of Remembrance of our beloved Pita Shriji Prajapita Brahma.18/01/20

Essence: Sweet children, your activity has to be very royal. You are becoming deities and therefore let your aim, its qualifications and whatever you say and do be the same.

Song: Having found You, I have found the whole world!

Om shanti. You sweetest, spiritual children heard the song. There are now few children and there will then be many children. Everyone has to know Prajapita Brahma. Those of all religions will accept him. Baba has explained that even lokik fathers are limited Brahmas. There, the genealogical trees are created by their surnames. This then is unlimited. His name is Prajapita Brahma. There, it is a limited Brahma who creates children – limited. Some may have two to four children and some would not create any. For this one, you cannot say that he does not have any children. All the people in the world are his children. The unlimited Bap and Dada both have a lot of spiritual love for you sweetest children. He educates you children with so much love and makes you something great from what you were! So, the mercury of happiness of you children should rise so high. The mercury of happiness will rise when you constantly continue to remember the Father. The Father does the service of purifying you children with a lot of love every cycle. He purifies everyone, along with the five elements. He changes you from shells into diamonds. This is such huge unlimited service. The Father continues to give teachings to you children with a lot of love because it is the duty of the Father and the Teacher to reform the children. Only by following the Father’s shrimat do you become elevated. You children should note down in your charts whether you follow shrimat or the dictates of your own mind. Only with shrimat will you will become accurate. The more loving your intellects are for the Father, the more you will remain full of incognito happiness. Ask your heart: Do I have that high-spirited happiness? Do I have unadulterated remembrance? Do I have any desires? Do I remember the one Father? Only when the discus of self-realisation continues to turn should the soul leave the body. Belong to one Shiv Baba and none other. This is the final mantra.

The Father asks you spiritual children: Sweet children, when you see BapDada in front of you, does it enter your intellects that your Baba is your Father and also your Teacher and Satguru? The Father is taking us from this old world to the new world. This old world is now about to finish. It is now of no use. The Father makes the world new every cycle and we become Narayan from an ordinary human every cycle. You children should churn this and have so much enthusiasm. Children, there is now very little time. What are you today and what will you be tomorrow? This is a game of today and tomorrow and this is why you children must not make any mistakes. The activity of you children has to be very royal. Each of you needs to look at yourself and see whether your activity is like that of the deities. Is your head (brain) like that of the deities? Are you becoming what your aim is or do you just speak about it? Remain intoxicated with the knowledge that you have received. To the extent that you remain introverted and think about these things, you will experience a lot of happiness. You children also know that little time remains to go to that world from this world. Since you have left that world behind, why look back? Why does your intellects’ yoga go in that direction? You have to do everything with your intellects. Since you have gone beyond, why should your intellects be pulled? Do not think about things that have passed. Do not have any expectations of this old world. You now just have to have one elevated hope: we now have to go to our land of happiness. You must not stop anywhere or look anywhere else. Just continue to move ahead. Continue to look in only one direction for only then will your stage become unshakable, immovable and stable. Times are becoming very delicate and the conditions of this old world are getting worse. You have no connection with it. Your connection is with the new world which is now being established. The Father has explained that the cycle of 84 is now finishing. This world is now definitely going to finish, it is now in a very serious condition. At this time, it is the elements that are getting angry the most and this is why they destroy everything. You now know that the elements are going to show their anger very strongly and will drown the entire old world. There will be floods and fires and people will starve to death. All the buildings will fall in the earthquakes. The whole world will experience all these conditions. Death will take place in many different ways. They will release such gasbombs that people will just die from their bad fumes. This whole dramaplan is created and no one can be blamed for it. Destruction is definitely going to take place and this is why you have to remove your intellects’ yoga away from this old world. Now, you would say: “Wah Satguru!” to the One who has shown you this path. Our truest Guru is the one Baba alone and His name is still remembered on the path of devotion and is praised. You children would say: Wah Satguru! Wah! Wah fortune! Wah! Wah drama! Wah! We are receiving salvation through the Father’s knowledge.

You children have become instruments to establish peace in the world. So, tell everyone the good news that New Bharat and the New World in which Lakshmi and Narayan ruled is being established once again. This world of sorrow has to change and become the land of happiness. You should have the happiness inside that you are becoming the masters of the land of happiness. There, no one will ask you whether you are happy and content or whether your health is OK. These questions are asked in this world because this is the world of sorrow. No one can ask you children these questions. You would say: We are the children of God and so how can you ask us about our welfare? We are always happy and content. There is even greater happiness here than in heaven because, having found the Father who establishes heaven, you have found everything. You were concerned about the one Father who lives beyond in the element of brahm, and, now that you have found Him, who else would you be concerned about? Always have this intoxication. You have to be very royal and very sweet. Now is the only time to make your fortune elevated. The main way to become multimillion times fortunate is to move with caution at every step and to be introverted. Always pay attention: “Whatever actions I perform, others who see me will do the same.” Body consciousness, etc. is the seed of the vices that has been sown for half the cycle. These seeds are sown throughout the whole world. They now have to become merged. Seeds of body consciousness must not be sown. Now, seeds of soul consciousness have to be sown. It is now your stage of retirement. You have found the most beloved Father and He alone must be remembered. To remember your own bodies or bodily beings, instead of the Father, is a mistake. You also have to make effort to become soul conscious and to become cool.

Sweet children, you must never become distressed with this life of yours. This life has been remembered as invaluable. You have to look after it and also earn an income. However many days you stay here, you will continue to remember the Father and earn a lot of income and your karmic accounts will continue to be settled. Therefore, never get fed up. Some children ask: Baba, when will the golden age come? Baba says: Children, first of all, at least make your stage karmateet. Whatever time you have, make effort to become karmateet. You children need to have a lot of courage to become destroyers of attachment. If you want to claim the full inheritance from the unlimited Father, you have to become destroyers of attachment. You have to make your stage very elevated. You belong to the Father and so you have to become engaged in the Father’s alokik service. A very sweet nature is needed. It is their natures that harass people a lot. Continue to check yourself with your third eye of knowledge that you have received. Whatever defects you have, remove them and become a pure diamond. If there is the slightest defect, your value would be decreased. Therefore, make effort and make yourself a valuable diamond.

The Father is now inspiring you to make effort in your connections and relationships with the new world. Sweet children, now have a relationship with the unlimited Father and the inheritance of unlimited happiness. It is only the one unlimited Father who liberates you from bondage and takes you into alokik relationships. Always have the awareness that you are those who have Godly relationships. These Godly relationships give constant happiness. Achcha.

To the sweetest, long-lost and now-found, beloved children, to the deeply loving children, love and remembrance from the depths of the heart, with a lot of love from Mother, the Father and BapDada. Good morning. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Sweet elevated versions of Avyakt BapDada (revised):

In order to become an image of success, you need two main specialities – the first is purity and the second is unity. If purity is lacking, then unity will also be lacking. Purity is not just the vow of celibacy; there also has to be purity in your thoughts, nature and sanskars. For instance, if you have thoughts of jealousy or dislike, that is not purity; that would be said to be impurity. The definition of purity is that there mustn’t be the slightest trace of any of the vices. Let there not be any type of impurity even in your thoughts. You children have become instruments to accomplish the highest task. You have become instruments in the form of maharathis, have you not? If you were to make a list, then it would only be serviceable ones and the Brahmin children who are instruments for service who would be listed in the list of maharathis. To what extent have you developed the speciality of a maharathi? Each one of you knows this for yourselves. Those who are in the list of maharathis: will they still be in the list of maharathis in the future or are they just in the current list of maharathis? Attention has to be paid to both these aspects.

Unity means unity of sanskars and natures. Even if someone’s sanskars and nature are not harmonising, try and harmonise them – this is unity. A gathering alone is not called unity. Without these two things, instrumental serviceable souls cannot become instruments for unlimited service. They can be this for limited service, but both of these aspects are needed for unlimited service. You were told that it is only when everyone is ‘in step’ in a dance that there is “Wah, Wah!” So, here, too, to be ‘in step’ means to harmonise in a dance. It emerges from everyone’s lips that all of these people who speak knowledge say the same thing, they just have the one topic, just the one word, they say this, do they not? In the same way, when everyone’s nature and sanskars are harmonised can it be said that there is harmony. Make a plan for this too.

In order for any weakness to be finished, a gathering of the Mahakali form of the Shaktis in particular is needed to transform the weak atmosphere with the impact of their fire of yoga. Now, according to the drama, the final result is going to be clear in the mirror of each one’s activities. As you progress further, the maharathi children with the power of their knowledge will be able to see the story of each one’s karma through their faces. You are able to tell when something impure has been cooked by its smell. In the same way, there will be a clear touching on your intellects by the vibrations of impure thoughts that souls have had. The instrument for this is a clear line of the intellect. Those who have this powerful tool will easily be able to discern this.

There is this speciality in the non-living images of the Shaktis and deities: that no sinful soul is able to hide his sins in front of them. They too continually speak about this and say that you are like this. So, this speciality is seen even now in your non-living memorials in the final moments. It is because this speciality of the Shaktis was well known in the living form that it is also shown in the memorials. This is the stage of being a master janijananhar (one who knows everything), that is, the stage of being knowledge-full. This stage will also be experienced in a practical way; it is being experienced and it will be experienced. Have you created such a gathering? It definitely will be created. Such a gathering of moths is needed, through whose every step the Father can be revealed. Achcha.

Blessing:May you be a soul who is constantly merged in love and who, while serving, race in experiences of remembrance.
You do stay in remembrance, but now continue to increase the experiences of the attainments you receive with that remembrance. Now make special time and pay attention to this, so that you are recognised as a soul who is merged in love and lost in an ocean of experiences. Just as you feel purity and peace in that atmosphere, in the same way, let it be experienced that you are an elevated yogi soul who is absorbed in love. There is an impact of knowledge, but let there also be an impact from your being an embodiment of success in yoga. While doing service, remain immersed in the experiences of remembrance and have a race of experiences of the pilgrimage of remembrance.
Slogan:To accept success here and now means to finish the reward of the future.


*** Om Shanti ***

Special homework to experience the avyakt stage in this avyakt month.

On the basis of faith and spiritual intoxication, Father Brahma came to know the guaranteed destiny and used everything in a worthwhile way in a second. He didn’t keep anything for himself. So, the sign of love is to use everything in a worthwhile way. To use something in a worthwhile way means to use it for an elevated purpose.


Today Murli Brahma Kumaris: 17 January 2020

Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence:Sweet children, this old world has nothing left to offer. This is why you mustn’t let your heart remain attached to it. If you forget to have remembrance of the Father, there will be punishment.
Question:Why do you disobey one of the Father’s main directions? What is that direction?
Answer:The Father’s direction is: Never accept personal service from anyone, because you yourselves are servants. However, because of body consciousness, some of you disobey this direction that the Father gives. Baba says: If you accept that happiness here, your happiness there will be reduced. Many of you children say that you want to be independent but, in fact, all of you depend on the Father.
Song:Let the support of my heart not break.

Om shanti. God Shiva speaks to His saligrams. All human beings know about Shiva and the saligrams; both are incorporeal. You no longer say that God Krishna speaks. There is only the one God, and so, to whom does God Shiva speak? To you spiritual children. Baba has explained that you children must now only have a connection with that Father. Because only Shiv Baba is the Purifier, the Ocean of Knowledge and the One who gives you your inheritance of heaven, He is the One you have to remember. Brahma is His most fortunate chariot. He gives you the inheritance through this chariot. It isn’t Brahma who gives you your inheritance; he too receives an inheritance. Therefore, each of you children has to consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. For example, if there is any difficulty with the chariot or, for one reason or another, you don’t receive a murli, the attention of you children goes to Shiv Baba. He is never ill. You children have been given a lot of knowledge which you can explain to others. Some children explain such a great deal at exhibitions. You children have all of this knowledge. The knowledge shown in the pictures is in the intellect of each one of you. Nothing should stop you children. If there is no post or there is a strike, what would you do then? You children have knowledge anyway. You have to explain that the golden age did exist and that it is now the iron age, the old world. In the song too, you sing that this old world has nothing left to offer. You must not let your hearts remain attached to it. Otherwise, you will experience punishment. By having remembrance of the Father you can reduce your punishment. Let it not be that your remembrance of the Father is broken, so that you have to experience punishment and you return to the old world. There are many like this who have left. They do not even remember the Father. Their hearts are still attached to the old world. This present world is very bad. If you set your heart on someone, you will experience a great deal of punishment. You children must listen to this knowledge. You mustn’t listen to the songs of the path of devotion. You are now at the confluence age. It is at this confluence age that you receive knowledge from the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge. No one else in the world knows that only that One is the Ocean of Knowledge. When He gives knowledge to human beings they receive salvation. Only that One is the Bestower of Salvation, and so you have to follow His directions. Maya doesn’t leave anyone alone. It is because you become body conscious that you make one mistake or another. Some of you are semi-influenced by lust and some are influenced by anger. There are many storms in the mind. Because you fall in love with someone, you want to do this or that. You mustn’t let your heart become attached to anyone’s body. The Father says: Consider yourselves to be souls and all consciousness of your body will then finish. Otherwise, you are disobeying the Father’s directions. There is a huge loss when you become body conscious. Therefore, forget everything, including your own bodies. Simply remember the Father and the home. The Father explains to you souls: Whilst acting through your bodies, remember Me so that your sins will be burnt away. This path is very simple. Baba also knows that you continue to make mistakes. However, it shouldn’t be that you continue to be trapped by your mistakes. If you make a mistake, you mustn’t repeat it. Pull your own ears and tell yourself: I won’t make this mistake again. You must make effort. If you repeatedly make mistakes, you should understand that you are going to incur a great loss for yourself. It was because of your mistakes that you reached a state of degradation. What have you now become after coming down such a high ladder? Previously, you didn’t have this knowledge. All of you have now become wise with this knowledge, numberwise, according to the effort you have made. Remain introverted as much as possible. Keep your mouth closed! Those who are wise with knowledge would never attach their hearts to the old world. Their intellects would know that they want to bring about destruction of Ravan’s kingdom. This body is old and it belongs to Ravan’s community. Why should we remember Ravan’s community? We should only remember the one Rama (God). We have to become the ones who remain truly faithful to the Father. The Father says: Continue to remember Me and all your sins will be absolved. You have to remain faithful to the Father. This means being faithful to God. Devotees only remember God and pray: God, come and give us our inheritance of peace and happiness. On the path of devotion, devotees sacrifice themselves. Here, there is no question of sacrificing yourself. We die a living death, that is, we sacrifice ourselves to God. We have to belong to the Father for as long as we live, because we have to claim the inheritance from Him. We have to follow His directions. To sacrifice oneself whilst alive refers, in fact, to this time. On the path of devotion, they commit suicide, etc. Here, there is no question of committing suicide. The Father says: Consider yourselves to be souls and have yoga with the Father. Do not become body conscious. Whether you are sitting or walking, you must make effort to remember the Father. No one has yet passed with one hundred per cent; you all continue to fluctuate. If you are not cautioned about the mistakes you make, how are you going to stop making those mistakes? Maya doesn’t leave anyone alone. Many couples say: Baba, we have been defeated by Maya. We were making effort, but we don’t know what happened. We don’t know how we made such a serious mistake. They understand that, because of this mistake, their names will be defamed in the Brahmin clan. They are so strongly attacked by Maya that they aren’t even able to understand it. When they become body conscious, it is as though they also become senseless. When there is senselessness, there is also defamation. Their inheritance is then reduced. There are many who make such mistakes. Maya slaps them so hard that they are defeated. Then, in their anger, they slap others or hit them with their shoe. Then they repent. Baba says: You now have to make a lot of effort. You have caused yourselves harm and others too. You have lost so much. There are the omens of an eclipse of Rahu. The Father says: If you now donate your vices, you can be rid of those bad omens. Once there are the omens of Rahu, it does take time. It is difficult to climb the ladder once you have come down. When people have the habit of drinking alcohol, they find it very difficult to give it up. The biggest mistake some of you make is to dirty your face. You then continue to remember the bodies. Then, when you have children, you keep remembering them. What knowledge would you then be able to give to others? No one would listen to you. We are now making effort to remember the One alone and forget everyone else. You need to be very cautious about this. Maya is very powerful. Throughout the day, let your only concern be about remembering Shiv Baba. The play is now coming to an end and we will have to return home. Our bodies are going to be destroyed. To the extent that you remember the Father, accordingly you won’t remember anyone else and your body consciousness will be removed. This destination is very high. None of you must allow your heart to become attached to anyone but the one Father. Otherwise, that person will keep appearing in front of you. That one would definitely take revenge on you. Our destination is very high. It is easy to speak about this. Out of hundreds of thousands, only a very few become the beads of the rosary. Some win a scholarship. Those who make effort well will definitely win a scholarship. Become a detached observer and see how much service you do. Many of you children want to be released from having to work and to become engaged in this spiritual service, but Baba looks at each one’s circumstances. If you are alone and you have no relatives, that’s all right. Nevertheless, He says: Continue with your other business as well as this service. In your business you have to meet many people whom you can serve. You children have received a great deal of knowledge. The Father inspires a lot of service to be carried out through you children. He even enters some children and does service. He has to do service. How can those who have a responsibility sleep? Shiv Baba is the constantly ignited Lamp. The Father says: I do service day and night. If the body gets tired what can the soul do? The body can’t do enough work. The Father is tireless. He is the ignited Lamp who awakens everyone in the world. His part is wonderful. Only a few of you children know Him. The Father is the Death of all Deaths. If you don’t obey Him, you will experience punishment from Dharamraj. One of the Father’s principal directions is: Do not accept personal service from anyone. However, because you become body conscious, you disobey the Father’s directions. Baba says: You yourselves are servants. If you accept that happiness here, your happiness there would be reduced. If you form that habit, you would not be able to do without servants. Many say: I want to remain independent, but the Father says: It is good to remain dependent. All of you have to depend on the Father. It is by trying to be independent that you fall. All of you depend on Shiv Baba. The whole world depends on Him, and this is why they call out: O Purifier, come! You receive peace and happiness from Him but people don’t understand. You have to pass along the path of devotion. The Father comes when the night is ending. There cannot be the difference of even a second in when He comes. The Father says: I know this drama. No one else knows the beginning, the middle or the end of this drama. In the golden age, this knowledge will have disappeared. You now know the Creator and the beginning, middle and end of creation; this is called knowledge. Everything else is devotion. The Father is said to be knowledge-full. He is now giving us this knowledge. You children should have very good intoxication. However, you do also understand that a kingdom is being established. Some just become ordinary subjects or maids and servants. They don’t understand even a little knowledge! It is a wonder. This knowledge is very easy to understand. The cycle of our 84 births is now coming to an end. You will soon have to return to your home. We are the principal actors in this drama and so we know the whole drama. We play the hero and heroine parts throughout the whole drama. This is so easy, but if it’s not in your fortune, what effort would you make? This continues to happen in this study. Some of you still fail. This is such a large school. A kingdom has to be established. To the extent that each one of you children studies, each of you can understand for yourself what status you will claim. There are so many of you. Not all of you can become heirs. It is very difficult to become pure. The Father makes you understand everything so easily. This play is now coming to an end. You have to become completely pure, by having remembrance of the Father and you will then become the masters of the completely pure new world. Stay in remembrance for as long as possible. If this isn’t in your fortune, then, instead of remembering the Father, you remember others. By attaching your heart to someone else, you will have to cry a great deal. The Father says: Do not allow your heart to remain attached to this old world. This world has to be destroyed. No one else knows this. They think that the iron age has to continue for a lot longer. They are in a deep sleep. The service you do at exhibitions is a fast way to create subjects. Some kings and queens will also emerge. There are many who are very keen to do service. Some are rich and some are poor. You have to make others similar to yourselves. You will also receive benefit from that. You have to become sticks for the blind. Simply tell them to remember the Father and the inheritance. Destruction is standing ahead of you. Only when they see that the time of destruction is very close will they listen to what you tell them. Your service will increase and they will think: This is right. You continue to tell others that destruction has to take place. The service you do at exhibitions and fairs will also increase. You have to make effort to find a good hall. Tell them that you are prepared to pay rent for it. Tell them: Your name will be glorified even more. There are many people who have such halls. By making effort, you can receive three square feet of land. Until then, continue to hold small exhibitions. When you celebrate Shiv Jayanti, the sound will spread. Write: The day of Shiv Jayanti should be a public holiday. In fact, only that One’s birthday should be celebrated. He is the Purifier. The true stamp is that of the Trimurti. It says: Victory through Truth. This is the time of your gaining victory. You need someone good who can explain these things to others. The main ones at the centres need to pay attention to everyone. You can create your own stamp: This is Trimurti Shiv Jayanti. People will not understand anything if you simply say “Shiv Jayanti”. It is you children who have to do all the work. When you benefit many, you will also receive such a lift. You will receive a great lift from the service you do. There can be a lot of service accomplished at exhibitions. Subjects do have to be created. Baba continues to see which children pay attention to service. They are the ones who climb on to Baba’s heart throne. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. If you make a mistake, pull your own ears there and then, so that you don’t make the same mistake again. Never become body conscious. Become an expert in this knowledge and remain introverted.
  2. Remain truly faithful to the one Father. Sacrifice yourself to Him for as long as you live. Don’t allow your heart to become attached to anyone else. Don’t do anything senseless.
Blessing:May you be a master creator and with your broad and unlimited intellect and your big heart give the experience of belonging.
The first creation of a master creator is his body. Those who achieve complete success in being masters of their bodies give everyone the experience of belonging through their love and connection. By having a connection with such a soul, souls will experience one speciality or other of happiness, of a bestower, peace, love, bliss, co-operation, courage, zeal and enthusiasm. Only such souls are said to be those with broad and unlimited intellects and big hearts.
Slogan:Constantly continue to experience the flying stage with the wings of zeal and enthusiasm.

*** Om Shanti ***

Special homework to experience the avyakt stage in this avyakt month.

Before you perform a deed, speak a words or have a thoughts, first of all check whether they are the same as those of Father Brahma. The speciality of Father Brahma was: Whatever he thought, whatever he said, he did that. Follow the father in the same way. With the awareness of your own self-respect, with the power of the Father’s companionship and with the power of faith and determination, stay in your elevated position and finish all opposition, you will then easily experience the avyakt stage.


Today Murli Brahma Kumaris: 16 January 2020

Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence:Sweet children, you have to have your sins absolved with the power of yoga. You have to become pure and make the world pure; this is your service.
Question:What speciality of the deity religion is praised?
Answer:The deity religion is one that gives a great deal of happiness. There is no name or trace of sorrow there. You children experience happiness for three quarters of the cycle. There would not be as much pleasure if it were half happiness and half sorrow.

Om shanti. God speaks: God has explained that no human being can be called God. Even deities cannot be called God. God is incorporeal. He neither has a corporeal form nor a subtle form. Even the residents of the subtle region have subtle forms. This is why that place is called the subtle region. Here, you have corporeal, human bodies; that is why this is called the corporeal world. This physical body made of the five elements does not exist in the subtle region. These human bodies are made up of the five elements; they are called puppets of clay. It cannot be said that the residents of the subtle region are puppets of clay. Those of the deity religion are also human beings, but they are human beings with divine qualities. They attained their divine qualities from Shiv Baba. There is a vast difference between human beings with divine qualities and those with devilish traits. It is human beings who become worthy of living in the Temple of Shiva and it also human beings who become worthy of living in the brothel. The golden age is called the Temple of Shiva. The golden age exists here. It does not exist in the incorporeal world or the subtle region. You children understand that the Temple of Shiva is established by Shiv Baba. When did He establish it? At the confluence age. This is the most auspicious confluence age. This world is now impure, tamopradhan. It cannot be called the new, satopradhan world. The new world is called satopradhan and when it becomes old, it is called tamopradhan. How does it become satopradhan again? Through you children with the power of yoga. It is with the power of yoga that all your sins are absolved and you become pure. A pure world is definitely needed for pure ones. The new world is called pure and the old world is called impure. The Father establishes the pure world whereas Ravan establishes the impure world. No human being knows these things. If these five vices didn’t exist, people would not become unhappy, nor would they remember the Father. The Father says: I am the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. People make effigies of the five vices of Ravan with 10 heads. They consider Ravan to be their enemy and burn him. It is not that they start to burn an effigy at the beginning of the copper age; no. It is when they become tamopradhan that some come up with their new ideas. When someone causes a lot of sorrow, an effigy is made of him. Here, too, it is when people experience a great deal of sorrow that they make an effigy of Ravan and burn it. You children experience happiness for three quarters of the cycle. What pleasure would there be if it were half and half? The Father says: Your deity religion is one that gives you a great deal of happiness. The world drama is eternally predestined. No one can ask why the world was created or when it will end. This cycle continues to turn. It says in the scriptures that the duration of the cycle is hundreds of thousands of years. There must surely be the confluence age when the world has to be transformed. You now feel that no one else understands in this way. They don’t even understand that the names Radhe and Krishna are their childhood names and that they then marry. They each belong to a separate kingdom, then, when they marry, they become Lakshmi and Narayan. The Father explains all of these aspects. The Father is knowledge-full. It is not that He is the One who knows the secrets in everyone’s heart. You children understand that the Father comes now and gives knowledgeKnowledge is received in a pathshala (place of study). There must definitely be an aim an objective in a pathshala. You are now studying. You cannot rule in this dirty world. You will rule in a beautiful world. No one teaches Raj Yoga in the golden age. It is only at the confluence age that the Father teaches Raj Yoga. This is an unlimited aspect. No one knows when the Father comes. Everyone is in extreme darkness. People in Japan call themselves those of the sun dynasty. In fact, it is the deities who belong to the sun dynasty. The kingdom of the sun dynasty is in the golden age. It is said that when the Sun of Knowledge rises, the darkness of the path of devotion is dispelled. The new world becomes old and the old world becomes new. This world is a big unlimited home. It is a huge stage. The sun, moon and stars do so much work. A lot of work is carried out at night. There were some kings who slept during the day and held court at night. They would go out to buy things at night. Even now, this happens in some places. Mills etc. are also run during the night. These are limited days and nights whereas the other is a matter of the unlimited. These things are not in the intellect of anyone except you. They don’t even know Shiv Baba. The Father continues to explain every aspect. For Brahma, it is also explained that he is the Father of Humanity. When the Father comes to create the world, He definitely has to enter someone. Pure human beings exist in the golden age. In the iron age all are born through vice; that is why they are called impure. People ask you how the world can continue without vice, but you tell them that the deities are completely viceless. You build temples to them with such cleanliness and purity. No one, except those brahmins, is allowed in. In fact, no vicious ones are allowed to touch those deity idols. However, nowadays, anything can be done when you have money. When people have a temple in their home, they invite a brahmin priest to come. Now, even those brahmin priests are vicious; they are simply called brahmins. This world is vicious and so worshipping too is conducted by vicious ones. Where could viceless ones come from? Viceless ones only exist in the golden age. It is not that those who do not indulge in vice are called viceless; their bodies have been created through vice. The main aspect that the Father has explained is that this whole world is the kingdom of Ravan. Completely viceless ones exist in the kingdom of Rama whereas vicious ones exist in the kingdom of Ravan. There was purity in the golden age and there was also peace and prosperity. You can show how there used to be the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan in the golden age. The five vices do not exist there. That is the pure kingdom which God establishes. God cannot establish an impure kingdom. If people were impure in the golden age, they would call out to God. No one there calls out. No one in happiness remembers God. People sing praise of God and say that He is the Ocean of Happiness, the Ocean of Purity. They even say that there should be peace in the world, but how could human beings bring peace to the whole world now? The kingdom of peace only exists in heaven. When people fight one another, someone else has to make peace between them. There, there is only the one kingdom. The Father says: This old world is now to be destroyed. Everyone will be destroyed in this Great War (Mahabharat). The words, “Those whose intellects have no love for God at the time of destruction”, have been written. You are true Pandavas: you are spiritual guides: you show everyone the path to the land of liberation. That is the home of souls, the land of peace, whereas this is the land of sorrow. The Father says: Now, whilst seeing this land of sorrow, forget it. We now have to return to the land of peace. It is the soul that says this. It is the soul that realises this. The soul has the awareness, “I am a soul”. The Father says: No one else can understand Me as I am or the form that I have. I have explained to you that I am just a point. You should remember again and again how you have been around the cycle of 84 births. By doing this, you will remember the Father; you will remember the home as well as the cycle. Only you know the history and geography of this world. There are so many lands. There are so many wars etc. that have taken place. There is no question of wars etc. in the golden age. Just look at the difference between the kingdom of Rama and the kingdom of Ravan! The Father says: It is as though you are now in God’s kingdom because God has come here in order to establish a kingdom. God Himself does not rule that kingdom. He does not claim a kingdom Himself. He does altruistic service. God is the Highest on High, the Father of all souls. By saying “Baba”, your mercury of happiness should rise. The supersensuous joy of your final stage has been remembered. At the time when the days of your examination come close, you will have visions of everything. The supersensuous joy of you children is numberwise. Some stay in remembrance of the Father with a great deal of happiness. You children should have this feeling throughout the whole day: O Baba, You have transformed us so much! We receive so much happiness from You. Whilst remembering the Father, you have tears of love. It is a wonder how You come and liberate us from sorrow. You remove us from the ocean of poison and take us to the ocean of milk. You should have this feeling throughout the whole day. When the Father reminds you, you bubble with so much happiness. Shiv Baba is teaching us Raj Yoga. The festival of Shiv Ratri is celebrated, but people have put Shri Krishna’s name in the Gita instead of Shiv Baba’s. This mistake is the greatest one they have made. This is the number one mistake in the Gita. The drama has been created in this way. The Father comes and corrects this mistake and says that He, not Krishna, is the Purifier. I taught you Raj Yoga and changed you from ordinary humans into deities. There is praise of Me as the Immortal Image, the One who does not take rebirth. You cannot sing this praise of Krishna; he takes rebirth. It is numberwise amongst you children as to which ones retain all of these aspects in their intellects. Together with having knowledge, your behaviour also needs to be good. Maya is no less! Those who came first will definitely have that much strength. There are various types of actor. It is the people of Bharat who have been given the parts of heroes and heroines. You liberate everyone from the kingdom of Ravan. You receive so much power by following shrimat. Maya too is very powerful; whilst you are moving along, she deceives you. Baba is the Ocean of Love and so you children also have to become oceans of love like the Father. Never use bitter words. If you cause sorrow for anyone, you will die in sorrow. You should now finish all of those habits. The dirtiest habit is to choke in the ocean of poison. The Father also says: Lust is your greatest enemy. So many daughters are beaten. Some tell their daughters that they can remain pure. Ah! but they should at least first become pure themselves. By giving their daughter away, they are at least saved from the burden of all the expenditure, because they don’t know what is in the daughter’s fortune or whether or not she will find a happy home. Nowadays, there is a great deal of expenditure. The poor will surrender their daughters very quickly whereas some have a lot of attachment. Earlier, a native woman used to come here, but she was not allowed to come into knowledge because they were afraid of magic. God is called the Magician. God is also called the Merciful One. Krishna cannot be called that. The Merciful One is the One who liberates you from the merciless one. Ravan is merciless. First there is knowledge. There is knowledge, devotion and disinterest. It is not said: Devotion, knowledge and then disinterest. You cannot say “Disinterest in knowledge”. You have to have disinterest in devotion. This is why the expression “Knowledge, devotion and disinterest” is right. The Father enables you to have unlimited disinterest, that is, disinterest in the whole of the old world. Sannyasis only inspire you to have disinterest in your household. That too is predestined in the drama. This does not sit in the intellects of human beings. Bharat was 100% solvent, viceless and healthy; there was never untimely death here. Very few of you are able to imbibe these things. Those who do good service will become very wealthy. You children should remember “Baba, Baba” throughout the whole day. However, Maya does not allow you to do this. The Father says: If you want to become satopradhan, remember Me whilst you are walking, moving around and eating. I make you into the masters of the world. Will you not remember Me? Many of you have many storms of Maya. The Father explains: All of that will happen; it is fixed in the drama. Heaven will definitely be established. The world cannot remain new for ever. The cycle has to turn and so you will definitely come down again. Everything definitely has to become old from new. At this time, Maya has made an April Fool of everyone. The Father comes to make you beautiful. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Become oceans of love like the Father. Never cause sorrow for anyone. Don’t speak bitter words. Finish all your dirty habits.
  2. Whilst conversing sweetly with Baba, maintain this feeling: O Baba, You have transformed us so much! You have given us so much happiness! Baba, You take us to the ocean of milk. Have remembrance of Baba throughout the day.
Blessing:May you be a true server and indicate the Bestower with every act and speciality of yours.
True servers would never let a soul become trapped in them when giving them their co-operation. They would enable everyone to make a connection with the Father. Every word of theirs would remind everyone of the Father. The Father would be visible through every act of theirs. They would never even think that someone has become co-operative with them because of their speciality. If others see you and not the Father, that is not service, but it is making them forget the Father. True servers would enable everyone to be connected with the Truth, not with themselves.
Slogan:Instead of making any type of request, remain constantly happy.

*** Om Shanti ***

Special homework to experience the avyakt stage in this avyakt month.

Practise entering your physical body and enabling your physical organs to perform all tasks. Enter it when you want and become detached from it when you want. In one second, adopt the body and in one second, renounce the consciousness of the body and become bodiless: this practise is basis of your avyakt stage.

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