Brahmakumaris Daily Murli 28 January 2017 – English

Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

Spiritual Personality .

Today, BapDada has come to meet the children who are the practical examples of this life for all souls of the world. You kumars are Brahma Kumars, tapaswi kumars, Raj Rishi kumars, the kumars who attain your fortune through total renunciation. Today, it is the special gathering of such elevated souls. A kumar’s life is remembered as a powerful life. However, Brahma Kumars are doublypowerful kumars. One is physical strength and the other is the strength of soul consciousness. Ordinary kumars are those who have physical strength and the power of their temporary occupation. Brahma Kumars are the ones who are powerful with theoccupation of being the eternal, highest-on-high master almighty authorities. A soul can do whatever he wants with the power of purity. This gathering of Brahma Kumars is a gathering of world transformers. Do all of you consider yourselves to be powerful in this way? Do you consider yourselves to be souls who have attained the birthright of purity? A Brahma Kumar means a pure kumar. As soon as you took divine birth to Father Brahma, he gave you the blessing, “May you be pure, may you be yogi!” As soon as you took birth, Father Brahma gave you the senior mother’s sustenance of purity with love. In the form of the mother, he constantly sang you the lullaby: Become constantly pure, become yogi, become equal to the Father, become a special soul, become an embodiment of all virtues, become an embodiment of knowledge and an embodiment of happiness and peace. He sustained you in the lap of remembrance of the Father. He made you constantly swing in the swing of happiness. You are elevated children, the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris of such a mother and Father. Do you have such powerful intoxication of this awareness? Do you constantly remember the importance of the special life of a Brahma Kumar? You are not Brahma Kumars just in name, are you? Do you consider yourselves to be Brahma Kumars who have an elevated life? Do you constantly remember that you are the special actors who play your part s on the unlimited stage of the world? Or, do you simply play your part s at home, at your centre or at your workplace? Whilst you are doing everything, are you aware that souls of the world are watching you? Do you do everything with the same awareness that the souls of the world have in their vision of you – that you are special actors, that you are hero actors? Or, do you just remember that you talk to one another and move along in an ordinary way?

To be a Brahma Kumar means constantly to maintain the personality and royalty of purity. This personality of purity will attract souls of the world to purity , and this royalty of puritywill free you from the royalties of the land of Dharamraj. There are two meanings of “royalty”. On the basis of this royalty, you will be able to become part of the future royal family. Therefore, check whether you have adopted such personality and royalty in your life. The youth group creates personality a lot more, does it not? So, have you adopted your spiritual and imperishable personality? Let thispersonality be experienced from every Brahma Kumar and Kumari by anyone who sees you. Physical personality brings souls into body consciousness, whereas the personalityof purity makes souls soul conscious and brings you closer to the Father. So, what service does this group of special kumars have to do? Firstly, serve souls through the transformation of your life, give the donation of life to souls through your life. Transform others through your own transformation. Give the experience that a Brahma Kumar means someone whose attitude, vision, actions and words have been transformed. As well as this, give the experience of the personality of purityand spiritual royalty. As soon as they come and meet you, let them be even more attracted to this personality. Become the spiritual mirrors who constantly give the Father’s introduction and a vision of the Father. Let everyone see the Father through that image and divine activity of yours. Who made you like that? The One who made you should always be visible. Whenever anyone sees something wonderful or sees a wonderfultransformation, the sound that then emerges from his mind and lips is: Who did this? Or, how did this transformation take place? Who made it happen? You know this, do you not? It is such a great transformation that you change from shells into diamonds. Therefore, everyone will automatically be reminded of the One who made you like that. The group of kumars does a lot of running around. You also do a lot of running around for service, do you not? However, whilst running around on the field of service, do you keep a balance? Do you constantly keep the balance between service of yourself and of service? If there isn’t thisbalance, then, while you are running around for service, Maya will make your intellect run around everywhere.

Wonders take place with a balance. The consequence of keeping balance is that there will be wonders taking place in service. Otherwise, because you become extroverted, instead of performing wonders, you get caught up in the chaos of the conflict of your own nature and sanskars and those of others too. Therefore, it is essential to serve yourself first as well as serving everyone else. This balancewill enable you to attain constant progress for yourself and also in service. Kumars can perform great wonders. There isn’t as much impact on the world by the transformation in the lives of older people as there is by the transformation in the lives of kumars. Thegroup of kumars can give God’s introduction to the Government through their own transformation. You can awaken theGovernment, but they will give you tests. They will not accept you just like that. So, are such kumars ready? The secret CID will examine you to see to what extent you have conquered the vices. Should the names of all of you be sent to the Government? Five hundred kumars is not a small thing. All of you have written your names and addresses in the ledger, have you not? So, should we send your list? All of you are wondering which CID will come. They will deliberately try to make you angry. They would give you a practical paper, would they not? Are you ready to take a practical paper? Everyone’s “yes” or “no” is recorded like a film with BapDada. Have the aim of creating a spiritual powerful youth group , such that youchallenge the world saying that you will constantly co-operate in the task of establishing peace in the world. By giving this co-operation, you will definitely demonstrate world transformation. Do you understand what you have to do? Are you such a stronggroup? Let it not be that you issue thechallenge today, but that you yourselveschange tomorrow. So, prepare such a gathering. The majority of you are new kumars, but you have to reveal yourselves as the ones who have come last and are goingfast. With your wonder of keeping a balance, show wonders to the world. Achcha.

To those who constantly transform everyone through their own transformation, to those who constantly give others the experience of having the blessing and birthright of, “May you be yogi and pure”, in their lives, to those who enable others to be attracted to the Father through their personality of purity, to those who maintain the intoxication of their eternaloccupation, to those who give the return of the elevated sustenance they have received from the mother and Father, to the special souls with spiritual royalty, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups:

1. Do you constantly consider yourselves to bedouble light, that is, free from all bondages and light? What is the sign of lightness? Someone who is light constantly flies, whereas a burden brings you down. Those who constantly surrender themselves to the Father remain constantly light. Give your responsibilities to the Father, that is, give your burden to the Father and you will become light. Surrender yourself with your intellect. If you surrender your intellect, nothing else will enter your intellect. Everything belongs to the Father and the Father is everything for you. Therefore, nothing else remains. Since there is nothing else, where would the intellect go? None of the old streets or paths still exist, do they? There is simply the one Father, the one path of remembrance. So, reach your destination by following this road.

2. You are those who constantly swing in the swing of happiness, are you not? You have received such a beautiful swing from BapDada. This swing doesn’t ever break, does it? If both the strings of remembrance and service are tight, then the swing will be constant and stable. If one string is loose and the other one is tight, the swing would keep rocking and the one sitting in the swing would fall. If both the strings are strong, there is pleasure in swinging. If you fall, then instead of enjoying yourself, you would experience sorrow. Therefore, both the strings of remembrance and service should be equal. Then see how much bliss you would experience in this Brahmin life! You have the company of the Almighty Authority Father and you also have the swing of happiness. So, what more could you want?

  • 3. You constantly remember the Father and service, do you not? Do you constantly keep abalance of both remembrance and service? Because without your remembrance, service cannot be successful and without doing service, you cannot become a conqueror of Maya because it is by remaining busy in service and churning knowledge that Maya easily steps away from you. If you do service without having remembrance, there will be less success and greater effort, whereas if you do service while staying in remembrance there will be greater success and less effort. So, do you have a balance of the two? Those who keep a balance continue to receive blessings automatically, they don’t need to ask for them. From the minds of the souls they serve, “Wah, wah” or “Wah elevated soul, one who is giving me this knowledge. Wah, you have changed my life”. These “wah wahs” become blessings. Do you experience such blessings? The day that you do service while staying in remembrance, you will experience havingnatural happiness without making any effort. You have experienced such happiness, have you not? All of you are continuing to move forward on the basis of this. Do you believe that there is self-progress and progress in the world at every moment? If there isn’t self-progress, you cannot become instruments for world progress. The means for self-progress is remembrance and the means for world progress is service. Constantly continue to move along with this. What is the greatest treasure that the Father has given you at the confluence age? That of happiness. You have received a treasure of so many types of happiness. If you extract the variety points of happiness, there would be so many types of points. At the confluence age, the greatest gift of all, the treasure, the materials for a picnic is happiness. Every day at amrit vela, think of one point of happiness and you will remain happy throughout the day. Some children say that it’s the same point in the murli every day. However, the point that you have not yet made firm, that same point has to be repeated every day in order for it to be made firm. At school too, when students are unable to remember something firmly, they are made to write it down 50 times in order to for it to be made firm. So, BapDada also tells you every day: Children, consider yourselves to be souls and remember Me, because you are still weak in this point. Keep points of happiness in your intellects every day and stay happy all day and continue to donate happiness to others. This is the greatest donation of all. While there are many facilities in the world, they do not have real, imperishable happiness. You have that happiness and so you must continue to donate that happiness.

4. Do you constantly experience yourselves to be like a lotus: detached from the atmosphere of the old world and loving to the one Father? Those who are detached are loved and those who are loved are detached. So, are you like a lotus or are you influenced by the atmosphere you are in? Whatever part you are playing and wherever you play it, do you always remain detached from the part while playing that partor do you become loving to the part? What happens? Sometimes, you are able to have yoga and at other times you are not. What is the reason for this? Detachment is lacking. Because of not being detached you are not able to experience love. Where there is no love, how can there be remembrance? The more love there is, the more remembrance there will be. Instead of loving the Father, you love others and so you forget the Father. Be detached from your part and loving to the Father: let this be your aim and your practicallife. While you played your part in your worldly life, you became loving, and what did you receive as a return of that love? You only received a bed of thorns, did you not? By being in love with the Father, what do you receive in a second? You claim a right for many births. So, while constantly playing your part, remain detached. You are playing your part for service. Your part is not based on a relationship, your part is in connection with service. By being in bodily relationships, there is a loss, whereas if you consider it to be a part of service, you would remain detached. If your love is in two directions, you cannot then experience a constant and stable stage.

Blessing: May you be filled with all powers and by practising exercise, fill your life with subtle powers.
Mother Brahma has spiritual motherly attachment for you children and with the invocation of subtle love, he therefore makes a special group of you children emerge in the subtle region and feeds you with the nourishment of powers. Just as they were fed ghee here and also made to do exercise, in the same way, he also feeds you ghee in the subtle region, that is, he gives you things with subtle powers and also makes you practiseexercise. He makes you race around the three worlds, so that there can be special hospitality in your lives and all the children become filled with powers.
Slogan: Souls who remain stable in their self-respect give respect to others and move forward.


*** Om Shanti ***

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