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*Om Shanti*

★【 *आज का पुरुषार्थ* 】★

बच्चे, सर्व समर्पण हो जाओ … अर्थात् आप बच्चों के पास जो कुछ भी है, सब बाप को सौंप दो।

मैं और मेरेपन में रहने वाली आत्मा ना ही ज्ञानी है … ना ही योगी है … और ना ही धारणा स्वरूप बन सकती है। यदि किसी भी आत्मा के अन्दर minor सा भी मैं और मेरापन हैं, तो बाप-समान बनना असम्भव है।

इसलिए बच्चे, मैं और मेरा … इसका त्याग करो। सूक्ष्म रीति स्वयं की checking करो और change करते जाओ … निमित्त बन कार्य-व्यवहार में आओ, तब ही आप कर्म के प्रभाव से बचे रह सकते हो।

जब आप किसी तरह की कोई ज़िम्मेवारी स्वयं की समझते हो तो आप उसमें फँस जाते हो … और यदि उस कार्य की ज़िम्मेवारी कोई और सम्भाल लें तो आप हल्के रह अन्य कार्य कर सकते हो … और फिर यहाँ तो स्वयं भगवान, बाप बन आप बच्चों की ज़िम्मेवारी उठाने आ गया … बस आपका कर्तव्य केवल बाप के कार्य में सहयोगी बनना ही है, और इतने बड़े कार्य में सहयोगी केवल ज्ञान स्वरूप … योग स्वरूप … और धारणा स्वरूप आत्मा ही बन सकती है। परमात्मा बाप के कार्य में सहयोगी आत्मा ही बाप-समान आत्मा है।

जिस बच्चे को बाप पर 100% निश्चय हैं वो ही सर्व समर्पण हो सकता है और बाप-समान बन सकता है। देखो बच्चे, इस समय बाप केवल आप विशेष बच्चों के कल्याण के लिए ही आपको पढ़ाने आया है … बस आप बाप पर निश्चय रखो।

देखो भक्ति में भी गायन है कि भगवान के घर देर है, पर अन्धेर नहीं … जिस पर भगवान की नज़र है उसका कोई बाल भी बाँका नहीं कर सकता … और फिर यहाँ तो स्वयं भगवान आपका अपना बन गया … भला वह कभी अपने सपूत बच्चों का अकल्याण देख सकता है क्या…? नहीं ना…!

इसलिए बाप पर निश्चय रखो और बाप की knowledge को महीनता से समझ स्वयं की checking कर change होते जाओ।

अभी आप बच्चों को बाप का full सहयोग है, फिर तो हल्के रहो और उमंग-उत्साह के साथ बाप के संग रह मंज़िल तक पहुँचों।
जो बच्चा इस समय बाप पर 100% निश्चय रख सर्व समर्पण हो चल रहा है, उसका हर कार्य समय से पहले होगा और अत्यधिक कल्याणकारी भी … और जिस बच्चे के निश्चय में कमी है अर्थात् एक बल – एक भरोसा नहीं है, उसका समय से पहले मंज़िल पर पहुँचना असम्भव है।

अच्छा । ओम् शान्ति ।

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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence:Sweet children, follow shrimat, become pure and clean, imbibe this knowledge and then do yuktiyukt service. Don’t become arrogant but maintain your pure pride.
Question:Due to which one aspect does the Father have to give so much knowledge?
Answer:The Father gives you so much knowledge in order to prove that the Creator of the Gita is the incorporeal Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. The biggest mistake they have made is that they have put Shri Krishna’s name in the Gita instead of the Father’s, the Purifier. You have to prove this. You have to create various methods for this. Show the difference between the praise of the Father and that of Shri Krishna.
Song:To live in Your lane and to die in Your lane.

Om shanti. You children heard the song. It says: I have come to Your door to die alive. Whose door have you come to? The same things come up. If Shri Krishna were the God of the Gita, as they say, these things couldn’t take place. He is the prince of the golden age. Krishna didn’t speak the Gita. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, spoke the Gita. Everything depends on this. If they understood this one thing, then all the religious scriptures of Bharat would be proved to be false. All of those are the path of devotion. There are stories of physical rituals, going on pilgrimages, chanting and tapasya etc. written in them. You have been making so much effort on the path of devotion. There is no need for any of that. This is a matter of just a second. The Father has to give so much knowledge just to prove this one thing. This is the ancient knowledge that God alone gave. Everything depends on the Gita. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, came Himself and taught easy Raja Yoga and knowledge for establishment of the deity religion. That has now disappeared. People think that Krishna will come once again and speak the Gita. However, you now have to prove very clearly that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, who is the Ocean of Knowledge, spoke this Gita. The praise of Krishna is separate from the praise of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. He is the prince of the golden age and he gained his fortune of the kingdom by studying easy Raja Yoga. His name and form when he is studying are different from when he attains the fortune of the kingdom. You have to prove that he was at first impure and that he then became pure. Krishna can never be called the Purifier. The Purifier is only the one Father. The same Shri Krishna soul that has become ugly is now once again studying Raja Yoga from the Purifier and will become the prince of the future pure world. You need methods to explain and prove this. You have to prove this to people abroad. The Gita is the number one jewel of all scriptures, the mother of all scriptures. Who gave birth to the mother? The Father Himself adopts the mother. It would not be said that Christ adopted the Bible. People made the Bible out of the teachings that Christ gave and they continue to study it. However, who gave the teachings of the Gita which people made a book and continue to study it? No one knows. They know about all the other scriptures. You have to prove who it was who gave the teachings of this easy Raja Yoga. The world continues to become tamopradhan day by day. All of these thoughts can only remain in a clean intellect. Those who don’t follow shrimat are unable to imbibe knowledge. Shrimat says: You cannot explain anything at all. Baba instantly tells you. The main thing is to prove that the God of the Gita is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. He alone is the Purifier. People say that He is omnipresent, or they say that He is the brahm element. Without understanding anything they continue to say whatever enters their minds. The whole mistake has been made in the Gita by them calling Krishna the Creator of the Gita. So you have to create methods to explain this. Baba used to tell Guptaji: In Benares, explain and prove to people that the God of the Gita is not Shri Krishna. Conferences now take place in Delhi. They are inviting all religious people to discuss what they can do for there to be peace. However, it is not in their hands to establish peace. They say: O Purifier come! Therefore, since they continue to call out, how can impure ones establish peace? They don’t know the Purifier. They say that it is Rama, the king of the warrior clan, but he isn’t that. They call out to him inaccurately; they don’t know anything. Who would go and explain this to them? Very good children are needed. There are many who consider themselves to be very knowledgeable, but they are nothing at all. There is the example of the mouse who found a piece of tumeric and thought he was a big grocer. It is numberwise. You need great tact in this because it can be proved through this that God created the Gita. They say: Whoever it is, all are God. Baba says: God speaks: I adopt that Shri Krishna soul who takes the full 84 births and is now in his last birth. I name him Brahma and give you the knowledge of the Gita through him. Through this easy Raja Yoga, that Brahma then becomes the first prince of the golden age. This explanation is not in the intellect of anyone else. Among you children too, your intellects don’t have that pure pride accurately. You hold so many exhibitions etc. and yet you haven’t proved this. First correct this mistake and explain how the Shrimad Bhagawad Gita is the mother and father of all scriptures. Who was its creator? Christ gave birth to the Bible and that is the scripture of Christianity. Achcha, who is the Father of the Bible? Christ. He is not called the mother and father. There is no question of a mother there. It is here that you have the mother and father. Christians have competed with the Krishna religion. Those people believe in Christ. Who spoke the Gita? Which religion was established through it? No one knows these things. They would never say that the Purifier, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, created this sacrificial fire. You can understand from the picture of the cycle that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, truly did give this knowledge. Radhe and Krishna sit in the golden age; they didn’t give themselves knowledge. There has to be someone else who can give knowledge. Someone must have helped them pass. Who gave the knowledge for the attainment of a kingdom? Fortune is not made by itself. It is a father or a teacher who makes your fortune. A guru gives salvation, but no one understands the meaning of liberation or salvation. There is salvation for those on the family path. Liberation means everyone comes to the Father. No one understands these things. They have opened great big shops of devotion. There isn’t a single shop of real knowledge; all of them are shops of devotion. The Father says: All the Vedas and scriptures etc. are the paraphernalia of devotion. You cannot attain Me by chanting, doing tapasya etc. I give you children knowledge and I purify you. I grant salvation to the whole world. You have to go via liberation into salvation. Not everyone will go to the golden age. This drama is predestined. Whatever you were taught in the previous cycle and whatever pictures were made, they are being made now too. Once this biggest mistake is corrected, you can tactfully make these pictures. They say that the world is standing on the legs of three religions. The leg of the deity religion is broken and this is why the world continues to shake. At first, the world remained first class standing on just one leg. There was just the one religion, which was called the undivided kingdom. Then that one leg was lost and three other legs emerged. They have no strength at all. Fighting and quarrelling continue amongst them. They don’t know the Master at all and have become orphans. You need great tact to explain to others. The main thing to explain at the exhibitions is that the God of the Gita is not Shri Krishna but the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, whose birthplace is Bharat. Krishna is corporeal whereas He is incorporeal. His praise is separate. Make cartoons with such cleverness that you can prove that the Supreme Soul spoke the Gita and made Krishna become what he is. It is said that the day of Brahma is knowledge and that the night of Brahma is devotion; it is now the night. Who establishes the golden age? Where did Brahma come from? Where did he come from even in the subtle region? The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, adopts Prajapita Brahma. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, first of all creates the subtle world. They have shown Brahma there. There is no Father of People there. Where did Prajapita Brahma come from? No one can understand these things. In the last birth of Krishna, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, made him His chariot. This is not in anyone’s intellect. This is a very important class. A teacher knows what a student is like, so would his father not know? This is an unlimited class of the unlimited Father. Everything here is unique. In the scriptures they have shown annihilation and confused everything. You know that Krishna did not speak the Gita. He just listened to the knowledge of the Gita and attained the royal status. You have to prove that the God of the Gita is incorporeal Shiva and that these are His virtues. Bharat has become like a shell because of this mistake. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, has now placed the urn of knowledge on the mothers. It is the mothers who open the gates to heaven. Note down all these things and explain them to others. Devotion is in fact for householders. This is easy Raja Yoga for the family path. We have come here to prove this to you. You children have to do everything very tactfully. Children have to show (reveal) the Father. Always remain cheerful, unshakeable, stable and intoxicated. As you progress further, such children will definitely emerge. A Brahma Kumar or Kumari is one who enables others to receive the inheritance for 21 births from the Father. There is great praise of the kumaris. Mama is the main one. That one is the Sun of Knowledge and this one (Brahma) is the incognito Mama. Hardly anyone understands this secret. The temples that have been created are also to that Mama. There is no temple to this incognito old Mama. We are the mother and Father in the combined form. Krishna is the prince of the golden age. God cannot enter Krishna. The praise of the God of the Gita is separate. He is the Purifier, the Liberator and the Guide. Therefore, the praise of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is completely separate. How could they be the same? The main thing is: Who spoke the Gita? The Vedas and scriptures etc. are all children of the Gita. All the rest is the paraphernalia of devotion. Nothing like that happens on the path of knowledge. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Perform every task very tactfully. S how (reveal) the Father by remaining cheerful, unshakeable and stable in the intoxication of knowledge.
  2. Prove the new and unique things of knowledge.
Blessing:May you be a fast effort-maker and follow Father Brahma and claim the first number while keeping your destination in front of you.
An intense effort-maker always has his destination in front of him. He never looks around here and there. Souls who are to claim the first number do not see anything wasteful even while seeing it; they do not hear anything wasteful even while hearing it. They keep their destination in front of them and follow Father Brahma. Father Brahma performed actions considering himself to be “karanhar” (one performing the action), and never considered himself to be “karavanhar” (one inspiring others to perform actions) and this is why he was always light even while looking after his responsibilities. F ollow the Father in the same way.
Slogan:Whatever things would spoil your stage: hear but do not hear those things.

*** Om Shanti ***

Invaluable versions of Mateshwari

Difference and contrast between soul s and the Supreme Soul.

Souls and the Supreme Soul remained separated for a long time and a beautiful meeting took place when the souls found the Agent. When we say these words, the accurate meaning of them is that the souls became separated from the Supreme Soul over a long period of time. “A long period” means that souls became separated for a long time. These words prove that the soul and the Supreme Soul are two separate identities. Both have an internal difference but, because worldly people do not recognise this, they speak of the meaning of these words as though “I, the soul, am the Supreme Soul.” However, souls are influenced by Maya and so have forgotten their original form. Then, when the influence of Maya is removed, souls are like the Supreme Soul. Some people say that a soul is separate in this way and other people say that a soul is separate with the meaning of “I, the soul, am the Supreme Soul” but because, the soul has forgotten itself, it has become unhappy. When a soul recognises itself and becomes pure, then that soul will meet the Supreme Soul and become one. They say that souls are separate in this way, but we know that both souls and the Supreme Soul have separate identities. Neither can a soul be the Supreme Soul nor can a soul merge into the Supreme Soul and become one. There can be no influence on God.

Only by breaking the karmic bondages can there be peace of mind, that is, can you attain the stage of liberation-in-life.

In fact, each human being definitely has a desire to attain peace of mind and this is why they have been trying so many things, but they have not as yet been able to attain peace of mind. What is the real reason for this? First, it is necessary to think what the main root of peacelessness in the mind is. The main reason for peacelessness in the mind is that you are trapped in karmic bondage. Until human beings become free from the karmic bondage of the five vices, until then, they cannot become free from peacelessness. When karmic bondages break, you can then have peace of mind, that is, you can achieve your stage of liberation-in-life. You now have to think about how to break those karmic bondages. Who is it that can free you from those? We know that no human soul can give this freedom to another human soul. It is only the one Supreme Soul who can resolve the accounts of karmic bondages. He Himself comes and liberates us from karmic bondage with the power of knowledge and yoga. This is why God, the Supreme Soul, is called the Bestower of Happiness. When you have the knowledge that you are a soul, whose child you truly are and what your original virtues are, only when this enters your intellect, can you break your karmic bondages. We receive this knowledge from only God, which means that it is only through the Supreme Soul that our karmic bondages are going to break. Om shanti




ओम् शान्ति


”मीठे बच्चे – श्रीमत पर चल स्वच्छ शुद्ध बन धारणा कर फिर युक्तियुक्त सेवा करनी है, अहंकार में नहीं आना है, शुद्ध घमण्ड में रहना है”
प्रश्नः-किस एक बात के कारण बाप को इतनी बड़ी नॉलेज देनी पड़ती है?
उत्तर:-गीता के रचयिता निराकार परमपिता परमात्मा को सिद्ध करने के लिए बाप तुम्हें इतनी बड़ी नॉलेज देते हैं। सबसे बड़ी भूल यही है जो गीता में पतित-पावन बाप की जगह श्रीकृष्ण का नाम डाला है, इसी बात को सिद्ध करना है। इसके लिए भिन्न-भिन्न युक्तियां रचनी है। बाप की माहिमा और श्रीकृष्ण की महिमा अलग-अलग बतानी है।
गीत:-मरना तेरी गली में …..

ओम् शान्ति। बच्चों ने गीत सुना, कहते हैं आये हैं तेरे दर पर जीते जी मरने के लिए। किसके दर पर? फिर भी यही बात निकलती कि अगर गीता का भगवान कृष्ण को कहें तो यह सब बातें हो न सकें। वह है सतयुग का प्रिन्स। गीता कृष्ण ने नहीं सुनाई। गीता परमपिता परमात्मा ने सुनाई। सारा मदार इस बात पर है। एक बात को समझ जाएं तो भारत के जो इतने शास्त्र हैं – सब झूठे सिद्ध हो जाएं। यह हैं सब भक्तिमार्ग के, इनमें कर्मकान्ड तीर्थ यात्रा, जप-तप आदि की कहानियां लिखी हुई हैं। भक्ति मार्ग में तुम इतनी मेहनत करते आये हो, वह तो दरकार नहीं। यह तो सेकेण्ड की बात है। सिर्फ यह एक बात सिद्ध करने के लिए भी बाप को कितनी नॉलेज देनी पड़ती है। प्राचीन नॉलेज जो भगवान ने ही दी है, वही नॉलेज है। सारी बात गीता पर है। परमपिता परमात्मा ने ही आकर देवी-देवता धर्म की स्थापना अर्थ सहज राजयोग और ज्ञान सिखलाया है, जो अब प्राय:लोप है। मनुष्य समझते हैं कृष्ण फिर आकर गीता सुनायेगा। परन्तु अब तुमको यह अच्छी तरह सिद्ध करना है कि गीता परमपिता परमात्मा ने, जो ज्ञान का सागर है, उसने सुनाई है। कृष्ण की महिमा और परमपिता परमात्मा की महिमा अलग-अलग है। वह है सतयुग का प्रिन्स, जिसने सहज राजयोग से राज्य-भाग्य पाया है। पढ़ते समय नाम रूप और है फिर जब राज्य पाया है तब और है। पहले पतित है फिर पावन बना है, यह सिद्ध कर बताना है। पतित-पावन कृष्ण को कभी नहीं कहेंगे। पतित-पावन है ही एक बाप। अब वही श्रीकृष्ण की आत्मा जो काली अर्थात् श्याम बन गई है। अब फिर से पतित-पावन द्वारा राजयोग सीख भविष्य पावन दुनिया का प्रिन्स बन रही है। यह सिद्ध कर समझाने में युक्तियां चाहिए। फारेनर्स को सिद्धकर बताना है। नम्बरवन है ही गीता सर्वशास्त्रमई श्रीमत भगवत गीता माता। अब माता को जन्म किसने दिया? बाप ही माता को एडाप्ट करते हैं। ऐसे नहीं कहेंगे कि क्राइस्ट ने बाइबिल को एडाप्ट किया। क्राइस्ट ने जो शिक्षा दी उनका बाइबिल बनाकर पढ़ते रहते हैं। अब गीता की शिक्षा किसने दी जो पुस्तक बनाकर पढ़ते रहते हैं। यह किसको पता नहीं और सबके शास्त्रों का पता है। यह जो सहज राजयोग की शिक्षा है वह किसने दी, यह सिद्ध करना है। दुनिया तो दिन-प्रतिदिन तमोप्रधान होती जाती है। यह सब ख्यालात स्वच्छ बुद्धि में ही बैठ सकते हैं। जो श्रीमत पर नहीं चलते उनको धारणा भी नहीं हो सकती। श्रीमत कहेगी तुम बिल्कुल समझा नहीं सकते हो। बाबा फट से कह देंगे – मुख्य बात यह है कि गीता का भगवान परमपिता परमात्मा है। वही पतित-पावन है। मनुष्य तो सर्वव्यापी कह देते हैं वा ब्रह्म तत्च कह देते। जो आता है वह कह देते हैं – बिगर समझ। भूल सारी गीता से निकली है, जो गीता का रचयिता कृष्ण को कह दिया है। तो समझाने के लिए युक्तियां रचनी पड़े। गुप्ता जी को भी कहते थे कि बनारस में यह सिद्धकर समझाओ कि गीता का भगवान श्रीकृष्ण नहीं।

अब देहली में सम्मेलन होता है। सब रिलीज़स मनुष्यों को बुला रहे हैं क्या उपाय करें जो शान्ति हो जाए? अब शान्ति स्थापन करना इनके हाथ में तो है नहीं। कहते भी हैं पतित-पावन आओ। फिर यह पतित कैसे शान्ति स्थापन कर सकते? जबकि बुलाते रहते हैं। परन्तु पतित-पावन को जानते नहीं। कह देते हैं रघुपति राघो राजाराम। वह तो है नहीं। झूठा बुलावा करते हैं, जानते कुछ भी नहीं। अब यह कौन जाकर बताये। बड़े अच्छे बच्चे चाहिए। ऐसे बहुत हैं जो अपने को बहुत ज्ञानी समझते हैं। परन्तु है कुछ भी नहीं। मिसाल है चूहे को मिली हल्दी की गांठ.. नम्बरवार हैं। इसमें बड़ी युक्ति चाहिए, जिससे सिद्ध हो जाए – गीता भगवान ने रची है। वह कह देते कोई भी हो, हैं तो सब भगवान। बाबा कहते हैं – भगवानुवाच, मैं उस कृष्ण की आत्मा, जो 84 जन्म पूरे कर अन्तिम जन्म में है, उनको एडाप्ट कर ब्रह्मा बनाए उन द्वारा गीता ज्ञान देता हूँ। वह ब्रह्मा फिर इस सहज राजयोग से फर्स्ट प्रिन्स सतयुग का बन जाता है। यह समझानी और कोई की बुद्धि में नहीं है। तुम बच्चों में भी यथार्थ रीति अभी वह शुद्ध घमण्ड आया नहीं है। इतनी प्रदर्शनी आदि करते हैं – अजुन सिद्ध नहीं करते। पहले यह भूल सिद्धकर बतानी है कि श्रीमत भगवत गीता है सब शास्त्रों की माई बाप। उसका रचयिता कौन था? जैसे क्राइस्ट ने बाइबिल को जन्म दिया। वह है क्रिश्चियन धर्म का शास्त्र। अच्छा बाइबिल का बाप कौन? क्राइस्ट। उनको माई बाप नहीं कहेंगे। मदर की तो वहाँ बात नहीं। यह तो यहाँ माता पिता है। क्रिश्चियन ने रीस की है कृष्ण के धर्म से। वह क्राइस्ट को मानने वाले हैं। अब गीता किसने सुनाई? उससे कौन सा धर्म स्थापन हुआ? यह कोई नहीं जानते। कभी नहीं कहते कि पतित-पावन परमपिता परमात्मा ने यज्ञ रचा। गोले के चित्र से समझ सकेंगे कि बरोबर परमपिता परमात्मा ने ज्ञान दिया है। राधे कृष्ण तो सतयुग में बैठे हैं, उन्होंने अपने को ज्ञान नहीं दिया। ज्ञान देने वाला दूसरा चाहिए। कोई ने तो उसको पास कराया होगा ना। यह राजाई प्राप्त करने का ज्ञान किसने दिया? किस्मत आपेही तो नहीं बनती। किस्मत बनाने वाला बाप या टीचर होता है। गुरू तो गति देते, परन्तु गति सद्गति का भी कोई अर्थ नहीं समझते। सद्गति प्रवृत्ति मार्ग वालों की होती है। गति माना सब बाप के पास जाते हैं। यह बातें कोई समझते नहीं हैं। वह तो भक्ति के बड़े-बड़े दुकान खोल बैठे हैं। सच्चे ज्ञान का एक भी दुकान नहीं। सब हैं भक्ति के। बाप कहते हैं यह वेद शास्त्र आदि सब भक्ति मार्ग की सामग्री है। यह जप तप आदि करने से मैं नहीं मिलता हूँ। मैं तो बच्चों को ज्ञान देकर पावन बनाता हूँ। सारे सृष्टि की सद्गति करता हूँ। वाया गति में जाकर सद्गति में आना है। सब तो सतयुग में नहीं आयेंगे, यह ड्रामा बना हुआ है। जो कल्प पहले तुमको सिखाया था, जो चित्र बनाये थे, वह अब भी बनवा रहे हैं। यह जो बड़ी भूल है, वह सिद्ध हो जाए फिर युक्ति से चित्र बनायेंगे। कहते हैं 3 धर्मो की टांगों पर सृष्टि खड़ी है। एक देवता धर्म की टांग टूटी हुई है, इसलिए हिलती रहती है। पहले एक टांग पर सृष्टि बड़ी फर्स्टक्लास रहती। एक ही धर्म था, जिसको अद्वैत राज्य कहा जाता है। फिर वह एक टांग गुम हो 3 टांगे निकली हैं, जिसमें कुछ भी ताकत नहीं रहती। आपस में ही लड़ाई झगड़ा चलता रहता है। धनी को जानते ही नहीं। निधनके बन पड़े हैं। समझाने की बड़ी युक्ति चाहिए। प्रदर्शनी में भी मुख्य यह बात समझानी है कि गीता का भगवान श्रीकृष्ण नहीं, परमपिता परमात्मा है, जिसका बर्थ प्लेस भारत है। कृष्ण है साकार, वह है निराकार। उनकी महिमा अलग है। ऐसे युक्ति से कार्टून बनाना चाहिए जो सिद्ध हो जाए कि गीता परमात्मा ने गाई और कृष्ण को ऐसा बनाया। कहते हैं ब्रह्मा का दिन ज्ञान और ब्रह्मा की रात भक्ति। अभी है रात। सतयुग स्थापन करने वाला कौन? ब्रह्मा आया कहाँ से? सूक्ष्मवतन में भी कहाँ से आया? प्रजापिता ब्रह्मा को परमात्मा एडाप्ट करते हैं। परमपिता परमात्मा ही पहले-पहले सूक्ष्म सृष्टि रचते हैं। वहाँ ब्रह्मा दिखाते हैं। वहाँ प्रजापिता होता नहीं। प्रजापिता ब्रह्मा कहाँ से आया? यह बातें कोई समझ न सकें। कृष्ण के अन्तिम जन्म में इनको परमपिता परमात्मा ने अपना रथ बनाया है। यह किसकी बुद्धि में नहीं है। यह बड़ा भारी क्लास है। टीचर जानते हैं यह स्टूडेण्ट कौन सा है? तो क्या बाप नहीं समझते होंगे? यह बेहद के बाप का बेहद का क्लास है। यहाँ की बात ही निराली है। शास्त्रों में प्रलय दिखाकर रोला कर दिया है।

तुम जानते हो कृष्ण ने गीता नहीं सुनाई। उसने तो गीता का ज्ञान सुनकर राज्य पद पाया है। तुमको सिद्ध कर बताना है – गीता का भगवान निराकार शिव है, उनके गुण यह हैं। इस भूल के कारण ही भारत कौड़ी जैसा बना है। अभी परमापिता परमात्मा ने ज्ञान का कलष माताओं पर रखा है। मातायें ही स्वर्ग का द्वार खोलती हैं। यह सब बातें नोट कर समझानी चाहिए। भक्ति वास्तव में गृहस्थियों के लिए है। ये है प्रवृत्ति मार्ग का सहज राजयोग। हम सिद्ध कर समझाने के लिए आये हैं। बच्चों को युक्तियुक्त काम करना है। बच्चों को ही बाप का शो करना है। सदैव हर्षित मुख, अचल, स्थेरियम, मस्त रहना है, आगे चलकर ऐसे बच्चे निकलते जरूर हैं। ब्रह्माकुमार कुमारी वह जो 21 जन्म के लिए बाप से वर्सा दिलाये। कुमारियों की महिमा भारी है, मुख्य मम्मा है। वह ज्ञान सूर्य है, यह है गुप्त मम्मा (ब्रह्मा)। इस राज़ को मुश्किल ही कोई समझते हैं। मन्दिर भी उस मम्मा के हैं। इस गुप्त बूढ़ी मम्मा का कोई मन्दिर नहीं। यह माता-पिता कम्बाइन्ड है। कृष्ण तो सतयुग का प्रिन्स है। कृष्ण में भगवान आ न सके। गीता के भगवान की महिमा अलग है। वह पतित-पावन, लिबरेटर, गाइड है। तो परमात्मा की महिमा बिल्कुल अलग है। एक कैसे हो सकते। मुख्य बात ही यह है कि गीता किसने सुनाई? वेद शास्त्र आदि सब गीता के बाल बच्चे हैं और सब भक्ति की सामग्री है, ज्ञान मार्ग में कुछ होता नहीं। अच्छा!

मीठे-मीठे सिकीलधे बच्चों प्रति मात-पिता बापदादा का याद-प्यार और गुडमार्निंग। रूहानी बाप की रूहानी बच्चों को नमस्ते।

धारणा के लिए मुख्य सार:-

1) हर काम बहुत युक्तियुक्त करना है। हर्षितमुख, अचल, स्थिर और ज्ञान की मस्ती में रहकर बाप का शो करना है।

2) ज्ञान की नई और निराली बातें सिद्ध करनी है।

वरदान:- मंजिल को सामने रख ब्रह्मा बाप को फालो करते हुए फर्स्ट नम्बर लेने वाले तीव्र पुरुषार्थी भव
तीव्र पुरुषार्थी के सामने सदा मंजिल होती है। वे कभी यहाँ वहाँ नहीं देखते। फर्स्ट नम्बर में आने वाली आत्मायें व्यर्थ को देखते हुए भी नहीं देखती, व्यर्थ बातें सुनते हुए भी नहीं सुनती। वे मंजिल को सामने रख ब्रह्मा बाप को फालो करती हैं। जैसे ब्रह्मा बाप ने अपने को करनहार समझकर कर्म किया, कभी करावनहार नहीं समझा, इसलिए जिम्मेवारी सम्भालते भी सदा हल्के रहे। ऐसे फालो फादर करो।
स्लोगन:-जो बात अवस्था को बिगाड़ने वाली है – उसे सुनते हुए भी नहीं सुनो।

मातेश्वरी जी के अनमोल महावाक्य

1- आत्मा परमात्मा में अन्तर, भेद:- आत्मा और परमात्मा अलग रहे बहुकाल सुन्दर मेला कर दिया जब सतगुरु मिला दलाल… जब अपन यह शब्द कहते हैं तो उसका यथार्थ अर्थ है कि आत्मा, परमात्मा से बहुतकाल से बिछुड़ गई है। बहुतकाल का अर्थ है बहुत समय से आत्मा परमात्मा से बिछुड़ गई है, तो यह शब्द साबित (सिद्ध) करते हैं कि आत्मा और परमात्मा अलग-अलग दो चीज़ हैं, दोनों में आंतरिक भेद है परन्तु दुनियावी मनुष्यों को पहचान न होने के कारण वो इस शब्द का अर्थ ऐसा ही निकालते हैं कि मैं आत्मा ही परमात्मा हूँ, परन्तु आत्मा के ऊपर माया का आवरण चढ़ा हुआ होने के कारण अपने असली स्वरूप को भूल गये हैं, जब वो माया का आवरण उतर जायेगा फिर आत्मा वही परमात्मा है। तो वो आत्मा को अलग इस मतलब से कहते हैं और दूसरे लोग फिर इस मतलब से कहते हैं कि मैं आत्मा सो परमात्मा हूँ परन्तु आत्मा अपने आपको भूलने के कारण दु:खी बन पड़ी है। जब आत्मा फिर अपने आपको पहचान कर शुद्ध बनती है तो फिर आत्मा परमात्मा में मिल एक ही हो जायेंगे। तो वो आत्मा को अलग इस अर्थ से कहते हैं परन्तु अपन तो जानते हैं कि आत्मा परमात्मा दोनों अलग चीज़ है। न आत्मा, परमात्मा हो सकती और न आत्मा परमात्मा में मिल एक हो सकती है और न फिर परमात्मा के ऊपर आवरण चढ़ सकता है।

2- ”कर्म बन्धन टूटने से ही मन की शान्ति अर्थात् जीवनमुक्त स्थिति को पा सकते हैं”

वास्तव में हरेक मनुष्य की यह चाहना अवश्य रहती है कि हमको मन की शान्ति प्राप्त हो जावे इसलिए अनेक प्रयत्न करते आये हैं मगर मन को शान्ति अब तक प्राप्त नहीं हुई, इसका यथार्थ कारण क्या है? अब पहले तो यह सोच चलना जरुरी है कि मन के अशान्ति की पहली जड़ क्या है? मन की अशान्ति का मुख्य कारण है – कर्मबन्धन में फंसना। जब तक मनुष्य इन पाँच विकारों के कर्मबन्धन से नहीं छूटे हैं तब तक मनुष्य अशान्ति से छूट नहीं सकते। जब कर्मबन्धन टूट जाता है तब मन की शान्ति अर्थात् जीवनमुक्त स्थिति को प्राप्त कर सकते हैं। अब सोच करना है – यह कर्मबन्धन टूटे कैसे? और उसे छुटकारा देने वाला कौन है? यह तो हम जानते हैं कोई भी मनुष्य आत्मा किसी भी मनुष्य आत्मा को छुटकारा दे नहीं सकती। यह कर्मबन्धन का हिसाब-किताब तोड़ने वाला सिर्फ एक परमात्मा है, वही आकर इस ज्ञान योगबल से कर्मबन्धन से छुड़ाते हैं इसलिए ही परमात्मा को सुख दाता कहा जाता है। जब तक पहले यह ज्ञान नहीं है कि मैं आत्मा हूँ, असुल में मैं किसकी सन्तान हूँ, मेरा असली गुण क्या है? जब यह बुद्धि में आ जाए तब ही कर्मबन्धन टूटे। अब यह नॉलेज हमें परमात्मा द्वारा ही प्राप्त होती है गोया परमात्मा द्वारा ही कर्मबन्धन टूटते हैं। ओम् शान्ति।




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*Om Shanti*

★【 *आज का पुरुषार्थ* 】★

बच्चे, स्वयं को आत्मा अर्थात् point of light … मास्टर सर्वशक्तिमान् समझ, मुझ परमात्मा अर्थात् point of light सर्वशक्तिमान् को याद करो … यह याद ही आत्मा को शक्तिशाली बनाती है, और शक्तिशाली आत्मा ही सर्व परिस्थितियों को सहज ही पार कर अपनी मंज़िल पर पहुंच सकती है।

बस बच्चे, स्वयं को इस पुरूषार्थ में busy रखो। जितना आप स्वयं को ऊँच स्वमान में अनुभव करोगे अर्थात् स्वयं को विशेष आत्मा समझ कर्म-व्यवहार में आओगे, उतना ही इस जड़जड़ीभूत दुनिया से न्यारा होना सहज हो जायेगा और न्यारी आत्मा ही बाप की प्यारी बन बाप के कार्य में मददगार बन सकती है।

बच्चे, स्वयं के मन-बुद्धि पर attention रखो और बार-बार मन-बुद्धि द्वारा स्वयं को ऊँच स्वमान में स्थित कर सर्वशक्तिमान् बाप के संग जाकर बैठ जाओ।

देखो बच्चे, यह जो समय जा रहा है, वह इस कल्प का अन्तिम अर्थात् last घड़ियाँ जा रही है। तो सभी आत्माओं का हिसाब-किताब clear होना है और सभी को शान्त और पवित्र बन घर जाना है, परन्तु उससे पहले आपको अपना हिसाब-किताब clear कर अपने अनादि स्वरूप में स्थित हो बाप के संग बैठ विश्व-कल्याण का कार्य करना है इसलिए आपको अपनी कमी-कमज़ोरी … हिसाब-किताब सबको बिन्दी लगा अर्थात् मन-बुद्धि द्वारा हर चीज़ से साक्षी हो स्वयं को ऊँच स्वमान में स्थित करना है … यहीं अभ्यास आपको शिव बाप की मदद का पात्र बनायेगा अर्थात् बाप की याद से शक्तिशाली बनने वाली आत्मा ही स्वयं का और विश्व का कल्याण कर सकती है।

अच्छा । ओम् शान्ति ।

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Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 31 OCTOBER 2017

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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence:Sweet children, make effort to rescue human beings who have forgotten the Father and become trapped in the quicksand. Churn the ocean of knowledge and give everyone the Father’s true introduction.
Question:Which religion does the Gita scripture belong to? What significant things are to be understood from this?
Answer:The Gita scripture is the scripture of the Brahmin deity religion. It is said: Salutations to the Brahmins who become deities. You wouldn’t call it just the scripture of the deity religion because deities don’t have this knowledge. Brahmins listen to the knowledge of the Gita and become deities and it is therefore the scripture of both the Brahmins and the deities. It is not said to be a scripture of the Hindu religion. These things have to be understood very clearly. Incorporeal Shiv Baba, Himself, and not Shri Krishna, is giving you the knowledge of the Gita.
Song:Neither will He be separated from us nor will our hearts feel sorrow.

Om shanti. Baba sits here and explains to you children very well. Which father? The Father from beyond this world. A worldly father wouldn’t have so many children. The Father from beyond has so many children (souls) who remember Him and call out to Him: O Purifier, Bestower of Salvation for All! O Supreme Father, Supreme Soul! So, they call out to Him as their Father. It is incorporeal God, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, who speaks. There is only the one incorporeal God, not two. It is in the intellect of you children that God is the Highest on High. Where does He reside? He resides where souls reside. When you say, “Ishwar”, “Prabhu” or “Bhagwan” (God), it doesn’t have the feeling of claiming an inheritance of happiness. When you say “Father” you remember the inheritance. However, people don’t know the Father. According to the drama, the people of Bharat bring degradation to themselves by following Ravan’s dictates. Therefore, first of all, explain that Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are beings with subtle bodies, whereas human beings are those with corporeal bodies. However, a being with either a subtle or corporeal body cannot be called the Father. Only the incorporeal Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is called the Father. What mistake was made that took them into degradation? By listening to the true Gita from the Father, there is salvation. Therefore, first of all, give the Father’s introduction to anyone who comes. This is the main thing; but it doesn’t sit in anyone’s intellect and this is why Baba has had this poster printed: Is the child Krishna or the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, the God of the Gita? Which religion does the Gita scripture belong to? It is right to say that it belongs to the Brahmin deity religion just as the religious scripture of Christians is the Bible. Similarly, the Gita wouldn’t be the scripture of just the deity religion; the Brahmins also have to be included. It is said: Salutations to the Brahmins who are to become deities. Baba has told you that the deities don’t have knowledge. They don’t even know that the Gita is the scripture of their religion. Brahmins have knowledge. The Gita wouldn’t even be called the scripture of just the Brahmins because the Father establishes both religions. This is why it is said to be the scripture of both religions. There, people say that the Gita is the scripture of the Hindu religion. They even say that it is also the scripture of the Arya religion. Dayananda established the Arya Samaj (1875). That is a new religion; but they don’t belong to the deity religion. The main thing is: Who is the God of the Gita? They have inserted Krishna’s name in the Gita and falsified it because their intellects’ yoga has broken away from Me. Look how many things they have shown in the Gita and how there is so much respect for the Gita pathshalas. The deity and Brahmin religions have now disappeared. Worshippers say: Salutations to the Brahmins who are to become deities. They don’t know how the Brahmins became deities. Who will tell them this? The Father says: I make you into the mouth-born creation of Brahma and then make you into deities. Therefore, the Gita is the scripture of the Brahmin and deity religions. You can’t say that it belongs to just the deity religion, because Lakshmi and Narayan don’t have knowledge. These things have to be understood, but who will explain them? Shiv Baba tells you that the flames of destruction emerge from the sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra. There is so much difference between the sacrificial fire of Rudra and that of Krishna. After this sacrificial fire of knowledge, there won’t be any material sacrificial fires in the golden age. Now they create sacrificial fires to remove their calamities. There are no calamities there for which they would have to create a sacrificial fire. In the Gita, it mentions the sacrificial fire of Rudra and it also says: “God speaks”. Therefore, the truth in the Gita is like a pinch of salt in a sackful of flour; all the rest is false. Shiv Baba does not churn the ocean of knowledge. It is Brahma and the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris who have to do that. At this time, people are completely trapped in quicksand. It requires a lot of effort to get out of quicksand. This is why they call out to the Father. The Father says: You have to conquer Ravan, the five vices. Then, in the golden age, you living beings are in happiness. Whenever you go to a spiritual gathering you can ask them about these things. There is no question of being afraid. All are in darkness. Death is just ahead, whereas they say that 40,000 years of the iron age still remain. That is called extreme darkness. All are sleeping in the sleep of Kumbhakarna. It is said that God comes to give the fruit of devotion and that He gives salvation. Therefore, you must be in degradation. If the name of Shiva, the Supreme Soul, were mentioned in the Gita, everyone would accept Him. So, it was truly the incorporeal One who taught you Raja Yoga. There is no question of a battlefield. How could He give such great knowledge on a battlefield? How would He teach Raja Yoga? There are four main religions and there are four religious scriptures. There are now innumerable religions, scriptures and images. It is now in the intellects of you children that Shiv Baba is the Highest on High and below Him, there are Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar and then, in the corporeal world, there are Lakshmi and Narayan and then their dynasty. At the confluence age there are just Brahma and Saraswati. When people create a sacrificial fire, they create a lingam of Shiva, worship it and then sink it. They even worship images of the goddesses and then sink them. Therefore, that is the worship of dolls, because they don’t know their occupation. His praise is that He is the Purifier. So, how does He purify impure souls? You yourselves now have to awaken and also awaken others, that is, you have to give everyone the Father’s introduction. They don’t know the Father. Those people simply earn money by telling religious stories. What happens through that? You can also go to the Vidhoot Mandali and explain to them. Everyone will definitely have to die in this war. The flames of destruction continue to emerge from this sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra. They continue to write about how they have created so many big bombs. Therefore, destruction also took place through them in the previous cycle. It isn’t that in the previous cycle they disposed of the bombs at sea. So, destruction still has to take place now. They speak of those who have divorced intellects at the time of destruction. Who has this? The Kauravas and the Yadavas. It is now government of the people by the people. Therefore, have hundreds of thousands of posters printed in all languages. You definitely have to print them in English. Continue to distribute them wherever there are Gita pathshalas. Your address should also be written on the poster. The Father gives directions, but it is up to you children to follow them. It is written: Shiv Baba. So Shiv Baba is the Father and Brahma is also the father. Therefore, you children are to receive your inheritance from Shiv Baba and not Brahma. Even Brahma receives it from Him. Baba has explained so much that you must first of all write the Father’s accurate introduction in the Gita magazine. Those who are to become Brahmins will quickly be shot by the arrow. Otherwise, when they are given something, they throw it away, just as if you give a book to a monkey, it would immediately throw it away; it wouldn’t understand anything. This is why the Father says: Give this knowledge to My devotees and those who study the Gita. In that too, it is those who have it in their fortune who will understand. The Father says: This is hell. All the children who are born here continue to cause sorrow for one another; they continue to bite one another. They have shown a river of poison in the Garuda Purana, but that doesn’t really exist. This world is hell. You children know that you were residents of hell and have now become residents of the confluence age, and that, tomorrow, you will become residents of heaven. This is why you are making effort. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Night class 23/03/68

The Highest on High is the one God, who is the Father. Whose Father? The Father of all souls. He is the Father of all the souls in all the human beings. All the souls who come to play their parts definitely take rebirth. Some take very few. Some take 84 births, some take 80 births and some take 60 births; all are human beings, bodily beings. Even though Lakshmi and Narayan ruled the world, at that time, there was no other dynasty in the new world. None of the bodily beings can grant anyone salvation. First of all, there is the sweet silence home. That is the home of all souls. Even the Father stays there. That is called the incorporeal world. The Father is the Highest on High and the place where He resides is also the highest on high. The Father says: I am the Highest on High. I definitely have to come. Everyone calls out to Me. All human beings definitely have to take rebirth. Only the one Father doesn’t take rebirth. Everyone definitely has to take rebirth. Any founder of a religion is said to be an incarnation. They speak of the Buddha incarnation. The Father is also called the Incarnation. He too has to come. Now, all souls are present here. None of them can return home. It is because souls take rebirth that there is expansion. By taking rebirth, all have become tamopradhan at this time. Only the Father comes and gives knowledge. The Father alone is knowledge-full; He has the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end. He alone is called the knowledge-full and blissful One, the p eaceful One , ever pure. Human beings, however, become pure and impure. Lakshmi and Narayan are the first ones of that dynasty. They have to take the full 84 births, they take rebirth here. Then, at the end, the Father comes and purifies everyone and takes them back. The Father alone is called the Liberator. At this time, the founders of religions are present here. A few souls still remain who are continuing to come down. Expansion continues to take place. The Bestower of Salvation for all is just the one Father. He is making us into the masters of the land of peace and the land of happiness. You take the full 84 births. Those of you who came first will return first. Christ will come at his own time. Christ does not have the power to take anyone back. Only the one Father has the power to take everyone back. At this time, it is the kingdom of Ravan, the devilish kingdom. In 84 births, the vices have now entered everyone completely. The Father says: You were the masters of the deity world and you then became vicious in the kingdom of Ravan. Everyone definitely has to take rebirth. It is not possible for them to establish a religion and then return home. They definitely also have to sustain it. It is remembered: Establishment of the new world takes place through Brahma. There is also the destruction of the old world. In the new world, there was just the one religion and one deity dynasty. That does not exist now; there are just its images, and all other religions are present. Apart from the one God, the Father, all bodily beings definitely take rebirth. Bharat is the imperishable land; it is never destroyed. It is imperishable. There were no other lands when it was their kingdom. It was just their kingdom. There was just the sun dynasty and the moon dynasty; no one else. The new world is called heaven, the deity world. The incorporeal world cannot be called heaven. That is our sweet silence home, the land of nirvana. No one, except the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, can give knowledge to souls. A soul is a very tiny dot. The Father of all souls is the Supreme Soul. He is called the Supreme Father. He cannot ever take rebirth. It is now the end of the play. This whole world is a stage on which the play is being performed. The duration of it is 5000 years. This is the most auspicious confluence age when the Father comes and makes everyone the most elevated of all. Souls are all imperishable. This dramais also imperishable. It is the predestined play. Those who have been and gone will come again at exactly the same time. They were the ones to come first. Lakshmi and Narayan do not exist now. This is the true company of the Truth. Achcha.

Love, remembrance and good night to the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Churn the ocean of knowledge and rescue human beings from the quicksand. Awaken those who are sleeping in the sleep of Kumbhakarna.
  2. Remove your intellect’s yoga from subtle and corporeal bodily beings and remember the one incorporeal Father. Connect the intellect’s yoga of everyone to the one Father.
Blessing:May you be as merciful as the Father and serve at a fast speed with your mind.
You can increase the treasures of blessings you have received from the Father at the confluence age as much as you want: simply continue to give to others. Just as the Father is merciful¸ be just as merciful as the Father, not just in words, but with the attitude of your mind give souls through the atmosphere the powers that you have received. Since you have to complete serving the world in a short time, you have to serve at a fast speed. The busier you keep yourself in service, the more easily you will become a conqueror of Maya.
Slogan:Those who serve at every step with their content and happy life are true servers.

*** Om Shanti ***



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